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"Julius come here!" Roy's voice sent a sigh through Julius. He did not know why his brother was yelling at him. He just wanted to continue walking...away from his older brother and his menacing friends who were trailing behind Julius.

"Hey Julius, Ben here wants to know if you've been seeing his little sister?"
Julius stopped. "And who might that be?"
Lucetta?...ah yes! He remembered now. That girl who had saved him from those bullies. The same one he couldn't stop thinking about...
"I don't see her." It was the truth. That was the only time they had talked, how did Ben know about him? Did she talk about Julius to everyone?
He could feel his cheeks starting to burn.
Julius turned around to see his brother standing in the middle of his friends. There were 3 guys around him.
One had red hair with hazel eyes, one had long black hair and looked Mexican, and one had blonde hair with bright green eyes...he must be Ben.

"I think that's not true, mate. It seems she can't keep her mouth shut 'bout you!" Ben spat. He was physically appealing like his sister..but both were rather annoying.

"We met once, that's all!" Julius didn't know why he was defending himself. He did nothing wrong.
Ben approached him now, grabbing hold of his school uniform collar.
"Roy, is it alright if I pound the shit out of ya little brother?"
Roy pulled out a cigar and inhaled it for a moment then blew a cloud of smoke into the afternoon breeze. He was looking somewhere else but answered, "go ahead."
Julius closed his eyes and awaited the brutal pounding but before a fist could reach him he heard a voice say, "Hey Roy, you never told us your brother was a real right looker!"
Julius opened his eyes to see it was the red head who had spoken.
The Mexican looking one shook his head, "Geez, Maurice, why don't you just stick to fancying Roy and leave his younger brother alone?"
Maurice looked slightly embarrassed and quickly glanced at Roy who was ignoring the both of them.
"Shut up Berry." Maurice snapped.
Berry shrugged and looked back over at Ben. "He don't seem beaten to me Ben! You're doing quite a shit job!"
Ben grabbed Julius by the shirt and dragged him towards Maurice.
"You want him?" His voice was serious.
"Mate, I was just making fun. I aint 'bout to shag a 13 year old."
"I'm 15!" Julius snapped. "And let go!" He bit Ben's hand causing the older boy to yelp and smack Julius across the face.
"Now you really gotta give it to him!" Ben snapped, grabbing a tighter hold on Julius.
"Come on now, get his trousers off! You know your cock wants him Maurice." Ben's hand moved over to Julius's pants and he began attempting to pull them down.
Maurice seemed shocked for a minute then bent down and yanked Julius's pants down to his ankles.
Berry turned to Roy. "Ay mate! You just gonna let them do this to your little brother?"
Roy didn't say anything, his back was to everyone and he was too busy smoking and in his own world to pay attention to anything else.
Julius kept trying to kick and fight back. He knew his brother's friends were fucked up but he didn't think this much...
Ben's arms were wrapped around Julius, while Maurice was taking off his pants.
Ben whispered in Julius's ear, "I'll show you not to talk to my little sister, she don't want no sissy little boy, and that's exactly what you are."
"I don't want your sister!"
"No." Maurice agreed. "You'd much rather have this." All 7 inches of his dick were in his hand, he was already semi-hard and telling Ben to turn Julius over.
"Bugger off!" Julius screamed.
Ben turned Julius over so that his face was pressed against the cement floor, his lower half was completely exposed.
"Berry come here and hold him down!" Ben demanded.
Berry seemed hesitant. "I ain't no queer!"
"I ain't neither!" Ben replied. "the only fairy here is Maurice, and we're gonna let him have a little fun. Now hold the little fucker down with me."
Though Berry was bigger than Ben he always felt less superior and obeyed to Ben's persistent demand.
He got down and held Julius's legs down while Ben held his arms.
Maurice slowly inserted a finger into Julius's bum and scowled, "he won't loosen up."
"Get off!" Julius was now pleading. "Please! Roy help!" He couldn't believe his was actually begging Roy for help.
Roy was never there for him when their father would beat him...why would he save him now?
Maurice inserted another finger and Julius thought he just might faint.
"Roy! Please stop them!"
"Someone shut him up!" Ben yelled.
Maurice grabbed his trousers and stuffed them into Julius's mouth.
"Now then, I'm going to enjoy fucking your little brother Roy." Maurice took his fingers out and was about to replace them with something else when Roy spoke.
"Maurice, get away."

