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The Middle of the Beginning-

Luke had been adopted when he was almost nine years old. That day was one of the best in his life (although he didn't know that at first). He was given the opportunity to be loved and have friendships. He was handed a ticket away from his past life the moment he set foot on board the private jet. Luke Colbert was allowed to escape and heal. He was Lucky.

On Luke's first day with the Ross family in their NYC penthouse they found out how severe his panic attacks truly were. It came as some surprise to find that Luke had no problem with flight, or with his new sisters. The real issue came where they least expected it… with Bertram. The lazy butler had been sleeping on one of the many sofas in the living room awaiting the late night arrival of the newest Ross child with excitement and terror. Morgan and Christina had miscalculated. Luke was unaware of the presence of others I his new home. He panicked, begging for his father and foster parents to forgive him and pleading not to be hurt until he got a stricken look on his face and ran off. He found a way into the vast, dark walls of the building, a place that would later serve as a refuge for him when the emotional and sometimes physical pain grew to great.

When he finally returned the next morning, he was walking at a slow, measured pace, with an air of dread about him. He apologized stiffly for running off and then broke down. Tears began to stream down his face, and he expected to be hit. The caretakers were horrified, and Luke was mystified at their reaction. He wondered if he had done something wrong…it was probably the crying. As they rushed to correct his misconceptions, he grew more nervous, and more over whelmed. Eventually it was the older of his temporary sisters (for in his mind they must be temporary), Emma, who proved to be his anchor to reality. She dashed over to her parents and made up an extravagant story about magic and fairy tales, and the little girl Zuri which ended with, "and that is why the TVs were thrown out of the window" This distracted her parents and caused them to shift enough of their attention away from Luke so he could calm down. From then on they shared a closer bond than Luke had with his parents, if he felt an attack coming on, she protected him and comforted him.

The first weeks were hard. Any new situation in which Luke didn't know how to react scared him. Many times someone asking him a question such as," are you hungry", or, "which do you like better, blue or green" would cause he to run and hide or collapse. Christina and Morgan knew that it would take time for him to adjust, but they still worried. The city would be a difficult place to raise a child with a panic disorder and severe flashbacks. When walking to Central Park, they passed hundreds of people; any one of them could remind Luke of his troubled past.

They made a decision not to send him to school for a while, after an incident at the park. It was to hard to protect their fragile (because lets face it, he was) child at all times. The nanny had been distracted by Zuri's pleas to get an extra ice cream for Millie the Mermaid, and had failed to notice when Luke was cornered by some rambunctious children his age asking if he wanted to play tag with them. He was scared. He was able to interact with other children, but what if he did the wrong thing, what if they found out about his past and didn't like him. He was paralyzed with apprehension (because it wasn't as severe as fear…). Before the other children had noticed, Emma luckily stepped in declaring that they were just leaving, and neither one of them wished to participate. This opened the Ross family's eyes. They were originally going to send him to school after a few months of adjusting. He would enter the fourth grade at the beginning of the school year.

Eventually, he felt accepted into the family. It had only been two months, but the time that he had spent in a healing environment was vital. He still needed time, but he was getting better by the day. He was…dare they say it…becoming normal?

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