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Not A Good Idea

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Don't bully your junior, Sharrkan." Ja'far said in a scolding voice and his arms crossed in annoyance.

"Are you going to hit me again?" Sharrkan asked while covering his head.

"No." Ja'far replied bluntly, he jumped on Sharrkan, wrapped his legs around the taller man's hips, and gave him a very tight hug. "Just going to hug you."

"Ow, that really hurts." Sharrkan groaned loudly. Masrur just watch's them and sighs to himself while rubbing his cheeks.

"It annoys me to see you picking on Masrur." Ja'far informs him and doesn't let up with the hug. "Seeing you pinching his cheeks in such a rough manner."

Sharrkan rolls his eyes, gulps down a cup of wine, and looks at Ja'far.

"Man you have strong legs even though they look delicate." Sharrkan comments while feeling Ja'fars bare legs. "Not to mention soft, slender, and fem-"

"Stop feeling my legs!" Ja'far said loudly, his cheeks red, and he glares at him. Masrur wasn't sure whether or not to step in.

"If you get off of me then I'll leave your delicate and sensitive legs alone." Sharrkan told him and hiccupped. "So unwrap your legs, Ja'far."

"Not until you swear to stop teasing Masrur so roughly." Ja'far snapped and he hugged Sharrkan tighter like a snake coiling tightly around a prey in order to squeeze the life out of said prey.

"Its all in good fun, Ja' Masrur is tough." Sharrkan told him and coughed. "You are like a snake, Ja'far."

"Still don't bully him." Ja'far stated firmly.

"Want me to tease you, Ja'far?" Sharrkan asked while grinning and he groped Ja'fars bottom. Masrur shakes his head knowing this will not end well at all and scary Ja'far is going to come out. Ja'far glared at Sharrkan with narrowed eyes and the taller man tried to kiss him on the lips, but failed. Ja'far got off of him and smacked Sharrkan hard on the head.

"Ow! Yet in the end you hit me." Sharrkan groaned and decided to gulp down another glass of wine hoping to dull the pain.

"You deserved it." Ja'far stated firmly, his cheeks are flushed, and he decides to walk away. Sharrkan has a couple more drinks and he looks at Masrur.

"Ja'far is male, but yet has a feminine ass and has slender legs that feel soft as silk. His legs felt really nice." Sharrkan commented to Masrur.

"Pervert." Masrur stated flatly and Sharrkan hiccups.

"Of course haven't seen or felt Ja'fars lower front area...So maybe what if Ja'far is just pretending to be male, but is actually a female. Yeah, I should go and check by feeling up Ja'fars front area."

"Sharrkan, He will kill you." Masrur told him.

"It's my duty to find out the truth!" Sharrkan called out before going off to try and find Ja'far. Masrur sighs heavily while shaking his head.

"Ja'far is male." Masrur muttered to himself and decides to find Sharrkan before Ja'far kills Sharrkan.

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