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Ally was waiting at the air port, watching for the plane her and Austin were waiting for, to land. The first of their guest's were getting here, Spencer Cole. Ally was a little nervous that he wasn't going to show up. I mean, she had never even met the guy, how was she supposed to count on him to help her with one of the biggest things in her life, the Sonic Boom?

"Ally, are you okay?" Austin was sitting beside her on one of the benches. It was really tiring to stand a really long time being that heavy for Ally. She had walked over to the snack stand but Austin ended up standing in line for her because she had gotten tired.

Ally leaned her head on Austin's shoulder. "Yeah, I'm just tried, I wish the plane would just get here."

"I'm sure it will be here in a few minuets." Austin commented.

Ally started to stand up. "On second thought, I'm going to go to the bathroom." She spotted the sign that pointed to the bathroom. "I'll be right back." Ally hated how everyone stared at her like it was against the law to be pregnant. The line for the bathroom was short, and, for once, it smelled good, like flowers or perfume.

"Do you want to go before me?" The woman in front of Ally asked. Ally noticed that she was pregnant to, and young, just like herself.

Ally stared to walk toward the stall but stopped. "You go ahead, I'm fine." Her and Ally were the only ones in the bathroom and when they were both done, they washed their hands. The young stranger pulled out some soap from her bag.

"These air port's soap never gets rid of the germs, I don't need to get sick now. Do you want some?"

Ally held out here hands. "Sure." As she rubbed in the soap she introduced herself. "I'm Allison by the way."

"I'm Briley, I've noticed that we have something in common!" Briley said gesturing to their stomachs. "Do you know what yours is yet?"

Ally was so glad that the woman was so open about this subject with her. "No, I didn't want to know, yet."

"I understand. Mine's a girl, I'm naming her Ayla."

Ally had never thought about what she was going to name her baby, let alone even mention it to Austin. "That is a beautiful name. Ayla."

"Thanks, I came up with it myself, I'm pretty sure someone somewhere already has that name but I never met anyone named that so, it's what I came up with." After a while of silence, Briley asked, "Is it hard for you to?"


"The staring, the awkward weird, creepy, onlookers?"

"Yeah, I hate it. I mean, I know I'm young, but I understand my mistake and I not going to do it again. There is no way I'm getting rid of my baby because of some stranger. It is so hard to keep up with school work and how am I ever going to go to college, I'm g-going t-to suffer m-my entire life for this." Ally said, starting to let the tears spill.

She was embarrassed for crying in front of this stranger but was comforted when Briley hugged her. "I know, I know. Listen, the father to my baby, his name was Lincoln. He was a great guy, really understanding, not in the mood for a serious relationship though. So, you can imagine what I did when this happened. I walked over to his house and said, Do you love me? and when he didn't reply, I knew I was on my own."

"Did you give him another chance?" Ally was sorry for being so rude, especially after crying, but she was curios.

Briley stepped away from Ally and sighed. "Of course, but when was I supposed to say enough was enough. I caught him cheating five times, with five different girls! Was I supposed to put up with that? I eventually told him to get out. I was not going to raise my daughter with him and I walked out. A few months later I started talking to this guy named Landon and his is so kind to me. It really makes me understand what I can do with this baby and since then I've been going to classes and reading books to prepare."

"Wow, I'm so sorry, nothing like that ever happened to me. Me and my friend Austin thought we were deeply in love and it was just to soon. This is where I am now, nothing like all the horrible stuff you went though." Ally was really upset that someone would treat Briley this way. She was a wonderful girl, wha kind of scumbag would do this to her?

"I'm sure that Austin is a great guy."

Ally leaned back against the counter. "Yeah, I don't know if I really love him though, you know?"

"Yeah, same thing is going on with me and Landon. He is so supportive and completely on my side. He understands what I want and completely and truly loves me for who I am, but I can't decide if I love him back. I think that it's cruel to do this to him, but I can't make a decision." Briley looked tired and worn out at this point. I mean, she had just spilled her life to a girl in the bathroom.

But her and Ally just clicked, they were almost best friends instantly and they understood each other difficulties. It reminded Ally of Trish, of everything that Trish had done for her even through their fights and issues, they always made it together in the end. "Wow, that was a lot to take in." Ally said, and it was. There was a girl here that had everything so hard on her and just happened to meet Ally in a bathroom for crying out loud, and she almost told her, her entire life! There was so much swarming around in Ally's head now.

"I'm sorry, did I say too much?" Briley was really understanding, everything Ally had gone through looked like nothing compared to what she was experiencing.

"No, not at all. Do you want my number? Maybe we can hangout sometime?"

Briley's face lit up like a candle. "I'd love that! Where do you live? I live on the River Road. Maybe we could go to the mall on Saturday!"

"Yeah, I live near the Sonic Boom. It's right in the mall, for now anyway."

"What do you mean for now?" It amazed Ally how much she was just telling this girl, but it felt nice to let someone else know what she was going through. All the times her and Trish laughed at girls who did this in the bathroom, and now it had happened to Ally.

Ally shifted her weight uncomfortably. She was getting tired from standing so long. "Oh, I'm sorry, I need to sit down to, here let's get out of the bathroom." Ally followed Briley out of the bathroom and into the lobby of the air port. There were people everywhere, some were rushing to their flights, some were sleeping until their flight arrived. Her and Briley took a seat on an empty bench in the middle of the lobby.

"Can I go talk to Austin for a minuet? He is probably wondering where I am." Ally asked.

"Sure, I have to go talk to Landon to." Briley walked away as Ally turned toward the direction of Austin. The air port was so colorful at this time of the year. There were different flags hanging on the wall and the security guards were dressed in bright yellow uniforms. There were pictures hanging on the wall of some of the most beautiful places on earth, especially the one of the glaciers in Antarctica. Ally had always wanted to go there.

When Ally started to approach Austin, she saw a tall brown-haired hottie talking to him. He was so beautiful and all of his features were very defined, it boggled her mind how someone could be so mind-blowing beautiful. "Hi, I'm Spencer Cole." The young stranger said to her. Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. This could not be the boy who was staying with them, that isn't fair. Ally started panicking, what if he didn't like her, what is she stared to long? Then she remember to just be herself, but she couldn't help but think of Austin, and how much he loved her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ally Dawson. I heard that you play the drums?"

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