Julius could not believe his ears. He felt a spark of light engulf the darkness that surrounded him. He could almost cry right now at the change in Roy.
Could this be real?
He wanted to run and hug his older brother now. Tell him that he always knew deep down he was never like their father and he had a heart and actually cared for Julius.
Marius appeared startled. "Since when did you start giving a fuck 'bout your brother?"
Roy dropped his cigar and gave Maurice one look, it was clear he was the leader of them all and pretty soon Maurice was backing away.
Berry was about to release Julius's legs when Roy stopped him.
"No, keep holding him."
Berry and Ben gave each other confused looks but held their grips on the boy under them.
Julius didn't understand what was happening...
Wasn't Roy saving him?
Then Roy said something that made Julius wish he had never had any high hopes for his brother.
"I'm going to fuck him first."

"I can't believe this!" Tooth exclaimed.
"Look at us!" She kept running back and forth around the other guardians and Jamie with her arms in the air.
"Look at me! Look at all of us!" Her strawberry blonde hair flew as she ran, she was naked and didn't seem to care because she was just so damn shocked to care about something like nudity.
"Our powers are gone! We retained our human forms! And we are no longer guardians!" She stopped running, her long wavy hair fell down to cover her small breasts. She realized she should probably get dressed from the look everyone was giving her..especially Jamie...
Oh crap! Yeah, she definitely needed to cover up! She had forgotten what it felt like to have an 18 year old body...

She whistled and her baby teeth hesitantly wrapped her in a blanket.
"They don't recognize me!" She sobbed.
"Of course they do!" North exclaimed, his image had remained the same..however his powers had vanished.
Bunny was still blushing from seeing Tooth naked. He looked in his early 20's. His hair was silver and hung down to his neck. His eyes were green and he was also naked and holding his hands in front of his private area. His body was smooth and muscles appeared to show on his light skin.
"This is bloody insane! I haven't looked like this in well...a really long time!"
Tooth had to admit he was rather attractive and she had to avoid looking at him to keep from blushing severely.
Someone tapped her on the back and she turned to see Sandy.
He had light yellow eyes and long light hair the shined elegantly down his back. His face held a friendly look to it. He was a little shorter than her and she assumed he was either 15 or 16.
"Oh I forgot!" She breathed softly. "You changed when you were just a kid!"
He gave her a look.
"I'm sorry! I meant young man! It must have been horrible to die at such a young age."
He gave her a look that told her 'right back at ya'
It was obvious he still couldn't speak and it only made things harder because he had no sand to communicate with.

"You guys are just average people now...like me." Jamie said.
Tooth had almost forgotten he was there.
"I ain't average! I'm still the best! It don't matter if my fur's gone! I can still kick Pitch's ass!" Bunny ran forward and punched the air, "and I'll be damned if I don't strangle him when I see him!"
"Um...Bunny.." North awkwardly pointed down and Bunnymund soon realized his hands were no longer covering himself.
"Right." Bunny said, embarrassed. "You mind wrapping up me and Sandy?"
Tooth looked at him startled, "Oh! You were talking to me!" Her eyes stayed on him for a while.
"Jesus.." Bunny breathed.
"Oh right! Sorry!" Her checks flushed red and she whistled again and soon blankets were on Bunnymund and Sandy.

"I guess we are just like you Jamie. I'm sorry we let you down." Tooth admitted.
Jamie walked over to her and held her hand. "Jack wouldn't want you giving up. Bunny's not giving up. Neither am I. You shouldn't either."
"But how on earth are we going to win? I mean look at us! Our powers are gone! And we don't even know if Jack's ali-"
She stopped herself when she saw the look at Jamie's face.
"I don't know Jamie. What I'm trying to say is that we're kind of vulnerable now..." Her eyes moved to Sandy and North.
North pulled out his swords. "Back in my time I destroyed many men! Pitch did no damage in taking away my power! I've still got my strength!"
Bunny rolled his eyes.
"I still don't think it's a good idea to go and try and save Jack until we get our powers back and become guardians again." Tooth said.

"The only way to get them back is to find Pitch! You guys need to gear up with weapons and armor! I can show you guys some books on fighting techniques and last year I was in a karate class so I'm kind of an expert...okay not really but I can still get a good kick in!"
"Whoa there!" Tooth said, stopping Jamie's rambling. "We still have not agreed to it yet."
"Please." Jamie's eyes looked torn. "Jack's your friend. He's my...guardian. I need him. We need him."
"He's right." Bunny said. "We need to go save Jack."
North and Sandy nodded in silence.
Tooth twirled her finger in her blond hair nervously.
"Alright Jamie."
"Yes!" Jamie jumped in the air and grinned from ear to ear. "I knew I could count on you guys!"
"Don't get too excited mate." Bunny said. "It's going to be one rough journey preparing us to take on Pitch and his new wicked powers. We're going to need loads of those fighting books."
Jamie grinned with determination.
"No problem."

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