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Everybody has one of those days. You know: Those horrible days, where you hate the world and the world just seems to hate you back. Those days when you want to scowl at every nice, beautiful, perfect thing you see, and just crawl into a hole- bury your pretty much pointless rage in the ground, and yourself along with it. When seeing romance makes you sick, and hearing music makes you cry. Days when you don't like yourself; you pick out every flaw you can, your vision magnified by hate, and criticize the nearly invisible imperfections 10 times as much as you usually would. Days where you don't want to see your family, your neighbors, your dog, and ESPECIALLY not your best friends. Days where anyone who even looks at you pushes you closer to snapping, and it was almost always at someone you'd regret.

Kendall was having one of those days. He didn't know why he had woken up in such an undesirable mood, but at this point, he was too irritable to question it. Lying in bed, he stared at the ceiling, wondering angrily why it was white. What kind of color was white, anyway? It was like it couldn't even get being a color right. Why not red or something? Then at least he would have something to stare at when he was bored.

But, no it had to be white. Boring, dumb, empty, white.

Taking his mind off the disappointment of a ceiling, he glanced around the room that he and James shared, trying to find another seemingly innocent object to fume at, his roaming eyes finally coming to rest upon James' 'Lucky Comb'. Kendall rolled his eyes at the ridiculous name. How could a stupid comb be lucky?

Suddenly, loud shouting drifted into his ears, most likely coming from the kitchen.

"Carlos, you need to eat something healthy! We have rehearsal today; how are you going to survive on a corndog or a chocolate bar?" he heard Logan scream.

"Yeah, that stuff is horrible for your skin, just so you know." Kendall sighed, rolling his eyes again. Of course James say some superficial crap about beautifying yourself. God, he was so annoying.

"Fine…" Carlos huffed dejectedly. "But I'm still eating a Pop Tart."

"At least have some fruit with it…" Kendall heard Logan's voice quiet down as the young doctor's voice trailed off, confirming that he had given up his hopes of trying to make the Latino eat healthier.

"Someone should go get Kendall." He heard Carlos mumble through a mouthful of what Kendall presumed to be said Pop Tart.

No! He thought immediately. No one should come get Kendall!

Hearing footsteps approaching, he pulled the blankets tighter around himself, closed his eyes, and pretended to be asleep. There was no way he was getting up. As the door swung open, Kendall cracked his eye the smallest bit, in order to get a glimpse of whoever had come to make this horrible day even worse. Seeing a flash of brown hair, he scrunched up his eyes again, thinking it was Logan.

"Hey, Kendall…." An overly sweet voice cooed.

His fists balled. Nope, definitely not Logan.

Kendall cringed as he felt James pounce playfully onto the bed, blissfully unaware that his blood was boiling by this point.

"Hey Kendall, Kendall, Kendall. Time to get up!" James sang cutely, poking Kendall's face each time he uttered his name.

Oh God. If this didn't stop right now, he was going to lose it. Completely, utterly, lose his mind. If James said. One. More. Word. He put his face into the pillow, trying to stifle his rising levels of pent-up emotion.

"If you keep lying face-down like that, you're going to mess up your hair, you know. And we don't have time for horrible hair this morning, so you better get up right now."

Kendall groaned. Why was James so irritating? Couldn't he just shut up for once?

"Plus, if you look bad, you make me look bad, and since this band is a group effort, I need your amazing hair level at 100%. Since mine is always at about 150, I think that should balance it out…. Kendall, I know you're awake. I share a room with you; I know when you're asleep and when you aren't. And that you heard everything I just said. So come on, get up, we have rehearsal- it's time to make my dreams come true!" James cried loudly, sounding like he had gotten closer and closer to Kendall's ear with every sentence.

"Fine. One day when I'm famous and you aren't, we'll see who's ignoring me then." James sulked, getting off of the bed.

That was the last straw for Kendall. He didn't know exactly why; whether it was James' comment about being famous, or the fact he had just said one too many words. It didn't matter. The floodgates opened, and all Hell broke loose. Bolting out of bed, Kendall grabbed James' shoulders and pulled him back into the room before the slightly taller boy could walk out the door, ignoring the confused and slightly terrified look on James annoyingly perfect face.

"James, shut up! Just shut the heck up for once! Not everything is always about you!" he yelled, the wall broken, anger freely flooding his body.

"Kendall, man, what's your pr-" James questioned, only to be interrupted by him.

"I'll tell you what my problem is! You! You're my problem, James! You're so freaking selfish and conceited all the time!" he yelled.

"Kendall, chill. I was just saying your hair was lacking the supreme gloss and softness of mine." James replied, his voice shaking as he tried to joke around, because, in truth, he didn't know what he'd done wrong.

"That's exactly what I mean! You're such a self-centered jerk! All you can think about is your looks, your talent, your future! It's all about you, all the time! Did you forget that we had to give up our dreams to help you?! That Logan, Carlos, and I had to drop everything to help make your dreams come true? Did you even say thank you once? No. Because you're too much of a self-absorbed idiot to even think about what you're doing to your 'friends'!"

James looked as though he'd been punched in the stomach, tears filling his large, innocent-looking hazel eyes.

"Kendall, I-I didn't even…" he whispered, all he could say before a small sob escaped his lips.

"You didn't even think about it? Figures. You can never keep your mind on things other than your hair and face. You know what? You wouldn't even be here if I hadn't jumped in to save your stupid career! You aren't even the one that got this chance in the first place! You should have just gone home, and given up, and listened to Gustavo at that audition, because all you are is a pretty face. No skills, no brains, and no talent! You should be kissing my feet, but no. You sit around, and obsess over your looks all day. Geez, just because were raised by your mom doesn't mean you have to be such a freaking girl!" All of the uncontrolled rage poured out of Kendall's body as he yelled at his best friend. Having something, or someone, rather, to scream at felt great.

At this point, James, who had pretty much frozen with fear, snapped his head up to look at Kendall, true anger glinting in his eyes for a split second, "At least I know my real dad."

It was just a whisper, that's all, spoken through cascading tears. But it was enough; Kendall stopped for a minute, contemplating what insult to throw next.

Only, in the end, it wasn't an insult that was thrown-it was a fist.

In one final stroke of fury, Kendall whipped out his hand, punching James hard across the cheek, before removing his grip on his shoulders and throwing him to the ground, the blow finally reducing James into a quivering, sobbing ball on the floor. With one last look of disgust, Kendall stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

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