Chapter One: Welcome to Briar Cliff

So maybe I should introduce this. I have written a story for season 1 and so I am re-using that character (just like in the show, she looks a tad different, new name, and new characteristics, but she is still in my mind played by the same person). This is by no means telling you that you *have* to read it, though if you were ever looking for a non Violate story then that's the one for you :)

I own nothing but my own ideas and my own characters.

Lana walked into Briar Cliff and looked around the main hall. She could see the "stairway to Heaven" as Sister Jude, the administrator of this sanitarium, called it. She shook her head as patients moved about with other nuns walking around her. She had snuck in by saying that she had wanted to do a story on the bakery that Sister Jude attended over as well.

"So you met our little Pepper? Completely hopeless isn't she? Her mother should have drown her in the lake when she shot her out of her who-ha," she heard a southern feminine voice announce from behind her.

She turned quickly to see a woman in a very expensive dark blue and white striped dress with her auburn hair thrown in a large bun upon her head which made her sharp facial features stand out even more. The blue of her dress caused her blue eyes to shine a vibrant blue that could rival the bluest of azul waters. She smiled as she watched the woman take a puff from a cigarette, her light pink lipstick leaving a stain at the end of it. She couldn't help but notice the small dimple at the side of her lip, that in J.M Barrie's old play would be called a "kiss", and her skin that seemed as soft and as white as snow but the aura that she gave off was not a good one. Something was telling her to tread safely while near this woman.

"And who are you," Lana asked as the woman extended her pale hand forward and she took it.

"Dr. Lucy Lector," the woman replied with a smile. "Psychiatrist at this fine establishment."

"That's not something a psychiatrist would say regarding a patient," Lana informed her as she watched the female doctor take a long drag off of her cigarette and then blow the smoke to the side, graciously keeping the smoke away from her senses.

Lucy chuckled at the woman and shrugged her shoulders, "You don't know very many doctors, Ms. Winters. In fact, you know teachers and other journalists, but that's it."

"How'd you know that I know teachers," Lana asked in confusion as she shook her head at this strange woman.

"You spend a lot a time with one, don't you Ms. Winters," she asked with a raised brow and a wicked knowing smile.

"Yes," she replied sheepishly. "How'd you know?"

"I can smell it on your clothes," she informed the little reporter, "Snot nosed brats leave a very noticeable odor."

"So you're a reporter," Lucy asked, "Come to do a story on the…"she lifted her brow in suspicion, "On the bakery?"

"Yes mam," Lana informed her. "Lana Winters."

"And you just so happen to be the only reporter allowed in when a deranged psychopathic killer is being admitted today," she replied and threw her cigarette to the ground and stepped on it in her expensive short black heels.

"Coincidence," Lana answered with a shy smile.

"I think not," she replied with a chuckle as Sister Jude walked toward her.

"Ah, Ms. Lana," Sister Jude announced, "I see you've met our resident psychiatrist, Dr. Lector."

Lucy smiled at the woman and placed her hand upon the sister's shoulder and replied, "Why yes, we were just getting acquainted in fact. She wants to see Bloody Face come into the asylum."

"Are you going to be his attending physician," Lana asked. "His psychiatrist, to determine if he is sane or insane?"

Sister Jude chuckled and shook her head and replied, "Mental illness is the fashionable explanation for human sin."

Lana watched as the female doctor shrugged her shoulders and turned quickly away from her and sashayed toward the door with Sister Jude by her side. The warden opened the door and flashes from the other reporters filled the room. She watched as Lucy stood to Jude's left as Kit Walker, the presumed Bloody Face killer, was drug into the hospital in hand and foot restraints.

She stepped to the side as the officers hurried passed her to get him situated into his new surroundings until the trial. She turned to see Dr. Lector closing the door behind her and chuckling as she walked toward her.

"Welcome to the mad house, Ms. Winters. enjoy your stay," Lucy announced as she walked by, her shoulder brushing lightly against hers as she walked after the boy that was walking in in chains.


Lucy smiled as she watched the officer's leave the boy's room unattended, leaving her access to his room to talk with him before anyone tried to corrupt his simple little warped mind. She chuckled as she placed her pale well-manicured hands upon the heavy door and pushed it open to reveal Kit Walker with his hands tied to the headboard and his feet tied to the wooden beams at the end of the bed.

"Sister," Kit whispered with a genuine panic in his voice that mixed horrible with his accent, "I didn't kill anybody!"

She raised her brow at the idea that she even remotely resembled a child of the Lord. She edged closer to him to see the ratty gown they had placed over his naked body and she sighed at the atrocities that would never be shown to the world.

"Do I look like a sister to you," she asked harshly as she gazed down at the boy that was bind in his bed, "I'm a doctor, and off the record I know that you didn't kill anybody."

"Sister Jude said-"

"That this place is a place where you are to repent your sins," she finished with a smile on her face. "She always gives the same little spill to you people."

"But there is no god," he confided to her in a whisper/

"Oh," she announced with a charming smile on her face, "You're one of those. I do quite enjoy atheists."

