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Watching the sky sprawled out on a hill a certain boy came to my mind. He was from Naruto the anime; all the lazy ass would do was sleep or gaze at all the clouds. I chuckled to myself then wondered idly what it would be like to be an anime. Well, change of subject. I hate the way I look; I'm just your typical teenage girl, 15 to be exact. My friends adored and complimented me 24/7. I just then dismissed this with a shrug or roll of my eyes, oh well. My look was rather boring, well at least I thought so.

My death black hair reached my lower back, flowing around my curves in all its glory. (as the girls put it) I kind of liked my eyes though, they changed. Sometimes they were hazel, but more often they were black. To me they looked like bottomless black holes, I kind of liked the effect. It made me seem mysterious, in an eerie kind of way. Then I sighed and got up walking in no particular direction. After a good 30 min. of walking I noticed I had no idea where I was.

Then looking into the shadows I saw red swirling eyes. Instinct told me to run but I was frozen to the spot by an unknown reason. They watched me for a second than screams erupted into my ears, the next thing I saw was an endless black void.

I woke up alert. I stood up and began shuffling through the forest, I came across some gates. No. It couldn't be, konoha! I entered already knowing my destination. Running at full speed I was at the hokage's office. She glanced up at me.

'Who are you?' She asked her eyes skeptical.

I tried to say my name but what came out was-Yumi Fereno. I blinked. what! That's not my name. Or wait is it? She rose an eyebrow at me.

'What village do you come from? I need identification miss. Yumi.' I caught her looking at my clothes so I spared a glance. I was in ninja attire. Black charcoal shorts for speed. My shirt, a deep-sea blue, and on my back was a blood-red tear drop, or maybe blood drop? I looked at her again.

'Tsunadi..Tsunadi-sama I am from no village, but an in need your help'

'How so?'

I explained my predicament. All about the eyes, my name, and asked what was going on. She thought for one agonizingly slow moment and came to her conclusion.

'Those eyes. Those eyes you saw, those eyes belonged to Itachi Uchiha. So that's how I assume that he has evaded us for so long, slipping into other worlds entirely? Interesting.'

'Well Tsunadi-sama what do I do now?'She blinked, Id surprised her.

'Well all you can do now is live here as a konochi for the time being.'

'What! , Tsunadi-sama I know nothing of this lifestyle.'

She sighed then stood up walking up to me. Her right hand glowed blue. As it was placed to my forehead I was suddenly knowledge on all things medical, fighting, and experience. Then she walked back to her desk, pulled out a konoha headband and tossed it to me. With my new reflexes I caught it easily and I tied it around my upper right arm.

'Call me Tsunadi and be on your way. You have a lot of people to meet. Also remember you have my transferred skills. Meaning; you are as strong, temper mental, and headstrong as me. Try not to kill anyone, ok?'

'Alright Tsunadi'

And I disappeared in a cloud of smoke, reappearing at the team 7 meeting bridge. Yawning I leaned over the edge and relaxed.

'Who are you?' I knew who it was.

'Sasuke Uchiha, I have done nothing to be harmful or call forth your attention, so if you don't mind.' I turned to glare at him. 'Shut up' Turning back to the water closing my eyes I really didn't care what he thought, dam I was stressed. When I finally thought I was going to calm down and relax completely I heard her voice.

'Oh Sasuke-Kun!' I growled, my frustration growing stronger at the high pitch in her voice.

'Hey sasuke-kun! Oh and who the hell are you?! Sitting here talking to my sasuke-kun! Who do you think you are!?'

I ignored her hoping she would go away. Bad idea, she just got louder.


That's it! I spun around; standing up straight I was half a head taller than her. My eyes hardened with the intense glare I was giving her and she took a step back, afraid. I fought back, hard.

'Don't you dare call me a coward sakura Haruno! You need to shut the fuck up!, I'm not in the mood for your bull shit! I'll let you off this time but if you ever piss me off or get in my way you're going down! And about your 'sasuke-kun' he's none of my concern, so back the fuck off!'

I turned away from her. I walked a few feet then she came after me. I caught her neck in my hand and lifted her off the ground.

'Sakura Haruno you are not allowed to touch me ever. Do you understand that?' She shook her head yes and I dropped her to the ground.

'Nobody talks shit to me and gets away with it. NARUTO, KAKISHI OUT OF THE TREE!' I punched the tree and it came down with an ear shattering thud. Soon both Naruto and kakishi stood beside sasuke.

'Now all of you understand this. At the moment I am extremely frustrated and ticked off. Got it? Great.'

I left them there, sakura still on the ground gasping for air. I went to the forest and destroyed tree after tree hoping to vent out some of my frustration and anger. It didn't work. Several hours later a messenger hawk found its way to my perch atop a tree.

Yumi Fereno

My office now. I have a mission for you.


I soon scaled the hokage's tower and landed just inside the window.

'What is it Tsunadi?'

'Ah Yumi, finally we may begin, please have a seat with the others.'

I glanced up at them; of course it was team 7. I growled.

'N-No thank you Tsunadi'

I had trouble keeping my voice steady. I closed my eyes and listened.

'Very well then. Team 7 your mission will be to guard a bridge builder Tazuna and I'm sending Yumi here along for good measure.'

I grinned evilly and opened my eyes, this should be fun.

Kakishi spoke. 'Very well Tsunadi-sama we will be ready to leave in 20 min.'

She nodded 'dismissed.'

Then they all left but before I took a step I asked her. 'Tsunadi I will need some things for the mission, if you don't mind'

' I have one made for you' She nodded to the corner where a blood red bag sat in waiting. 'Oh and on this mission please try not to destroy the forest, kill sakura, or scare the shit out of your team mates.'

I grinned. She didn't miss a thing. 'I'll do my best.'

Then I left to the village gate to await my team. Rather bored I laid on top of the konoha gate and took a nap. Soon after, I heard footsteps approaching. Being a light sleeper my eyes shot open and I saw sasuke walking towards me. I closed my eyes again, No threat.

He Spoke. 'Yumi was it?'

I yawned. 'What do you want?'

'What village are you from?'

'That is classified' I appeared in front of him. 'And what would make you think I would tell you anyway Uchiha?'

He jumped startled and fumbled for words. I looked over his shoulder as I spotted Temari.

'Hey. Temari!' She turned and I trotted up to her.

'Do I know you?'

'No you don't, but my name is Yumi and I would like to ask a favor of you.'

'And what would that be?'

'I would like to arrange a time to meet both of your brothers.'

'Why would you like to meet them?'

'No reason unparticular, but a spar would be nice, especially against Gaara'

She smirked.'i would like to see that; maybe he'll lose for once. I like you Yumi, when are you free for the spar?'

'At the moment I'm not quite sure, I'm about to go on a mission, but I'll get back to you alright'

'I got to go, bye Yumi'

'Bye Temari' she walked away and I walked back to the fence and lay down again. Naruto and sakura had arrived and now we were waiting on kakishi. Ten minutes later I surprised them all when I disappeared and reappeared with both tazuna and kakishi on either side. 'Let's get this over with'

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