Stefan POV

This didn't make sense.

My brother, Damon Salvatore, was friends with An Angel.

Irony at its best I suppose.

I was at the grill with Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler, Alaric, Jeremy and now Matt. We sat around the biggest table in the bar in complete silence.

After explaining everything to Matt, we all lapsed into silence, trying to let the newly learned information sink in.

It made sense, I guess, after thinking about it for a while.

Damon was protective and stubborn, which in turn, made him a good soldier.

"Why would an Angel have any interest in Damon?" Caroline asked while motioning angrily with her hands.

"Because he'd make a good soldier in a battle against the devil." I said in a monotone voice.

"That's not what she meant." Elena said.

"What else would...?" I trailed off.

"Do you have eyes? They were practically undressing each other with their eyes." Caroline said while rolling her own eyes.

"Okay... Yeah, so?" I said while Caroline a giving curious look.

"What- Damon isn't gay!... is he...?" Caroline asked exasperatedly.

I rolled my eyes.

"Caroline, after you live a hundred plus years, you really won't care about gender." I said while plucking one of the fries out of the basket in the middle.

"What? does that mean you..." She trailed off giving me a questioning look.

I rolled my eyes once more.

The whole group was just listening intently.

I didn't care.

"Yes, Caroline, I have been with a guy before." I said while giving her a mocking grin.

Caroline looked embarrassed and Elena gave me a surprised look.

My grin widened.

"Anyways, we shouldn't be worried about mine or Damon's sexuality. We should be more concerned with the hunters that Castiel said were coming to town." I said while pulling the basket of fries towards me.

"Okay... What are we going to do?" Elena asked, still blushing.

I finished chewing the fry that I had in my mouth and then stated;

"we do nothing. Avoid the hunters as much as possible. Stay out of their way. I mean, they're the ones that were given the responsibility of stopping the apocalypse. Castiel said so. So we leave the angel, my brother and the hunters alone and do what ever is asked of us. Nothing more, nothing less." I plucked up another fry.

"We're going to do nothing?" Caroline asked astounded.

"Yes. That's what I just said." I stated simply.

She shook her head incredulously

"so we are leaving the fate of the world in the hands of three strangers and your arrogant, selfish, hard headed brother?!" She yell/whispered.

It was my turn to look incredulous.

"Do you really think we could do better? Those three strangers are a Bad ass Angel and two hunters who are professionals. And as for Damon, you guys don't know him. You know his persona, but not the real Damon. He is loyal and reliable when it comes down to it. So don't you dare try and degrade my brother, because you'll only make a fool of yourself, I know him better than anyone and I have faith that he'll do everything he can to prevent the devil from rising. So stand down and back off so those three strangers and my brother do what they were born to do." I said and picked up my basket of fries and walked away before they could respond, leaving them shocked.

The last thing I heard before leaving the grill was Alaric and Jeremy laughing, at Caroline's shocked expression no doubt.

I decided to walk aimlessly through town and give Damon and his angel some space.

I couldn't help but to think about what these next few weeks would bring.