"There's not a god that would create the things that I saw," he cleared as he shook his head as panic seemed to fill his eyes.

"Oh the little green men," she asked with a raise of her right brow. "I read about that in the papers. You think that aliens abducted-"

"They were monsters," he interrupted her with anger at the fact that she was speaking to him in a condescending manner.

"Monsters are made of human flesh, not green skin," she informed with cold indifference in her voice as she walked back toward the door, "We're all monsters in the eyes of the Lord after all, Mr. Walker."

"Will you help me," he asked, "You just told me that you believe me. Please. Help me."

"I wish I could Kit," she whispered in a genuine sad tone as she pushed the door open, "But alas, I am not your doctor."

"Then who is," he asked, "Make him believe what you believe. Please."

"Good night Mr. Walker," she announced as she closed the door and locked it behind her to continue on with her rounds of her female patients that she had to see for the day.


"It's about time you showed up," Sister Jude announced as she turned quickly to look at the door frame where Lucy leaned lazily against.

"Dear Sister," Lucy announced with a calm smile upon her lips, "I was trying to keep our dear nympho from blowing your guards. She's quite the tongue for it they say."

"Yes, well your treatments aren't working on her," Sister Jude informed her.

Lucy shrugged her shoulders and replied, "The girl likes sex, there's nothing that can stop something that someone enjoys. No amount of whippings or physical emasculations will stop her from having a good time."

"Well," Sister Jude announced and looked over at the woman, "I only keep you here because you are a good doctor. The others want me to get rid of you because they say you are cold. But I see you for what you really are."

"And what is that Sister," she asked as she watched the woman opening a file and walking toward her, her long black dress swooshing around her as she walked.

"That you are a strong willed woman that has worked hard for her degree," she informed her, "No matter how much I disagree with the science. I gave you the chance based on that."

"Well I thank you kindly Sister Jude," Lucy announced with a smile as she grabbed the case file from the nun.

"You think you can handle that demon boy," Jude asked as she looked over to Lucy who slouched slightly against the wall looking at photos of Kit Walker and his murder victims. Her eyes gazed down at a cartoonish drawing that was placed inside of a green alien and she sighed. She knew that he would be a slight challenge and she also knew that Jude was going out on a limb, putting her in charge of his treatment until the court appointed psychiatrist made his appearance.

"I've handled my share of demon boys and men," she informed her with a coy smile as she closed the folder and placed it under her arm.

"He could be a challenge. I could have a male psychiatrist come in and-"

"And what can a man do that a woman cannot," she asked with a lifted brow and shook her head.

"He may try to win over your feminine-"

"I can handle a demented boy," Lucy replied as she pushed herself off of the wall and turned to walk out of the room.

"Has Dr. Arden given you any troubles lately," Jude asked and watched as the doctor spun on her small heels and gave her a soft smile.

"You know he does. He's a liar of the most loathsome," Lucy informed the woman quickly.

"He is a monster," Jude whispered to her and then shook her head. "He's up to something, I just know it."

"Then find out what," Lucy demanded, "Have him out of here," she looked over to a demented man and smiled as she added, "Put him down on their level."

"But how," she asked as she shook her shoulders. Dr. Arden had been giving her hell since the first day that she had met him. She so desperately wanted to get him out of here. She knew that he was up to something, patients died mysteriously on his watch. She just did not know how to prove it. It was her word against that man's and in the society that they lived in, a man was always believed before that of an old woman.

"Give him fair warning that a woman will always win against the patriarchal male," Lucy informed her as she gave her a soft smile, "That will grab his attention and put him on his toes. And as you know, when someone is on their tiptoes, they stand a far better chance at tripping than others."


Dr. Lucy Lector walked into her office and smiled brightly as she took in the woman that sat in the chair in front of her desk. The girl's oily hair repulsed her slightly and she shook her head as she walked deeper into her office. Her heels revealed her position in the room to the girl.

"Lizzie Borden took and ax," she sang softly as she walked toward her desk, "Gave her mother 40 whacks and when she saw what she had done she gave her father 41!"

She smiled as she watched disdain grow over the girl's face.

"Now Grace," she informed as she sat in her chair and placed a pad of paper in her lap and held a black pen firmly in her hand, "It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Gives us a pretty smile, why don't you?"

"I hate that song," Grace informed her harshly as she watched the doctor chuckle.

"Hmm," she announced with a knowing smile, "I wonder why."

"So why after all your time here, have you finally come to talk to me?"

"Evil is as evil does," Lucy whispered as she looked down at Grace with dark eyes, "Nice to see that our little resident psychopath is getting her kicks with our new lost soul."

"Why are you like the way you are," Grace asked as she looked at her new doctor over. "You don't look like a bitch. What made you this way?"

"Goody Proctor made me do it," she answered with a giggle. "That was a nice touch, you playing the innocent little girl to the murderer."

"I am innocent," she argued.

"You can't bullshit a bullshitter Grace," Lucy informed her quickly. "So tell me why you did that?"

