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Chapter 12: A Chilling Discovery

It was beatiful, peaceful morning at Youkia Academy.

"My tie! Where's my tie!?" Jake panicked as he slipped on his jacket while looking around frantically. His hair was a mess and his shirt was not tucked in and wrinkly. "Oh, found it!" he said in relief. He then stared at the clock. "Crap, I'm late!" Ms. Nekonome is gonna kill me! Or worse; use me as a scratching post!"

Well, peaceful for some.

The reason Jake was late for school was, he had spent the last four days on late night patrol of sorts. When he heard that Miss Ishigami had escaped he started staying out late to see if she was going to try to attack Moka or any of the other girls that she had turned into statues.

But, he was still giving Moka and Kurumu their training after school and helping Yukari with practicing her new spells. And the newspaper club was working on it's latest edition, that suprisingly Gin was helping with the entire time, making the proccess go a lot faster and smoother.

Luckily, though he hadn't seen anything that would prove that Miss Ishigami was back and he was hoping it would stay that way.

"Oh, man! I only have five minutes till class starts!" Jake shouted while looking at the Monstitrix, which he learned could tell time as well. He then began sprinting as fast as he possibly could.

As he was running past some trees all of the sudden it got really cold around Jake, causing him to shiver and let out a sneeze.

"I didn't think it was going to be cold this morning."he said to himself as he rubbed his nose. He looked around and noticed the wind wasn't blowing and it wasn't all that cold, so shrugging his shoulders he began finishing his run to the academy.

As soon as he was gone, a shadowy female figure in a sweater and purple striped stockings with long purple hair peered out from behind a tree looking at Jake's retreating back.

"Jake..." the mystery girl uttered with a smile, before she dissapeared behind the tree once agian.

At the end of the day, Jake was heading back to his dorm for some sleep.

The day had pretty much went how most would expect it to go if you were running on fumes and not alot of sleep.

He almost became Miss Nekonome's newest scratching post because, he was having difficulties staying awake. All of his other teachers were either a test that required him to use all of the class time just to complete.

Then of course, at lunch Moka had to have her 'speacial' lunch of Jake's blood making his day even tougher.

Add to the fact that he and the rest of the Newspaper club had to put the finishing touches on the newest edition, he had to uses up all of his saved up energy to just make it through the day. The only reason he wasn't out training Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari was they noticed his lack of energy and managed to get the reason why out of him; he didn't have the energy to try and avoid answering the question. And after some well needed convincing, which was more like watching a parent scold their child, he decided to head straight to his dorm for sleep.

As Jake continued walking to the boy's dorm he felt a cold chill wash over him. Rubbing his arms together to get some warmth he looked around and he could have swore he saw something move behind a nearby tree. After rubbing his eyes and looking agian he wasn't so sure.

"Man, not only am I tired but, I think I'm catching a cold and seeing things." Jake commented with a yawn. He then turned to continue his way back to his room.

But, what he didn't realize was the person stepping out from behind the tree that he was just looking at.

The person was a girl of Asian inheritance with a slim and slender figure, with long violet hair who was wearing a black sweater, along with the skirt for the Youkai Academy's girls uniform, with a belt wrapped and dangling around her left thigh. Her white sleeves were long enough to partially conceal her hands. Her eyes were a pale blue, her skin was snow white; which it was positively glowing. And a lollipop was sticking out of her mouth.

"Hmmmm…" she sighed softly as she watched Jake walk. A fond smile over her face.

"Jake! Wait up!" Moka called as she ran up to Jake and hugged his arm. "Let's walk home together."

"Alright, Moka." said Jake with a smile.

"Hey, I wanna walk home with him! You walk home with him all the time; it's my turn to spend some quality time with him!" snapped Kurumu as she suddenly appeared and grabbed Jake's other arm. It soon turned into a tug-o-war with him in the middle.

"Guys, Stop it! You're going to tear off Jake's arms!" Yukari pleaded as she suddenly appeared and tryed to stop the two older girls.

Jake just stood there with an impassive look on his face. 'All I wanted was to get to my room to get some sleep!' he whined inside his head.

Before school started the next day, the Newspaper Club was out in front selling the latest issue of the Yokai Academy Newspaper. With Kurumu and Moka helping to sell the papers, the boys fought over to buy copies from the two hottest girls in Yokia Academy.

And to the suprise of Jake, and the annoyance of the three girls and Gin. The girls of Yokia Academy were fighting to be able to buy a paper from him!

Apparently, the girls that Miss Ishigami had turned into statues had told everyone they could that Jake was the one who ended up saving them. This added with the rumor of him beating Saizou, him saving all the victims of the Swimming Club, and putting an end to Gin's peeping antics he was becoming to be known as a hero; mostly to the female students.

"Wow, we sold out!" exclaimed Moka in amazement.

"I'm just glad that we can call it a day." Jake said, wiping the sweat from his brow. The work wasn't what had him glad it was over, but the girls that were all over him and the jealous guys that wanted nothing more than to beat the living daylighs out of him.

"Hey, where's Gin?" Yukari asked, looking around for the older student.

"I don't know." Kurumu answered in an annoyed voice. "He was here a while back, but left to do the only thing he's actualy good at."

Jake let out a sigh. "You think he'd learn his lesson after everything we put him through to keep him from taking those pictures."

The girls just nodded thier heads in agreement and began helping Jake pack everything up.

Yukari set to work with boxes while Kurumu and Moka went through the paperwork that they brought with them to keep track of numbers. Jake took the task of folding up the table that they had brought out to help them.

"You know this was our first big sell in a while now. We could celebrate with a big party on it." Moka told the other as they worked.

"That sounds like a great idea!" Yukari cheered.

"Yahoohoo! Food and Drinks for everyone!" Kurumu cheered.

"Yeah, but no alcohol alright." Jake commented.

"You people are all buddy-buddy, aren't you?"

Suddenly, Jake felt another chill run down his spine. Looking up to who had spoken out, they all saw someone approaching. From first glance, the person approaching was an attractive girl with long purple hair. She wasn't wearing the standard uniform and she was eating a lollipop. The girl stopped there, as she looked at all of them, "You're all friends, eh? Truthfully, I don't really understand that."

Kurumu shot the girl a dirty look. "What'd you say?"

The girl just stuck her hand out. "Newspaper?" she asked.

Jake and the girls were kind of confused at to what she was getting at.

"Are there any more papers left?" the girl asked with her hand still out stretched.

"Uh…" Jake blinked, but quickly came to his senses. Checking all his pockets, he managed to produce a copy of the newspaper. He had bought it earlier for articles he wrote, so he could send it back to his mom. But, this girl had asked for one. "Just one. Here you go. It might be a little wrinkly though. Eh…?"

The moment the girl had the paper in her hand she stepped incredibly close to Jake, looking him over. "So, your Jake Mension, huh." she commented. She then removed the lolipop from her mouth and smiled at him. "You're cuter than I thought you'd be." she said.

A blush appeared on Jake's face. While, he may have to deal with Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari being all over him he never did get used to it but was able to handel it better. Hearing something like that from a mysterious cute girl, was completely un-expected.

The mystery girl put the lolipop back in her mouth and turned to leave, but not before she waved her hand that was holding the paper at Jake. "Later." she said.

As Jake watched the girl leave, Moka came up beside Jake and looped her arms around one of his. "Jake, who was that? Do you know her?" she asked in concern and a bit of jealousy.

Jake just shook his head. "No, first time I've ever seen her." he replied.

"Well, whoever that girl was, hopefully we won't see her again." Kurumu said. She had enough rivals for Jake's heart and didn't want any more competition.

"Tell me about it." Yukari added.

"We better hurry or we'll be late for class." Jake told the three girls.

After Jake and the girls had finished packing everything up, they made their way to their respected homerooms.

As Moka, Kurumu, and Jake were waiting for Miss Nekonome to begin the days lesson, the door suddenly slid open to reveal the mystery girl from earlier.

