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Renesmee's eyes snapped open in the car, and she glanced around, taking in the new surroundings. Okay, so the surroundings weren't too new per say, but they were... well, a different state. Still foresty, but a different state. Yeah, that was a good way to put it. The half human leaned up from Jacob's left shoulder, rolling her own shoulders back in an attempt to relieve the tension that had cropped up during her slumber. Her body appeared to be fourteen now, and she was growing at a regular rate, meaning she would be able to go to school in their new town.

Said new town was Amity Park, Illinois. A small, somewhat cutesy little town with a record of 90% cloudy days and a strange habit of collecting ghosts- or so the brochure said. Despite the fact that most of them were dead, fully or partially, they weren't believers of the myth. In fact, Jacob, the only fully living one of them, was the only one to entertain the idea that ghosts could be hanging around the city.

Bella, the driver, was the first to address the quasi-vamp. "Hey there, sweetie," she smiled, turning back to face her daughter. "We're home."

The youngest brunette of the group turned her head to the left to see a lovely new house, slightly larger than their old one but just as isolated. Even though she had yet to get out of the car, she could smell elk nearby, her favorite. A giddy smile appeared on her face, and she practically leaped out of the car as soon as her father had gotten out. The other occupants of the car, the fifth in the Volvo being Alice, got out a bit slower, used to moving around the world.

Still, Renesmee had that human desire for food that only Jacob shared with her. "Can we have burgers?" she asked immediately, not even giving time for the vampires in the other car to get out and approach them.

Though Edward doubted he would ever be okay with Fluffy the werewolf being his daughter's boyfriend, he knew he had to accept it or face what most parents dealt with: teenage rebellion. "Jacob, why don't you take Renesmee out for dinner while the rest of us get settled in?" he offered.

Both Jacob and Renesmee grinned, in the car and headed off before anyone could say another word.

"I'll take that as a yes," Edward declared sarcastically to himself.

It was only a short time before the young couple was in front of a red-and-white building with a giant sign reading 'Nasty Burger' in front of it. They headed inside and placed their orders before sitting down at a booth and beginning to talk.

"I forget, what grade are you listed in?" Renesmee asked, wondering just how long she would have with her boyfriend before he went off to the university in town.

"Eleventh," he stated simply. "We all figured anything less would be unbelievable."

The half vampire frowned, but she understood. It was similar to the reason she wasn't allowed to go to school before this year. She would be attending Casper High for the full four years. At least by the time she graduated, she would look the right age. "Well I hope we at least have the same lunch time." The brunette had been exceedingly excited about her new school and looked up all the information she could on it, including the three lunch periods.

"I'm sure we-" Jacob was cut off by a trio, one girl and two boys, sliding into their booth, not even noticing the couple already there. Confused, Jacob looked to the girl now next to him while Renesmee looked to the boys now next to her.

"Um..." both new residents to the town chorused, looking at the trio with furrowed eyebrows.

"Oh, man, I'm sorry," the girl said quickly, getting out of the booth. "We usually sit here- not many people choose this booth." In her defense, it was in the back corner and offered a fair amount of solitude, something not many teens were interested in.

When neither boy got up, instead drooling over Renesmee, the girl grabbed each of them by one of their ears and dragged them off.

Renesmee watched as the trio left to find a new booth before turning back to Jacob. "That was weird," she noted outright.

A snort escaped Jacob. "No kidding," he agreed. "Seriously, though, how do you slide into a booth and not see that someone else is sitting there?" The two laughed for a brief moment before Jacob headed off to pick up their dinner. Within ten seconds of him being gone, one of the boys out of the trio slid into his spot.

"Hi, there," he said, a somewhat-creepy smile on his face. Renesmee guessed that he was trying to be smooth. "The name's Tucker. Tucker Foley. That's TF, as in too fine. Now that you're brother's gone, we can chat."

The quasi-vamp could only blink in confusion at the boy. He wore a red beret, khakis, and a yellow shirt, and he stank of some sort of overpowering cologne. Renesmee hesitantly glanced over her shoulder to see a clueless Jacob speaking with a cashier and the other two out of the trio sitting a few booths down, both looking absolutely horrified by the scene going down. Slowly, she turned back to the teen. "I'm sorry, but he's my boyfriend... and you're creepy." She added in the last part quickly, hoping to deter him from any further attempts without seeming too harsh.

Sulking, Tucker headed off back to his friends. "She called me creepy," she declared, plopping down across from Danny and Sam.

The dark-haired Goth girl, Sam, let out a slight curse. "Okay, I know, I owe you five bucks," she declared, pulling the money out of her pocket and handing it to the boy in jeans and a t-shirt, Danny.

"You were betting on how long it would take for me to strike out?" Tucker asked incredulously.

"No, we were betting on what she would call you," Danny explained simply. "Besides, we know about the pot you have on us."

Now a smirk escaped Tucker. "Yes, and when you two do finally get together, I will have enough money for my first two years of college," he declared.

"Never gonna happen," both Danny and Sam chimed. As if on key, Danny's phone rang. The teen rolled his eyes. "Ugh, I've gotta go. Mom and Dad want me to meet some new neighbor who lives a few blocks away." He shook his head. "Seriously, I understand within the block, but so far away? Why?"

"My parents made me meet the neighbors five miles away when they first moved in," Sam shrugged. "Of course, that's because they wanted me to marry their weirdo son because their family was richer than ours, so..."

Danny let out a slight laugh. "See you later, guys," he declared before taking off.

Quite a few miles away, a dark-haired girl about Renesmee's age woke up, her head pounding and her heart racing. Something sticky covered the side of her face, and she was lying in a puddle of something. Confused, she stumbled to her feet, looking around as her vision cleared. A man was lying a few feet away, and the girl approached him, turning him over to see if he was hurt. In his neck were puncture wounds resembling teeth, and the noirette winced.

She felt the side of her face before pulling away to look at her fingers. That 'sticky stuff' was blood. Definitely blood.

The girl screamed and backed away from the man, the strange feeling on her teeth confirming her fears. She only screamed for a few seconds that this was not the best way to solve the problem. Instead, she racked her brain for solutions, but over and over, she only found one.

White rings formed around the girl's middle and went up and down, leaving a white-haired girl in a black-and-white hazmat suit when they were done. Taking to the skies, the girl set course for Amity Park.

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