This is my first attempt at fan fiction. My story is my own creation. Please leave feedback on what I should improve on. The story is already in my head and I am not open for suggestions on where the story should go.

For years the Empire had ruled over most of the vast continent of Tamriel, and all of it's nations. But then the Elven ruled Aldmeri Dominion liberated themselves from the Empire, believing they were the true supreme race, taking the land of Summerset Isles which is there home, and Valenwood and Elsweyr as client states. It caused conflict throughout Tamriel. The lands of Skyrim and Hammerfell, claimed independance, as well as the Argonian states of Black Marsh home to the Argonian and Morrowind home to the Dark Elves. The Empire had the land of Cyrodiil, home to the Imperials, High Rock, home to the Bretons and 5 years prior, Skyrim, who through the Stormcloak rebellion, gained independence from the Empire, as the Nord inhabitants felt Skyrim had become weak under Imperial rule. The rebellion began after Ulfric Stormcloak killed High King Toryyg then took the position of High King.

Now our story begins. The land is Skyrim and the protagonist is the Dovahkiin, named Smythe Airguard. Dovahkiin means "Dragonborn" in the dragon tounge. He has the body of a mortal, but the sould of a dragon and is the only person who can kill a dragon for good. He has long since defeated the world eater Alduin and all of his dragons servants. Now he is the Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold, an officer in the Stormcloak army, the Harbringer of the Companions, a nightingale, and a Thane of every hold in Skyrim. He along with High King Ulfric Stormcloak, fellow Stormcloak and adviser to Ulfric Galmar Stone-Fist wish to rebel against the Aldmeri Dominion who oppress the Nords and slaughter their people. Without further adew, we begin.

" The time has come. " said Ulfric, before the high councel. It was a group of important figures around from all corners of Skyrim. "They have butchered our very land and our people for far too long. We must declare war. This will not be an easy task and shall not be taken lightly, but it is something that we must do." "I'll be right with you on the battlefield." said Galmar Stone Fist: Ulfric's left hand man.

" Just listen now Ulfric, we couldn't defeat them alone, we would be the fools of all of Tamriel. " said Jarl of Solitude, Lady Elissif the fair, wife of the late High King Torygg.

"Perhaps we could aquire assistance." Smythe said. " From whom, we are an enemy to virtually all. " Said Bulgruff the Geater, Jarl of Whiterun.

He had been overthrown during the Seige of Whiterun in the Skyrim civil war, but had his position reinstated by Smythe. He also construced three new cities. Ulfros, between Riften and Windlhelm named by Ulfric from a combination of his name and his god Talos, who was a man who ascended to the 9 divines upon death. Galmardi, named after Galmar between Solitude and Markarth used as a guard to Hammerfell, and Smyton, named after Smythe Airguard, between Markarth and Falkreath, south of Whiterun.

Falkreath, Rorikstead, Morthal and Dawnstar had all become strong cities and the Stormcloak army had risen to 10,200 men. More standards for soldiers were indicted by Smythe, as he felt more able bodied soldiers were needed. They learned magic, and used enchantments, all whilst gaining better skills in combat. Schools were also introduced all across Skyrim, which taught basic combat and knowledge.

`"Well" Smythe continued. "Whilst other countries may look upon us with disdain, many of them have a utter hatrid for the Thalmor. Hammerfell has the greatest warriors, and High Rock could be bribed with split ownage of the Reach." "He does put forward a valid point." said Ulfric. " We must respect this man`s point of view, as he is of the blood of Tiber Septim himself."

Smythe though of something in the back of his head after what Ulfric said. He knew of warriors in the continents outside Tamriel. He knew of great beast in Akavari who could be used to attack, using help from forged Thalmor documents, and tales of the empire. He knew there was thought to be men in Atmora, but they had died out, but exploring could make for a stable backup land. Also there was another type of mer known as ,Maormer or Water elves, who lived in a continent southwest of Tamriel called Pyandonea, which had been explored by the empire, but it did not end well. Of course this would all sound crazy among the leaders of Skyrim, until proven he could aquire their assistance.

" I guess he is right, but let it be known that I, Jarl Balgruuf the greater, do not have faith in this. " Well then, it`s settled. " said Galmar. " The Dragonborn shall get the alliance while we prepare. " "Well I`m completely against this" said Elisiff. " We will never achieve this no matter what help we get. We can`t possiblly consider. " "Enough!" Shouted Ulfric, anger emminent in his voice. "I`m the high king of Skyrim and I fought for this position. It has been far to long since we have had a leader willing to fight for what they believe in. We are doing this, regardless of what you think. The Empire and the Thalmor have burrowed us long enough. I have held men in my arms who fought for what they believe in. They have died at the hand of the men they despise with an utter most hatred. They're spirits rest in Sonvgarde now. They tell us what gods we can and can't worship and what rules we have to follow. This is it. We are going through with this and thats final."

All the people in the High court were moved by his speech, and bowed to what he had said. They sat in silence pondering thoughts of what these events could bring upon the people of Skyrim.

This was not be looked upon with ease. Though he had a rage in his heart that could only be quelled by completing his goals, he knew that it would not be a easy task.