"It's the girl from earlier." Jake whispered under his breath.

"Sorry, I'm late." the girl apologized.

"Ah, Miss Shirayuki!" Miss Nekonome exclaimed with joy. "I'm glad you finally came. Please, take your seat." The girl bowed and went to her seat, which happened to be the one directly in front of Jake.

"Class, this is Mizore Shirayuki. From circumstances before, she was ill so she couldn't come to school. I'm glad she's feeling better now." Miss Nekonome explained.

"I am." Mizore replied with a nod before looking over her shoulder at Jake. She gave him a small smile and wave, which Jake nervously returned to her.

"Now, as I was saying…" spoke Miss Nekonome as she started the lesson.

After classes were over for the day, Kurumu, Moka, and Jake were meeting. To celebrate being completely sold out, the Newspaper Club was going to host a party in their club room. Yukari was already out collecting party favors and the three remaining members were talking details.

"So we'll meet up in the club room after we finish buying everything." Moka explained with a smile. "Is that okay?"

"Hey, Jake." Kurumu purred. "I'll bake my special cookies for you. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Kurumu's statement was punctuated by her pressing herself against Jake, making sure her breasts were pressed tightly against him.

'Normally, the thought of sweets would make me happy, but I've got a bad feeling about this.' Jake thought.

"Kurumu! You're doing it again!" Moka shouted before she quickly grabbed the amorous succubus by the shoulder and began dragging her away.

"Hey! Wait! Hold on, I wasn't done!" Kurumu cried as she was dragged away.

Jake let out a sigh and rubbed the side of his neck. No matter how many times Kurumu did that it he was still having a difficulty of dealing with the way she showed affection and he was sure that he might never get used to it.

Then all of the sudden he had the feeling that he was being watched. Turing around, he searched for any sign that someone was there. He found it when he spotted someone's shoulder sticking out from behind a pillar.

"Who's there?" Jake called out. After everything he's had to deal with since starting this school, something like this put him a bit on edge.

Things were silent for a while. After a few more seconds, the familiar form of Mizore Shirayuki poked her head out from the side of the pillar a friendly smile on her face. "Hi." she greeted.

Jake let out a sigh of relief. 'Thank god, it's not some jealous crazed, guy trying to kill me.' he thought. "Hey, Mizore. How are you?" he asked.

"I'm well." Mizore replied with a nod as she walked closer to Jake. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the copy of the paper that Jake had given her earlier. "I read your article. As always, it was the best part of the paper."

"Thanks." Jake said with a smile. He had been slightly worried that no one liked his articles. He was mainly writing about some of his adventures since coming to Youkai Academy. He wasn't very experienced in journalism so he only wrote what he knew about. He also did current events which kept the interest of the student body. "You always read my articles?"

"Yes." Mizore answered her smile widening a bit. Reaching into her sweater, she pulled out a blue book with an ornate silver heart on the back and a white rabbit on the front. "Here."

"A scrapbook?" Jake asked.

Mizore nodded her head to confirm that Jake was right. "Even when I was away, I asked Miss Nekonome to send me copies of the School Newspaper." she explained as Jake took and opened the book. "I found your articles interesting, so I kept them in this scrapbook."

"Oh, thanks." Jake told her with a smile. "I'm glad somebody liked them."

Opening the book to see what articles Mizore had kept, Jake was surprised to see that the she had been writing comments next to the articles. There were so many of them that Jake had some trouble reading them all. Some were pretty tiny so he wasn't sure what they were saying.

However, when he did read them, he paled a little as he read them: What a caring and creative guy. We're two halves of the same soul. Mrs. Mizore Mension, Mr. Jake Shirayuki. He's a hero and a poet. We were made for each other. He wants a girl who's different from the rest.

"I made some comments of my own too." Mizore added her smile never leaving her face.

Jake gulped at this, keeping quiet about the comments. However, his mind was screaming bloody murder at this point. 'Maybe it would have been better if it was one of those guys that wants to kill me.' he thought. He then carefully looked at Mizore. 'I might want to be careful around her from now on.'

Mizore then began drawing a circle on the floor with her right foot, her smile never really leaving. "It's just that, well, you're always write your articles from an outsider's point of view, from the weak and helpless. I can really relate to that."

To Jake's surprise, Mizore almost seemed to glide over to him before she wrapped her arms snugly around one of his own and contentedly rested her head on his shoulder. He blushed at the contact. Mizore seemed to be a little cold, which he reasoned why she was wearing a sweater over her uniform.

"I can't help but feel that our personalities and the way we think are the same," Mizore sighed contentely, and looked into his eyes longingly. "You must be pretty lonely too. Trust me, I know exactly how that feels."

Jake had a sorrowful look on his face after that. It was true, even though he had Moka, Yukari, Kurumu, and even Gin as friends he still felt lonley when he couldn't hang out with them. Not only that being a human in school for monsters really makes it hard to fit in, even with the three girls knowing his secret it was still tough. And being American just added to the whole thing making it worse. It reminded him of his time in the Plumber Academy and that was a real loney time for him.

"I do feel lonely sometimes." Jake admitted. "I miss my family, I may not fell it often I still know what it feels like."

"Then we do understand each other." Mizore replied smileing she nuzzled closer to Jake. "That makes me so happy. Do you want to hang out? I know a nice place."

"Actually…" Jake began hesitantly. He still had to head to the party with Moka and the others. Still, he did have some spare time and he could use it to get to know Mizore better. She looked like she really wanted to be friends. "I guess…we could hang out for little while."

"Great." Mizore cheered her smile growing even wider than before. She began tugging Jake's arm so he would follow her. "This way. I'll show you where I like to spend my time."

Not far from the two, Moka was walking down a hallway that intersected with theirs. However, that was short lived as she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Instinctively, Moka ran over to the side of the wall and hid behind one of the support beam pillars. The she kept hidden, until she saw who it was that was coming down the hall. But much to Moka's surprised shock, it was Jake, and he was being led out of the building by that girl, Mizore. And the worst part… her arm was linked with his.

Moka clutched on to the pillar, her hand was shaking lightly. But it was pretty evident that she was upset about this scene. 'What the… what's going on?' she thought. Suddenly, she saw Mizore look towards her direction, and quickly hid. She hid there until she heard the doors close, and then stepped out of her hiding place.

Moka looked to the door, a slight twinge struck her heart as she whispered, "Mizore… what is she to Jake?"

Not too far from the clubroom, Kurumu and Yukari had just finished an errand and had now stepped into the Main hall. Yukari was carrying plastic grocery bags, while Kurumu her backpack, and a small tray of cookies. As they started to head for the kitchen area, they were going through a heated argument. Well, heated on one side, which was Kurumu's side, as Yukari was the calm one.

"And I saw him and the new girl. Together." Yukari explained as they walked to where their clubroom.

Fuming on this info, Kurumu shouted at the young witch, "Yukari! I. Don't. Want. To hear about it." It tooke her a moment but, she calmed down a bit. "It's beyond me to understand why boys go after the stalking type." she said with a huff.

"Speaking of which." Yukari stated as she placed the bags on the cutting table. "I heard a while ago when this year started, a stalker girl was going after one of the teachers. A sort of crush deal, I think. They said that he rebuffed her feelings, and all of a sudden… he was flash-frozen in a block of ice the next day."

After hearing that, the succubus teen shivered. "Man, stalkers are creepy." she commented, but she quickly lit up again as she held out her tray with a wink. "But… these babies are certain to snare Jake's heart. These cookies are laced with Love Potion 9 ½ ; when he eats them, he'll love me like crazy. Yahoohoo!"

Yukari just sighed as she shook her head slowly, crossing her arms as she turned away. "Sheesh. She's a lot scarier and more ruthless than any stalker." she murmmered under her breath.

Un-noticed by the two, a shadowy figure walked in through the lobby, and headed up the stairs. And as that figure walked up, a small trail of puddles was left behind with every step the figure made as they made their way to the next level of the building.

