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Fifty years...

It was amazing how fifty years could change the world. How it could change just about everything. Nothing remained the same, not even the constantly changing seasons. Fifty more years had passed since Naraku's defeat and now the only reminder of his old life were the children of Miroku and Sango, and Shippo and Kirara. Rin probably still would've been here too, but she had succumbed to an awful fever a couple weeks back.

Kagome had passed only hours ago. The hanyou still sat in a state of shock, gripping her cold hand. His eyes squeezed shut as he tried to will the tears from falling down his face. Tears slid down his face anyway, seemingly without his consent. He couldn't help it though - he hadn't felt such anguish since Kikyo and his mother had passed on.

He remembered her final words so clearly. "Inuyasha, don't feel sad. Please, don't mourn too much. I want you to be happy... " She had whispered lovingly, caressing his cheek gently.

"Kagome...please don't leave me. Not yet." Inuyasha had pleaded, staring into her eyes with a desperate fierce sorrow in his eyes. He blatantly showed his love for her through his expression, not caring who saw him come undone in such a manner at that moment.

"It's okay. I love you...I love you so much, Inuyasha." Kagome had whispered, a small wistful smile tugging her lips upwards a bit. Inuyasha had held onto her, burying his head into her gray white hair and grabbing onto the withered wrinkled skin of her lower back.

"Kagome..." Tears had filled his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. "Kagome! Kagome!"

Puppy ears twitched at the sound of footsteps. Looking up a bit, golden eyes narrowed at the sight of the young fox youkai. Shippo was older now, a pre-teen in human years. He came up to Inuyasha's waist and his auburn hair had grown much longer. The hanyou teased him constantly for his effeminate looks, which was becoming more and more obvious the older the boy become. Today though, there was no teasing or any playful punches to the head or mock battles in which the hanyou taught Shippo how to increase his strength and power.

"Inuyasha...? Are you gonna be okay?" Shippo asked quietly, a little unnerved at how desolate the hanyou was. He knew Inuyasha loved her dearly, but the fox kit simply thought on a more logical level. As much as he missed Kagome, he knew that as demons their time with her and their human friends was quite limited. However, he realized Inuyasha was part human and more emotional than him (not that the hanyou would ever admit that out loud).

Shippo frowned. 'Poor Inuyasha...he probably loved her more than we all realized...'

The fox kit wiped away the tears that filled his eyes at the sight of Kagome's body. Sighing heavily, he straightened up and put on a tough face as he marched over to the hanyou. Curling his fists up, he bopped Inuyasha on the head. "C'mon! I know you're sad, but Kagome would've wanted us to be happy that she lived a full life! She loved you and wouldn't want you or me to mope around like this! Snap out of it, idiot!"

"Shippo..." Inuyasha growled. His eyebrow twitched with his annoyance. "If you're tryin' to comfort me, you're doin' a pretty bad job..."

"I know...I just..." Shippo looked hopeless, blinking his emerald eyes despondently. "I just hate to see you looking all depressed...it's so unlike you."

Inuyasha let out a quiet scoff. "As if you really care. Since when do you care about my feelings? And aren't you sad also?"

"Of course I'm sad, but we're demons and we're men. Aren't you the one who told me that men never shed their tears no matter what?" Shippo asked, his loud indignant tone softening to a quiet whisper. "Right?"

"Right." Inuyasha agreed gruffly, blinking back his tears hastily. "Crying ain't gonna bring her back. You're right, we should give her a nice ceremony and be happy that she lived a long full life..."

"That's the spirit! Let's get the twins and Mushin to help us!" Shippo exclaimed.


Inuyasha sat next to his mother's grave, staring out listlessly at the nature surrounding him. Everything was so painful to him now. Everything reminded him of the woman he had lost. According to Kagome's wishes, she didn't care whether he buried her in the village or next to his mother's grave. He had chosen the latter so that the two most important women in his life could be side by side and he could visit them both simultaneously.

