Ok so here it is, Sequel to The Bleeding Orchid and I hope you guys enjoy the last instalment and I promise you ahead of time…. Things won't end as bad as they seem to be. I promise.

Dear Isabella,

I'm looking at you right now and I really just don't know to do with myself. You're parents came to visit you today and when I was explaining what happened, the look in your father's eyes was very murderous. I'm not surprised though… I want to kill myself. I have doubts that you'll wake so I'll be honest with you… I've tried Isabella. I've tried to kill myself there have been plenty of times since you've fallen asleep that I have held the gun to my head and almost pulled the trigger… but then I get the glimmer of hope that you'll wake up and I don't. Isabella I don't know how much longer I can do this, I've already lost Melissa, I can't lose you too beautiful. Please wake up, I need you.

I love you,

Forever and Always


Bella P.O.V

"That was the last one," I say softly to him from the hospital bed I was sitting on I fold the letter and put it in the box of letters I've already read. Emmett smiles lazily as he was packing up the last of my duffel bags. He comes over and sits on the bed, I tangle my hands in his hair. A few tears escape my eyes as he kisses my hand.

"I hate that you went through so much pain," I sob

"Shh," he says soothingly. "Everything is ok now you're awake," He says. I was out for six months, and in those six months it's like the world I knew just changed. Melissa died although I wasn't surprised by the amount of blood I lost, I was still hoping that somehow she'd make it. But it just couldn't happen. Carlisle, Esme, Anthony and Lydia have disappeared. The crime world was running around doing whatever they wanted because Emmett was neglecting his responsibilities since I fell into the coma. Edward and Jasper were obviously left in charge as Emmett took a temporary leave but… I think it's safe to say they had absolutely no idea what to do. They were overwhelmed they couldn't handle things like Emmett could. I only woke up a couple of weeks ago and when I did it was whirlwind, the first day I was so confused I had no idea what was going on. I didn't even know exactly who Emmett was. The look on his face when I asked him why he was in my hospital room all but broke his heart. But I didn't know exactly who he was when I woke up I just thought Emmett was that guy from the diner. I didn't remember anything passed that. But while I was in the coma Emmett wrote letters. He wrote letters about our memories, how he wishes I'd wake up. The doctors said he could give them to me as a way to jog my memory. The first night it was blank… nothing came.

I was reading a letter that made no sense to me. But the second night, it's like everything came back to me after reading another empty letter. I went to bed and just about everything came back. I woke up screaming, crying asking the doctors where my baby went. Up until this point they hadn't told me I was pregnant but I remembered myself. They called Emmett back and it was that night that was the actual reunion. Because I knew I was just seeing my fiancé for the first time. He wrapped his arms around me and we held each other crying. We cried the whole night over everything… The loss of our daughter, the fact that I didn't know who he was, the fact that his own father betrayed us… just everything it was hard. After that night I started reading all the letters just in case my brain missed anything, or if something in the letter probed me to ask more questions. The doctor was fine with this and started to run a million tests to see if I would be ok. Most of the injuries healed while I was in my six month coma. The only thing I had left to show for my car crash was a scar on the inside of my wrist.

Emmett was by my side for everything, every blood test. Every evaluation, every sobbing fest. He was there and I loved him more than anything. It was a dark time but if there was anything I learned in the weeks of being here… Melissa was his baby too and I wasn't the only one who lost her. I knew he was trying to be strong for me, but I needed him to be able to properly grieve her. I knew soon enough we would be ok if we made it through this, we could make it through anything. There's a knock on the door and I groan a little bit. I've had doctors coming in and out of this room non-stop. My family members our friends, they were all so wary of me. Like they were afraid if they said something wrong I'd snap back into a coma or something. I had to yell at them and tell them to stop being stupid. Emmett smiles a little bit.

"Don't worry soon you'll be home Duke and Bolt miss you," He says. I actually smile a real smile as I think of the first children I've ever had. Call me stupid but I loved my dogs. I look around the room and how it's so dark, I hadn't opened the curtains since entering here. I wasn't allowed for one reason… the press.

The minute word got out that I was in a car crash and then a coma the press had been going insane. I was getting letters from fans encouraging me to wake up and get better… those were fun to read. But I wouldn't go outside and the hospital had amazing amounts of security. Even the emergency ward was tightened up a little bit. I wasn't going to be in sight of the press until Emmett and I were ready and that's how we wanted it.

"Who is it?" Emmett asks.

