Chapter 6

As his lips collided with hers, Sherry felt a warm feeling come over her body. It was as if she was immersing herself in a warm bath, starting with her toes and ending with her head under the water. Jake's lips were softer than she imagined they would be. She could feel the hand he had on her hip squeeze as she placed her hand at the nap of his neck to pull him closer. Sherry felt him run his tongue along her bottom lip causing her to gasp slightly.

Jake dipped his tongue between her parted lips and felt a thrill run through him as Sherry moaned into his mouth. He could feel the heat radiating off of her body as her heart pounded erratically in her chest. Jake felt himself harden as her breast brushed against his chest when she pulled him deeper into the kiss. He rolled toward her, forcing her to lay on her back. He slid his knee between her legs as he ran his fingers softly up and down the curve of her hip.

Sherry's body was now on fire. She felt a pull deep down in her belly as Jake leaned over her and ran his fingers down her body. As their kiss deepened she could feel his erection pressing into her hip, causing her to flush. Sherry suddenly felt nervous and self conscious at her lack of experience. She had kissed someone before but it had never gone beyond that.

Jake felt Sherry's hesitation and pulled back a little to look into her wide nervous eyes. As the fog cleared a little he felt guilty for being so forceful.

"Hey Sherry, i'm….i'm sorry….I didn't…"

Before he could finish Sherry placed her fingertips to his lips to silence his words. She smiled shyly before averting her eyes.

"No, its not you….Its just that I have never been with anyone before….and…and I really want to do this…I'm just a little nervous"

Jake gently placed his finger under Sherry's chin and lifted her face till she looked him in the eye. He looked into her eyes and softly ran his thumb over her bottom lip. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips before leaning back again to look at her face.

"I would never hurt you super girl….we can take this as slow as you want, and if you want to stop then you just say the word"

Sherry processed his words for a minute as she looked into his eyes before leaning up and placing a kiss on his lips. Then she whispered the words against his mouth.

"I trust you…and I want this…I want you"

And with those words Jake leaned into her again. At first their kiss was slow and sensual, but soon it became fevered and hungry. Sherry moaned into Jakes mouth when he rocked his hips forward into her leg. She could feel the dampness between her legs growing as he slowly pushed his hand under her shirt to caress her breast. Sherry arched her back at the pleasure of his touch. Jake moved lower to kiss her on the neck as he pushed her shirt up, exposing her soft perky flesh. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, eagerly sucking while he moved his free hand down to her lower belly, gently running his fingers along her smooth skin. Sherry withered and moaned as Jake switched to her other nipple to give it much needed attention. He then lifted his lips to kiss her wildly while he pushed his fingers under the waist band of her shorts to cup her sex with his hand. Sherry gasped loudly at the intimate touch, and she wrapped her arms around him tightly.

Jake could feel the dampness between her legs and it caused his erection to throb almost painfully. He kneaded her heat gently through the thin fabric of her panties. He watched lustfully as Sherry threw her head back, moaning loudly with pleasure. Jake stopped rubbing her sex and removed his hand from her shorts. He sat back on his knees and grabbed her shorts and panties with both hands and slowly slid them down her smooth legs.

Sherry watched Jake through hooded eyes as he pulled her clothing away from her body and tossed it to the floor. She could feel her cheeks flush as he slowly ran his hands up her legs all the way to the apex of her thighs. She could see the hunger and the lust in his heated blue eyes as he looked at her half naked body. Her eyes closed as he pushed his thumb against her nub and circled. She felt her hips start to sway without her permission, it was as if every nerve in her body was connected to that one small place. Sherry could feel her body starting to coil and tighten as he rubbed her steadily. Her hips started to buck wildly as her body tensed for release. She was so close when Jake stopped and smiled down at her before quickly leaning forward to capture her lips in a kiss.

"Oh no super girl….not yet…."

Jake smiled at the confused and slightly irritated look on Sherry's flushed face. He scooted back and leaned forward to plant small wet kisses down her body, starting with her collar bone, and all the way to the smooth creamy skin on her lower belly. He stopped and looked up at her flush face before dipping his head to place a soft we kiss right on her sex. He felt her jerk at the contact and leaned in to lick her again, but this time he didn't stop and pull away. He moved his tongue in a steady circle until Sherry was squirming with need and then he place his index finger at the opening of her body. And as she moaned he slowly slid his finger into her willing flesh before withdrawing and pushing in again. Jake could tell that she was at the very edge and sped up his movement, and with one last push of his finger and flick of his tongue he felt her let go.

