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Jamie's breathing was growing more and more heavy with each step he took. His ribs were aching, snow was blinding his sight, and the cold was making it impossible for him to feel his feet. It felt like he was running on two numb sticks. He blew into his icy cold hands and rubbed them together.
"Jack!" He called out to his hero, the white haired guardian who helped him believe in something he was slowly starting to question...
Jamie tripped on something hard and flew forward. His face smashed onto the frozen ground, he was sure he could hear his jaw break yet felt no pain.
The snow had stopped pouring and instead a new presence replaced it.
The feeling was hallow.
A sad, lonesome feeling roamed the air. Black clouds and silent screams circled around Jamie.
"No!" Jamie screamed. He covered his eyes from the despair that consumed his happiness, "Jack...Jack...Jack...please! I need you!" He begged.
A dark, malicious chuckle was filling the silence that roamed the air.
"Silly child." It whispered. "Hoping your dear friend Jack Frost will come save you? How noble of him to not show up? Hmm, what a coward!"
"Stop it!" Jamie said. He stood up, meeting the dark eyes of his nightmare.
Pitch Black.
"I'm not scared of you! I'm not scared..." The more Jamie kept saying it, the more it was beginning to feel like a lie.
The last time he had faced Pitch he was surrounded by his friends...and Jack Frost, now he was alone...all alone with the deranged guardian from hell.
"Not scared, huh? Not even if I did this!"
Jamie saw Pitch's hand raise but saw nothing else for his eyes were blinded by something that appeared like a black cloud, wrapping around his head. His hands reached up to touch it and instantly regretted it, his fingertips burst into flames, Jamie screamed and tried shaking the flames off. He felt heat burst onto his forehead and realized the black cloud was burning his eyes.
His whole head was soon consumed by black flames.
Jamie ran back and forth, he was screaming and crawling around on the ground looking for snow to dig his head into, all the while he could hear Pitch laughing wickedly.
There was no snow.
"Jack!" Jamie screamed.
The guardian was not listening!
The young brunette felt a stronger pain than the flames that were now engulfing all of his body.
He felt betrayed and sad.
Jamie's eye sight was back, the flames were gone and Pitch was standing in front of him, gazing down at the frightened boy sitting down.
A cold hand wrapped around the young boy's throat, raising him to eye level with his predator.
"Tell me now...did you really think Jack Frost would come save you?"
Pitch's breath was cold and close to Jamie's face.
Jamie coughed and tried to breathe. "I'm not scared of you..." He said once again.
"Oh really? Then, why am I still here?" Pitch asked, he tightened his hold on the tyke.
"Call out to your guardian!" Pitch hissed. "CALL OUT TO JACK FROST!"
"Jack! Please! I need you!" Jamie felt humiliated and defeated, tears ran down his red face.
"Jack! Jack! Jack!" Pitch mocked. Laughter shook his body, "it's too bad he decided not to come. Such a shame. He'll just have to find his favorite boy dead on the ground."
Jamie gasped but had no time to react for Pitch slammed him onto the ground and stomped hard onto his stomach.
Jamie screamed and gasped for air.
He clenched his eyes closed and opened them to find Jack's face in front of his.
"Jamie!" Jack shouted, he grabbed the boy up and pulled him into a hug.
"JACK!" Jamie yelled, he pushed the guardian away and almost yelled at him for not being there for him until he realized he was in his bedroom.
"You were having a nightmare. I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't. I blasted ice at your face and even had to throw you off the bed. I was about ready to call Sandy."
Jamie rubbed his eyes.
"So, you're really here? I'm not dreaming this, am I?"
Jack laughed. "Of course not! What was your dream about anyways?"
Jamie swallowed and ran towards Jack again, wrapping his arms around him.
"I don't feel like talking about it now. Can we go play outside?" He looked up at Jack who was gazing down at him.
"'s the middle of the night."

"Ah, what the heck!"
Jamie smiled as he watched Jack fly out his window and plummet into the snow hill in his backyard.
Jamie stood by his window.
"What are you waiting for!" Jack yelled. "Jump!"
Jamie shook his head. "No way! I'll break my head!" Or jaw...Jamie thought about his dream and shivered.
"Come on! Jump! I'll catch you!" Jack stood with his arms held wide open.
Jamie felt something strange, as he prepared to jump, the thought of fear was replaced with a new strange feeling. One that craved to be in Jack Frost's arms.
He closed his eyes and leaped forward.
The fall was faster than he expected and soon enough he was in his guardian's arms.
Jack held him there and gazed into his face.
Jamie never really took the time to realize how breathtaking Jack's face was. Especially now when the moonlight made his face glow whiter and his blue eyes shine brighter.
Jack finally put Jamie down and ran his fingers through his soft hair.
"You forgot your hat."
"Oh yeah..."
Jack however, didn't let his fingers leave Jamie's hair.
The feeling of Jack's fingers running his hand through Jamie's hair, made the boy blush and step back.
Quickly, to avoid Jack seeing him blush, Jamie reached down and grabbed a handful of snow.
His pathetic chuck at Jack was no match for the snow spirit.

The two continued the battle till sunrise, they finally stopped when a sudden whole emerged from the ground and out popped BunnyMund.

"Hey mate, we have a bit of trouble..."

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