Slow and easy, slow and easy- Slow and easy was going to drive him out of his mind, Leatherhead thought as Hanna rose up over him. Her bare torso glistening with a fine sheen of sweat as he lifted both of his hands, one to grip one of her shoulders and pull her down as he thrust up into her tight, slick heat- and the other covered her left breast. His rough skin causing her to gasp and grip his wrist as she shivered.

He thrust up into her, enjoying the way she bit her lower lip as her breathing hitched.

He smiled faintly in the dim light and slid his hand from her breast, up to her throat then up to her hair and tangled his fingers in the silken strands, and tugged her head back as he came up off of his back and pressed his nose against her bare throat and licked a particular area inbetween muttering, "Oh to hell with slow and easy."

Causing her to giggle and grip his shoulders and kiss him before pulling back and saying, "I wondered how long- OH!" She nearly shouted as he hit a particular place deep inside of her.

LH snickered at the look on her face before she buried her face against his neck as he picked up his pace a bit. Hanna dug her fingernails into his skin as he forced her to ride him. Her muffled cries spurring him on until they both came.

Once spent, he rubbed the underside of his jaw on the top of her head and shifted so that he could lay them both down without withdrawing from her body. "Do you feel satisfied now my love?" He asked in a very gentle tone. Hanna made a humming sound and nuzzled against the side of his neck.

"For the moment." She said after a moment or so. LH smiled grimly, knowing that she couldn't see his expression then said in a serious tone.

"Good. Because as much as I hate to ruin such a precious moment as this," He paused to tuck several stands of hair behind her ear and kiss her cheek before starting to speak again. "Now that you're back to fighting form per se- we need to talk about what happened to you before. Why did I find your home on fire and you strung up by your neck?"

Hanna pushed away from him slightly and tried to moved as far away from him as possible. Something that LH managed to stop by grabbing her and pulling her back against him, his arms locking her in place against his chest as she growled at him, "Let me go."

Somewhat confused by Hanna's behavior, LH met her sudden spurt of aggression with some of his own and snapped, "No. Not until you answer me."

"I don't feel like talking about it."

"Well too bad! You're going to tell me what happened!"

She tried to escape him again. But again he held tight, constricting all movement from his mate as she thrashed. Her small lithe body brushing up against him in a way that inflamed his senses and made it difficult to think straight. "Tell me what happened Hanna," LH said in a warning tone.

"Tell me or I'll keep you within my sight for the rest of your days," He said as he narrowed his yellow eyes to slits. "There will be no privacy when you work, shop, talk on the phone, mess with the internet, cook, shower and dress-"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Defy me further..." LH said with a sadistic smile that sent chills down Hanna's spine.

Crud! He would decide to do this now, she thought in irritation as she gave him a mutinous look. He gave her one back and rolled so that she was under him and pinned her arms at her sides. His expression stubborn as he sat back a bit to glare at her.

And she knew from personal experience that he could outlast her in anything he put his mind to when he gave her that look. So she was screwed.


"Drop it croc-man," She said warningly as he leaned over her and dipped his tongue into her navel causing her to shriek in surprise and squirm. Her body instantly heating up as she felt him scrape the ends of his claws along the inside of her wrists. Her breathing hitched as she tried to pull her arms free. Unfair! Oh unfair! Why was he torturing her?

She had already nearly died, wasn't that enough? Why did he have to make her relive the fact that her grandparents home was gone? Or that she had killed an elderly woman in an attempt to protect herself?

What if after he learned everything, he hated her and never wanted to see her again? She didn't think she'd be able to stand it if that happened. LH opened his jaws and closed them around one side of her torso- gentely scraping his teeth across her skin. Making her arch her back up off of the floor and cry out before he buried his face against her abdomen.

Licking and nipping.

Shifting his hold on her hands so that he held both of them in one of his own he kissed his way back up her body to her breast and laid his head over her heart so that he could listen to the sound of it's frantic beating. "I'll not drop the matter. Nor can I let it go so easily," He said quietly as he counted the soft thudding under his ear as he released her hands and wrapped his tail and arms around her, partially lifting her off of the floor. "You were almost killed. And I find the thought of that unbearable. Because every plan we've made for the future- every hope and dream could have been completely ripped away from us. And that terrifies me."

Hanna was silent as she absorbed LH's quietly spoken words and sighed. "For a while now a realistate agent has been visiting the house." LH lifted his head to look at her, the dim light catching his yellow eyes and making them glow.

"I listened out of politeness the first time. But I told her the second time to leave and never come back because I didn't like the vibe I was getting from her. She kept mentioning a buyer and when she refused to heed my warnings about trespassing under the pretense of visiting- and I started to get pissed."

"Next thing I knew she was attempting to set me up on dates and crap in the hopes that if I married one of the guys she set me up with, I would give up my death grip on my grandparents home. Of course this was well over a year before I met you. The last time she came by she brought her grandson, a purple dragon by the name of Hun-" LH's breathing stopped as his tail slowly unwound itself from her body and started to twitch at the tip.

A habit that his friends the turtles had noticed once or twice before he resorted to violence.

"She brought Hun thinking that if he could beat me up a bit- I'd be scared enough to sell her the house or something-" Hanna's voice was shaking slightly now as she continued. "They didn't know about my medical condition so... Taking Hun on head to head wasn't really an issue. Or it wouldn't have been if we hadn't have had our smack down in the middle of the living room. I managed to get my hands on the realitor and tried to get them both to leave, and wound up killing her before Hun strung me up by my neck."

LH's tail twitched a bit more as he stared down at Hanna in horror. Dear god, one of his greatest enemies could have murdered his mate! And he never would have known it if he hadn't gone to see her that day.

Reaching up he framed Hanna's face with shaking hands and rage blossomed in his chest. "Oh Hanna," He said brokenly as he smoothed her hair back from her face so that he could study her features. She was crying. Tears slipping down her cheeks and onto his fingers as she stared back at him miserably. "Oh my love, I'm sorry you suffered the loss of your grandparents home."

She waved his words off before dropping her arm and saying, "I don't mind losing the house. It's the memories that I hate losing. Besides I can always rebuild."

LH felt the prickling sting of tears slipping down his face. "My love, you do not have to act brave with me. I know that the loss of your grandparent's home is a heavy one... Even I mourn it's loss."

"I wanted our children to grow up there..."

"I know." LH said solemnly before asking, "How much longer can you stay gone before you are declared dead and your property is siezed?"

"Not much longer."

"I see. Then I will have to let you go back soon."

"Yeah. I'll have to go back do some paper work, prove who I am and start re building."

"Could you... Could you rebuild the house with a nursery?" LH asked almost tentatively. Hanna reached up and placed a hand against his cheek and smiled faintly as she replied.

"Sure. I think I can manage that."

"Good." LH said in an almost purring tone. "You rebuild and leave Hun to me."