Chapter Twelve: Someone's at the Door

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Lucy slipped in silently into the infirmary hall with a small wicked smile upon her lips as she spied Kit Walker strapped down to the table in a drug induced sleep. She could hear him mumbling about Alma and Grace. She couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips at the thought of his "undying devoted love" for his wife when he had cheated on her with the little Lizzie Borden wannabe that now lay dead in Dr. Arden's office.

"Oh Lana," she announced in a soft childlike voice as she walked toward the dozing journalist. She could see the young nun sitting in the small chair beside the bed reading from her small pocket sized Bible.

"She just fell back asleep," the young nun informed her in a whisper, "She had a vomiting spell. You know how the cook doesn't like to wash his hands."

"Yes," Lucy answered as she walked out of the shadows and stood beside the hospital bed, "Has she said anything else? Any more delusions?"

She watched as the nun slowly eyed her small rounded belly and then averted her eyes to look into Lucy's vivid blue eyes and replied, "Only about your baby. Is it true that you and Dr.-"

"Yes," Lucy answered quickly with a proud smile, "Now I'm going to need some time with my little deluded patient, if you don't mind Sister?"

"Oh sure, sure," the young woman replied in understanding and stood from the chair, "I need to be getting ready for lunch anyways, Dr. Lector."

"Thank you," Lucy answered as she sat upon the bed and glared down at the pale faced journalist as her blue eyes sparkled as she listened to the woman's soft snores.

"Hello Lana," she whispered as the nun exited the room. She placed her soft hands upon the girl's temples as she rubbed soothingly against them and added, "I've heard the news of your troubling thoughts about me and dear, innocent Dr. Thredson concerning our child."

"Creature," Lana whispered in her sleep as her head moved away from Lucy's soft touch. Her breath caught in her chest as Lucy glared at her.

Lucy smiled at the words that escaped the young journalist and placed her hands back upon the girl's temples.

"Yes," Lucy answered, "Tell me Lana, who exactly gave you these visions? Was it God? His son? Or was it a particular woman in black?"

"Woman," Lana answered obediently in her sleep, "in the car."

"The car that crashed," Lucy asked with a soft smile upon her face, "She came to you during the crash? What did she show you Lana?"

"Lucy," Lana whispered softly.

"Yes that's me," Lucy answered with a smile as she nodded at the girl's answer.

"Lucy…Lucifer," Lana whispered as a slight fear filled her words, "and…and Bloody Oliver."

"Ah, she showed you Bloody Face as well," Lucy replied with a smile as she looked up to the ceiling, "Isn't she a little angel, always trying to protect those that need protecting but failing immensely."

Lana whimpered as Lucy placed herself on top of Lana, her knees on both sides of the woman's waist, her rounded belly touching lightly against Lana's flat stomach as she leaned over her sleeping body as she had done many times in centuries past when she corrupted souls. She placed a soft quick kiss upon the girl's forehead and pulled away from her with a wide smile upon her face.

"I'm really sorry Lana," she whispered as she glared down at the girl, "But my plans are greater than you breaking the truth about this place and sadly you must not know of me or my child. Now," she added with a wicked smile, "It isn't your fault though. The fault lies with my sister."

Lucy waved her hands above Lana's eyes as if she were a stage magician ready to hypnotize his willing volunteer and smiled as she pushed herself off of the girl. She watched as the girl started to seize in the bed. Lucy hurriedly grasped the girl's hand in her own and held it tight as tears escaped her own eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

Lana stopped shaking and took a deep breath as her eyes opened brightly to reveal black eyes that reflected a soulless world that Lana had blindingly walked in. Lucy smiled at her as the black holes looked upon her to reveal every sin that Lana had ever committed in her long life.

"Dear Lana," Lucy whispered as she looked into her sin filled eyes, "You will continue on as if you belong here. You will remember nothing of what my sister, the angel in black, revealed to you. You will be devoted to the Lord and will be happy in the knowledge that you are eternally saved, for the kiss of Satan touched your fragile skin," she let her free hand gently touch Lana's pale cheeks, "and held your hand as he tried to claim your soul but your faith was too strong for him steal a cherub angel from thy Father. But live in the lasting knowledge that if Lucifer wants your soul than it shall be his if for any reason you feel the need to reveal his touch of mercy to this sinfully cold world. Do you understand Ms. Winters?"

