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"It's a surprise, I promise you'll like it," Spencer whispered in her ear. She really needed to tell him about being engaged to Austin before he embarrassed himself. She didn't want to ruin his dignity. All of a sudden the car stopped.

Austin laughed. "We're here!"

Ally stepped out of the car with help from Austin and removed the blindfold.


When Ally took her blindfold off, she almost started crying. What she saw before her slammed her heart almost to a stop and welled her eyes up with tears before she could utter a word. The Sonic Boom stood before her, re-painted, windows washed, brand new instruments in the window. Ally didn't know what to say. Then, she felt something warm grab her hand and pull her towards the door. It was Austin.

"Come on Alls, let's go inside. Stop crying now, so I can see those pretty eyes of yours." Austin's voice was filled with excitement and Ally almost didn't want to see the inside. The outside was enough to fill her heart up to the top with happiness. She didn't need anything else from him, she only needed to know that he was going to be there for her, but she already knew that.

Ally could not stop the tears from pouring down her face. "Austin, h-how d-d-did you get t-the money for a-all of t-this?" Ally stuttered out her response.

"I'll show you." Austin pulled her to the front door of the Sonic Boom. "There were a lot of people that helped me with this, but they all did it for you Ally. They all wanted you to be happy, and they all love you just as much as I do, if that is possible." Austin opened the door and Ally took off running. She ran straight into her mother's arms. Her mother had come all this way just to see her. Just to see her happy and well.

"Mom, I missed you so much. You didn't have to come all this way for me, t-thank you so, so much. I love you." Ally's mother wrapped Ally in another hug and told her that she loved her to.

Ally's mother pulled away and grabbed Ally by her shoulders. "I could never ever stop loving you, and I always want you to be happy, okay? I love you Alls, and I always have."

When Austin finally calmed Ally down enough, he took her around to meet the people in charge of helping him. The first girl was named Karlie Chhor. She had long brown hair and looked to be about 17. She was really nice and helpful. Austin had hired her to play music in concert several nights a week to raise money for the store.

"You are amazing! Thanks you so much. You really didn't, I can't even explain how, never mind. Just, thank you." Ally was stunned that people would go out of their way like that to make her happy. That they would save one of the only things that really mattered to her. One of the things that she couldn't live without.

Karlie giggled "Aww...that's really sweet. I knew that Austin needed help with saving the Sonic Boom and I knew that it meant a lot to you. I thought, why not? So I packed all my bags and headed up here to help. I really hope you like it!" Ally smiled and told Karlie that she did, that she didn't like it, that she loved it. What everyone had done was amazing.

"Thank you so much for coming all this way, I know you don't live around here, but if you ever need anything, just know that we are here," Ally said gesturing from her to Austin.

Karlie looked from her feet back up to Ally. "Your very welcome."

Then Austin dragged her over to meet Sabrina. She was really young, only 14 years old, her hair was really pretty and blonde. It was curly and really pretty. It made Ally a little jealous. Austin said she lived in Florida to, so she didn't live that far away, only in Tampa. Austin had hired her to sing with Karlie in some of her concerts. Sabrina, having a lot of money herself, had donated 10,000 dollars for the store.

"I really can't thank you enough, I'm still blown away that you would want to give my little shop ten thousand dollars. That is really nice of you and if you ever need anything, just ask."

Sabrina laughed and said, "It was no problem, my mother said it would look good on the press to if I donated some for charity. I thought this looked a little more out there though. Your problem seemed a little more related to me, having it be with music. I know that Austin is trying to start a career in the music business, so I also contacted my manager and had her out word out of him."

Austin's mouth dropped open. "Oh my gosh, really?" Ally left Sabrina and Austin to talk about their music things and she went to mingle around the rest of the party.

"Hi, you must be Ally?" Ally looked at who was speaking. It was a young woman, probably around Ally's age, 16. She looked smart and had golden blonde hair. It was really beautiful. She was a really pretty girl.

Ally smiled and said, "Yeah. I'm Ally Dawson, and you are?" Ally held her hand out and the girl shook it.

"I'm Ashton Deburq. I designed the interior and some of the exterior of the shop for Austin. He wanted a full makeover, so I did my absolute best. Did you enjoy it?"

"It was one of the best furnishings that I've ever seen. It was amazing actually. I loved the chairs you got. I can't wait to sit in them." Ally laughed at herself and Ashton joined in. She really did love the interior and now it was nice to know who had done it. "If you ever need anything, I promise that we are here. Please, don't hesitate."

"Thanks Ally. I have to be going now, but maybe I'll see you around?"

Ally chuckled. "Yeah, I see you around."

Ally made her way over to the buffet table. There was endless food piled high and wide. She grabbed a plate and started to pick out the more healthy stuff. After all she had went through, she didn't need the baby to turn out wrong now to. She felt Austin come up behind her. "Man, I can barley fit my arms around you anymore Alls." Austin laughed with her.

They were perfect for each other. They matched up like two puzzle pieces that go perfectly together. She was the emotion, and he was the balance. She was the ice cream and he was the toppings. They were made for each other, and she could not imagine a day in her life without him. She loved him way to much to go back now, and she wanted him more than any person in the world.

Ally Dawson would always be in love with Austin Moon, even if it killed her.

Well, that's all this chapter, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I like writing it.