Sherry threw her head back as the orgasm convulsed through her body. She dug her fingers into the sheets, barely aware that Jake was kissing his way back up her body. He kissed her gently on the lips and ran his fingers down her cheek. Sherry put her hands behind his head and ran her fingers through the short hair at the nap of his neck softly as she kissed him back. She was starting to think clearly again and could feel his stiffness on her belly as they kissed. Feeling bold she took her hand and slowly lowered it between their bodies to wrap her fingers around his erection. She smiled at his sudden intake of breath as she squeezed him slightly. She slowly moved her fingers up and down his considerable length and felt a sudden sense of power at being able to affect him this way. Feeling brave she sat up and flipped him over onto his back to straddle his legs, she continued to pump her hands as he thrust his hips forward. Sherry leaned forward and kiss him at the ear and down the side of his neck until he was breathing heavily.

He was shocked at first by Sherry's boldness, but it was soon forgotten as she kept up her rhythm. Her small yet strong fingers felt amazing against his heated skin, and it made him want her even more. He wanted to feel her, he wanted to feel what it was like to be inside of her. Jake sat up suddenly, catching her by surprise. He heard Sherry give a little yelp as he grabbed her around the waist and laid her down with her head at the foot of the bed. Jake crawled between her legs and placed his hands around her small waist. He leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the mouth before positioning himself at the entrance to her body. He then looked Sherry in the eyes to see if she still wanted to do this. He was surprised at what he seen in her eyes; lust, heat, passion, love? He watched as she closed her eyes for a second before opening them again and whispering…


And that was all she had to say. She felt him thrust forward into her body, she felt a sharp pinch deep inside her as he took her virginity. Sherry cried out at the sudden stab of pain and fullness. Jake stopped suddenly to look at her.

"You OK baby?"

Sherry put her hands on his forearms and shook her head.

"Yea, i'm OK…."

Jake put his forehead down to Sherry's and took a deep breath

"I'm gonna move now OK? Tell me if its to much"

Sherry kissed him again and shook her head yes. Jake slowly pulled backwards before thrusting back in again and then stilled, allowing her to adjust to the sensation. He pulled back again and then thrust forward more forcefully this time causing her to cry out a little. He started a slow rhythm of in and out, all the while he was talking soothingly in her ear about how beautiful she was and how great it felt to be inside her. Sherry adjusted quickly to the feeling and started to pant as she felt her body starting to coil again. She wrapped her arms around Jakes back and as he sped up his thrusts, digging her nails into the skin of his lower back.

Having Sherry writhing beneath him was driving Jake wild. She looked beautiful with her body arched in pleasure and her skin was flushed and glowing. Jake wrapped his arms around Sherry and sat all the way up so that she was straddling his lap. He kissed her feverishly as he pounded into her. Sherry wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pumped her hips up and down. Jake could feel his body coiling for release as Sherry's body tightened around him. Both of their movements were becoming erratic and jerky as they both approached orgasm.

As her body tightened and finally let go Sherry threw her head back in ecstasy while screaming out Jakes name. She felt Jake thrust into her a couple more times before grunting as he to let go. Jake slowly eased his pace as they came down from their orgasm and hugged Sherry's body tightly took him. Sherry felt overwhelmed with her feelings for this man. She leaned forward and pressed her forehead to his.

"I Love you"

Sherry tensed, and pulled her head back to look Jake in the eye. Had she heard that correctly or was it wishful thinking. She stared at him wide eyed with shock. She didn't know how long she stared at him but when she noticed unease was starting to creep into his eyes she smiled. She couldn't believe it…

"I Love you to"

She could see the relief in his face as she admitted to feeling the same way. She kissed him and smiled girlishly before giving a giggle.

"Jake Muller….I have loved you since China, and I am so happy you are here"

Jake laid back on the bed, leaving Sherry there still straddling him. He gave her a cocky smile as he put his hands behind his head in a very relaxed fashion.

"Me to super girl….me to"

He seen her start to flush and grabbed her and pulled her down to lay close beside him. Jake leaned over and gave her a loving smile.

"Well i'm glad you love me….cause your never gonna get rid of my ass now after that mind blowing excperience"