"Mother...Kagome...if only you two weren't human...you might still be here." He whispered quietly, resting his chin onto his knees.

He looked around, feeling more alone than he had in a long time. Shippo had left again after the burial, something about needing to continue his fox demon exams. Inuyasha had let him go, knowing he would be back after a certain amount of time. Miroku and Sango's children were now a bit too old to travel around with him, so they couldn't attend the burial, but they had helped him get Kagome onto Kirara in order to bring her to his mom's resting place, however.

The fire cat looked over at Inuyasha and easily sensed his loneliness. She purred, rubbing her cheek against his hand. Smiling down at her with a rare warmth, the hanyou scratched underneath her chin and his grin stretched when she purred more loudly at the contact. Oh, how she loved his claws. Human fingernails were nice, but there was nothing like Inuyasha's claws when she wanted to be petted.

"Well, I guess I'm not totally by myself. I have you, I guess. That's good enough in my book..." Inuyasha murmured gruffly. Kirara meowed adorably in response, attempting to hop into his lap. He lowered his legs and continued to pet her as he gazed off into the distance with a sad, forlorn look glimmering in his golden eyes.

"Help me!" 'Great, now what?'

A monkey burst out of the foliage, running around in an absolute panicked state. "Help! Help me!"

"A talking monkey?" Inuyasha murmured curiously, blinking several times at it.

"I'll have you know I am a chimp, not a monkey! Big difference!" The ape screamed indignantly, snorting air out angrily like a bull.

"Well, excuse me. I didn't realize." Inuyasha replied in a nonchalant, uncaring manner. "What exactly are you running from?"

"I don't need your help, you stupid half breed!" He screamed.

A loud roar puffed up his fur and he shrieked loudly, running to hide behind the hanyou. "Please help me, kind sir."

"Wasn't I a stupid half breed just a few moments ago?" Inuyasha asked.

"I'm sorry! Just help me!"

"Alright, already! Shut up!" Inuyasha yelled. "Kirara!"

The cat growled before transforming into her larger form. The chimp stared in amazement at the now large fire cat and at Inuyasha's transformed sword. 'Wow...these guys are powerful, aren't they?'

A large, rather gross looking bug demon broke the branches of the large tress in front of it as it burst out of the foliage. Its overly large yellow eyes looked at the chimp with malicious delight, seemingly not aware of the hanyou and cat youkai nearby.

"Finally, I will devour you at lassssst!" It hissed.

"My butt you'll eat him!" Inuyasha snapped indignantly. "You ain't got a chance in hell! Wind Scar!" He grunted, swinging his sword down. The wind scar blasted through the bug demon before it could so much as move.

Inuyasha wiped at his nose in a prideful manner, tossing his sword over his shoulder. "Keh, idiotic bug...it really thought it could beat me."

Kirara transformed back into her smaller form, hopping onto his shoulder. The chimp let out a breath of relief and walked meekly up to the hanyou. "Um, about the stupid half breed comment, I didn't m-!"

"Oh, forget it. It ain't nothin' I haven't heard before..." Inuyasha replied gruffly, shrugging slightly.

A rock was thrown at the hanyou's head suddenly and he let out a yelp of pain and shock. Turning around, he saw an elderly woman walk up to him with more rocks in her hands. "Leave my pet alone! He hasn't done anything to ya, has he?"

"What? I just saved his ass!" Inuyasha yelled incredulously.

"That's right!" The chimp agreed, nodding rapidly.

The woman paused, dropping the rocks with a bright blush. "Oh my, I'm sorry young man. I just saw the ears and figured you were a demon. I've never really trusted them youkai. They're a shady bunch."

"Not all demons are bad, you know. Not to mention, I'm a-!" He began.

"Half demon. I can see that now." She replied, gazing at him a bit interestedly. "You're real pretty for a half breed. Most of 'em aren't too nice to look at."