Lana nodded as the black from her eyes quickly faded away to reveal her caring human eyes that revealed everything good that she had ever done in her life. A light radiated from her skin as she looked up to Lucy's blue eyes and gave her a soft smile.

"Dr. Lector," Lana whispered as she looked at her growing stomach, "I heard that you were expecting."

Lucy smiled as she looked down at her belly and rubbed it with a joy that only an expecting mother possesses.

"Yes," she whispered with a smile at the thought of her future child, "I can't wait to see our creation; this body isn't too keen with being pregnant. I throw up all the time."

Lana smiled at her and replied, "I'll pray for you and your child. You've helped me so much, I can never repay you."

Lucy smiled and whispered as she lightly patted Lana's hand with pride, "I'd greatly appreciate that, Mrs. Winters."


Lucy opened the door to Oliver's house and smiled as she walked inside, ready to tell him the good news about Lana Winters. She looked around the large living room to see that he was nowhere in sight.

"Ollie," she announced with a smile as she closed the door and locked it behind her, "Mommy is home."

She walked into the kitchen and shook her head at the sight of its emptiness. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and pushed herself out of the kitchen. She walked toward the basement and slowly walked down the stairs, leaving the door open behind her.

"Oliver," she announced as she looked into the newly destroyed basement.

She sighed as she looked at the empty basement where their child had been created on that fateful night when they had both revealed their secrets to each other. She smiled at the memories of how she let her other self merge with her current self in a way to get what they both wanted. Lucy, the woman, received life and passionate love while Lucifer received a child that could carry on evil on a much larger scale than ever before.

Lucy turned away from the basement and walked back up the stairs with a large smile of triumph upon her face. She closed the door quickly and locked it behind her as she did with the front door just moments before. A sudden intense squeeze wrapped around her neck and pulled her around to face him. She felt Oliver's hands wrap around her throat as he violently shoved her back into the door and press his own body against her to keep her from fighting against him to escape him.

She smiled as she looked into his dark brown eyes that were filled with slight worry and betrayal. She wrapped her hands around his wrists as she let her stomach touch lightly against his own stomach. A knowing smile came over her as she looked into his eyes with the same intensity that he was giving her.

"Where have you been," he asked with anger filling his words as he squeezed her throat once more as anger bubbled through his veins.

"I took care of Lana," she answered as her hands lightly touched against his wrists.

"You know what I've been doing since you left me," he asked in a cold tone, "I've been in mourning. You made me kill Bloody Face. I've been through every inch of this house with a tooth brush cleaning up. I thought you left me. No bone, no skin, and no drop of blood escaped my scrutiny and my furnace has been burning red hot, believe me."

She smiled at him and replied sweetly, "I love what you've done with the place."

"Why did you leave," he asked, sadness lurking within his words, "I opened my heart to you. I told you my story."

She chuckled at him and glared into his eyes as she hissed, "You think you are the only one with a sob story. I've heard every sob story that one can imagine. I've heard them all."

"They raped me so I went crazy and killed families to the tunes of Gene Autry," she stated with a deep male voice and a chuckle.

"The Jews made me do it because they destroyed the country," she stated in a harsh German accent.

"The Devil told me to drown my children," she announced with a Texas drawl.

"Mommy didn't love me and gave me up," her voice mimicked his as she glared into his eyes.

"Father touched me so I chopped him up with an ax," she whispered mimicking Grace's tone when she had told Kit Walker her story.

"I didn't mean to betray Jesus Christ and wash my hands of him," she replied with a smile.

"All I wanted was to take over Heaven and distribute free will," she announced darkly. She smiled as she watched his eyes widen at her words.

"Spare me Doctor," she hissed in anger, "I've heard them all."

"You made me give you my intimacy," he whispered as he looked her over and let his eyes linger upon her growing belly. All sadness left him as he was reminded of that night and what they had learned from each other.

"Is it a wrong that you need to make right," she asked with a wicked smile, "Are you going to tell them that I, just a thin little woman, raped you in order to bring in a demon child," she laughed harshly, "You really think they'll believe you? I mean look at me, I'm a gorgeous fiend! They'd laugh at you and throw you into Briar Cliff and guess who will be your doctor! Like it or not, we are stuck with each other until I make the decision on if I want to break my pristine record of not spilling blood by ripping your rib cage out and wearing it as a corset or to love you as much as I already do now."