"I want out of here," Grace whispered. "I don't belong here."

"And I want forgiveness from my father but that will never happen," she informed with a chuckle and then signaled toward the door, "That's all I really wanted from you. I really haven't the slightest interest in you at all Ms. Grace. You bore me. The whole "I killed them because my father touched me" line is so overused. Now if it was your mother that did it, I'd be all over your mind, but alas you are nothing but a cliché."

"That's not fair," Grace informed her as she glared at the psychiatrist.

"Of course it isn't," Lucy announced as she shrugged her right shoulder high and added harshly, "Now, get out. I have other business to attend to."


Lucy closed her eyes as the whacking of Jude's toy hit sharply against her mahogany desk. Mary Eunice's sobs escaped her as if she were a young child instead of a grown woman which caused anger to boil inside of Lucy as the annoying sound continued. She never understood why Sister Jude wanted her in the room when she was disciplining someone, maybe it was because Sister Jude saw herself in her. She did know that she and the warden were the only two in this whole damned hospital that actually gave respect to the woman.

"You have put everything at risk," Jude informed Sister Mary Eunice harshly. "Everything!"

Lucy shook her head and kept in the wicked smile that came over her face as she listened to Jude stomp her foot upon the cement floor.

"Our reputation," Jude yelled, "The life's work of our great Monsignor, all his work, all his dreams."

"I used bad judgment Sister," Eunice cried.

Lucy rolled her eyes at the young blonde and pushed herself from the wall and stood beside the desk. She smiled harshly at Eunice as she leaned over the desk and looked her over.

"No wonder you couldn't graduate high school," Lucy admonished as she looked down at the newspaper that sat in front of her. The front page was a picture of Kit who was being taken into Briarcliff. She took it quickly and placed it under her arm as she pushed herself from the desk and stood waiting for whatever Sister Jude had left to say to the girl.

"Bad judgment," Jude asked in disbelief, "Like eating too much cake? Is that what you mean Sister?"

"That's exactly what she meant," Lucy informed her, "Lord knows she was a fatty when she was in high school which explains why she never had a good lay in her life."

Eunice cried louder at the psychiatrist's harsh words and shook her head as snot slightly formed in her nose at the amount of sobs and tears that were escaping her.

"Ms. Winters got me very confused," she admitted as she let ugly sobs escape from deep within her much to the chagrin of Lucy Lector.

"Are you a child," Lucy asked harshly as she glared at the young pale faced woman, "I mean really?"

"Maybe the sin is mine," Jude admitted, "Maybe my faith in you was nothing but the sin of pride."

"Ahh my dear Sister Jude, remember that even angels sin," Lucy reminded her.

"No," Eunice cried. "You're not a sinner!"

"I favored you," Jude continued and shook her head in disappointment, "I refused to see what others saw."

"That she's stupid," Lucy whispered under her breath so nobody could hear; she had told Jude these things the first time that she had met the girl and it had come true. The girl had let in an outsider into the hospital and let her get lost, forcing Sister Jude to have her admitted on the grounds of homosexuality and a secret threat of black mail to the little reporter's lover.

"That you were stupid," Jude cried, "I said it was because you were more pure than the others."

"It's not big enough Sister," Eunice whispered as her tears stopped running.

"Oh Jesus H. Christ," Lucy announced and rolled her eyes in annoyance at the girl's dramatics, "Here we go again."

Lucy shook her head as she pulled the paper from under her arm and walked quickly out of Jude's office. She placed her back on the wall outside of the office and listened to Eunice's cries over how stupid she was. She looked down at the picture and shook her head as she read the small column under the picture of Kit Walker. A small picture of his new psychiatrist was at the bottom of the column and she shook her head at the picture of a dark haired handsome man that was sporting thick black glasses.

"Dr. Oliver Thredson," she whispered with a smile as her fingers lightly touched his black and white printed face, "Now where have you been hiding?"

The door opened from beside her and she turned quickly to see Sister Mary Eunice standing at the door with her head still inside the room as she listened to Jude warn her about calling herself stupid.

"She's lying to you," Lucy informed her with cold indifference, "Only one cell separates you from a single celled organism. I'm afraid to tell you that you are nothing but a stupid little girl. You are a sheep that is blindly doing the bidding of others. You are an embarrassment to all women."

"I'm not-"

"I didn't ask for your input on my diagnosis did I, Sister Mary Eunice?"

Sister Mary Eunice watched as the doctor walked away from her and down the Stairway of Heaven. The doctor seemed to be descending to Hell as she walked down to the first floor. She shook her head as she wiped the last of the tears away. She never understood why Dr. Lector was so rude to her but she had learned a long time to ignore what the woman said and just hang her head low. She knew inside that she was a great person and she did not need the approval of Dr. Lucy Lector, who walked around this asylum like she was better than everyone else, which explained why she was a close confidant to Sister Jude.

And that is chapter one.

What do you think about Lucy Lector so far? She's kind of mean huh?