"It's her father," Says Charlie and he rolls his eyes. Muttering curses under his breath.

"Shh their only here for a little while longer," I say to him and he grunts. Honestly over the couple of weeks my father and Emmett had really grown to hate the living daylights out of each other. They hated each other so much. Whatever Emmett had to say my father said the opposite both of them had completely different ideas on how I should be getting better. The only time I got some peace when they were both in the same room is if Bree was there, she always threatened to open the curtain or shoot one of them if they didn't shut up. It always worked.

"I almost forgot," Emmett says as he goes into his jeans pocket and pulls out the Harry Winston box. I smile as I see the diamond ring I thought I'd never get. It was ruined in the crash and I was holding onto a ruined diamond I wouldn't part with it. But Emmett went and bought me a new one. "Marry me again?" He asks and I smile softly.

"Of course," I whisper and he slides it onto my finger. I admire it. "It's beautiful," I whisper having the same shock at how beautiful it was.

"But that's not it," He says as he takes out a necklace with a diamond on it. It looked identical to the one I had on but it was slightly chipped. Just by looking at it I knew that was the original diamond from the original diamond ring. He puts it around my neck and I smile as tears fall. Now I had some of the past and the future. He kisses me deeply.

"I love you," I whisper.

"I love you too," He whispers.

"Can we come in now!" Demands my father from outside.

"Come in dad," I say amused as Emmett wraps his arm around me. I inhale his scent and it reminds me of home. The Penthouse, I missed it. I missed cooking, and lying in bed all wrapped up in Emmett's arms. I miss fighting like cat and dogs… I missed sex. I look at Emmett from under my lashes but he's not looking at me. He's glaring at Charlie. After the first week of being awake after I had realized everything that went on. I was either sad and crying over Melissa or extremely horny. The doctor said that was normal as in some kind of weird way I am experiencing withdrawal. Sex was a daily thing for me when Emmett and I were together and then when I went into the coma it's like my body was suffering from not getting any. But I also know it's going to be a while before Emmett and I do anything besides kiss. Now is just not the time. We're both too broken.

My mother walks over to me and Emmett gets up giving us room. I was sitting on the bed in my royal blue juicy couture sweet suit. I was all dressed and ready to go home and eat regular food and not this crap they served here. I was ready to live again, I was ready now more than ever to stand by Emmett, I was ready to rule by his side. As that thought comes to my head it's like the ring sparkled a little bit catching my eye… and my mothers.

"So I see there's always a bright side to every story. A wedding something to look forward to," She says smiling at me as she kisses my forehead.

"Or something to dread,"



My mother and I say at the same time. He ignores us and just continues to glare at Emmett who glares back.

"Are you sure you don't want to come home with us for a couple of months to…. Think about things and where you want to go from here," Charlie asks desperately. Coming to sit beside my mother on the bed. Upon waking up I decided I would… try with my parents. Try and have a relationship with them, Emmett supported me in whatever I decided but that doesn't mean he liked it. Emmett growls a little at what my father says but my father ignores him. I smile softly.

"Daddy this is my home, here in Chicago with Emmett." I affirm. He doesn't seem to like that answer but a threatening glare from my mother shuts him up.

"Whatever makes you happy sweetie," my mom says encouragingly.

"I'll keep her safe I promise," Emmett says from behind.

"Just like you did the last time," Charlie says.



My mother and I say at the same time again.

"Charlie I swear to God I will lose it if I get one more smart remark," Emmett says.

"What are going to do shoot me!" He says and I sigh rubbing my temple as my mom wraps her arms around me. Just then Sam walks in and I smile. Emmett smiles softly at him too. Not only was the press having a field day making speculations about me but Sam resurfacing was the icing on top of the cake. The city was in a frenzy. It took a while but Emmett and Sam worked through their issues and became friends again. Emmett, Sam and Laurent had one goal. Take down Charlie and Anthony find out where they are and reclaim the crime world. It would take a while though. My mother smiles at him.

"Sam. How pleasant to see you," She says. Just then Leah walks in and when she sees Sam she gives him an awkward kind of wave. I don't know what was going on with them but from what I get from Leah it ain't good. Even though he's back she says she doesn't think she can ever trust him again, she cried at his funeral and grieved his death and now he's back. With no explanation as to why he was gone. I of course knew along with Emmett, Tanya, Laurent and just about everybody else... My parents figured out what Emmett does on their own, but they choose not to talk about it. But if he was going to tell Leah he needed to make sure she wasn't going anywhere, and right now that wasn't exactly the case. So Leah with no answers and Sam not willing to give her any… it was looking bad for their relationship.

