Chapter 1 she was born to live

Once there was a mother who had wished for a child, her and her husband could not bare one. But one day as she was walking through the coldest of winters she came across the rarest of flowers, the Middle mist Red or known as the Camellia. She bent down to smell it, and she was pricked by one of the thrones. Three drops of blood fell to the ground, the flower gave the women the only wish she had, a child. A couple month's later a child was born with the name of Camellia. She was as sweet as the scent of flowers, hair as golden as sun, eye's as blue as the ocean, and her heart was a open with love. The girls mother died a few weeks later. The girl was only a baby, but she was sent off and raised as a maid in a house of another princess. She never lost her heart, she was a pure and incident as the day she was born. She and the princess were the best of friends, and the girl was now 18. She was ready to go look for her real father with the help of the princess.

"I am going to the boat princess, I will be there as long as noon, and get ready to leave for tomorrow" she said with a soft voice of kindness.

The princess was named Mary she said 'Very well, I will see you back at the castle."

All Camellia knew was that she was a girl, she had no idea that she was about to learn things that people only wished of having. She had the strength of the ocean and she was so loving, she knew not of hate but of love. She didn't want to find the word hate, her heart sank every time she heard the word. She was 1 in a million and she was as smart as the word freedom. She could smell the ocean, and the ocean had the most beautiful waves, and the sun was shining on her like a angle from heaven. She knew not that a dolphin was the 1 who had her luggage in the water but she fell in and he helped her.

"Thank you" said Camellia in a voice of not anger but happiness as if she was happy to be near nature.

The boy said "watch out those dolphins will get you" he said this with a smile and walked with her.

"I am the prince, my name is Eric and I just got home".

"O, I am Camellia your sister's maid in the castle" she said this as the wind blew hard but gentle.

He smiled at her with such warmth as if he saw her and saw his future, and he loved it. But once he found out that she was leaving he was heart broken, he had questions like, what if I never see her again, what if she dies, what if she forgets me, what if she marries? All of these things ran through his mind, but in her mind she was thinking only of how sad he was.

She asked "are you okay, are you in need of rest prince Eric?"

He smiled that warm smile and said "no, I am fine, and please just call me Eric".

She smiles and says back "It would be rude prince Eric or in our case Eric".

Then Mary comes out of nowhere and says "In our case what, what case are we talking about?" She smiles and runs in Eric's arms. He picks her put with happiness, then puts her down.

The prince says " Ii was at the kingdom, you know the one where he had to send his daughter off because of the war and his wife died."

Camellia's eyes went wide and said "that poor King, he must be frantic."

Mary walks over to her "have no worries, he is a strong king, and he is the one who keeps us safe he is the true king."

Camellia smiles and says "well you guys are great, and I can't imagine being where else" she hugs and kisses Mary on the cheek, then she hugs and kisses prince Eric.

The Mary asks "Eric we must catch up, did you meet any ladies in waiting for you."

He looks at Camellia, she was looking down at the ground but he said "No I found the girl of my dream already."

Mary looks at him and says with excitement "who is she, when will we meet her, when is she coming here?'

He says "Well I will tell you who she is when we can talk in private."

Then Mary says "don't worry about Camellia she won't tell."

He looks at her she says "okay now I know who she is, and okay she is nice I guess, I cold have seen this coming."

Mary turns around and says "Camellia, Why didn't you tell me that you and my brother were in love with each other."

Smiling Camellia says "In love, I mean we just met, what would make you think we were in love with each other?"

Mary turns and looks at Eric "Eric, tell me more about the girl of your dreams."

Eric says into her ear softly "Camellia doesn't know I feel this way about her."

The next day Camellia wakes up and she gets ready got ready for the day, then she goes in the kitchen and there was prince Eric.

She asks "what are you doing up so early?"

He smiles at her and says "I am up to see you and tell you something."

She looks at him an asks nervously "what are you here to tell me."

He smiles an says "Well, the bad news is that the boat won't be able to take you there, but I will be taking you through the forest."

Camellia says "well I like nature, and I do like to see you and your sister together."

He says "Well it will be just me and you and a few other people just in case we need help."

"Do you mean to tell me that your sister won't be coming with us on our journey?"

The prince looks down and says "No, but if you want her to I guess there is no harm."

"O thank you" Camellia says and jumps up and kisses the prince on the cheek.

The prince plush's and he pulls her close and hugs her and says "you are a very special girl and I hope we find what you are looking for."

She pulls away slowly and looks him in the eyes, "thank you for all you have done, but could we leave tomorrow, I just need to pack a few more thing."