Meanwhile, Mizore and Jake were at Youkia Academy's Lake Crystal and unlike its sister woods , Lake Crystal was a sight of beauty well preserved in its state. The trees and grass were well alive and green with life, teeming uncontrollably and growing all over. The river sparkled like mad as its untouched and non-polluted waters rippled with fish and life. It was the perfect place for kids to go fishing and have a summer party, or a spring swimming party. It was to Jake's suprise the same exact lake that he, Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari sometimes hung out around.

Mizore skipped one stone that went nine times until it finally sunk into the water after the final skip. "Hey! Did you see that, Jake?" Mizore asked as she pointed after skipping the stone across the lake. "It skipped 9 times." she announced. Jake applauded, returning the smile she was giving him. She then placed a pebble into his hand. "Now, you try." she said.

Jake looked at the pebble in his hand. "You know this reminds me of when me and my dad would go and skip stones." he told Mizore.

Mizore blinked in suprise. "Really?" she asked.

"Yeah." Jake answered. "He would always take me out to this pond so we could skip stones. It was what I always looked forward to when he came home." he finished explaining, his voice taking a sorrow turn.

Mizore noticed the change in Jake's voice. "What's wrong?" she asked in concern.

"Sorry, it's just...he passed away." Jake told her. "It's still kind of hard to deal with."

A sorrowful expression appeared on Mizore's face after hearing that. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." she told Jake.

Jake gave Mizore a reassuring smile. "It's alright." he told her. "I actually need to thank you."

Mizore blinked in confusion. "Why?" she asked.

"Being out here and skipping stones, it brings back good memories and want to thank you for that." Jake answered with a smile.

A small blush appeared on Mizore's face after hearing that. "Your welcome." she replied. "Now, are you going to skip that stone?"

"Yeah, just prepared to be amazed!" Jake boasted. Gripping the pebble, he looked across the lake and tossed it, only for it to sink into the water. He rubbed tha back of his head and let out an embarassed laugh. "Hehehe, I really haven't skipped stones in a long time."

All of the sudden Mizore was standing behind him, holding his wrists. "It's all in the wrist, Jake." Mizore explained as she pressed against him. "You just get it in a good throwing position, and then flick it in the wrist. Doesn't hurt to sway your hips a little."

Jake tried not shiver, for some reason when ever Mizore got real close to him it seemed to get colder. But he did as Mizore said when he threw it, It skipped about three times, which caused Mizore to cheer on him. "Alright." Jake said with a small smirk. But then he remembered something. "Hey, Mizore, I'm really sorry to cut this short but I really gotta go." She let go of his wrists and then he turned to see her frowning. "Mizore?"

"You want to go to that Buddy-Buddy club of yours? " Mizore asked. "Or rather… you want to see that girl, don't you?"

"That girl?" Jake asked blinking in confusion. "Are you talking about Moka?"

Mizore didn't answer right away instead, she smiled and placed her hand against his cheek. "Don't worry, I've taken care of her and soon you won't have to think about her ever again…"

Jake face went from confused to shocked, concerned, and scared for Moka... and himself.

Moka was in the club room, snacks and drinks on the table, sitting in a chair as she waited for Jake. "He's late." she mumbled. "Where could he be?" But she remembered when he was hanging around with Mizore, and sighed. "Maybe he likes girls like that." She then heard the door slide open. Smiling, she looked up to see if it was Jake. "Jake?" Her smile fell however, when she saw that it was the girl from class, Mizore Shirayuki. "Shirayuki? But where's…"

"You can wait for him all day if you want to, he won't come, Moka Akashiya." said Mizore as she approached Moka. "You're an eyesore."

Moka backed away in fear as she felt the temperature drop. "Shirayuki-san, what's going on? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I think it's better for Jake and I if you just…" She lunged forward and grabbed Moka's throat, squeezing tightly and causing both of the to fall to the floor. Moka struggled to remove Mizore's cold grip from her throat. "Disappear."

"Wha...?" Moka mumbled, as she struggled to break free of Mizore's grip. "What are you…?"

"You're an eyesore." Mizore answered darkly as her grip slowly tightened. "If you weren't around, Jake would already be mine." her attitude then darkened even further as her voice dripped with envy. "Even when I'm around, all he ever thinks about is you. I won't forgive you… I will never forgive you…"

'Wh...What's going on?' Moka thought as she began to feel her whole neck go cold. Little did she know, but a small layer of ice began to form around her neck, and slowly crawl up her cheeks. 'What's with this girl? She's as cold as ice.' However, she wasn't about to let this girl just strangle her like this. She balled up her left fist. "St..Stop It!" she shouted and smashed her fist across Mizore's face.

Outside, Kurumu and Yukari were about to enter the room. That was when they heard the smashing sound of glass from upstairs. Both girls looked up there in surprise.

"Did someone smash through a window?" Kurumu asked.

Back in the classroom, Moka gasped in shock at what she was seeing. The spot where she had slugged Mizore, shattered and was as ice. Her hair, even though was light violet, had suddenly turned as hard as ice and just as clear, even with the shattered end of her head. Clearly, this girl wasn't human at all. "Wha… what are you…?" Moka squeaked out weakly.

"Sorry, but I'm not the real Mizore." The copy apologized soullessly. "Though, it's a pretty good likeness for an Ice doll."

Moka's fear grew more pronounced as the copy let it's right hand loose. "Now, Moka Akashiya..." the copy said as it's hand suddenly shifted into a blade, big enough to plunge deep into her chest, as it aimed for where her heart was. "…die quietly and just disappear from my sight. This way I can deliver my feelings to Jake Mension quickly."

Moka was pale with fear and stuggled to break free of the ice doll's grip to no avail. "Somebody… Jake, Heeelp!" she screamed out in terror.

"What do you mean?" Jake asked as he backed away from Mizore. "What did you do to Moka?" This was what he was more afraid of than anything, not being around to help his friends. Sure, he was helping them train to defend themselves, but he hadn't got that far in Moka's training for her to be able to fight with the rosary still attached and right now Jake wouldn't be able to help her this time.

"Nothing…yet." Mizore said dangerously. "But she's not going to be a problem anymore."

Suddenly, Jake was thrown onto the now iced lake with a lot of force and effort. He slid across the icy surface, spinning around on his side. He tried to dig his finger nails into the ice to stop, but it was no good. He only stopped on the ice when he slammed into a tree trunk that was floating on the ice, but was now frozen in place. He groggily got up, but slipped a few times, until he was finally able to get on his knee and looked up at Mizore. "What do you mean? What did you do with Moka?!" Jake shouted in a mix of fear and anger.

"I told you, nothing… yet." Mizore answered dangerously calm, and slowly made her way onto the ice, walking on it with the grace of an angel. "But she won't be a problem for us any longer."

"She's my best friend!" Jake shouted at Mizore.

"I'm sorry, Jake, but you can't leave." Mizore said softly, "I can never let you leave me."

As she walked along the white sheet of ice that was now the lake, she suddenly began to transform. Large ice claws covered her hands while her hair seemed to turn to ice as well. An icy wind aura was all around her as she made her way to Jake.

"I'm guessing this is the first time you've seen a Yuki-Onna before. I can create and control ice of my own free will." Mizore told Jake.

Monster Fact:

A Yuki-Onna is a female ice monster from Japan. They are A-Ranked thanks to their control over ice, making them incredibly strong. Out of all the monsters they have had the most interaction with humans over ther years, due to the fact that they live in snow moutains and a large number of hikers and moutian climbers that get lost around their homes.

Of course, what happens the these individuals is a mystery. Some believe that the Yuki-Onna kill them while others believe that make sure they live and escort them to safety. Another theory is they take the boys or men that catch their fancy. No one is sure which is true

Jake was finally able to get back up on his own two feet, as he was about to activate the Monstitrix on ready. When suddenly, ice shot around him, encompassing his feet holding him in place. Then suddenly, some of the ice around his feet went even higher to keep his arms in place.

