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"Hey Alls, you look nice, are those you're new clothes?"

"Some of them, we are not done yet and I still have to get some new shoes."

Austin walked over to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. "That's okay, so where are we going first?"

Ally gestured to the shoes in front of her. "Right here!" She exclaimed.


Ally had bought tons and tons clothes at the store. There were bags everywhere, trying to step around them was a pain. Austin had helped her pick out a ton of new clothes and right now she had just gotten done with her home-school work and she was getting ready for bed, when her phone buzzed.

A=Ally Au=Austin T=Trish D=Dez

Au: Hey, ready for that big shopping trip tomorow with my mother?

A: to Austin: Yep, I'm all prepared and have my knife at ready. :)

T: Ally, I hope your date with Austin tomorow goes well!

A: to Trish: It is not a date Trish, it is a get together with his mother

T: Just like your first date was not a date

Au: Cool, I'll see you there!

D: What are you doing?

A:to Dez: Um...I'm getting ready for bed, why Dez?

D: Austin won't stop talking about what you are possible doing right now, I said that I just want him to shut-up but no, he's Austin Moon.

A: to everyone: Okay! I talk to you later.


Au: Bye

T: Good night, and sweet dreams (about Austin)

Ally set her phone back on her dresser and tryed to drift off to sleep.

In the morning Ally grabbed the dress her and Trish had picked out at the store yesterday and put in on. She added all of her accesories and filled her purse with everything that she needed for the day.

"I'll see you later dad, I'm going to the mall with Austin and his mom." Ally yelled down the stairs to her dad and then decided to go give him a hug goodbye anyway. He was not around a lot and Ally had missed him every time that he was gone. She walked down the driveway to her car when she relized that she had forgotten the keys. When she ran back into get them, she saw the mail on the counter.

Usually, there was a few letters from mom, some from Grandma and maybe a bill or two. But there were eleven bills on the counter all with late stamps on them. Ally's father was in debt and he didn't tell her. She could not go shopping today, infact, she could not spend anymore money period.

"Dad? What are these?" Ally asked with tears in her eyes. He had never hid anything from her, ever. "I thought we told each other everything?"

He set down the tools he was using to fix an old guitar and turned to her with horror on his face. "Ally, I. There is so much that I have to say, but not anyway that I can say it. Were in debt sweetheart. I have to sell the Sonic Boom.

Austin woke up with a giant head-ache and cursed the drink that he had the night before. With everything going on he had gotten carried away, agian. He didn't think that he was a alcoholaic, he just thought that sometimes, he had one to many drinks.

Austin walked to the bathroom to grab some medicine for his migrane and tripped over the rug onto the floor, creating a loud noise. "Crap," he mumbled under his breath.

"Austin are you okay up there?" Austin's mother was getting ready to leave already and Austin was just getting in the shower.

He dropped his clothes in the hamper. "Yeah, I-I just fell." He almost shouted in pain from how much it hurt to talk. How was he going to face Ally like this? The shower water felt nice on his skin as it trikled down his body into the drain. He wanted Ally there, he wanted her and everything that came with her and he needed her to understand him. Again, he found himself wondering what she was doing.

Austin pulled his clothes on and went downstairs to meet his mother.

"You took a long shower, we are late." His mother was always this way. Worring about every little thing, in including being late.

Austin leaned against the kitchen counter. "Relax, I'll text Ally and tell her that we'll be a little late." Austin pulled out his phone already to work on what he was saying. "I still have to eat breckfast."

"I put the leftovers on the table, eat those first."

"Okay, I will. When I'm done I go out to the car, and I will try not to take to long." Austin's mom grabbed her coat and went out to the driveway.

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