Emmett P.O.V


"A fucking daughter!" I hear Isabella scream followed by the crashing of something. I sigh as I try to ignore it and carry on with my typing. It's been three days since Carmen's big revelation and since then I think it's safe to say that the Swan women were all in pretty bad moods. Arianne and I tip toed around Isabella and tried not to bring up anything marriage related, family related or Charlie related at all costs. Today though Charlie Swan decided to make a surprise visit to the Cullen residence and I was in my office not really willing to hurt myself to check on what has become of him. By the sound of my wife yelling and breaking everything in here, I'm going to assume he won't be living long.

"Guys I'm sorry."

"Fuck you!" I heard Leah yell as another thing crashes. I stopped typing and contemplated on if I should go out there and see what has become of my house but then I shrugged.


I carry on with my work when I hear Bree laugh.

"You think this is funny!?" Charlie yells at his daughter.

"I just think that it's absolutely ridiculous that you have another daughter who barely talks to you. Father of the year Charlie." She says laughing…. I think Bree was drunk. When I hear another crash I finally decide that I'd had enough and it was time to go take control of my wife. I fix my glasses on my face before I carry myself into the living room where there was shattered vases and glasses in designated corners and scattered family members. Isabella had a tear streaked face in her long silk nightgown. It was the first since I had really looked at her. It was the first time I didn't see the anger.

She was heartbroken.

"Come here." I whispered as I held her in my arms where she fit perfectly. Bree was pouring herself another drink and Jacob had appeared out of nowhere and taking it away from her. Bree pulls out her gun in a drunken stupor and points it at Jacob.

"Give me my alcohol." She slurred. Jacob just narrows his eyes at the love his life.

"Bree." He whispered cutting through her tough demeanor. "It's ok to cry" He said. There was something deeper to that statement. She still held her gun up high cocking it back.

"Bree." He whispered again. "It's ok to be betrayed. It's ok to be hurt… it's ok." He said softly to her again. For the first time in I think my life I saw a tear escape Bree's eye as she hands her gun over to Jacob. Who holds her into a tight hug and she sobs. Leah was just sitting on the couch as Sam came to her side. Nothing was said as he wrapped his arms around her. Isabella who I had my arms around looks at her father, along with the rest of us in the living room.

"I… love you guys and I never wanted to hurt you… I'll do anything to make it up to you." He said. We all just stare at him but no words are said.

"Maybe you should go." Is all Isabella said. Charlie looks at me pleadingly and for once in my life I wanted to help the man… I could sympathize. I mean I didn't really care that my father had an illegitimate child but my family and Isabella's family… were a little different if people didn't already know that.

"Guys." He starts.

"Just go dad." Bree said softly from Jacob's arms her tear streaked face showing nothing but pure sadness. "Go be with your daughter." She choked out before she softly leaves Jacob's embrace and walks up the stairs. Isabella and Leah doing the same as they followed Bree out of the room. When it was the four of us he looked at the men.

"They'll come around Charlie." Sam said. Jacob on the other hand said nothing. He looked furious.

"I know what you think of me." Charlie said directly to Jacob.

"I just can't believe that you had the audacity to treat her the way you did her entire life and then to pull up with this shit." Jacob said shaking his head. "You don't even know how the way you treated her has affected her all these years." Jacob said. I didn't say anything because for the first time in my life I realized that being a parent wasn't as black and white as it looks and secretly I wondered If I could really be a good dad.

Arianne P.O.V

"Thanks for taking me away from the house." I said to Collin as he bought me ice crème. He shrugged with no emotion as he ate his.

"Your mom told me to she didn't want you around the fighting." He said in a cold tone. As if he was talking to a stranger and not the friends we turned out to be.

"Oh." I said not wanting to upset him further as I dig into my rocky road ice crème. The past couple of days he was being so short with me. It was a shock to me especially after our kiss in the woods when we were having target practice.


