authors note: this is a bit of Drabble that I just HAD to write. This takes place after "bad moon rising" on the vampire diaries and after "on the head of a pin" on supernatural.

Damon POV

Well, it started off as a regular Tuesday. That was until I found out I had a guardian Angel. Why, you may ask? Huh. Funny. I'm still asking myself the same question. But there he was. Standing in front of me, with his messy black bed hair and deep blue eyes.

"Okay... I get that you're supposedly an angel of The Lord or whatever. But what the hell do you want with me?" I asked but faltered as he tilted his head and stared at me like I just up and grew three heads.

"I am Castiel and I am not 'supposedly' an Angel of The Lord. I am one. And there is more to your destiny than just being a protector of a town that you don't even like. Though You are a great protector. You're reliable and loyal to a point. This is why you are to be a soldier on Gods army when the apocalypse comes, and lucifer rises." The angel - Castiel- said as if we were merely discussing the weather in the parlor of the boarding house.

Stefan just took Elena out to the Gilbert beach house, or whatever, and suddenly there's a guy in a trench coat that wasn't there a second ago. Then he starts spouting on about how I had a 'greater destiny awaiting me' and how he was to protect me till the time comes.

"Wait. Come again? Soldier in Gods army? Lucifer rising? The Apocalypse? How the hell am I supposed to believe that? A minute ago, I was a failure at everything, including life, and you're telling me I have a greater destiny, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean?! The apocalypse? Seriously? A week ago, I didn't even believe in werewolves, and now there's a freaking Angel in my parlor telling me about the apocalypse and lucifer rising. I'm not even sure I believe you're a real Angel!" Castiel rolled his eyes as if he'd been through this all before. Then, it got dark out. At 2:00 in the afternoon, that was never good. The lights through out the boarding house started going crazy and right at the center of it all, Castiel stood there, but with massive shadows of wings behind him on the far wall of the parlor by the fireplace. Whatever doubt I had before vanished.

"Damon, you may not believe your significance in the world, but now that you know that I am truly an Angel, know that what I was telling you about your destiny, is all true." Castiel said, as the shadows vanished, the lights returned to normal, and it was day again outside.

"O-okay. What do you need me to do?" I asked, not wanting to get on the bad side of an Angel, and now, my protector.

"At this moment, nothing. The Apocalypse will come and Lucifer will rise, and then we will fight. At this moment, it is trying to be averted. But if it is not, you'll need to stand on the side of God. And until that day comes, no one can know of this." Castiel said while giving me a pointed look

I got the message loud and clear. "No one will hear a thing from me. Are you gonna stay?" I asked uncertainly.

The Angel smiled. "I'll be around when you need me. But for now, remember what I said. It was a pleasure meeting you, Damon Salvatore." Castiel said with a grin. Then he was gone.

I needed to sit down. Let it all sink in for a second. Every thing that I believed ten minutes ago was shattered. But maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. Cause now I have a destiny. Something I thought for so long was to be the bad guy. But suddenly I'm the exact opposite. But it shouldn't be that hard. After all, I now have a guardian angel to keep me on my path and to help me along the way. I was no longer alone. I couldn't help but smile at that.