"Hey Leah," He says.


Is all she says coming over to me.

"How are you sweetie?" She asks me nicely. I think it's safe to say since falling into this coma… everyone's been acting nice to each other because they had no idea how to deal with anything. Even Bree and Leah were getting along… but everyone knew better it would be a mess again and back to normal in no time since I was awake. Bree walks in with her signature carefree attitude.

"Hey fuckers," She says to everyone as she sucks on a lollipop. Emmett laughs a little as she glides over to me climbing on the bed. Charlie tries not to smile at her… like I said everyone was acting nice to each other lately… I prayed things got back to normal, I needed normalcy. All this niceness wasn't.

"Leah language," He scolds.

"Yes, right." She says nodding and looking over to me.

"Ready to get out of the skank breath palace or what," She asks and Sam narrows his eyes at her.

"Guys give Isabella some air," Emmett says to everyone surrounding me. Just then Lauren and Tyler come in, Lauren with her three month pregnant stomach. It kind of makes me sad to look at her knowing it wouldn't happen to me anytime soon... But I was still happy for her.

"Hey honey," She says giving me a hug. Tyler gives Emmett a manly hug and I smile holding her.

"Hey. Look at you," I say kissing her stomach she smiles sadly. She opens her mouth but I shake my head.

"Don't," I warn her and she smiles sheepishly. She was going to apologize for being pregnant. She was doing it a lot. The first night I saw her and her pregnant stomach I think it was the worst. I sobbed the whole night thinking of Melissa. That night I was even mad at Emmett because he technically kind of saw her and I never did. It was heartbreaking, I always wished it was me that died and not her. She was so precious she was… our little miracle, she was supposed to be anyways.

"Sorry," She says softly. Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper enter the room followed by a hung over Jacob. Who is just about the only one I could tolerate besides Emmett just because he along with Bree are the only ones that are acting like themselves.

"Hey whores," He greets everyone taking his sunglasses off. He jumps on the bed and takes the lollipop from Bree's mouth popping it in his own. I raise my eyebrow at the fact that she doesn't attack him like she would anybody else. She just rolls her eyes and shoves him. He smiles at her and I already know that in the months I was knocked out the two of them have done or will do something. The thought of this makes me happy Bree deserved happiness and Jacob hasn't really been happy since Rebecca died all those years ago. Since I took her from him, I thought maybe I should give him something. Jacob knew all those years what we did but he never judged, never asked, never turned away. He deserved happiness.

"I say we party till the AM get drunk and celebrate your life," He says.

"Agreed," Bree says taking the lollipop back and popping it into her mouth.

"I think what would be best for Isabella is rest," Emmett says making his voice known.

"Exactly. And you young lady will not be partying with… Jake," Charlie says glaring Jake down. Who just shrugs and puts his sunglasses on.

"I can't party anyways… I'm pregnant," Lauren says. Tyler agrees that he won't be attending the nights festivities. Edward and Jasper are too exhausted to even answer the question.

"How about you guys celebrate life for me?" I say to Jacob and Bree. They both look at each other before shrugging.

"Fine. If you say so," Jacob says kissing my forehead Bree doing the same. The two of them walk out and Emmett chuckles as he holds me.

"I think their hooking up," He whispers in my ear.

"I think so too," I whisper. Everyone in the room is taking all at once. Asking me if I'm ok, when I'd be released, if they want me to go to the same therapist as them, if they can get me anything. My father persisting on me coming to visit for Christmas.

"Stop!" I yell at everyone. They all back off. "I just need a minute alone… with my mother," I say to everyone. They all just stare at me except Emmett who looks at me asking me if I'm sure. I nod my head.

"Go!" He says to everyone. They all get up and leave the room quickly. He and Charlie are the last to leave. He gives me a lingering kiss on the forehead.

"If you need me just yell," He says.

"I love you," I whisper.

"Forever and Always," He agrees. When Charlie hears this he gets angry but doesn't say anything. The two of them leave muttering things under their breath to each other. When the door closes my mother turns to me smiling.

"You wanted to talk sweetie?" She asks coming and fluffing my pillows.

"You don't have to do that," I assure her she just smiles. I turn to her. "Mom?" I ask her she looks at me.

"Yeah sweetie?" She asks.