"Uh...thanks...I guess." He muttered, sheathing his sword moments later.

"Would you like to become a full youkai?" She asked suddenly.

His chest constricted and his breath caught in his chest for a few moments, before he exhaled loudly. "W-What? Where did that come from anyway?"

She smiled genuinely at him, shrugging. "I just figured since you saved my most beloved pet, I could give you something nice in return. I don't know what I'd do without my Momoji!"

The chimp smiled at her, nodding. "I've been with her since she was a child."

"He sure has. I love him so much and you've saved his life. I'm a sorceress of sorts, not bad in any way, I mostly like to practice fun harmless white magic and I just th-!"

"Why in all the hell would making me full demon be a nice thing to 'give to me' anyway? Huh?" He barked, cutting her off.

She brushed some grey hair behind her ears, blinking thoughtfully. "Hm...well, I dunno. I figured as pretty and strong of a half demon as you are, that bein' a full youkai would make you that much stronger and attractive. Not to mention, I'm sure bein' a half demon ain't easy. Surely, you want to belong somewhere child?"

Inuyasha frowned slowly and his eyes dulled with pain, but before she could see it he turned away and lowered his head so that his bangs covered most of his face. "Keh, you're mistaken old woman! I ain't lonely. I have a place...it's just that I'm the only one in it, that's all there is to it."

"You are open with strangers. You are lonely, dear boy. No one would open themselves up to someone they didn't know unless they were very lonely or very kind. Or perhaps, both." She replied.

"What are you, the all wise, all seeing baba?" Inuyasha shrieked, turning around to growl at her menacingly with the best glare he could he give at that moment. "I ain't lonely or nice! You have it all wrong!"

"Whatever you say." She smiled knowingly, "You ain't foolin' no one. Anyway, my offer still stands. You can take it or leave it."

"Leave it." He snapped, turning to walk away from her.

"Thanks for saving me, mister!" Momoji called suddenly, hopping up and down as he waved wildly.

"No problem, monkey."

"I'm a chimp! A chimp, I tell you!"

"Whatever...annoying bastard..."

"I heard that!"


Inuyasha paused suddenly when Kirara meowed loudly. He blinked at her, cocking his head like a puppy. She hopped off his shoulder and ran back to the old lady and chimp that were making to leave. Inuyasha ran after her, scooping her up.

"Kirara, what are you doing?" He asked gently.

She meowed again, looking over at the other two.

Inuyasha sighed heavily and winced. "Wait!"

The old woman smiled knowingly, turning around to face him. "Yes?"

"You...uh...said you could transform me into a full demon. If you're using magic though, does that make it real?" He asked curiously. "Or is it just an illusion?"

"No, it's real and quite permanent, mind you. Watch and look upon my work!" She exclaimed, grabbing his hands, causing him to drop the fire cat onto the ground. Kirara easily landed on her feet and moved back to observe them. Momoji watched too, his mouth opening in awe as Inuyasha began glowing.

"It's...painful..." Inuyasha said through gritted teeth. His body felt like it was pulsing all over and his head hurt quite terribly. He winced as he felt his fangs and claws elongate slightly and shook his head wildly as the pain overwhelmed him.

Kirara mewed worriedly, rubbing against his leg for comfort. It provided little comfort unfortunately, but he was glad she was here.

"Just a bit longer." She assured him.

'I can't believe I'm actually doing this...Kagome would probably be ashamed of me right now if she could see all this. She's the one who told me it's okay to be who I am and now I'm trying to change that again...I'm sorry Kagome, but this is too good a chance to pass up. Without you here, I can't accept being a half demon anymore...hell, I didn't really even accept it before I met you...' He winced as another series of pulses washed through him and he felt his youkai energy rise. The beads around his neck blasted off suddenly and sprawled onto the ground in different directions, shocking him momentarily as he felt for them and gasped when he found that they weren't there.

"It is done now."