"I can't get this." I said I shot a tree aimlessly in frustration.

"That was a good hit." He said as he come close to me.

"I was aiming for that tree." I said pointing to a tree at the far right. Calling tries to hide his laugh but he can't and he bursts out laughing.

"Don't be a dick." I said as I shoved.

"Language Ms. Cullen." He teases me. I roll my eyes crossing my arms over my chest. He chuckles a little bit before he comes towards me. He puts his hands on my waist and I'm shocked a little bit at what he's doing. Then he turns me around. My heart was racing at how close he was to me.

"Hold the gun up." He whispered in my ear. I numbly did what he said not wanting him to know the effect he had on me. He wrapped his arms around me and pointed it to a target.

"OK." I said.

"Breathe in." He whispered and then I did… I think. "Now look at your target." He said. I thought of the three.

"Now shoot." He said and I shot and it got right where I wanted it to. I smiles so bright I thought my teeth would fall off.

"I got it." I said smiling. He clears his throat and that's when I realized how close we were. I look up at him and then it happened. He kisses me. I dropped the gun and turned around not wanting to break the kiss.

"We probably shouldn't be doing this" He said as He kissed.

"Yeah you're right." I said as we continued to kiss and we backed up against the tree I just shot.

"You're young." He whispered as we kissed.

"Mhm." I agreed as we continued. We continue to kiss until my phone rings but I make no move to answer it as we just stare at each other. I wrap my arms around his neck as he just holds me.

"Your father will kill me." He whispered.

"If you want to stop." I said feeling hurt.

"No." He said brushing a strand of hair from my eyes.

"I don't know what this is but… I don't want anything to come between it… just give me some time to figure out... what to do about this… us." He said. I smiled softly and nodded understanding how hard it would be for him… for us, to come out or even fully understand what we were.

"Ok." I said and he kissed me one last time.

"Let's go before your parents get suspicious."

End of flashback:

Everything was going fine too after that. He'd pick me up from school we'd laugh and talk about the day. He was the last person I saw when I went to bed and the first person I saw when I woke up. I was with Collin every minute even when I was with my friends because it was his job to protect me. But now we were back to that bodyguard- subject relationship from the beginning and I wondered what I had done to upset him. Maybe he didn't feel the same way about me anymore. I shed a tear at the thought of that. When he notices his face softens and he looked like my Collin… not the world Collin. But my Collin.

"Arianne I'm sure everything will work out on home." He promises.

"It's not even that… why are you so angry at me." I ask him and he finally gets it.


"Do you regret what we did?"


"Than what is it?" I ask "Is it my age?"

"Partly but barely." He answers.


"Your father is catching on and he made it very clear that if he finds that there's something going on between us… I wont ever see you again." He answered. I felt my heart drop at what he was saying.

"No." I said more tears forming.

"Yeah and… I'd rather have you in my life as the girl I'm supposed to protect then not have you in my life at all." He said. I put my hand through my hair in frustration.

"We can run away somewhere until he comes around." I suggested but that sounded like a dumb plan in my own ears.

"That's a stupid plan Arianne your mother is pregnant and she loves you…. She'd be devastated and your dad would find us no doubt." He answered.

"I'll fight for you." I whispered seriously. He looked at me and smiled softly.

"And I'll fight for you too." He said. "I'm sorry for the way I acted." He answered.

"Good you had me thinking you didn't want me anymore." I said. He chuckled as if that was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard.

"Right." He said. "Like that's possible."

Emmett P.O.V

"I just-

She started as she sobbed.

"Shh." I said I passed my hand through her hair. I rests her head against my chest as she touched her stomach.

"The stress can't be good for them" She said as she cried even more. I think being pregnant when Isabella heard this news was probably the worst thing ever. Cause her hormones maid everything ten times worse. Being married didn't help the fact that I knew nothing about consoling people. I felt like a bad husband… I couldn't make her pain go away… and I had a flight to China in like half an hour.

