A/N: Heyyyy! So I just watched this movie again. So this takes place 6 years after the first summer. Keithie and Charlotte and Donna are 16. I hope you enjoy. PS this starts after Keithie gets there. The McKenzies are there one week early and half way through the week the Feders show up.

Charlotte's P.O.V:

Me and Keithie are in a 5 year long relationship. I really love him. I pull back from his strong hug. I look up in to his beautiful brown(?) eyes and kiss him. Are lips pull at each others for a few seconds. I pull away and look him in the eyes and he pulls me back in. I fell his tongue brush across my lips, like asking for permission. I let him in and we battle for dominance. Of corse he wins. He pushes me back to the porch and I wrap my legs around his waist. I need air. I don't want to pull away but I don't want to die either. When his lips are gone from mine I can feel them on my neck kissing, licking, biting, and leaving hickys. "Keithie!" Auntie Roxie shouts we pull away for each other and realize our moms have been watching us, and our dads too. "Mom... I can... It's no what..." Keithie stutters. "My dad is gonna charge. I see him come straight at Keithie. So I jump in front for Keithie. My dad stops. "Charlotte Anne McKenzie, step away from the boy, NOW!" wow my das really is angry. "No daddy, I love Keithie and you can't hurt him." I say not really understand the importance of what I said. "You love me?" Keithie asked. Oh no I really messed up this time. "I... um... yeah, yeah I do. I love you, Keithie." I started getting confidence. "Good, cause I love you to Charlotte." his voice getting low and sexy at the end. "Oh really? Cause after this I think your gonna love me even more." I say sweetly but in mysterious. "Oh really?" he said with a smirk. "Yup." I say and pull him in to the house.

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