Inuyasha stepped back, nearly shaking from the sudden shock to his senses. When you spent your entire life as a human or a half demon, nothing could prepare one for the assault of emotions and sensations of being a truly powerful full demon.

Gods, was this the power Sesshomaru had and boasted about constantly?

Inuyasha could see why his brother snarled upon him and ignored his existence now. It was like nothing he had ever experienced in his young life. It was like fire through his veins, but like a pleasant powerful fire, and rather than threatening to burn him alive, it made him feel more alive. Invincible, almost. He felt immortal and powerful. Like he wanted more power...more..and more until he couldn't even stand it any longer.

"This...this is..." Inuyasha tried to speak, but couldn't. "This is why Sesshomaru craves power? This is what youkai feel?"

"Well granted, I did not take away your human emotions. They are still intact, along with those adorable puppy ears of yours! Of course, you will have to learn how to curb your youkai thirst and power in order to control your human emotions, lest you turn into some sort of monster." She explained quietly.

Inuyasha felt like a monster at that moment. His need to kill was under control, unlike the times where he had lost control over it while he was still a hanyou, but it was still there lurking under the calm steely veneer of his subtly bewildered expression. He wanted to kill something. Devour it. Flexing his claws, he brought a fist up to his chest and held it shakily. His fangs gnashed together and he closed his eyes, breathing heavily as his pulse accelerated suddenly. Her voice startled him also. It was so much louder than before. He could hear everything, truly hear every breath and fiber of any living being within the nearby vicinity. His eyes focused in on a bright flower and his eyes widened at the amount of detail he could see. It was so painfully vivid, so painfully beautiful.

"Change me back." He demanded.

However, as he turned, his face fell when he noticed that she was no longer there. His senses were being assaulted so terribly, that he still wasn't used to discerning different details. He hadn't even heard her leave.

"Damn it to hell and back!" He shouted, kicking at the ground. Gasping, he watched with a rapt interest as the dirt sprayed out from the ground. It was breathtaking almost, at how much more colorful and bright and vivid everything to him now.

The grass seemed to be all different kinds of colors. What looked to him before as a hanyou and human to be a sea of green, was now all shades of light and dark green. He could even see the dead grass more clearly and the ants crawling along the dirt and blades of grass. These were details he probably would've missed before, especially if he didn't care to really gaze at it.

He lifted his nose and sniffed a few times as a familiar scent permeated the area.

"Inuyasha! There you are!" Shippo yelled.

"Get away from me!" He yelled, crouching to his knees. Shippo's blood smelled different - it smelt good. Too good. The boy was at the age that he was changing from a boy to a young man and the pheromones he gave off nearly made the now full demon shudder pleasantly.

"What's the matter with you, huh? You seem-!" Shippo paused, gasping at the jagged stripes that marked each cheek.

His eyes weren't red though. They were golden...

"Inuyasha?" Shippo asked tentatively, rummaging through his top in order to find some tricks to hold him off if need be. He pulled out a spin top, clutching in his tiny hand.

"Some old woman turned me full demon. Keh, it was my fault though..." He grumbled, seemingly more to himself than to the fox kit. "It's okay, Shippo. I won't hurt you. C'mere."

"N-Not on your life! Stay away!" Shippo shrieked, moving to hide behind a large rock.

"You ingrate, it's fine. What's not fine is that I'm apparently stuck this way." Inuyasha glowered at the ground, frowning sharply. He accidentally placed his hand on the sheath of his sword out of habit and snarled deeply when it burned his hand. His knees nearly buckled from the pain and he staggered forward a bit, staring down incredulously at his burned sizzling hand.

Shippo's eyes widened and he stared disbelievingly at the inu youkai's hand.

"Tetsusaiga...it rejected me. I don't have a human to protect anymore and I'm full demon now. I can't touch it...damn it all to hell..." He breathed, panting heavily as panic set in.

"Well, at least you get to keep the puppy ears..."

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