Nina's POV

I ran through the woods, the night air was cold and stars twinkled sadly. I came to a stop in the middle of a clearing. I checked my clock, midnight.

" perfect timing" a voice growled from a shadowed corner. He stepped into the moonlight. Rufus Zeno.
" you-you promise me that if I do this, you will leave them alone forever." I sighed feeling tears prick at my eyes.

" I never promised anything foolish girl" he sneered and a body bag came down over my head, I fell over as I felt rope tie around my feet and shoulders, I hit my head on a rock with a CRACK and was out cold.

Fabian's POV

I woke up early. Mick snored from his bed on the other side of the room. I walked up stairs, trudy was cooking breakfast with Jeriome. Patritia, and amber were sitting at the table. I joined them. Alfie and Joy came to the table next, then mick and mara .

"where's nina" amber asked.

"yea" I chimed in

" I don't know I haven't seen her all morning " trudy sighed dishing out eggs."i couldn't find her"

If amber did not know where she was, they shared a room, trudy did not know where she was and trudy was always the first one up in the morning, oh no. I thought, losing my heart sinks.

" I have to head to class" I said briskly heading out, I could feel the stares chasing me, nina where are you?

I walked around the woods for a while, I came to a clearing. My heart stopped. In the middle of the clearing was Ninas bag, with a piece of paper taped to it, I picked up the paper. Ransome note.

If you want to see the girl again, alive. Then follow these steps in four days, and meet me at the old road sign you know where-

I did know where nina and I had gone there and carved our initials into it last week. Why that spot?

the Ransome note said :

The key is something you can not own, but you can have it

To unlock the door you need the blood of two

The heart is what will free the curse from you.

If four days pass then she will die

And you will no longer have the key and you will not survive

- do not tell anyone eles, or Nina will be killed, I am watching you right now Fabian and I will keep my promise

my heart pounded, there was blood on the ground. This was not good. At all.

Nina's POV

I woke up confused and dazed in a room, of all metal. The air was thick and moist. All the walls, the ground, the ceiling, everything was made of metal. I sat in a small metal chair. It was freezing cold. Or was it hot? I heard a cracking and banging noise. A chunk of the metal wall opened up. There were stairs leading down. The room outside of the metal one was a blinding light. Rufus stood in the door frame.

" ahh awake at last." He said slyly and relieved

" are you here to kill me?" I crocked painfully tasteing fresh blood in my mouth like ripped metal chunks scraping my throat.

"no, not yet. I need the others to solve the riddle first, thinking they will get you in return, then I will kill you all." He spoke with a evil smile

" but I solved it, you said that that if I solved it you would leave them alone" I moaned in pain. I think he did something to me because the pain is so excrusiating.

" yes. But I have been watching you. What is in that container Is not the blood, its poison, when I drink that I will die, clever of you. but I need you. The others will not be as smart I think." He sneered and I sighed he was too smart for me. But I knew Fabian would do any thing for me. I hoped. But he could not complete it without my blood. Rufus had me though. He could take my blood after getting Fabians. He would then drink it and kill us both.
The last thing i was knowing of was him hitting my head against the metal chair.