"It won't due you any good to try and escape." Mizore told Jake.

As the seconds ticked away the feeling in Jake's legs was starting to fade away. "This is bad." Jake remarked to himself as he looked down at his legs.

"Don't worry." Mizore told Jake a gentle smile on her face as she walked towards him, "It'll only hurt for a moment, then we can be together." As she strode to him, ice stalagmites began to emerge behind her with every step of the way. She then stood right in front of him; her gentle smile still present on her face, "Jake, we were destined to meet. Because we're both loners, we were destined to be together; that's how we met." The ice then began to creep up his chest, as Jake continued to struggle. Mizore brought up one of her ice claws, and lightly traced his cheek. "We'll be able to understand one another; we'll warm each other's frozen hearts." she said dreamily.

"Damn it." Jake muttered, as he tried to break the ice over his arms. But he couldn't, as the ice was much stronger then he thought.

"You sure are persistent." Mizore commented with a smile as she traced her claw gently and caressingly on his cheek. "But as long as your body's frozen, you can't go anywhere." She then looked into his eyes, as the ice slowly began to cover his face now, and a look of longing was shown on her face. "You're the only one for me… so that's why… please be mine."


The shout of a familiar vampire girl got both teens' attention, as they looked behind Mizore to see where it came from. There, flying at top speed towards them, or at least the best way that she could, was Kurumu, transformed into her Succubus form, carrying with her Yukari, and a still alive Moka. In truth, Jake couldn't have been any happier, as she shouted out to him. "Jake, hang on! We're all coming!"

"Moka!" Jake shouted in joy and relief.

However, that happiness wasn't shared as Mizore seemed confused by this, "But how? My clone…" she questioned.

"Was pretty much shattered." Kurumu replied, sounding pretty proud of her work. "We heard some sort of shattering sound, and then Moka's scream. Luckily we got there in time to shatter your clone." But she then turned to the side. "Unfortunately, I had to use the cookie plate. Now all my love-laced cookies were destroyed. All that hard work for nothing." she grumbled with frustration.

"Well, at least Jake was saved in the end." Yukari mumbled.

Mizore's eyes squinted with silent rage. "I won't let you separate us. Don't you dare hinder us!" she shouted and then stretched out her arms outward to the sides. "Disappear!"

Suddenly, two walls of ice stalagmites shot out and stretched out to three girls, nearly piercing them in the process. But the girls were faster, as Kurumu was able to dodge the spikes with ease. Until she ran into one of them, well Yukari slammed into one of them, causing the trio of girls to come falling down on them. Luckily, they crashed into Jake, freeing him as he was sent sliding down the other end of the ice.

The girls were strewn a bit and Moka tried to get up. But, suddenly Mizore was over her and crouched down and grabbed Moka by her hair forcefully. Moka grabbed Mizore's hand, attempting to break the girl's grip on her. However, Mizore's tight grip prevented her from breaking free.

"Why should I give my Jake to an eyesore like you?" Mizore hissed at the vampire, she then lifted her free hand, allowing the ice claws to grow and sharpen to dangerous blades as she flexed them. "I'll kill you, here and now. So please, die this time, okay?" Moka paled at this, unable to summon her power at this point as the girl lifted her claws, getting ready for the blow. "Now die!"

"Mizore! Don't!" Jake shouted, causing Mizore to stop in her tracks. "Please, don't hurt her!" he begged as he managed to get back to his feet.

"But I have to. Why are you defending her?" Mizore asked in confusion, unhinged but seemingly innocent in her decision. "If it's you, then you should understand how it feels to be lonely, just like me."

"But that's just it, I'm not lonely..." Jake finally answered.

"But, Jake…" Mizore whispered, feeling pain in her heart as she was close to tears, "I thought… I thought that you of all people, would've understood me." She then looked at him, with a tear going down her cheek, and suddenly freeze up. "Don't tell me… you're rejecting me? You don't care about my feelings?" she shivered a bit, unable to cope with the feeling of rejection, until finally, she shouted out to the sky, "Jake, Whyyyyyy?!" She then began swinging down her ice claw fully intending to finish Moka.

But, a bright flash of green light caused Mizore to turn her head to shield her eyes. And she suddenly felt something big and strong grabbed her wrist, stopping her attack. When she turned her head back to see what had happen she saw that Jake had transformed into Shocksquatch and grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

Shocksquatch then slight threw Mizore's arm back. Causing, her to let go of Moka to try and mantain her balance.

"Jake." Moka said breathing a sigh of relief.

"You alright?" Shocksquatch asked Moka.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Moka answered.

Before any more words could be exchanged they were suddenly bombarded by a huge ice storm. The storm was coming from Mizore, as her left hand was held up in the air. Circling around her palm were icy winds and snow, blazing into a whirlwind of a blizzard. As the winds blew, creating immense and intense cold and snow, Mizore pointed out, speaking clearly through the winds. "You made a big mistake in getting in the way of my romance. For that… you can all just die in a block of ice!"

"Mizore, please!" Shocksquatch pleaded. "I don't want to fight you!"

Mizore gave Shocksquatch a sad look, a small tear rolling down her cheek. "Jake...I...I thought you were then one." she whispered, just barely loud enough for Shocksquatch to hear.

"Please, just stop this and we can talk." Shocksquatch tried to reason.

"Ju...just leave me alone!" Mizore shouted, as she shot a spear of ice at Shocksquatch.

Shocksquatch quickly reacted as he quickly began to build up electricity, causing static to spark of him and his fur to stand up, he opened his mouth and fire a blast of electricty that collided with the piece of ice, shattering it and in return stopped the beam of electricity.

Mizore and Shocksquatch then began staring at each other. Waiting for the other to make a move, Mizore was the first but it wasn't to attack, instead she wiped away another tear running down her cheek. She then created a large whirlwind of snowy wind, that circled her. Once it got to where they could no longer see her, it died down to reveal she was gone.

"Where'd she go?" Kurumu asked as she made ger way to Moka and Shocksquatch.

"I don't know." Shocksquatch answered.

"I just hope she doesn't try anything else." Moka said.

"I hope so too." Yukari added, as she walked over to the rest of the group.

All of the sudden the four heard a loud cracking sound.

"Uhhh...Jake? How much does that form weight?" Yukari asked.

"Ummm...I don't know." Shocksquatch said scratching the top of his head. "Maybe 300 to 400 pounds."

"I was afraid of that." Yukari replied.

Before Moka, Kurumu, or Shocksquatch could ask what she meant, the ice below the four gave way sending them into the cold water below.

The next day, after all of their classes were over. Jake, Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari were sitting together in the Newspaper Clubroom. After the incident involving Mizore, they had all gathered together in case she tried to attack Jake or any of them. And since she didn't show up for class today, they were prepared for the worse.

"Hey, guys. Can I ask you something?" Jake said to the girls.

"Of, course." Moka replied. Kurumu and Yukari noddinf their heads in agreement.

"Whay do you guys know of Yuki-Onna?" Jake asked.

All three of the girls seemed to be in a mix of shock and confusion.

"Why do you ask?" Moka asked.

"It's becuase, of that stalker girl isn't it?" Kurumu questioned.

"A bit." Jake replied. "I read through that book I have on monsters, but I've noticed that all the ones I've meet that not all the information is accurate so I was wondering if you guys might know anything?"

It was silent for a while, until Yukari decided to speak up. "I remember hearing that even though they tend to kidnap people that get lost in the moutains that they're not considered to be evil, they're more likely just extremely lonely." she explained.

"The girl that attacked us? Lonely?" Kurumu huffed at this as she crossed her arms. "I think crazy stalker psycho skank's the best description for her."

Of course, Jake was no longer paying any attention after he heard what Yukari said. He was looking at the nearby window, with a look of understanding. If anyone knew what it was like to be loney it was him, since before he even came here he never really fit in.

