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30 minutes later as we entered we were ambushed be a bunch of medic nins.

'Miss yumi-sama-!' 'Temari-san!' 'we need to-' 'Gaara-sama is-!'

That was all I heard they were all talking so fast. I was feeling a migraine coming along so I took a deep breath.

'ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!' It got quiet as everyone turned towards me including Temari.

I pointed at a random medic. 'You, Tell me whats wrong with gaara'

She blinked before answering. 'Gaarra-sama is in critical condition and is currently in a state of chakra depletion. There is also something wrong with the seal so the beast might be a factor. Also he wouldn't wake up no matter the approach we took.

I took a minute to absorb this and spoke. 'You, take me to Gaara. The rest of you go help the other wounded'

'Im going too' I glanced at Temari, Garra was her little brother after all.


'Yes miss Yumi-sama!' They all bowed then disappeared.

'Miss yumi-sama, Temari-san this way'

We both followed the medic to gaara's room.

'You, out'

'Yes ma'am' And she left.

Temari walked over to her brother as I searched through my bag.

'Temari listen to me I can save your brother but you have to do everything I say is that understood?'


'Good now I can save him but if anything goes wrong we will both die-'

'Yumi you cant-'

'But if everything goes right then Garra will be fine. I have to go inside his body using a forbidden technic that Orochimaru taught me. The procedure of going inside someone else's body takes an extreme amount of chakra itself but staying in there will take more, if I can fix everything inside him then he will be just fine.'

I handed her 8 needles.'These are filled with an adrenalin boost that is ment to refill and double a persons chakra, I need you to give me half of one of these every 2 hours. when you start to run out send a hawk to Tsunadi she will send you more. Another thing no one is allowed into this room besides you and sometimes Kankuro. No one can touch me or Gaara besides you with the needles. The smallest movement could kill us could last 2 weeks or 2 years im not sure '

'But what happens if you don't come out of Gaara?'

'I will die and Gaara will be fine.'

'But…' She looked down.

I saw a few drops of water hit the ground. 'Temari?'

She tackled me into a hug. You can't die, I don't want you to die!'


'No! you have to promise me that you will come back or I wont let you do it, or I wont give you the shots!'

I sighed and hugged her back. 'I promise'

She finally let go and I saw her tear stained face. I sighed again.

'Goodbye Temari see you later'

'Goodbye yumi'

I pulled a chair over beside Gaara and took a good deep breath and put my hands over garra's heart. As I concentrated my red chakra covered me hands and everything went black as I entered Gaara.

Temari pov-

I watched as yumi's hands glowed red above gaara's heart. Then her eyes closed as her hands landed on gaara's chest and her body fell onto the bed beside Gaara. Her body didn't move and she stopped breathing, the only indication she was alive was the red glow around her hands.

She was in….

Yumi pov-

I blinked as I looked around. 'Did I make it?'

I walked over to the wall and as I touched it, it turned to sand. 'Yep I made it alright. Well first things first I need to-'

~help me~

'Gaara? Gaara is that you?'

~help me please. Help me~

I followed the voice down a few deserted hall ways and found one door that had a light on. This was were the voice was coming from. 'Gaara?'

~please someone help~

I opened the door and inside I saw something over in the corner. It was huddled into a ball and it was crying. I walked over to it and noticed it had red hair.

'Gaara?' I bent down to his size.

He turned to me. 'W-who are you?' It was Gaara as a child.

'My name is Yumi Gaara, im here to help you'



'You're the girl from my dreams, the girl who will save me!' He hugged me and I hugged him back.

'Its ok Gaara your safe now'

Still holding onto me he spoke. 'The monstor is so scarry'

'Gaara…could you show me where the monster was locked up? Do you know were that is?'

'I know where it is but its to scary to go down there.'

'Don't worry Gaara you have me to protect you'

'A-alright ill show you if you promise you wont leave me'

'I promise.'


He grabbed my hand and took me out the door and down the hallway. As we were about to turn the hallway I heard something. I heard someone?

~yumi! Yumi where are you? Are you here?~

I looked at the little boy. 'Did u hear that?'

He blinked. 'No?'

'well then I guess i-'

~yumi! please help!~

'I have to see what that is' I started to go in the other direction taking little Gaara with me.

'B-but you promised to protect me if I took you to him'

I stopped and looked at him, he was crying.

I bent down to him and wiped his tears. 'Don't worry Gaara I will, but someones calling to me. I need to see who that is'

He searched me eyes for a lie but couldn't find one.

He sniffed. 'O-Ok yumi'

'That's a good boy.' I smiled and hugged him.

'no come on' I grabbed his hand again and followed the voice.

I rounded a few corners and came across a maze of sand. ~yumi help me!~

I ran with little Gaara less that a step behind me into the maze but as I was about to turn again I saw something. At the end of the path was a sand coffin trying to pull someone inside. All that was visible were the arms. I turned to little Gaara.

'You stay here'

'but you pr-'

'ill be right back!' I yelled back at him as I ran at the coffin . I fueled my fist with chakra and hit it spot on in the middle of it. surprisingly it backed off after one hit. As it receded it revealed the person. It was Gaara! He was in real age as I put one of his arms over my shoulder and ran. I ran to the younger one.

'Come on little one! We have to go! Follow me!'

He nodded and ran beside me the whole maze as we got back to the tunnels I set down the older one. As soon as the older Gaara was on the ground the little Gaara threw himself at me and hugged me crying.

'I thought you were going to die! You promised you were going to protect me!'

'And I will' I responded as I hugged him back.


I let go of little Gaara and turned to see the bigger one leaning up.

