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Summary: A broken Slayer befriends Clem as she starts spending more and more time at Spike's crypt after the bleach blonde flees to Africa. Then Spike returns with dire news and the Slayer's world is turned upside down once more.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Set post "Grave"

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He looked up and there she was; her smile so bright it lit the room. The happiness in her eyes almost caught him off guard. He couldn't remember ever seeing her look so beautiful… So stunning. There was an air about her… It was as though she were glowing; the pure joy radiating from the very center of her being.

A hand rested lightly on her stomach as she stared back at him, and for some strange reason, that small gesture seemed significant. There was something different about her. Something had changed since she had gone off patrolling… She had been happy then, yes, but now… Now it seemed so different.

"Buffy?" Her name was nothing more than a curious whisper on his lips; his eyes sparkling with his love for her.

She glided toward him, her feet never seeming to touch the floor with her grace and elegance. As she sat down next to him on the bed, she reached out to take his hand in hers and squeezed gently. "I love you…" she murmured softly; her voice choked with emotion as she kissed his lips lightly.

The sweet gesture left him feeling as though he were missing something; the joyful tears that filled her eyes confirming it. "Buffy?" he questioned softly, pushing a loose strand of golden hair out of her pretty hazel eyes. "What is it, luv?"

Her smile brightened a notch as she guided his hand to rest on her abdomen; her eyes locking with his as a single tear escaped to run down her cheek. She was barely able to breathe, she was so happy. The excitement coursing through her was stronger than anything she had ever felt before. The miracle they had been granted more incredible than any gift she had ever been given.

But she was scared…

Would she lose him to this? Were the dreams prophetic? Would he even want these children? It wasn't like the subject had ever come up before… It wasn't supposed to be possible. She knew he would be a wonderful father. Knew he would never leave… But would he really want this?

As soon as she looked into his eyes, however, she knew there were no grounds for her doubts. He knew. She could see it in his eyes. And she could see the happiness that was held back by simple fear. He was afraid that he was wrong. That he had misconceived the message in her eyes.

He was afraid to hope…

Still, his features were awestruck as he raised his eyes to lock with hers; his fingers gently caressing the soft skin of her belly. "Buffy?"

That soft, vulnerable whisper had her nodding in affirmation; the tears she had been holding back finally spilling. She reached out, her thumb carefully tracing along his scarred eyebrow. For a moment, her eyes followed the same path, before they moved down to meet with his once more as she trailed her fingers down to rest gently against his cheek.

Her smile grew once again; her eyes never once leaving his. "Are you ready to be a daddy?"


She let out a small giggle at that. "Has your vocabulary been reduced to nothing but my name, or what? Come on, you've gotta give me something more than that…"

"We're having a baby?" The question was soft; almost tentative, as his gaze traveled down to rest on her stomach, where his fingers were still playing over her skin.

"No." she told him gently. He looked up at her; stunned and afraid, his eyes suddenly falling. Her smile was soft and reassuring as she gently guided him to meet her eyes. "We're having twins."

That sparkle of love and devotion returned to his eyes as he gazed at her; the reality of what she had just told him sinking in. Without losing any time, he pulled her into his arms; hugging her to him tightly as he rained loving kisses over her face, his own tears of joy threatening to fall.

"You're not just messin' with me, are ya?" he asked with mock suspicion; his face buried in the crook of her neck.

She giggled lightly as his lips ticked the sensitive skin of her throat; her arms locked around him tightly. At that moment she felt like the luckiest women on earth. She knew this type of thing occurred everyday, but for a Slayer and a vampire it truly was a miracle.

"Not just messin'…" she assured him, running her fingers through his hair as he lifted his head to look at her. "You're gonna be a daddy."

"Girls?" he questioned curiously. He wasn't sure exactly why he'd said it… The question had simply jumped into his mind and he'd had to ask.

She looked at him with curious wonderment. "How'd you know?"

"Call it a feelin'…" he told her before kissing her lips softly. "I think this is the happiest moment of my life."

"Mine too." she whispered, resting her head against his shoulder. "You're not disappointed that they're both girls?"

"Are you kiddin' me?" He let out a small chuckle at the question; the smile he wore reaching his sparkling eyes. "I'm pretty sure I'm the happiest man in the entire bloody universe. The woman I love is havin' my babies and they're gonna be two beautiful little girls… Trust me, the world doesn't need a mini version of me. We're much better off with two of you… Besides, now I get to be the overprotective daddy."

"And don't you already play that role when it comes to Dawnie?" her voice was filled with humor and he smiled; giving her a gentle squeeze.

"Yeah, but there's plenty to go around, luv."

She laughed and he growled playfully as he tackled her back onto their bed; kissing her thoroughly. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as she held him to her.

"I love you, Buffy." he swore to her, pressing another soft kiss to her lips. "And I love these little girls, more than I have ever loved anything in my entire existence. I never thought it was possible to love this much. God, I can't even imagine what it's gonna be like after they're born. It'll be so perfect, Buffy… We'll be a family. You, me, Dawnie, and these two little girls… Our girls. I love you so much…"

He was resting on his elbows; hovering above her. When she saw a tear escape the corner of his eye, she reached up to wipe it away; her fingers then moving to sift through his hair. She was barely able to hold onto her own tears as she saw the sheer joy that was written so obviously across his strong features. "I love you, too, baby… And we already are a family…"

Again, he leaned down to kiss her, and at that moment, she was lost to him…