Afterwards Jake was in the Faculty Room talking to Miss Nekonome.

"Where Mizore lives?" Ms. Nekonome asked curiously.

Jake made an excuse to leave the girls, even though they were agianst it he managed to convince them that he would be able to defend himself with the Monstitrix and that Moka had just a big a target on her back after yesterday and that he trusted Kurumu and Yukari to keep her safe.

"Yes." Jake replied with a nod. "I'm worried about her, since she didn't show up today."

"Oh, how nice of you!" Miss Nekonome exclaimed with a smile. "I know exactly where she stays so I can give you the room number. It's so nice that she's making friends now; I was pretty worried for her, considering no one's befriended her yet."

'Wonder why.' Jake thought sarcasticly, but quickly abandoned those thoughts.

"You sure you wanna do that?" asked a rough voice asked from behind Jake.

Jake turned around to see who it was that had said that. Who he saw was a man somewhere between his twenties and early thirties, who was wearing track suit pants and a sleeveless shirt. His skin was tanned and he had red hair, but a dead giveaway of his appearance, were the dark circles under his eyes, almost as if the guy had trouble sleeping at night. He appeared to be someone who thought they were slick. He gace off this vibe that Jake didn't like, like he was hiding something.

"She's dangerous, you know." the man continued. "A really unstable girl."

"Kotsubo-sensei?" Ms. Nekonome blinked apparently realizing who the man was. "Please, don't speak ill of students." she told the other teacher.

The man's full name was Okuto Kotsubo, the gym teacher here at Youkia Academy.

Kotsubo shrugged. "I'm just saying she's trouble." he replied. "You know why she was gone so long, kid?"

"She was sick, wasn't she?" Jake answered.

"That's the cover story." Kotsubo answered with a chuckle. "You see, she attacked a teacher, apparently for no reason. She just snapped all of a sudden."

Jake raised an eyebrow at Kotsubo, sure Mizore had attacked him and even tried to kill Moka. But, in both cases she had a reason, a messed up reason but a reason none the less. "You sure about that? Maybe it was a mistake?" he asked.

"Heck yeah I'm sure!" Kotsubo answered with even more chuckling. "You see, I was the teacher she attacked. Put me down for a while too."

Jake narrowed his eyes at the man with that answer. Kotsubo didn't look to bad for wear if he was attacked, not only that but his chuckling when telling the story was a bit strange, why would someone find being assualted funny? Plus, he seemed to be leaving some facts out of the story of his 'attack'. "I'm sure she had a good reason." he commented shrugging his shoulder like it was no big deal.

Kotsubo narrowed his eyes at Jake. "I don't think she had a good reason when she attacked those two students last night." he told Jake. "She's escalating."

Jake's eyes windened in suprise. "But..." he tried to reply.

"No mistake, kid." Kotsubo cut him off. "They were frozen in ice and looked cut up pretty bad. They might have died if we hadn't found 'em in time."

"How do you know it was Mizore?" Jake asked.

"The ice was pretty unmistakable." Kotsubo answered, he then began to chuckle. "There's even talk of Mizore Shirayuki getting expelled since she's so dangerous."

"How are we sure it's her?" Jake asked unconvinced.

"The ice!" Kotsubo answered like it was all the proof needed. "Who else could it be?"

"She can't be the only one here who uses ice." Jake argued. "There must be…hundreds of monsters here. Mizore can't be the only one who uses ice. And since keeping you identity a secret is a rule not even the Headmaster knows what species are all here. We can't accuse one student based off so little proof." He knew this was a possibility. With so many students here, Mizore couldn't be the only one to have ice powers.

"Ohhhh! That's a good point!" Miss Nekonome gasped in suprise. "It could be someone else who uses ice. She's just the only one who we know who can!"

"And all this starts up the night of the day she gets back here?" Kotsubo asked with a frown. "Sorry, but I know a troublemaker when I see one."

"Well, it's either a coicidence, since weird things seem to happen a lot here." Jake argued. "Or another student who can use ice, is using this as an excuse to attack people. I mean, if only one person is know for using ice then you can kind of get away with anything."

"You know…" came a female voice.

Jake, Miss Nekonome, and Kotsubo all turned to see who had joined the conversation.

It was another teacher, or to be exact the math teacher, Ririko Kagome. She had glasses, full red lips, and a beauty mark on the right side of her face, right above her lip. She wore a white long sleeve button up shirt, that she left the top few buttons undo to show off a lot of clevage to her large breast and her black lace bra, a leather like skirt, and stockings.

"He has a point. Plenty of odd things have happened here since the year started. And with so many different monsters grouped together it wouldn't be suprising if one tried to frame another." Ririko explained. She also gave a subtle wink towards Jake.

Jake put on a nervous grin at the wink. The wink was only done because, wellll...it was no secret that Jake had become Miss Ririko's favorite student even with him sleeping through her class almost everyday. It was only becuase, he had a nack for understanding math without a problem, so she didn't complain in fact she seemed to encourage it. But, the way Miss Ririko looked at him when no one else was kind of unerved him.

"Hey, are you forgetting that she attacked me? Can we really let that go? The fact she hasn't said anything speaks for her guilt!" Kotsubo shouted in irritation.

"Maybe she's afraid to since she'd be the person all the blame would fall on." Jake replied. "I'll talk to her and get her side of the story."

"Good idea!" Miss Nekonome cheered with a smile. She quickly grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and began scribbling something on it. "Here you go! I wish you success." she said handing the paper to Jake.

Jake took the paper with a smile. "Thanks." he said. As he was leaving he gave one last glance to Kotsubo, who glaring at him which he returned. 'I've got a feeling that things are going to get worse.' he thought as he left the room.

'He's going to be trouble.' Kotsubo thought with a frown.

At the top floor of the girl's dorm, Jake was standing outside Mizore's door. He knew it was her's since the plaque on the door said 'Shirayuki'.

He had come straight here after the his little 'discussion' with Kotsubo. He didn't want to tell the girls about all this since they would probably freak out about the whole thing. Not only that but he could tell, Mizore wasn't a bad person. She was just lonely and misunderstood.

'OK, time to talk to Mizore.' Jake thought. As he went to grab the door knob he recoiled from the cold air surrounding it. Man, that's some cold air. But, being a Yuki-onna I shouldn't be suprised.'

He reached and grabbed the knob this time and gave it a turn, to his suprise it was unlocked. 'That's strange.' he thought, but continued in anyway.

The enitre room had a thin layer of ice all over everything. "Mizore?" Jake called out. "It's me...Jake. Are you here?" he continued looking around until he wound up in her living room. He heard a cracking noise from under his foot he looked down to see it was a picture frame. He picked down to pick it up and brushed off some of the ice to reveal it was a picture of him. "Guess she's been crushing on me for awhile." he muttered to himself.

Jake turned to leave, but only to come face to face with one of Mizore's ice claws. "Ahhh!" Jake screamed. After quickly catching his breath, he managed to talk to the girl. "Mizore! Oh, man am I glad to see you." he told her with a smile.

"Why are you here?" Mizore asked bluntly with no emotion, but she dropped her claws, but kept them on.

Jake let out a sigh as he prepared to explain. "I heard about what happened the night after… you know." He didn't want to bring more than he needed to since she doesn't seem to handle refection well. "About the two students that got frozen. One of the teachers said that you did it. I came here to get your side of the story." He sighed, as he looked to her, explaining the situation. "They're talking about expelling you."

"Expelling?" Mizore asked, not showing it, but deeply fazed by this.

"I know your probably not the only one here with ice powers, but if we go and give the faculty your explanation then..." Jake tried to explain.

"I did freeze them." Mizore answered, her face lowered. She didn't have to look to know a look of shock was on Jake's face. She let out a sigh and started shivering. "But I wasn't careless about it; I was pissed off at first, but I realized what I did. I unfroze them and stayed to keep an eye on them, making sure they were alright." But then, she sniffled lightly, her ice claws disappearing, as she hugged herself.

