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"Alright, the photos are done now. We can call it a day, everybody." The photographer said, gesturing for everyone to start putting everything away.

Sesshomaru blinked impassively, stepping away from the set he was currently standing in. He put his clothes on hastily, ignoring the other models' inquiries of what he was going to be doing that night. They were young, human, and most of them didn't yet have families.

He however was now centuries old, though no one would be able to tell by looking at his youthful face. In human years, he was now around thirty, if not a bit more. Modeling hadn't been something he would've ever imagined himself doing. But with the modern changes, had come jobs. Before modeling even became a huge industry, he had started his own company which had been successful but after over a century or so of leading a company he had grown bored of it. Sesshomaru had entrusted it to his mother and younger brother, who ran it instead now.

He stood before a mirror, wiping off the makeup that concealed what he told humans were merely 'tattoos' and nothing more. For a moment, he felt thankful both his children only bore crescent moons, as that was easy enough to cover with bangs. Otherwise, they looked like humans with silvery white hair.

His cell phone rang suddenly and he waste no time answering when he saw who was calling him.

"What's wrong, Inuyasha?" His brother didn't usually call until later, around dinner time.

"Nothin'. I just wanted to call you. Damn..." He muttered.

"Dinner plans, I presume?"

"Actually, better than that...I won a free trip to the nearby hot spring resort. But it's only for two, that means we'll have to leave the kids behind." Inuyasha replied.


"Do you always gotta be this difficult? Never mind, we'll talk about it when you come home..." Inuyasha replied, sighing loudly.


When he came home, he saw that their son still wasn't home. He was a senior in high school now, almost a young adult. Their daughter was much younger having been born centuries later. Her birth had been a lot easier on Inuyasha and much quicker. She'd been born in only a matter of a couple of hours.

"Daddy!" Inuki exclaimed delightedly. She didn't run to hug him though, knowing that he wasn't the touchy feel-y type.

Her mother was, so she ran to Inuyasha instead, even though he'd been with her all afternoon at home. The younger male smiled warmly at her, kissing the top of her head quickly. She held onto Inuyasha, hugging him tightly as she grinned up at Sesshomaru.

Her eyes grew wide as she remembered something. Hopping off Inuyasha's lap, she ran to go find her school stuff. She held up a picture proudly. "Look what we made today in class. All the six graders had to paint a picture of their family to show the whole entire class for art. Is it good?"

"It is very good." Sesshomaru said after observing it. He wasn't lying just to be kind though. Sesshomaru didn't lie. He couldn't find in him, leading to blunt honesty which could be either great or horrible depending on the situation. With his kids, he'd had to learn how to tone down his coldness and brutal honesty.

"You've got artistic skill, kinda like Shippo. You should go to art school." Inuyasha suggested.

"No, she'll be going to college."

"Come on, cut her some slack."

"Our daughter is intelligent. Unlike Tsukimaru, who would rather waste his mind partying and not doing anything with his life besides-!"

"Hey, if he doesn't want to continue his education, that's his choice. And anyway, neither of us ever went to college and we turned out pretty damn good I think." Inuyasha grumbled. "He can go into modeling also. Or hell, just get a damn job."

"A part time job? I think not." Sesshomaru hissed.

"Mommy..." Inuki said nervously, as though afraid of disputing the heated conversation or argument or whatever it was, "I finished my homework. Can I watch television now?"

"Sure thing, kid. Go ahead."

A loud bang signaled that Tsukimaru was home. He came in laughing, waving at his friends as he came inside. "I'm home!" He announced loudly.

"Wow, didn't notice." Inuyasha muttered sarcastically.

"What was that?" Tsukimaru snapped.

"I've never seen a mother and son speak so disrespectfully to one another." Sesshomaru said.

"Oh, you haven't seen disrespectful. Trust me, dad." Tsukimaru.

"Hey, I'll punch your face in if you try to snap at me anymore. Be smart-mouthed one more time and see what hell happens to you." Inuyasha warned.

"Whatever...annoying-!" Tsukimaru muttered under his breath, only to be cut off.

"You know, I was planning on leaving you kids here alone for a whole week by yourselves for the first time. But now I think I'll call a babysitter. Kouga could watch you." Inuyasha said casually.

"What?! No! I'm old enough to watch Inuki by myself." He cried disbelievingly.

"Nope, you're still too young." Inuyasha said, smirking.

"I'm in high school! I'm not too young! I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!" He shouted immaturely, then paused and laughed a little, "Which is how I used to act before I become old enough to stay at home by myself..."

"Right, of course." Inuyasha gave him a funny look.


Sesshomaru and Inuyasha gave Tsukimaru their trust anyway, leaving on vacation the next evening. But not without telling Kouga how long they'd be gone.

Soaking in the hot springs, Sesshomaru realized they should go away more often. Inuyasha never liked to leave the kids alone for very long however, no matter how old or young they were. Sesshomaru somehow suspected Inuyasha would be coddling them even into their adulthood. He hadn't expecting his little brother to be such a warm, passive parent. Just like Inuyasha was tough and brash with everyone else, he'd expected their pups to receive the same treatment. No such thing. Inuyasha was probably one of the kindest, yet unbearably overprotective parents he'd ever seen yet.

The older man himself didn't much like kids. Except for his son and daughter, he wasn't very fond of children in general (Rin had also been an exception), whereas Inuyasha was nearly crazy about them. Even now, the younger male had been asking him about having more children. He had tolerated Tsukimaru because he had needed an heir at the time. But when they moved away from the Western lands shortly after him being born then he just seemed like an annoying nuisance. Sesshomaru just couldn't portray himself as a part of a big family, couldn't imagine the constant hubbub several children would create in the house where he lived.

"It's beautiful here, ain't it?" Inuyasha asked after a long while.

"Yes, it is...however it does not compare to you."

"Keh, sap..."

Internally they both came to a conclusion that they wouldn't have traded their current life for anything, because they both had accepted their past, each his own, and had turned several pages since then. There was a new one ahead of them, and many more.

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