'gaara what- ow!' I looked at my right arm as it shook. There appeared a red dot, a sign of she was doing her job, 2 hours done, more to come.

I tried again. 'Gaara, whats going on here?' I asked the older one.

He coughed out sand and spoke. 'Its that stupid raccoon, the Subacku! (sp?) He's dyeing of chakra depletion and plans to become free. But to do that he has to kill every part of me. '

'Why are the demons dyeing of depletion.?'

'the atkuski have decided that instead of collecting all the demons, killing them would be a lot easier, and the only way to do that is to deplete them till they die'

'why me? How did you know I was coming? That I was here?'

'I knew the day I met you that you were the one to help me,wether or not you knew it. I knew because ive dreamt of you Yumi Fereno for almost a year now. I don't know how your going to help and beat him I just know you can do it.'

'are you willing to help me?'

He looked at me. 'yes'

'the racoon's goal is to kill you off entirely yes?'


'I need you to use yourself as a distraction, I know how to deplete the chakra of a demon so I know whats happening, but I can't stop it if he knows im there I wont be able to do it right. How long can you distract it?'

'For as long as possible'

I felt a tug at my sleeve. 'how do I help Yumi?'

I beant down to his level. 'I want you to come with me. you get to play lookout, I want you to tell me if he notices me or hurts older Gaara OK?'

'OK!' he smiled.

'we have a problem though'

I looked up at older Gaara. 'what is it?'

'I don't know were its chambers are located'

'Its ok I've got that covered, little Gaara knows were it is.'

Big Gaara nodded.

I began walking. 'Come on little Gaara show me the way I want to put this raccoon in his place and make you guys safe again OK?'

'OK!' And with that little Garra was walking a couple of steps ahead of older Gaara and me showing us the way.

We walked up and down stairs, and back and forth through hall ways again and again.

Little Garra turned towards us as he continued walking. 'were almost there'

I smiled at him 'good'

He turned back around as I hissed because of the pain in my arm. Temari? Already? These hours are going by to fast at this rate I wont be done for days, the red mark was darker now.

'what is that?'

I blinked and turned to older Gaara. 'huh?'

'that red mark on your arm, what is that'

I looked at the dot again. 'That Gaara is your sister.'


'yes you see this jutsu that allows me inside you takes a tremendous amount of chakra. That dot is half a adrenalin boost that she's giving me every two hours to make sure I don't run out of chakra and die inside your body,but there's a catch…'

'go on?'

'if she moves my hands off your heart or one of us gets moved out-of-place I die…even worse if I screw up in here not only will I die but you will as well.'

'I see this is very risky then?'

'yes it is, and I pray to god I wont mess up'

'yumi?' I looked up at little Gaara.


'were here…'

He hid behind me as I looked up there was a dark hallway that lead to an open cave with a large gate inside. I spoke quietly to older Gaara. 'its now or never'

He nodded. 'right'

'good luck' I disappeared and reappeared in the shadows of the cage carrying little Gaara. I held my finger to my lips to tell him to be quiet. He nodded. I pulled the bag in my pack I had prepared and slipped into the cage telling little Gaara to stay. He did as told and tucked himself into a crack in the wall. Once in the cage I walked up the wall and stood on the ceiling. I pulled out two kunni and used them to stab my shoes to the ceiling, so I wouldn't have to waste chakra on holding me up.

Just then I saw big Gaara walk up to the cage and call out to the tailed beast.

'show yourself to me you raccoon!'

The said raccoon walked to the doors of the cage, right under me. 'what do you want you insolent human?!'

I tuned out the rest of the exchange as I focused on the task at hand. Another red dot appeared on my arm, just on time Temari. I got out the other six shots of my creation and emptied them into thin air holding the liquid there with my chakura. I also pulled out a strong sleeping powder that my sister invented in her younger years mixed with my own potion to make him go to sleep. I mixed the potions and the liquid from the shots together.

The color turned a dark blue, I then made it hover above the one tailed beast and slowly lowered it. I made it sink into his pores, without him noticing of course but as it sunk in I had to take a quiet breath. I felt another mark appear.

I unconnected my feet from the ceiling as I walked back down the side, I picked up little Gaara and I walked over to big Gaara. The beast saw me.

'YOU!' he growled. 'yumi Fereno why do I have the unwanted pleasure of seeing you again?'

'I came to help and to put you under controle'

'what are you-' he collapsed on the floor of the cage

'yumi you did it'

I tried to smile but I saw the room turn upside down and I was thrown backwards into a deep dark hole.

I woke up to Garra standing over me.

'Yumi your finally awake'

I leaned up and held my head with one hand. 'what happened?'

'you passed out'

'I did? Gaara how many red marks did you see on my arm while I was asleep?'

'well there might have been-'

'gaara answer me!'


'Oh shit I was out for an entire day!, I have to get back now.'

'bye Gaara ill see you in a bit.'

I made the hand signs and next thing I knew I was being pulled backwards.

I sucked in a breath and opened my eyes to find myself halfway laying on Gaara, my arms still on his chest. I leaned my head up and took my hands off his chest.


I looked over just as Temari tackled me into a hug.


'you were in there for thirty hours!, how is Gaara?, did you do it?, when will he wake up?,'is he gonna be ok?'

I blinked. 'well I uh…'

I heard a grunt from my right, and I looked over as Gaara woke up.

Temari turned her attention to him. 'Gaara! Your awake!' she hugged him.

'Temari?' he blinked a few times before registering it really was her. then he saw me.

'Yumi?' he smiled at me and hugged me when his sister let him go. 'you did it! Thank you!'

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