"I've lost so much," he whispered as he looked into her soft blue eyes that lacked the burning vivid sensation, "I feel like I've been set adrift in the open sea…and now you are here, so close to me again."

She smiled as his hands left her throat and touched her stomach, she watched as a small smile formed upon his face as he rubbed small circles upon her small stomach.

"We've been drawn together like magnets, Lucy," he whispered as he leaned in close to her as her right hand touched lightly against his cheek, "I don't fully understand why, but I feel like I am complete with you near me. He's like the phoenix," he whispered as he let his hand touch the side of her cheek, "He had to turn to ashes."

"And he will be born again out of the ashes of his father," she whispered as she placed her hand atop his over her stomach. She looked into his brown eyes and smiled as their lips lightly touched. She smiled as his hands wrapped around her back and pulled her closer to him, not leaving a free space between them, as the kiss deepened with passion. Her own hands wrapped around his neck and moaned with a burning passion as he pulled her away from the door but never letting his lips leave her soft warm skin.

"Oliver," she whispered as they twirled together toward the bedroom that they had recently begun to share.

"What," he whispered in her ear as he felt her pulling his hands off of her.

"I don't-"

He watched as she pulled away from him and rushed down the hall toward the bathroom. He listened as she gagged into the toilet. He listened to her sickness with as a slight pride filled him. He was the reason that she was in the bathroom, he knew that she would be a great mother and that he would be a great father. They would make up for their own lack of parents when they were younger. They would bestow upon their child all the love that they had lacked.


Lucy looked down to the bloodstained tiled floor and shook her head as she entered the solitary confinement hall. The same hall that she had years ago entered to harass a certain demented patient that had an affinity for Gene Autry Christmas music.

"Damned twit," she hissed as she looked down at Frank gasping for air upon the dirty tiled floor. She slowly knelt down beside him and examined the ghastly gash that crossed his throat in a mangled fashion.

"Oh, Frank," she whispered sadly as she listened to his begging gasps. She watched as his eyes pleaded with her for help as he looked into her soft blue eyes that seemed to sparkle slightly as she looked at the dark blood that pooled around him.

She looked up to see her sister standing in the darkness waiting for her moment to show herself to the mortal man. She hurriedly grabbed the man's hand and looked into his eyes as tears slowly filled her eyes. She shook her head at what she was about to do. She was knowingly changing the events that were to unfurl. Frank was meant to die on the dirty floor of Briar Cliff Asylum by the hand of a demon possessed nun.

"Frank," she whispered with a soft smile, "I am one of God's angels, I can help you but you have to give your word to me."

She watched as tears fell from his cheeks and mixed with the large pool of blood that lay around his head as if it were a large lake.

"You must promise me that your life forever and for always will belong to God," she whispered as she looked into his pleading eyes, "You will expose this place for the evil that is committed in here. You will help bring Dr. Arden down once Sister Jude does away with the evil that lurks within Sister Mary Eunice. Blink your eyes if you promise me this."

She smiled as he blinked quickly as he looked into her bright blue eyes. She squeezed his hand tightly and whispered as her free hand waved over his eyes, "I give back thy life that was taken, my child. You will not tell a soul of the angel that you have seen on this very day for you have just survived Satan's touch, live long and happy in the knowledge that he had the chance to take thy soul, live knowing that your faith was so strong that the angel Lucifer gave up the battle for your soul. But live in the knowledge that one utterance of what has taken place on this very night between the angel and thy that your soul shall be damned and never restored back to its proper home in Heaven. This secret is to be taken to the grave."

She smiled as he squeezed tightly on to her hand in acceptance. She shook her head at him and placed a kiss upon his forehead.

"You've felt the kiss of Lucifer and you will always remember the forgiveness that he bestowed upon you," she whispered as she watched the blood stop running from his neck as she pulled away from him, "It will heal, my child…in time."

"You have gone against His will," her sister whispered from the shadows. "This changes the course of things."

"It's in my nature to go against his wishes," she answered softly as she looked away from Frank and to the dark angel that stood above her, "You are no longer needed here, sister. Flap your wings and leave us be."

She smiled as she watched her sister's wing spread with all the majesty that an angel possessed and quickly disappeared from sight, leaving her alone to decide her next course of action.


Arden walked through the long dark hall by himself with only the echo of his footsteps ringing through the hall. He had sent Sister Jude into her old office knowing that he was leading her to her ultimate death at the hands of Leigh, the resident Santa Claus. He felt a sudden overwhelming darkness come over him as he felt as if he were not alone in the hallway and being watched by someone that was more than what they seemed.

