note: for my Transformers legacy fans the next chapter will be coming soon:)

How did we get here and what purpose does this place hold these are the questions that plague generations of people, these are questions that start wars. I believe that these questions can be used to promote peace and understanding rather than war and violence. I am Knight Gundam and I will find the answers to these questions and more. IN THE BATTLES THAT ARE TO COME!

'Where am I...and where's Audrey' Banagher thought to himself he had a headache and all he could remember was that he was investigating a signal there was a light and blank. As he began to fully awaken he realized he didn't know where he was, he then realized several Geara Doga's were approaching fast and with there weapons raised.'They must have taken Audrey' "Where is she!" he yelled activating the Unicorn and launching forward with beam saber raised slicing 2 of their heads off in one swipe. Surprised the other 3 raised their beam rifles but too late he had stabbed one through with his saber. Using the butt of the saber to stun another before slicing the third's beam rifle."This one's too powerful call for backu-!" one cried before being destroyed. Banagher was quick to destroy the other but was not sure if he had sent the request.

As if answering his question Banagher heard through his comm "Please cease your attacks we merely wish to talk." but Banagher was beyond talking taking the Geara Doga's as a hostile gesture he was sure they had Audrey "Never!" Banagher yelled before jetting into the air. Hoping to get a better view of his surroundings Banagher saw a large army base with a large amount of mobile suits Geara Dogas, Jegans, even a few that were completely foreign to Banagher. Suddenly Banagher saw one of the suits he couldn't name shooting toward him it was mostly white with some yellow and red highlights along with four or five cannons on the back. "Hello pilot,my name is Ribbons Almark I talked to you earlier I ho-" but he was cut off by a strike from Banagher but calmly blocked it with his sheild

"So thats how it's going to be." Ribbons said before jetting back and launching his fin fangs."Nnh what the hell? Are they some sort of funnels?" Banagher said using the mobility of the Unicorn to dodge them "They are called fin fangs an this is the Reborns cannon." he said going through a slight transformation with his cannons now facing then attacked with all of his beam cannons. Banagher only barely dodged all of these attacks. "Damn I-" Banagher felt a powerful newtype presence and activated the destroy mode immediatly "Ah Char I was wondering where you were." Ribbons said Banagher couldn't believe what he was hearing Char Aznable a dead man still alive 'Am I dead too or is this just Full Frontal?' but could not tell he was piloting the Sazabi a mobile suit that only Char had ever piloted had Frontal rebuilt it but Banagher had no time to think as whoever it was attacked him with a beam tomahawk

"Another unknown MS huh,regardless Ribbons back me up this one's mine." The unknown pilot said "okay Char, Fin Fangs,GO!" Ribbons shouted re-launching his "Fin Fangs" "I'll do you one better Fin Funnels, away!"

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT TIME:The nightmare of Soloman and..."Perfect Zeong?"