Okay forgive me for this but I just had to try and write a Leatherhead fic.


Ah, he was having that strange dream again.

The one where he had a human female pinned underneath him.

Her breath coming out in soft short bursts as he ran his clawed hands carefully, gently along soft ivory flesh. Making the female whimper and arch her back- trying to press herself closer to him as golden yellow eyes studied her flushed face.

She was perfect! Truly, truly perfect.

It wasn't so much her appearance that drew him to her. Nor was it really her personality, though he knew her to be a kind if not awkward individual. No, It was her receptiveness and lack of fear that intriqued him. Drew him in like a moth to a flame and held him mesmerized. That and the fact that she let him close enough to touch her and more.

He had never thought he would find such a person among the humans. In fact, in the beginning- he had hated them. But there was just something about this female that tugged at his heartstrings, making it impossible for him to simply leave her alone.

Leaning down over her, he scraped the teeth along his upper jaw along her skin.

Leaving little red markings in their wake before letting his tongue snake out and lick the markings causing the female to writhe and cry out as her body started to tremble. Letting go of her delicately boned hands, he placed one of his own next to her shoulder and closed the distance between their faces until his snout was a mere hairsbreath from her face and let his tongue snake out again to flick along her lips coaxingly.

He dared not try to kiss her any other way, he might accidentally harm her with his teeth. She whimpered again and lifted her hands to grip his torn lab coat as she let her small pink tongue come out of her mouth to touch his own. Earning a low growl from him.

Her jade green eyes glazed as he pressed himself a little more against her causing her to gasp in shock as she felt his aching length against her bare stomach. "A-Ah!" She cried out as he settled himself between her legs a little more and leaned in again, this time to rub his skin against her own and take in her scent.

She bit her lower lip and buried her face against his shoulder- her breathing more erratic than before. The sound teasing his senses almost as much as her scent. He let out a low growl that changed to a purr as he said in a guttural voice that was just a hint breathless. "I need..." He couldn't say what he needed, his mind became far too hazy after that.

All he knew was one moment he was trying to speak to her and the next he was inside of her. His clawed hands gripping her hips and what was left of her torn panties. His length gliding in and out of her almost violently forcing little cries and hoarse screams from her throat as he mated with her. Soft growls of approval escaping him with each thrust inside of her.

He felt her body clenching around him and shuddered in ecstacy knowing that she was getting close. He shifted his hold on her, dragging her closer then slipping his arms around her body and picking her up as she gripped his shoulders, her small oval nails digging into his thick scaly skin.

She kissed the side of his neck as he slowed his pace a bit due to her position. After all, the last thing he wanted was to damage her organs while mating. Holding her, he carefully lifted her then lowered her back down his length, feeling the juices from her body running down his shaft. Continuing his minstrations with one arm, he shifted his other hand to tangle in her thick black tresses and pulled her head back so that he could lightly bite her shoulder causing her to cry out.

The effect of his teeth pressing into her skin was instant. His female made a loud keening sound as she came, her body shaking violently in his grasp as he let out a roar and soon followed her in bliss. Spraying his seed inside of her before letting himself sink down to the floor with her still in his grasp, their bodies still joined as he licked her shoulder and purred loudly in her ear.

"Are you alright?" He asked in a shakey tone as he combed his fingers through her dark sweat damp hair as he loosened his grip on her a bit so that he could see her face and let his tail twitch a bit when he realized that his mate had fainted on him...again.

Making a sound that was half sigh, half chuckle, he nuzzled her shoulder and throat, then lifted her so that their bodies seperated and laid her on her bed and watched her curl up on her side with a contented smile curving her lips-

That was when he fell off of his couch with a barely suppressed yelp, thus ending his strange but pleasant dream.