"Things are different now," I ask her and she nods. "Emmett and I are getting married," I say she nods.

"I know,"

"I'm upset mom… I lost Melissa," I say as tears come to my eyes. Tears come to hers too.

"I know sweetheart I'm so sorry. A mother losing a child is the hardest thing to endure," She whispers I nod as I cry.

"But mom… The doctors say I need to try and be happy again. Right now Emmett is my happiness," I explain to her. She nods in understanding.

"I don't expect dad to love or like him. But I need him to be civil and… be there for me my mind has been made. I'm staying here," I explain she nods.

"I will talk to him," She promises and I smile as I kiss her hand.

"I'm going to be ok," I promise her.

Emmett P.O.V

"So Emmett I know you're going through shit right now," Jasper starts. I sigh out loud as I turn to my little brother. Laurent approaches us looking pissed also. Jasper and Edward have been getting him pissed off lately. I won't lie I have been neglecting my Mafia responsibilities but Isabella was more important. She was more important than anything.

"What did you guys fuck up this time?" Laurent asks grabbing the file from Jaspers hand. Jasper looks like he's in trouble and by the look on Laurent's face, he is.

"What did he do?" I ask staring at Jasper in the eyes. Laurent hands me the file glaring at Jasper and he gives him a whack behind the head.


I read the file and all but die at the utter stupidity of Jasper and Edward.

"You made a deal with the Volturi's?" I ask astonished.

"Have we taught you nothing!" Laurent yells anger flashing in his eyes.

"We're sorry," Jasper says like the twelve year old boy I could only ever see him as. I pass my hand through my hair thinking of a way I could fix this but Laurent is just angry. Since Isabella's been in the hospital I'm the calm one and he's the hot head… I didn't like it. I needed to go back to being me soon but I needed to be perfect for Isabella right now. I could sacrifice punching Jasper in the face if it meant I wasn't stressing her out with my temper. Laurent could do it… his girlfriend wasn't in a coma just a few weeks ago.

"This little fucking deal could ruin our entire empire Jasper. The entire line,"

"Is it fixable?"

"Of course it's fixable but not by you. Emmett and I would have to take care of it… Which we can't do," Laurent says.

"Why!?" Jasper asks annoyed.

"Listen man Isabella has just woken up I can't jump back into… mafia work I don't think-

"I'll be fine," Says Isabella as she walks towards the group of men, she had her shoes on and she was ready to go. She walks into my arms and I hold her there. Getting a moment of contentment.

"Baby I can't do that," I say. Jasper looks at me incredulous and Isabella smiles softly as she looks at me.

"I know you're doing this because of me… but baby this is your life," She whispers her green eyes looking at me with nothing but emotion. "We're going to be ok," She promises.

"Isabella you're my life," I say to her. Laurent and Jasper watching our conversation quietly. She just comes closer to me and I silently inhale her scent. She intertwines her hands with mine as she looks up at me.

"Emmett I know you want to go back to being you… I am ok with it I promise. If you promise to be there when I need you no matter what," She says into my chest.

"I promise," I say making a vow to myself to keep that promise. She looks up at me,

"And to give me no budget on the wedding," She whispers and for the first time since this mess. The first time since losing Melissa. I laugh… we laugh together about something. I'm surprised that there was still humour in the world, and by the look on her face I know she's surprised that she can still laugh too.

"No budget," I agree she smiles silently as she holds me. Sam enters the circle and we smile at each other. First time I saw him when I woke up in the hospital was… bad. He had every right to shoot me and I kind of wanted him too, but he didn't. We talked… about everything. He forgave me and now we were in this thing to take down Carlisle together. I didn't trust him for a good amount of time and he noticed getting annoyed.

"You're the one who "shot me" in the head. I should not trust you,"

He said randomly one day. We really talked about everything. It was decided that if he was really a threat someone in this family would have known by now and Carlisle would have made extra sure he died… this was true.

"So go to work, as soon as you can. Just spend tonight with me at home," She begs softly.

"I will. I promise," I whisper to her.

"So does this mean we're back in action?" Sam asks trying to hide his excitement. He always did love the thrill.

"Yes," I say as everyone anticipates my final answer. "We're back in action," I say. Sam and Laurent share a handshake and smirks. Isabella just kisses my cheek.

"I can't wait to be your wife," She whispers.

"I can't wait to be your husband," I whisper back. I hear a throat clearing and the both of us turn to see Charlie. I all but glare at the guy he pissed me off so much.

