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When Ally started to approach Austin, she saw a tall brown-haired hottie talking to him. He was so beautiful and all of his features were very defined, it boggled her mind how someone could be so mind-blowing beautiful. "Hi, I'm Spencer Cole." The young stranger said to her. Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. This could not be the boy who was staying with them, that isn't fair. Ally started panicking, what if he didn't like her, what is she stared to long? Then she remember to just be herself, but she couldn't help but think of Austin, and how much he loved her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ally Dawson. I heard that you play the drums?"

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Ally was making the bed in the guest room as Spencer and Austin talked downstairs and did their "manly bonding" thing. She always wondered what it was like for guys, when girls bonded, it was over a sappy movie with all the drama they could find, guys seemed to do things hard core. Would anyone ever understand them, well besides themselves?

"Alls, whatcha doing up there?" Austin, so impatient as always. Of course she was right in the middle of doing something when he wanted her, it was always that way.

Ally sighed and shouted back, "I'm just re-making the beds, what do you need?" Ally knew what she needed, some time alone.

"Nothing, I was just wondering what happened to all the pancake mix?"

"I told you, you ate it all." They were all at Ally's house. Her dad was out buying groceries and she was supposed to be setting the table right about now, but, as always, she was off schedule and had no idea what she was going to do next. The next guest was arriving today and she still had so much to do.

"I'll send Spencer up to help you, okay?" Austin asked. She needed absolutely no help, but just to make it worse, Austin had to send up Spencer. Not only did Ally have a major crush on him, it was really hard for her to talk to him because she got so nervous.

There was a knock at the door. "It's Spencer, can I come in?"

"Y-yeah, come on in." Ally blushed because she had stuttered.

"What do you need help with?" He was so helpful, and he never said no to anyone, if only Austin was more like him. Briley and Landon where having problems like this to, she couldn't make her mind up over what she wanted, or who she wanted.

Ally walked over to the laundry basket. "Would you help me make the bed?"

"Yeah." Every time their hands touched, he would just look at her. He didn't notice that everything he did this she held her breath and had to remind herself to breath. His hands were so warm, and she couldn't help but think of the conversation they had had last night.

Last night:

"I'll be right back, I'm going downtown to pick some extra sheets up for Spencer, okay Alls?" Austin asked. Sometimes it was like he was always there and sometimes it was like he was half there. It was different every time. Today he had decided to be helpful.

Ally made her way over to the couch to sit down. "So, are you and Austin together?" Spencer was curious, as always, everyone wanted to know who the father of her baby was.

"No, me and Austin used to be together, but when we found out that I was pregnant, I told him I wanted some time. I don't know if we will ever get back together." She was really upset that Austin hadn't talked about this with her. Ally didn't know if she should bring it up, or if that was Austin's job.

"Well, do you want to?"

Ally sighed and look in Spencer's eyes, making sure he was paying attention. "Truly, I have no clue."

"Well, he's crazy if he doesn't want to be with someone as beautiful as you." Ally's heart melted, no one had ever said something this nice to her, this made her absolutely speechless.

As she gained her words back, she managed to squeak out, "You know, no one has ever said something like that to me before."

"Maybe I'm the first then?" Spencer's voice was smooth and never even cracked as he said this.

"Yeah, maybe you are."

There were no words for what she had felt that night. Not only did she have to confront her feeling's for Spencer, but she had to deal with Austin. She didn't know what to do. Nothing could get her out of this one, plus with Austin surprising her with his new plan to save the Sonic Boom when all of his friends got here, she was stressed out enough.

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