Jake saw this action, and figured she was crying, "Mizore, I…?" he tried walking towards her, hoping to at least comfort her.

"Just Stay Away!" she shouted at him, and looked up at him, tears streaming down her face, "I honestly thought that you were the one, Jake. My soul mate: the one who could truly understand me. The other half of my soul." She then closed her eyes, trying to stop the tears. "But I was wrong. Nobody will ever understand me or accept me." She shook her head, until she cried out. "Nobody. Nobody will. No Oooooonnnne!"

As she cried out another blizzard was created engulfing the room and blinding Jake. Once it died down Mizore had once again dissapeared.

Jake let out a sigh. "Great, now where could she be?" he asked himself. Then a lightbulb went off in his head when he remebered that Miss Nekonome metioned a place that Mizore liked to hang out, besides the lake. " I hope I can make it their before something bad happens." And with that Jake took off at full sprint.

Mizore was just standing at the edge of a cliff that was overlooking the large ocean-sized lake. It would appear that she was alone once again. Jake didn't want to see her anymore. Heck, she doubted anybody would want to see her ever again. She'd done some thinking. Maybe she shouldn't have attacked Moka and maybe she shouldn't have tried to freeze Jake. But, she was just so lonely and well he seemed the same way too. Too bad she was wrong; in the end, nobody would ever understand her. She hugged herself, allowing a single tear to drop from both of her eyes, realizing she would be alone forever.

"Well, well, well..." came a familiar voice from behind her. "Alone again, huh, Shirayuki? You always come to this spot when you're lonely." Mizore spun around and saw that it was, Kotsubo.

"Kotsubo…sensei?" Mizore said backing away in fear from the grinning teacher

"You know, it's funny what kind of card life deals you." Kotsubo said as he approached her, grinning lecherously. "You said you liked me and then you attacked me."

"You were taking advantage of me; you were going to rape me." she replied. "I didn't like it."

"Well, nobody was going to believe you anyway." he commented. "I mean it's a teacher's word against a student's." He explained. "That's why you were hiding yourself and now you're doing the same thing." He then lunged at her and pinned her to the ground.

"Let me go!" she demanded as she struggled against him.

"Oh, don't be like that." he told Mizore as he licked his lips. "Didn't you say that you liked… no, loved me, right?" All of the sudden strange bump growths started forming from his back. "So whatever I would do to you, it wouldn't matter, right?" He asked her darkly, as a sharp tooth grin appeared on his face, as well as dark rings appearing on his already demonic growing face. "So let me have my fun, and nothing bad will happen… I'll make sure no one gives you any hassle ever again."

Mizore looked in shock and horror at the teacher, as it processed in her mind. 'I see. So he's the one who spread those rumors.' The fury inside her was gone, she knew that no matter what, it was his word against her. 'I was such an idiot to ever have a crush on him, not knowing what he was like. That's why I can't trust anyone…' as the truth came into focus, another tear started to form. 'I will always be… alone…'

Mizore's eyes closed shut, allowing another tear or two to shed, expecting the worse, and hoping it would be over quickly. When, all of the sudden she heard a lound smacking sound and Kotsubo's hold on her dissappeared. She opened her eyes to see Kotsubo on his back a decent ways away and Jake was kneeling next her a look of concern on his face.

"Are you okay, Mizore?" Jake asked.

Mizore blinked in suprise not really sure if what she was seeing was real. "Jake?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's me." Jake replied. "You need to get out of here. I'll take care of this guy."

Mizore just nodded her head and stood up to run away, but a purple octopus tentacle wrapped around her ankle and tripped her.

"Not so fast!" Kotsubo sneered. His entire form change and he looked to have an octopus attached to the back of his body with the octopus head acting as cowl over his head and the tentacles swinging about. His own arms had also turned intp tentacles with suction cups, his true form was that of a Kraken.

Monster Facts:

Kraken's are a B-Ranked monster. They have incredible strength that allows them to sink ships with their powerful tentacles. They are able to with stand the high pressure and cold of the ocean and are one of the oldest monsters and one that is known around the world.

Now, while the Plumbers have had to deal with a few Krakens in the past they all appear to either be mindless beasts or possibly alien krakens. It has not been confirmed which is true.

"Mizore!" Jake shouted. He ran towards the tentacle that had a hold of her. "Let go of her, you bastard!" he shouted stopping the tentacle as hard as he could.

"You little bastard!" roared Kotsubo. His tentacles lashed out and one wrapped around Jake's body. "I'll break your scrawny little neck for interfering with a Student/Teacher Conference!"

"Jake, no!" Mizore shouted in horror.

As Kotsubo continued to slowly squeeze the life out of Jake he decided to taunt him. "What's the matter, Jake Mension? Why aren't you turning into one of those Gaijin monsters of yours?" he sneered. But, of course Jake couldn't answer. "Oh, what's the matter, Mension, out of breath? Let's see you transform into something that can get your way out of this one!"

"Screw…you!" Jake managed to utter.

Kotsubo's face curled into a mask of fury as he continued to crush Jake. "That's it! I'll just crush you until all your bones break, and all your organs are turned to jelly!" he shouted, the tentacles of his body snapping around violently.

However, the crushing of Jake was stopped when the tetnacle holding him was incased in ice. And with the struggling of Jake, it shattered. Causing, the teacher to roar in pain.

Jake fell to his knees as he tried to catch his breath that was squeezed out of him.

"Jake!" Mizore cried out, as she ran and knelt by his side. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Jake wheezed out. "You just need to get out of here."

Mizore looked regretful. Jake was trying to help her even after what she tried to do before. Now, it was her turn to help him. "No, Jake. I'm not leaving you." she told him. "He nearly killed you, so I'm staying to help." she added as her hand pressed agaisnt the Monstitrix.

Jake was going to argue with Mizore but, when he took notice of the determined look she had he knew that he wasn't going to get anywhere with that. "Alright." he told her with a defeated sigh. He then placed a hand on the one she had on his wrist. "But, you need to promise me something."

"What?" Mizore asked.

"I need you to stay back and only step in if I ask or like just a second ago. Okay?" Jake told Mizore.

Mizore looked like she was going to argue, but she bit her tongue and nodded her head in agreement.

Jake gave Mizore a smile. "Thanks. Now, step back. This will be over soon." he told her.

Mizore nodded and moved a good ways away from Jake, but close enough to act if need be.

Jake stood up and prepared to face off agiasnt Kotsubo, who was no loger worried about his missing tentacle, since it had regenerated, but he seemed to be enjoying the scene in front of him.

"How sweet." Kotsubo mocked. "Your going to continue to fight me all by yourself. For what? So, you can play the hero that saves to damsel in distress? I almost killed you earlier and I won't let you get away again!"

"If you wanted to kill me why didn't you attack during me and Mizore's conversation?" Jake asked with a challenging glare.

Kotusbo gave Jake a sickening grin. "Where's the fun in that? I want you dead but, your giving Shirayuki the joy of hope and I want to destroy that before I continue what you interuptted." he explained licking his lips. "I'm really going to enjoy that part."

"I'm not going to let that happen! You sick bastard!" Jake shouted. He then activated the Monstitrix and in a flash of green light he was gone and replaced with Tankenstien.

And Tankenstien didn't waste any time with words as he began charging the gym teacher.

Kotsubo let out a small huff at the charging Tankenstien. "I was hoping to have a bit of toying around with you before I killed you, but if you want it over quickly. I'll be happy to oblige!" he shouted as he sent a few tentacles at him.

But, the one thing he wasn't expected was the large bulking form of Tankenstien to have amazing reflexes, as he quickly mounevered out of the path of the tentacles.

Once Tankenstien was able to close the gap between him and Kotsubo, he began to take out some of the anger he had for the gym teacher and give him what he deserved. He delivered a punch to the teacher's stomach that caused him to hunch over, he then gave him an upper cut to the chin sending him slightly skyward.

