A/N: This story was intended to be a one-shot, but I thought that it could possibly be better if I divided it into a chapter story instead. However, not all chapters will be this short. Please let me know what you think.

All Too Well

C.C. was in a rage. She ignored his annoyed, pleading call for her as she frantically ransacked her drawers, carelessly pulling out random articles of clothing and stuffing them into a large black leather duffle bag. She paid no heed to the fact that she was tossing clothes onto the floor or that he, ruddy with frustration and all out of breath from having practically chased her up the stairs, was now standing behind her.

"So that's it?" Niles asked bitingly. "You're just leaving?"

C.C. paused for a moment, closed her eyes, and took a deep, shaky breath.

"For now," she muttered through gritted teeth.

She was angry, but she didn't want him to think she was leaving him for good...

"Where will you go?"

Admittedly, he was grateful that her intentions were to return. She frustrated him more than words could say sometimes, but losing her would be more than he could bear.

C.C. shrugged dismissively at his question.

"To a hotel, maybe. Or the Sheffields'; I'm sure they'll take me in."

Niles opened his mouth to comment on the generosity of people who took in strays, but he quickly shut it again, certain that this was not the time for another barb at her expense.

"Oh, will you stop?" he seethed. "You're going through my drawers now. You're not leaving."

Niles felt his heart sink as C.C. suddenly stopped what she was doing and slowly rose to her feet.

"You will not tell me what I will and will not do," she threatened icily.

Her attention snapped back to the drawer she had just been scrounging through.

"If this is your drawer," she began curiously but still angrily, "then what is my scarf doing here?" She bent down and picked up the long, black, silky strip of material. "I haven't seen this scarf in almost a year."

Despite himself, Niles smiled at the sight of the scarf.

"Don't you remember?" he asked softly.

Her fingers swept across the silk in a slow, lingering motion as the memories flooded back to her.

"I..." she began in almost a whisper. "Yes, I remember..."

To be continued