Edward had no trouble smelling the girl the second he walked out of school. In fact, the Cullens had all noticed it- it was hard to miss. Still, just a smell didn't explain the girl standing in the living room, looking... well, a number of emotions. Fear was the most obvious, hidden by her rough behavior of asking questions sharply and crossing her arms.

"You're a vampire."

Rosalie raised an eyebrow at her husband. "Way to break it to her slowly," she critiqued. Despite being a big softy, Emmett could often be the dumb jock he looked to be.

Dani only raised an eyebrow. "You're kidding me, right?" she asked with a laugh. Her cravings had diminished substantially, no humans living within at least a mile radius. "Vampires aren't real. The closest I've ever seen is..." She let her voice trail off and rolled her eyes. "Never mind." She turned on her heel and headed off out the door, only to have Edward rush in front of her, slamming the door shut to block her way.

The ghostly girl stared at him with wide eyes. "You... how did you..." Slowly, she backed up.

Meanwhile, Edward had something on his mind: Danielle's. Thoughts- flashes- swarmed through her head. A strange man hovering over Dani as she woke up. Said man training her to... do whatever the hell that green stuff coming out of her hands was. Fighting a boy with white hair. Fighting the man who had woken her up earlier. Being held in a cage, tortured, experimented on. A tiny flash of being injected with something, suppressed by the girl's fear. Finally? Thoughts of death, her body winding up like those she had killed.

"We're not going to hurt you," Edward promised.

Alice bounded up to the girl, a bright smile on her face. "Dani, we want to help you," she assured the quasi-vamp. A brief vision of the girl revealed strange but great things in Dani's future. "Our parents are out right now, but they'll be back soon."

Bella only watched the girl during this exchange as the others tried to soothe Dani's worries. It would get better, she'd learn to control her thirst... Bella had heard the speech before. However, Bella just didn't feel quite the draw to the young teen that the others did. Still... motherly instinct was kicking in. Dani looked to be about Renesmee's age- or at least physically. Biologically... she doubted it.

"Do you need a place to stay?" she finally asked.

The girl blinked in shock. No one had ever invited her into their home. It was always sneaking in and out whenever she stayed at a house. Often times, no one even realized she was there. To have someone care enough for her to invite her to sleep in their home... especially with what she was... the thought was overwhelming. Tears began to fall from her eyes, and she rushed to hug Bella. "Thank you," she whispered.

And just like that, the Cullens were all suffering from teary eyes, save Bella and Jacob.

Looking around, Jacob only saw insanity, not a half vampire with the ability to project her emotions to other vampires. "The fuck?" he muttered as Emmett burst into tears.

Much to the surprise of the Cullens, Danielle actually slept- all night in fact- only adding to the theory that Danielle was not completely a vampire. The testing to see just what she was began when the girl woke up.

Carlisle and Esme set out a cup of blood on the kitchen counter, collected from Carlisle's new job at the hospital. And just like a moth to light, Danielle was down the stairs in seconds, chugging the blood like she was in a contest.

"Note to self: don't get between her and food," Jasper laughed lightly.

Realizing she had an audience, Dani looked around, a light blush on her cheeks. "I-I am so sorry," she whispered, setting the cup back down on the counter. "I never meant to..."

"Danielle, there is no need to apologize," Esme hushed the girl, resting her hand on the noirette's. "Everything will be fine, and you'll learn to control your thirst."

The girl only nodded. "I got the initiation speech," she said, not wanting to deal with it again. Having the others all act like she was a baby was frustrating enough. "Do you all..." She hesitated. "If I was... different before I was turned, could those differences remain?"

"Yes," Carlisle replied with a nod. "What 'difference' did you have?"

Dani grinned sheepishly at the group. "Well, you see, I was kind of... half ghost. And a clone. Odds are that my creator, Vlad Masters, did this to me. He was obsessed with making the most powerful clone he could, and he'd probably be willing to steal vampire blood to make me this way."

Edward and Bella shared a stunned look before turning back to the girl. It looked like their time with Danielle was going to be more interesting than they initially thought.

And there you have it. The part of me that's mean and wants to leave the ending up to you won out this time, so that's the end of that!