"Isabella." I said through her sobs. She wasn't listening so I just got on the bed and did the first thing that came to my mind.

"It's a little bit funny." I sang. "This feeling inside." I sang our wedding song. The song on one of the many CD's I gave her. I felt her slowly stop crying and start to sniffle so I knew she was calming down.

"I'm not one of those who can easily hide." She joined singing with me softly. I smiled as I passed my hand through her hair.

"I don't have much money, but if I did. I'd buy a house where we both could live. If I was a sculpture but then again no, or a man who makes potions in a traveling show. I know it's not much but it's the best I can do. My gift is my song and this one's for you." We sang together softly. She looked up at me smiling. She had tears in her eyes,

"I love you Emmett." She whispered. I held her.

"I love you too Isabella… with everything I am." I said as I kissed her wedding rings.


"Dad where are you going?" Said the voice of my daughter from the couch she was reading Isabella's favorite book.

Wuthering Heights.

"China." I answered calmly. She just salutes me and I look at her. "Take care of your mother while I'm gone." I all but begged her. She just nodded before going back to her book. I leave the house and get on a plain to Japan. Where I got a lead on James.

Bella P.O.V

I looked at the clock and groaned. I slept for twelve hours. Twelve hours. I sigh as my stomach grumbles and I look down at my flat stomach.

"I'm sorry for all the stress baby." I said to my stomach. "Daddy should be hoe in a couple of days.. I'm sure I'll be calm once he's here." I whispered to my stomach. I get up out of the bed my long hair swinging back and forth as I walked. I walked out into the hallways of the Penthouse but quickly stepped back when I heard voices. Laughing. I looked to see Collin and Arianne. They were kissing as they walked up the steps and talking in hushed whispers.

"Your dad." He whispers.

"He's not home and my mom's asleep… We have nothing to worry about." She whispered as she kissed him.

"Are you sure you want me in your room." He said wiggling his eyebrows she laughed a little bit but then got serious.

"Uh… Collin I promised my dad that I wouldn't …" She starts.

"Wouldn't what?" He said holding her close.

"That I would wait until I was eighteen… I didn't want to tell you because I thought that maybe-

"No… Arianne it's ok… this doesn't change the way I feel about you… I can wait. That's the last thing I want from you." He said holding her hands in his. She smiled watery tears before she hugged him.

"I think I love you Arianne." He whispered. She smiled.

"I think I love you too Collin." She professed. I just sighed quietly as I touched my head at this little episode I was eaves dropping on.

"Come on." He said carrying her and bringing her into her bedroom, then they disappeared behind her door and all I heard was muffled laughter. I went back into my room and picked up the phone.

"Hello Dr. Brady here."

"Hi this is Isabella Cullen. I was wondering if there was any type of safe alcoholic beverages for pregnant ladies. Because If I don't get drunk soon, there might be some problems."

Emmett P.O.V

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Nowhere to go James… Nowhere to hide." I said as I shot at his arms.

"Fuck!" He bellowed out. I smirked as I walked towards him.

"You really didn't think I'd find you. You're a joke." I said as he cowered on the floor his blood gushing from his body. I throw my gun on the floor. This man was one of the many people responsible for the death of my daughter and grief of my wife. I was going to kill him with my bare hands. I picked up and punched him causing more blood to fall from his mouth.

"What do you want!" He yelled as he made whimpering sounds. I think he even cried a little bit.

"Where's Carlisle James… where's Carlisle Where's Esme, Where's Lydia… where are they." I said as I grabbed him and punched him in the gut again. He laid there heaving and bleeding like the pathetic human being he was.

"By the time you figure it out… it'll be too late." Is all he said before I punched him one more time and cracked his skull. He was dead his eyes wide open. I shake my fist and there's a numbing pain. He was dead and Carlisle and Esme were still around and I had a numbing feeling that they were after my second baby also. No one was touching my second baby even if it was the last thing I did.