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"I thought you could use a few days away." Austin said as he exited the car.

"Wow, this place is amazing!" Ally said.

Austin led her into the cabin, and there standing in the middle of the living room, was Trish.


"Trish? What are you doing here?" Ally asked, the sadness showing in his voice.

Trish ran to Ally's arms, tears non-stop coming down her face. "Ally, I said I would always be there, so here I am! I just need you to forgive me! Please Alls, please." Trish wouldn't calm down and her body shook in spasms. Ally finally got her to sit down on a couch in the living room of the cabin.

"Trish, it's alright I forgive you!" Ally reachered her.

Trish paused for a moment looking into Allys eyes. "I know Ally, but I feel like you have to keep forgiveing me over and over agian. I don't think that it is fair that you have to forgive me and that I do everything wrong."

"Trish, you don't do everything wrong! I'm not perfect, look at the situation I'm in! Trish, you are my best friend and I will always forgive you." Ally said with striking confidence.

Trish calmed down and talked with Ally as Austin made dinner in the giant open kitchen in the cabin. "Well, I should get going." Trish said.

"You're leaving?" Ally said while getting up off the couch.

Trish stood also as she replyed, "You and Austin should spend some time alone, and I need to get caught up on my school work."

"Oh, okay, I'll walk you to the door. Austin, I'm showing Trish out!"

Austin shouted back from the kitchen, "Okay, dinner is ready when you come back!"

Trish got in her car and wished Ally good luck. Ally walked back to the house, she was really hungry and all she could think about was what Ausitn cooked for dinner. "What did you co-" Ally started, but her breath was taken away when she saw the table.

There were candels decorating the table with elegant ribbon tied around them. The table cloth was a light blue and in the middle of the table was a giant pizza. "Pizza?" Ally questioned.

"Oh...you don't like it?"

"No, I love it!" Ally screamed. Ally ran and jumped into Austins arms. "And for this you get a kiss." She kissed him fully on the lips, sinking into him. It had to be the most passion Ally had felt in a long time. There was so much behind it. There was everything that her and Austin had gone through in that kiss. She loved him and she knew, that her loved her back, and that was all they needed.

After dinner, they settled on the couch and put in a movie. "Austin, I really think that you should take the deal for your singing." Ally put on a pouty face and looked straight into Austin's eyes.

"Ally, I have you and the baby to worry about, there is going to be no time for things like that."

"No, I'm not letting you give up everything for me! There is no way that you are going to throw away your dreams because we made a stupid mistake. Just have a little hope!" Ally said already starting to get upset.

"Sometimes, hope isn't enough, Ally." Austin addresed.

Austin put his arms around Ally's waist. "Please don't start crying, I don't know what to do when girls cry." Austin said, laughing.

"Just pat thier shoulder and tell them that it is going to be okay."

"Maybe I'll try that sometime." They cuddled on the couch intill it got really late. Then they went upstairs to go to sleep for the night. Ally was excited that she was going to get to spend the weekend with Austin, and there was no one to interupt them.

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