"Things are a lot different when you're dealing with someone who can fight back, huh?" Tankenstien taunted the downed Kotsubo.

Then all of the sudden something grabbed Tankenstien's leg and whipped into the air and flung into the ground. Tankenstien looked down at his leg to see one of Kotsubo's tentacles wrapped around it. Kotsubo the used a few of his other tentacles to get up off the ground and he was not happy by the look on his face.

"You little punk!" Kotsubo roared. He then began swinging Tankenstien around and slamming him into the ground repeatedly. After about the twelth time he flung him into the air and shot out four tentacles one wrapping around each leg and each arm. "Now, I'm going to rip off you arms and legs and leave laying on the ground in a pool of your own blood as you watch me have my fun with Mizore." he sneered with a laugh.

Tankenstien narrowed his eyes at the gym teacher. "I told you I'm not going to let that happen!" he shouted.

Kotsubo just rolled his eyes. "Sure you are." he mocked. He then began slowly pulling at Tankenstiens limbs to make the process as painful as possible.

Tankenstien tried to fight back but it seemed that Kotsubo's tentacles were a lot stronger than they appeared. So, he formulated a plan and put it in into action. Using as much strength as he could must he managed to grab a handful of tentacle in each hand. And then the two metal like towers on his back expanded out slightly.

Kotsubo raised an eyebrow at Tankenstien's actions. 'What's he doing?' he thought. He received the answer just seconds later as a large current of electricity shot up his tentacles and into his body. "Ahhhhhhhh!" he roared in pain, pulling his tentacles away from electricly charged Transylian. He wasn't able to pull the two away from Tankenstien's arms however, as the later had them in a death grip.

As Tankenstien dropped the short distance to the ground he never did let go of the gym teacher's tentacles. He alos kept pumping elecricity into Kotsubo as he then began slowly approaching the teacher, all the while never letting go of the tentacles.

"How does it fell to be completely helpless?" Tankenstien asked the in pain teacher. He then used his super strength to fling Kotsubo into the air and used the tentacles he still had a hold of to fling him into the ground with all his might. "Now, stay down if you know what's good for you." he told him as he let go of the tentacles.

Kotsubo didn't really listen as he slowly began to stand up, which was difficult after having a few hundred volts of electricity flow through his body. "I'm not going to stop. Even if you beat me it isn't going to stop me. That's only going to happen if I'm dead and buried!" he roared at Tankenstien.

Tankenstien gave the gym teacher an impassive look. "Have it you way then." he told him in a monotone voice as he charged the teacher.

Kotsubo's eyes widened in shock and fear at the charging Transylian. He tried to move or to lash out with his tentacles, but the amount of electricity that was put through his body earlier had messed him more than he thought.

Once Tankenstien was upon the teacher he grabbed him by the face and slammed him into the ground once agian, but he didn't allow for that to be the end. He then pumped a large volt of electricity right into Kotsubo's body through his head.

Mizore watched on in slight fear at the sight before her. She could see the a large amount of electricity arcing off Kotsubo's body and the sound was more like that of a lightning strike.

When Tankenstien was sure that Kotsubo had had enough he stop the electricity and let go of his face. He noticed that Kotsubo had reverted back to his human form and he had some slight burn marks over his body, but he could see that his chest was still rising, meaning he wasn't dead but unconcious. Suddenly, the Monstitrix began beeping and in a flash of red Tankenstien was back into Jake.

Jake then began walking back towards Mizore to check up on her. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

Mizore nodded her head but she seemed to be having trouble focusing on Jake and the still form of the gym teacher. "Is he...?" she asked motioning towards Kotsubo.

Jake shook his head at the question. "No, he isn't dead." he told her looking at the teacher. " He may have thought he was going to get me to, but I'm not going to give him what he wants."

A confused look appeared on Mizore's face at the last comment. "What do mean 'what he wants'?" she asked.

Jake turned back to Mizore. "I guess you'd call it a last ditch effort." he answered. "He was hoping to ruin your life and cause you to be alone agian." he explained.

"How would his death do that?" Mizore asked even more confused now.

"If I had killed him how would your actions change towards me?" Jake asked her. "I could tell earlier when you though I had you were kind of scared of me. If I had you'd probably hide yourslelf away and he would have succeded in making you alone all your life." he explained.

"I'm already completely alone, it can't be worse." Mizore replied turning away from Jake, like she was going to leave.

"Hold on, Mizore." Jake said as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "I have to tell you something that I never got to." he explained.

Mizore stopped and turned to Jake letting him know that she was going to listen.

"Back when we first met, when I was telling you I wasn't loney anymore you never let me finish." Jake told her. "I'm not loney anymore becuase, I've made some friends. I know what it feels like to be alone and an outcast...more so than you think. And you're not alone anymore either, cause you've got me as a friend and I'm sure that Yukari, Kurumu, and even Moka well be your friends as well."

Mizore blinked in suprise and she looked like she was really thinking about what Jake had said. "I...I don't want to be alone anymore." she told Jake. "Having friends sounds really nice, but are you sure that the others will be friends with me? Espcially Moka, after I tried to kill her?" she asked.

Jake let out a light chuckle. "I'm sure. You just have to give them a chance and they'll do the same for you. And the Moka situation, you aren't the first to try something like that. In fact, Kurumu tried the same thing and even tried to make me her slave." he explained.

Mizore put a smile on as she nodded her head. "Alright, thank you." she told Jake.

"No problem." Jake replied. "Let's get back before..."

"Jake!" came the shout of three familiar female voices.

Jake and Mizore turned thier heads slightly to see none other than Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari running in their direction. Jake noticed that their faces went from worried to relieved to worried once agian when they saw Mizore, shocked when they noticed the beaten Kotsubo, and angry at him.

"Jake! What's going on?! Why is Kotsubo-sensei unconsious?! And why is that crazy snow girl here?!" Kurumu asked, or shouted depending on how you want to put it, at Jake.

"We were worried when you were gone so long and then Miss Nekonome came into the clubroom and told us that you had gone to talk to Mizore and we got worried." Moka explained.

"We ran all over looking for you. We almost gave up until we heard what sounded like a lightning strike and saw bits of electricity coming up from over here. What happened?" Yukari told Jake.

Jake rubbed the back of his nervously. "It's a pretty long story." Jake told the three girls. He then looked towards Mizore to see if it was okay to tell them everything and when she nodded her head he began telling them everything that happened when he left the newspaper club earlier and what all he had learned about Mizore and her past with Kotsubo.

Needless to say that the girls opinion of Mizore changed slightly after that.

"Oh, Mizore I'm so sorry." Moka told the Yuki-Onna.

"If we knew we would have helped out." Yukari added.

"At least that bastard got what he deserved in the end." Kurumu commented.

Mizore smiled softly at the three girls, now knowing what it was like to have people who truely cared for her. "Thank you all." she told the three girls. She then turned towards Moka. "I also want to apologize for trying to kill you, Moka. I would really like to try and be friends."

Moka smiled at Mizore. "I'd like that." she told Mizore.

"Didn't she try and kill you and freeze Jake into an ice cube?" Kurumu asked.

"Yeah, but you tried to kill Moka as well and even tried to make Jake your slave." Yukari told the succubus.

Kurumu just rubbed the back of her head and let out a nervous laugh.

"Why don't we go to the Headmaster and tell him what's happened." Moka said to try an avoid any possible problems.

"That's a good idea." Jake commented, knowing what Moka was trying to do but also knowing that they needed to before things got worse for Mizore.

As the five began heading back to the acadmey they were suddenly stopped.

"Where do you think your going...Mension!"

Jake and the girls turned around to see Kotsubo barely standing and partialy hunched over. He was breathing heavily and looked like he was using all of his left over energy to stand.

