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Chapter 20

"It's almost five. Where are you?"

"I'm sorry," Bella apologized. She meant to call to let him know that she would be late but Angela didn't give her much of a chance. "I had to help Angela with the debate team. I'm no longer an official member but they still need my help."

"Oh. Well I'll see you later then?"

Her stomach fluttered in anticipation. She lowered her voice, blushing as she noticed Angela's curious look in her direction. "Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I'm finished."

"See you."

"I…Bye." Angela's eyes were burning with curiosity.

"What's with the red cheeks?" Angela asked as she hung up.

"It's nothing," she said trying not to blush. This was one of the first times Edward had called her. She was glad he was comfortable enough to call and see where she was or what she was doing. "Just someone checking on me."

"I can see that," Angela said with a smirk. "And from the look on your face, I know that someone isn't a Mr. or Mrs. Swan." She crossed her arms and raised her brow waiting for an explanation.

Bella grinned and picked up her notes, pretending to be suddenly interested in what she wrote. "Well, you're right. He's not."

"Oh my god!" Angela said in an enthusiastic voice all but jumping with glee. She looked over her shoulder at Andrew and Ben. They were writing notes on the white board and paying no mind to the girls. "Who is it? Is it that James guy?"

Bella grimaced at the thought of being with James. "God no." James was insufferable and she wouldn't dream of feeling for him what she felt for Edward.

"Does he go here?" Angela sat down in a chair across from her and clasped her hands under her chin. Bella could see the playfulness and curiosity in her eyes.

She contemplated how much she could tell Angela. "No, he doesn't. You wouldn't know him. He's not usually around this way. He's a really great guy though and I really like him." She shrugged. "That's all there is to it."

"Your parents don't know?" It sounded more like a statement than a question.

"Nope. I'd like to keep it that way too," she said coolly. "They wouldn't approve and it's none of their business either way. Besides I don't think my mom would react too badly."

Bella looked back down at the topic for the new debate they were preparing for. "Now back to this," she said, effectively changing the subject. "So you're arguing the affirmative…"


Bella all but ran out of the school when the debate practice was over. She couldn't get to Edward's fast enough. He invaded her mind and she found herself thinking about him all the time. She could barely concentrate in school. She wondered if this was what it felt like for everyone when they have their first boyfriend. She wondered if he thought of her as much as she thought of him.

When Edward opened the door to let her in, Bella launched herself at him, almost knocking him over with her enthusiasm. "Missed me?" She laced her hands around the back of his neck and happily smiled up at him. "I know I missed you."

He slowly moved his hands up her arms causing her to shiver with excitement. His wondering fingers made their way up her shoulder and over her collarbone before stopping at her jaw. He gently held her face with both hands and began lightly tracing her lips with his thumbs. "Very much," he said huskily. "Especially those lips."

"Good," she murmured reaching up to kiss his lips.

He let out a sigh that sounded happy and content. "I can't get you out of my mind. It's not the same when you're not here."

"I know," she said with a pout. "But on the bright side, we have another entire weekend together. This one will be even longer and we can do whatever we want. My mom leaves tomorrow night so it's only one more day. We'll see so much of each other that you'll be sick of me."

"Never," he said huskily. "It'll just make things much harder once you have to leave again."

He unwound her arms from around his neck and took one of her hands in his, slowly leading her towards the living room. "So what did you do all day?"

"The usual," he shrugged sitting down on the couch. His hand snaked up the back of her thigh and he stopped once he reached her waist. Bella knew what she wanted and she situated herself on his lap wrapping an arm around his neck. "Shadow and I took our morning walk, I made food and I thought about you."

"Aw, I thought about you too," she said placing a kiss on his lips. "You're a wonderful distraction."

"Well I hope I don't distract you too much," he said, "I don't want to take away from your studies."

"That reminds me," she groaned in exasperation. "I have so much homework. Calculus, history and three papers."

"Sometimes I forget you're still in school," he chuckled.

"Yeah, I can't wait until I'm finished. I'm starting to hate that place." She got up, grabbed her backpack and began to pull out her books and laptop. She worked in silence for about an hour while he sat silently beside her.

She looked up from her paper noticing the distant and almost pained expression on his face. "What's wrong?" She placed her laptop on the side table and climbed into his lap.

"Nothing's…wrong," he said contemplatively. "I'm just thinking."

"Okay." She rested her head on his shoulder while rubbing his arm soothingly. "If you ever want to talk…I'll listen."

"I don't want to distract you with my problems," he said sadly. "It's nothing, really. Just my past and the accident."

"Do you think about her a lot?" She knew he lost her along with his sight and she knew he harbored a lot of pain and regret because of it.

"Not as much as before."

"Who was she?"

He understood exactly what she meant. "She was a free spirit," he said wistfully. "She was young and full of life. Her name was Kate and we were madly in love. I remember when my parents first met her they were pissed," Edward started playing with her fingers. "Her hair was purple at the time and my dad judged her for it immediately. He thought she was throwing me off track so he blamed my interest in music rather than medicine on her.

