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Jack laughed as he dodged a snowball, throwing one back at the same time. The child who had thrown the original snowball fell backward; laughing as well as she wiped the snow off her face.

The small group of children stopped and looked back toward town at the sound of their parents calling. Waving goodbye to Jack Frost, they began heading home.

"Make sure you get to sleep early, or Santa won't come tonight," Jack called after them, laughing as he grabbed his staff and called the wind. It was Christmas Eve, and this night was Santa's big day, so to speak. The other Guardians had invited him to a Christmas get-together the next day, but for now he had another Christmas tradition, one he had followed for almost a hundred years.

He wandered the streets, tapping windows and light poles absently as he went, watching the frost creep across the surfaces. The windows were brightly lit, and he could easily see the families within, sending their young ones to bed. He liked this night. The Sandman was especially busy, and if he stayed outside long enough he would see the sleigh.

It was lonely, though, since he didn't have a family of his own. This year, however, he would have people to spend it with.

Golden streams of sand were lighting up the sky now, and he caught brief glimpses of dreams through un-curtained windows. Freezing the central fountain, he perched on the top, waiting for the sleigh.

It was several hours later when a shadow passed overhead. Standing, Jack looked up to see the sleigh landing on a rooftop across the square. Flying over, he landed lightly beside it, leaning against the sleigh as he watched North unload his bag.

"So, bring anything for me?" Jack asked.

North glanced over and chuckled. "You're on naughty list, I brought nothing for you." He smiled, "but there may be something tomorrow at shop. Tell you what…" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a snow globe. After tossing it to Jack, he turned to the chimney.

"This will help you get to party on time."

"You think I'd get lost? At least you aren't having yetis shove me in a bag this time."

"That could be arranged."

"Nah, I'm good. You should get to work. See you tomorrow?"

"Maybe. Maybe I will sleep instead. We will see." With that he jumped down the chimney, disappearing from sight.

Jack jumped down from the roof, laughing as he ran along the street, freezing car tires to the ground. There were still a few hours until dawn, maybe he would fly to a different town for his Christmas-day tradition.

He landed in a remote American town, somewhere in the Midwest, just as dawn was breaking. Sitting on a windowsill, he smiled as he watched the children run into the living room, dragging their parents behind them to look at the presents. This was his favorite Christmas tradition, watching the children open their presents, although it was the saddest for him as well.

Finally he stood and flew above the village, looking at the snow globe held in his hand.

"Take me to the Christmas party," he said, and threw the orb. The portal opened and he flew through.

It was immediately obvious when he came out that he was not at the North Pole. The place he found himself in had a green sky, with purple doors scattered throughout, floating in the air. In front of him was what appeared to be a library.

He landed lightly on the steps of the library and peeked inside. There were many people there whom he had never seen before, but none of them seemed to be humans. As he watched, one of them turned and floated (floated?) toward him.

"Welcome, Jack Frost. I am Clockwork. Would you care to join us?"

As Jack watched, the person in front of him changed from being an old man to a young child. Cautiously he followed Clockwork into the building. Clockwork led him to the most normal-looking person in the room, a teenage boy with hair as white as his own but with green eyes instead of blue.

"Danny, this is Jack. Jack Frost, this is Danny."

"Ok…" Danny said, frowning. "Why are you telling me this?"

"You are going to be taking Jack home with you for Christmas dinner," Clockwork said, smirking.

Danny sighed. "You aren't going to tell me why, are you?"

"No. You will find out in time."

"So where am I?" Jack asked when Clockwork left.

"The Ghostzone," Danny replied, "and you chose a good day to show up, too. Any other day and you would have been pummeled by ghosts."

"Ghosts?" Thinking about it, the concept really wasn't that far-fetched.

"Yup. So you don't know anything about this stuff?"

"No… I should be at a Christmas party at the North Pole, but apparently I gave the snow globe the wrong directions."

"That made absolutely no sense." Danny glanced around. Several ghosts appeared to be getting ready to leave. "We should get going. Can you fly, or…"

Jack nodded. "Yeah. Can you?"

It was Danny's turn to nod.

Suddenly Jack grinned. "Good. Tell me where we're going, and I'll race you there."

Edit: This takes place after RoTG and after most of the Danny Phantom show, but Phantom Planet never happens. Probably should have put that to begin with. Oh well.