"It's over Kotsubo!" Jake shouted at the teacher. "Your beat and were going to the Headmaster with what you've done!"

"Heheheh...Hahahahahaha!" Kotsubo began laughing like a mad man at that. "You really are a fool, boy! Don't you remember the whole reason Shirayuki didn't report me? It's because it's the word of a student agianst a teacher! You've got no proof that I tried to rape Mizore, or that I attacked those two students to frame her, or the fact I tried to kill you!" he exclaimed with a made smile. "So, go ahead and report me, I'm sure they'd love to hear how you attacked a teacher. And once everythings said and done I'm going to ruin all of your lives, but the question is how to do it." he added while licking his lips and eyeing all the girls.

Jake narrowed his eyes and stepped forward a bit. "That's not going to happen!" he yelled at the mad teacher.

Kotsubo just smirked at Jake. "I told you they only way to stop me, is to kill me." he told the young plumber.

Jake began making his way to the teacher.

"Hold on their, Jake."

Jake stopped walking towards Kotsubo as he turned to the woods to see, to his and everyone's suprise, Gin.

"Gin?" Jake, Kurumu, Moka, and Yukari questioned.

"What are you doing here, Morioka?" Kotsubo asked.

Gin ignored the injured teacher as he made his way to Jake. "Jake, don't do something you'll regret. Just walk away." he told Jake.

"But, I can't let him hurt them!" Jake shouted at the older student while motioning towards the girls. "And I will stop him!"

Gin grabbed both of Jake's shoulders to keep him from going any further. "Listen to me, Jake!" he shouted in a serious tone that was suprising for the werewolf. "You've got to trust me on this. Let's just go to the Headmaster."

Jake wanted to argue, but the look on Gin's face was enough to convince him. Not, only that but he knew Gin was right about doing something he'd regret. "Alright, let's go." he told the older student.

As Jake and Gin walked towards the girls. The girls were unsure about what was going on, but seeing the serious looks on the two boys face they decided to follow along.

"Hey! Where do you think your going!?" Kotsubo shouted to the retreating students. "The Headmaster isn't going to help! You've got no proof!"

Out of the students, it was Gin who stopped; to the suprise of the others.

"I think we'll manage." Gin told the teacher as he pulled out a black object from his coat pocket.

"What's that?" Kotsubo asked. But, by the way he was sweating it was obvious that he knew what it was.

A small smirk appeared on Gin's face. "This? This is a tape recorder." he answered. "But, I'm sure you already knew that. And before you ask what's recorded on here are your last words as a free man."

Kotsubo's eyes widened in horror as the truth sunk into his mind. It was all over for him.

"Like I told you." Jake said bringing the teacher out of his thoughts. "It's over for you."

And with that the six began leaving the beaten and broken Kotsubo.

"No! It's not over! I won't let it end like this!" Kotsubo roared in anger as he charged the six, or more importantly Mizore, with the last bit of his strength.

They all turned around in time to see Kotsubo just inches away from tackeling Mizore over the nearby cliff, but before he could reach her Jake pulled her out of the way.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Kotsubo screamed as he plumeted to the bottom below.

Jake and the others looked over the edge but couldn't see a sign of Kotsubo.

"Let's go, guys." Jake told everyone with a sigh.

The other five nodded their heads and followed Jake back to the academy.

After Jake and the gang went to the Headmaster with their accusations agianst Kotsubo and the recording as evidence he of course believed them and began a search for the missing teacher. But, the search turned up nothing and he was ruled dead.

Some other good news was with the evidence brought into light Mizore was cleared of all problems and given a clean slate.

A few days later Jake and the rest of the Newspaper Club were in their clubroom celebrating the good news and one of the greatest scoops to ever be reported by the Newspaper Club.

"Cheers!" everyone called out.

"To a major scoop!" Gin said with a smile. He hadn't had such an incredible story since he first joined the Newspaper Club in his first year.

"And we have Jake to thank for it!" Kurumu added smileing as she leaned against said his shoulder. "Without him, we never would have found out about it!"

"But how did you know where to go in the first place Jake?" Moka asked.

"Luckily, Miss Nekonome mention that was one of Mizore's favorite places to go." Jake answered. "So, when she dissapeared on me agian I ran straight there."

"But, how did Gin know about all of this?" Yukari asked.

"I was out doing something else when I heard the lightning sound. I ran in the direction and by the time I got their Jake was aleady fighting Kotsubo. So, I decided to snap a few photos while I was there." Gin explained.

"Well, it's a good thing you were there." Moka said. "If you hadn't got that recording of Kotsubo's confession then we wouldn't have been able to help clear Mizore's name."

"Hehe." Gin laughed boastfuly. "If they're is one thing I'm good at it's sniffing out a good scoop." During his boasting however, some photos fell out of his pocket.

"What's this?" Kurumu questioned as she picked a few up. Yukair was looking over her shoulder to get a better look.

To nobodies real suprise they were photos of girls that were getting dressed, undressed, or completely nude. Gin sweat dropped at this turn of events, and then looked to Kurumu, Yukari, as they glared at the werewolf boy. Suddenly, they all attacked him, making a small dustcloud of a battle between the three of them. Both Jake and Moka sweat dropped at the scene.

Jake had a small smile on his but suddenly sneezed as he felt a chill. "I think someone should close the window. There's a draft." he said.

"That wasn't coming from the window." Moka told Jake as she pointed at the door. Jake and the others turned to see Mizore at the door.

"Mizore?" Jake asked in surprise.

Kurumu and Yukari stopped their attack on the battered Gin, and all watched as the Snow Girl entered. She now sported a shorter hairstyle.

Jake went over to greet her. "Mizore, what brings you here?"

"Do you like my hair?" Mizore asked seemingly ignoring his question.

Jake smiled. "Yeah, it makes you look cuter."

"I'm glad to hear that." Mizore said returning the smile as she hugged him. "I'd like to thank you again for before, for sticking up for me, my hero."

Jake was beginning to shiver at the close contact to the Yuki-Onna

"Hey, get off him!" Kurumu shouted but was suddenly frozen in a block of ice.

"Mizore!" Jake scolded.

"Sorry, but old habits die hard." Mizore apologized. She then turned her attention over to a slightly recovering Gin, who was still on the floor, but she didn't release her grip on Jake. "Also, I wanted to join the club."

"You do?" Jake asked in suprise. He and everyone else were surprised at Mizore's sudden desire to join a club. They didn't have a real problem with that, but they thought she'd want some more time to recover after everything that happened.

"It's very lively and…I don't want to be alone." Mizore explained.

"Well, welcome to the club!" Gin grinned, but winced from the beating he got. "We welcome anybody!"

Moka frowned, not liking how Mizore was hanging off Jake, but she knew what Jake was like so she allowed it. He was just too nice sometimes.

Jake, however, was shivering as his teeth chattered due to Mizore hugging him. He would become a popsicle if this went on. But that didn't stop Moka from pouncing on him, startling both him and Mizore.

Moka opened her mouth, exposing her fangs, and...


"Ack!" Jake groaned. "Getting frozen and having blood drained. Not my idea to end this day!"

Meanwhile, in the human world at the old abadonded shrine that Psyphon had turned into his new base. Psyphon was standing over a table in the lab that he had made from some stolen tech, which he was able to get thanks Nagare.

On the table was Kotsubo who was badly injured and hooked up to some machines that were helping him stay alive.

"How is he going to help me in my goal?" Psyphon asked. "He's lucky to be alive and I'm not going to waste time and resources fixing him."

Across from him was Ishigami, who had found Kotsubo washed up on the shore barely alive. "For, one he was a teacher at the academy and last time I checked you need all the help you can getting in." she told the alien. "Not only that but..."

"Me...Mension...I...I'll...Ki...kill..." Kotsubo mummbled in his near death state.

"He has a lot of reason to help us." Ishigami finished with a smile.

A grin appeared on Psyphon's face. "I think he just became woth the effort." he told her.

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