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Danny ran up towards the Cullen residence just as his parents drove onto the property. His parents, naive as they were, didn't question why their son, despite being farther away and travelling on foot, got there at the same time as them. Instead, they all just headed up to the door and rang the bell.

"And beware the neighbors," a voice from inside joked just before opening the door. A tall, brawny man stood before them, a bright smile on his face. "Hi there," he said, holding out his hand. "I'm Emmett Cullen."

Maddie was the first to shake his hand. "Hello, I'm Maddie Fenton, and this is my husband, Jack, and my son, Danny," she replied, a giant smile on her face as well. "We live a few blocks down and wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."

"We brought fudge!" Jack cheered, presenting the tray.

At that moment, Rosalie chose to come stand next to her husband. She smiled at the humans before her, but her nose twitched a bit as she noticed Danny. "How kind of you," she said, catching Jack's comment. "My little sister loves chocolate." She took the tray and headed off towards the kitchen.

"What is that smell?" Jasper whispered, glancing in the direction of the front door as Emmett asked the Fentons to come inside.

"Their son," Rosalie whispered. "I can't tell what it is, but at least he's not a mutt."

Edward walked into the room at that moment, also looking strangely to the living room. "That's not very helpful for now," he whispered. His nose twitched, and a frown appeared on his face. "He's been near Renesmee."

"Don't go all Papa Bear and kill the kid," Jasper requested. "Moving right now doesn't sound very appealing."

"Moving now would just draw attention," Edward accepted. "Come on, they're starting to wonder where you are, Rose."

The trio walked into the living room to see that Alice, Bella, Carlisle, and Esme had already made the Fentons' acquaintance. Introductions went around, and just as they were finishing up, Renesmee and Jacob came running in. Of course recognizing Danny as the friend of the 'creepy kid,' Jacob pulled Renesmee closer. Once again, brief introductions were made before Maddie mentioned something she felt to be bothering her.

"So you adopted eight children?" she asked Esme and Carlisle. "And they're all... together."

Esme nodded. "Yes, I don't see any problem with it," she replied, not wanting to get into a quarrel over it. "I would offer that you stay for dinner, but we don't have any food in the kitchen yet- well, aside from the fudge." Instantly, Renesmee perked up.

"Well then, we'll let you all get out to dinner before the restaurants in town wind up with lines out the door," Jack said, and as quickly as they had come, the Fentons were gone.

Once the family was absolutely sure the Fentons were gone, Renesmee commented, "That boy smelled strange." She hesitated, fumbling to recall exactly where she had smelled it before. "Kind of like the bad man."

The 'bad man' was the reason the Cullens left Forks in the first place. On their way home from the park one day, Renesmee and Jacob had been kidnapped, chloroform used before either of them could act. Renesmee had mentioned that her kidnapper smelled odd, but the two were released after a couple of days. From there, the Cullens figured the best thing to do was to leave Forks.

"Well, looks like we made a great choice in location," Jacob muttered sarcastically.

Danielle stumbled around the side of the school, leaving behind yet another body, this one in far worse condition than the first she woke up to. This body was torn to shreds, covered in blood, and unidentifiable. At least school was letting out, and she would be able to talk to Danny, ask for help, what was going on. The girl's stomach churned, and she felt her eyes darken. Food. She needed food.

No. Blood. That was what she had been hungry for over the past few days. And despite having just eaten or drank or whatever it was, Danielle was hungry.

The noirette peered out around the corner, watching as teenagers headed out of the building and to their cars or buses. Danielle bit her lip and pulled back as she noticed one teen leaving his friends to come over to the alley. Probably wanted to smoke, she figured. After all, why else would someone walk into an alley after school. Glancing back at the body, she got her answer.

The girl pulled back a bit, not wanting to be seen by the boy until he was too far away from the front of the school to escape her. Just a few more steps, she thought as the teen approached her. Three... two... one-

Just as Danielle leaped at the boy, instantly biting into his neck, he threw her off of him. The ghost girl found herself lying on the ground, whimpering in pain. Before she could do anything else, the teen was helping her up, leading her away from the school.

"Look down, don't make eye contact with anyone," he ordered, lightly pushing Dani into a car before getting into the driver's seat and taking off.

Despite the teen's warning, Danielle glanced around, seeing another girl her age and a boy and girl a couple years older. The couple in the front were speaking in hushed tones, but Dani heard them with ease.

"She completely destroyed someone," the man who had grabbed her said.

The woman anxiously bit her lip. "She smells... different," she mentioned. "Like a vampire but not."

"I'm Renesmee," the younger girl smiled, distracting Dani from the couple.

"Dani... with an I," she finally replied, shaking the girl's hand.

"Ow," the girl winced quietly as Danielle grabbed her hand just a bit too tightly.

Instantly, Dani pulled back. She just kept hurting people and hurting people- the dead man at the side of the school was enough proof of that. As the car slowed to a stop, Danielle glanced out the window to see a large house, seemingly isolated. Danielle followed the others out of the car and into the house, looking around in wonder.

"So... what's going on?" she finally asked.

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