"Can I have a word Emmett?" He asks.

"Daddy no," Isabella says answering for me quietly.

"Don't worry," I assure her. "It won't be long… go pack the rest of your things," I say to her. She nods and leaves giving her dad one last glare. Before she disappears. I follow Charlie to a secluded place by a vending machine.

"What Charlie," I say.

"Convince her to come home with us,"

"No," I say in a stone cold tone. I was tired of people like him always trying to keep us from each other. I had enough of it, it was driving me fucking nuts! Why couldn't people just let us be happy.

"Emmett think about it… do you really want to bring her back into your more than complicated life," He asks. "Convince her to come home with us and we will protect her and help her get her life back on track," He assures.

"She already told you… her life is here in Chicago with me. Charlie we're getting married and you're just going to have to deal with it,"

"Or what Emmett,"

"Or I will take her and we will move so far away." I threaten.

"You think you can get away with talking to me like that-

"Charlie," Rene says joining and putting her hand on his shoulder. "Let it go for now. She is happy with him, you have to stop," she says desperately. Charlie just looks at the woman with love in his eyes. You could see him physically defeat.

"For now," Is all he says before he leaves me standing there. I sigh as I bang my head against the vending machine. Isabella would be back home, tonight she would be in our bed and everything would be back to normal… almost. I think about that night I was first in the hospital.

*Six months ago*

How many "Our Fathers" does a person have to do to make this right? If someone had the answer for me I'd really like to know. I was in the hospital waiting room drenched in Isabella's blood, my blood just…. blood. A lot of it, I could barely sit up straight and I'm pretty sure if I closed my eyes I wouldn't wake up again. But I was persistent, no one was checking me until Isabella was checked and alive. It was a certain punishment to myself for bringing her into this mess in the first place. Why was I even alive? Why was I getting away with all that I had done to her? She didn't deserve any of this and I deserved to die.

"Mr. Cullen," Says a feminine voice. I look up to meet her eyes and she staggers back shocked as she takes in my appearance. I squint my eyes at her as a way to focus, because right now three women with the same face were staring back at me like I was insane.

"How is Isabella?" I struggle to ask. That sentence taking so much energy that I just didn't have right now. I had never felt so weak and emotionally incorrect in my life.

"Oh my God! Who let this man sit here in this condition?" She starts screaming into a walkie talkie urgently and I was just getting pissed off that her yelling was causing more people to yell and make my headache ten times worse. What was with these people!

"Shut the fuck up!" I scream but no one does. They all continue yelling things as they load me onto a hospital bed and rush me into a room. I get a needle all but shoved into my hand and then I fall into a silent blackness.

*Present day*

"Stop," Isabella says as she hands me her duffel.

"Sorry," I say knowing she knew I was thinking about that night. She kisses my cheek.

"Take me home," She all but begs and I nod. We get her discharged from the hospital and we go to the underground parking lot making sure there were no kind of press anywhere. I was paying more than three million every two weeks to keep this place protected from top to bottom. No one unauthorized was getting in. The press was literally camped out the hospital since we've been here. No one but family and close friends now that she's awake yet. We would tell people when we were ready. When we get to the house the dogs all but go crazy when she steps out of the elevator. I smile as she goes to her knees.

"My babies," she says softly holding them and hugging them. They were wagging there tails and jumping on her. She laughs a full laugh as she holds onto them for dear life.

"It's ok, I know you missed me. I missed you too, you're so big," She says to them. Just then Tanya walks into the foyer and when she sees Isabella she smiles. Isabella gets up and runs to her best friends arms. I called Tanya over to make the place more homey for Isabella.

"Next time you almost die I will kill you do you understand," She says as she hugs Isabella.

"I promise... no more almost dying," She promises and I smile.

Isabella was home now. She was home and she was safe. Because of this I would go back to work, I would get married and in between all of this I'm going to find Carlisle and Anthony and Lydia and Esme and I'm going to avenge my daughters death and reclaim this city as it was rightfully mine from the beginning.

I know I know. Why did Melissa die blah blah blah but… Even though this story is farfetched in general. Let's have just a tiny whiny bit of realism. Both of them wouldn't have been able to survive that crash, and if Melissa did she would be born with some major birth defects. Hopefully you're not too disappointed I will make it up to you though. Even gave you some hints on what is to come LOL before you guys ask Sam will NOT be a problem I think there's enough already.