"He was so…so ugh," he sighed. "I don't even know. He was difficult. He was just so difficult. Even after the accident. I couldn't understand why he couldn't just accept me. Why couldn't he accept that I wasn't like him? Why couldn't he just tolerate her? For me, his son. Was I not enough as I was? I just…I don't understand.

"He blamed the accident on her too. He had the nerve to do that. He had the gall to come to my bedside, throwing accusations after everything that happened. After she and…after she was gone." His voice cracked with emotion and tears welled up in his eyes. He willed them not to fall. He didn't cry anymore. There was no use in crying. After Kate died he cried almost everyday. "I still don't speak to him or my mother. I couldn't bring myself to and a part of me hated myself too. This might make me sound weak but my heart was broken."

"You don't sound weak," she whispered, wiping away a fallen tear from her eyes. Her heart hurt for him and what he had to go through with his family. "You had every right to feel that way. Your dad sounds like a dick."

He chuckled humorlessly. "That's an understatement."

"What about her family. Do you still talk?"

"She wasn't really close to them," he said shaking his head. "I still talk to the guy that hit us."

"Really?" Bella was surprised to learn this.

"Yeah, he's the reason I decided to move here," he said. "He gave me a way to escape."

"What happened that day Edward? How did the accident happen?"

He stiffened and Bella watched as his jaw clenched. "Maybe some other time okay? You should do your work."

She lightly touched her hand to his cheek. "Okay," she said. "But I'll always be here to listen. I care about you."

He smiled a small sad smile.


Bella lay in Edward's bed later that evening

Bella felt the bed dip as he slid in behind her. She sighed in relief and snuggled back against his naked chest as he wrapped his arm around her waist. He only wore sleep pants to bed.

"It will be painful once you leave."

She hummed in agreement. Having to leave once Renée returned from her trip was going to be physically painful. She felt deeply connected to Edward in a way she could not properly comprehend. He was like her sun.

"I wish I didn't have to." She placed a hand upon his that was tracing invisible patterns on her hip. "I miss you so much when I'm not here."

Edward began humming in the darkness with his lips pressed against her hair. The tune sounded very similar as his chest vibrated against her back. She listened as the song began to calm her making her want to sleep. "You always smell so nice," he murmured. "Like lavender maybe. It's sweet but not too sweet."

She hummed faintly. "I think it's…sexy," he said.

Her eyes snapped open. The sleepiness she felt moments before was suddenly gone. Did she hear him right?

"You smell nice too. Delicious."

"Really?" he asked huskily. "Hmmm"

"What was the hmmm for," she asked, turning over to face him.

"You smell pretty delicious yourself." She found herself blushing as she buried her face in his chest, taking in his musky smell with the lingering scent of cigarettes. It was calming and masculine. It made her feel safe and protected. He was quiet for a while and she thought he fell asleep.



"I think I love you." There was no response for what felt like hours. She started to believe he was asleep when she felt his hands grab her face in the darkness with perfect accuracy. Before she knew what has happening, his mouth was on hers and she was straddling his waist.

"You have no idea how happy I am to hear that," he groaned. His hands raked through her hair as he kissed her deeply, tracing the outline of her plump bottom lip with his tongue. It had been so long since he had kissed anyone like that and that kiss was deeper than all he experienced before. He had been dreaming of kissing Bella like this for a long time and now he wasn't sure if he would be able to stop. This kiss was far more intense than the one they shared that afternoon.

Bella broke the kiss, catching her breath as Edwards lips slowly moved down her neck sending shivers up her spine. She whimpered in response and the fire within him grew stronger.

His hands moved from hips and up toward the hem of the oversized t-shirt she was wearing. She whimpered when she felt the hem of the shirt moving upward past her stomach stopping at the underside of her breasts. Her breath hitched and her muscles tensed in anticipation.

He pulled away suddenly. "We should –" Bella didn't let him finish his sentence. She frantically wrapped her hands around his neck, clinging on to him as she tried to continue what he started.

She didn't want the moment to end.

She didn't want to stop. She had never felt such bliss in her life and ending it seemed almost painful. "Please," she whimpered desperately.

With a repentant groan his hands were once again on her shirt as he pulled it past her head. She lifted her arms helping him pull the shirt over her head. He rolled them over so that he hovered above her.

Her eyes closed as his hands found her face in the darkness. His lips were at her neck and he slowly moved down peppering light kisses until he met the top of her breasts, his beard tickling her in the process. His hands began to slowly caress them causing her to moan at the sensation.

His hands moved down her sides towards her loose night shorts and he quickly slipped them off along with her panties. A powerful need overtaking him as a fire burned under his skin.

He wasted no time in removing his pants and joining his hips to hers. She cried out as he plunged expertly into her and the room is soon filled with the sounds of their heavy moans and desperate movements.

"It's different, not being able to see," he said once it was over and they lay in the darkness trying to catch their breaths.

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