Okay, I've made some revisions to this chapter so it makes a little more sense with the story! Again… WARNING: This story contains HUGE spoilers for anyone that hasn't seen the movie yet and if you haven't seen the movie yet, first of all, go and see it, and second of all his may be a little confusing for you but I hope you still enjoy it! Please comment and tell me what you think! :D

*This story takes place 4 months after the Guardians defeat Pitch….

Jack sat in the middle of the frozen lake with his tooth puzzle box gripped tightly in his hand and his staff at his side. All of the guardians, elves, yetis, the mini-fairies, and egglings, had been partying back at North's Workshop for months celebrating their victory over Pitch and Jack becoming a new guardian. Jack didn't feel much like celebrating; he couldn't shake an ominous feeling he had that Pitch was still out there, to weak and powerless to be a threat but strong enough to haunt Jack's dreams and cloud his mind with visions. He looked longingly at the golden puzzle box; everything about his forgotten past was in it. He had seen the memories once before, but he just couldn't bring himself to unlock them again. The box seemed to whisper his name; calling to him as if it wanted to be opened. Cold, icy tears formed in his blue eyes.

"Jack…," a soft voice whispered, startling him.

Jack grabbed for his magical staff and directed it straight for where the voice was coming from, revealing Tooth.

"Tooth… W-what are you doing here?" Jack asked sitting back down on the cold ice, pulling his light blue hoodie over his head.

Tooth knelt down beside him, "North's been wondering where you had gone off too… I figured you would be here. Jack, honey what's wrong?"

"I just… It happened here," Jack said fighting back tears, "I saw my memories!"

"Jack… What did you see?" Tooth asked grabbing his hands.

The memory flooded Jack's mind. The frozen pond, the ice cracking, the freezing cold water caving in on him, his sister screaming his name, everything going dark….

"I was on this frozen pond, playing with my younger sister. The ice was starting to crack and she got really scared. I was trying to keep her calm and telling her that it was going to be okay. She was too scared to move because of the ice so I told her to think of Hopscotch and to take three jumps closer to me. She did and I caught her with my staff and slid her to a thicker area of ice on the pond. But before I could move, the ice under my feet collapsed and I fell in the pond and drowned. The next thing I remember seeing was the moon, and how big and bright it was. I resurfaced to the top of the pond, only I wasn't myself anymore. I had pale skin, blue eyes, and my hair turned white," Jack said pulling his hoodie down, revealing his icy hair, "But the strange thing is, I also felt more alive and more powerful… like nothing could hurt me, like I could do anything I wanted! That's when I discovered that I had my powers," Jack choked out, cold tears freezing as they rolled down his pale cheeks.

"Oh Jack… I'm so sorry," Tooth said wrapping her warm arms around Jack's neck.

He pulled her in closer, hugging her. Tooth ran her fingers through Jack's frosty white hair as warm tears slid from her cheeks.

"I-I just wish that I could remember her name… just her name!"

"You must have loved her so much to have given your life saving her," Tooth said comfortingly, rocking Jack like a baby.

"I did. I may not remember, but I know I loved her" he whispered pitifully.

A sudden spark ignited in Jack's brain.

"Tooth, what if you looked at my memory? You remember every child you ever collected teeth from, right? Well, if you saw what my sister looked like maybe you could remember her name and you could find her memories and…."

"Jack… I don't think you understand how the memories work. The only person that can unlock and view the memories in the puzzle box is the child that they belong to. I can't look at your memories, Jack. I'm sorry," Tooth apologized, "Although…there may be one guardian that can help us."

Jack suddenly jumped up, "Another guardian? That's great! Where are they?"

"We're going to need to hurry. Bunny will have to come with us for a little extra push," Tooth said, her wings fluttering and lifting her up off the cold ice, "She can be very hard to persuade sometimes."