"Sister," he announced as he turned around expecting to see Sister Mary Eunice behind him but saw that he was still alone in the dark hall.

"Don't let them kill me!"

"Help us!"

"Where is my sister?!"

"They killed him!"

He could hear the screams of the victims in his minds from a past that he had so desperately hoped to escape. He saw the evil of man; he knew the evil that lurked inside of him. He did not believe in God, but he did believe in evil, he had witnessed it many times. He had watched the evil that men do against their fellow man.

"Does your conscience ever tell you to slit your own throat to rid yourself of the guilt? Do you compare yourself to the cad Pontius Pilate as you remember how you sat by and let them kill those people? You should do it. You are nothing but scum. Satan will be glad to have you," he heard a dark voice in the back of his mind hiss.

He felt a sudden coldness fill him as he walked toward his office and entered it quickly in an attempt to escape the bitter cold of the hallway.

"It would give me great pleasure if you did," he heard the voice of Dr. Lector announce from behind him.

He turned quickly to see that there was no living being standing behind him, he was still alone in his office like he had expected. A loud noise echoed through the hall and he turned back to watch as his office door slammed quickly without explanation. He watched in horror as blood stemmed from the bottom of the white door and oozed upwards defying all laws of science as it did. His breath caught in his throat as he watched in great horror as the blood formed words. The words sent a shiver down his spine that he had never felt before.

"He's coming! He's coming! She's coming! She's coming! He's coming! He's coming," the sounds of the victims of his past whispered in his mind over and over again.

Someone's at the door.

He shook his head as he read the bloodied words over and over again that appeared upon his door. He shook his head and hurried toward the door and opened it quickly as panic fueled him forward in a way that he has never felt before.

"Tell me Dr. Arden, did your family celebrate Christmas in your Nazi household," Lucy announced as he opened the door. He watched as she lifted her eyes up to him in an almost demonic way as she walked forward.

"What are you doing here," he asked quickly, trying desperately but failing to hide the panic in his voice, "We thought you had left for good."

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear," she informed him with a smile, "But I think you may have him beat in the causing of pain and horror in this world."

"How did you get in here," he asked as he looked her over. Sister Mary Eunice had made it clear to the guards that Lucy Lector was not allowed back on the premises.

She smiled at him and replied simply, "Faith. Aww what's wrong," she asked as she took in his pale complexion, "You look as if you've seen a ghost, Dr. Arden."

"Ghosts from the past," he replied simply as he looked into her bright blue eyes, "My conscience gets to me sometimes."

"You know what I say about conscience," she replied with a smile, "Conscience is just the fear of getting caught," her eyes burned brightly as she glared at him, studying him to see what he would try next, to see exactly how a monster such as he would react around the devil himself.

He looked at her to see how bright her eyes burned and how she stood in a confident stance that almost seemed inhuman. He knew then that something was wrong with the little doctor just in the same way that Sister Mary Eunice was inflicted but she seemed much more different, much more dangerous and commanding than the blonde haired nun.

"And you reek of fear," she informed him harshly, "What will you do when your luck runs out Doctor?"

"Then I'll," he started but was pulled away from her bright eyes as the papers on his desk flew into the air as if some great angry magic had thrown them about. He turned quickly to see that Lucy was no longer standing in the door frame. She had disappeared while his attentions were pulled away. He hurried to the door and looked down the hallway and felt a strange panic came over him as he looked down the empty hallway. He shook his head at the empty hallway, he knew that Lucy Lector would start some kind of trouble within the walls of this asylum and Eunice would blame him for letting her get passed him.

"It's too late for salvation, my friend," the soft voice of Lucy whispered in his ear. He turned to see that she was not behind him. He looked at the door and shook his head. He closed the door to see that the blood was no longer there. It had disappeared as quickly as Lucy had. He turned to pick up the papers that had landed on the floor only to see that they were placed perfectly back upon his desk. He chuckled at himself at his own mind playing tricks on him.

Nothing had happened. It was his imagination playing tricks on him. He didn't feel guilty about the things that had happened in his past and the devil was not walking the halls of Briar Cliff.


Sister Jude fought against Leigh as he threw another punch against her jaw. She hissed in pain as he threw her to the floor. She looked up at him and shook her head as she looked at the dirty patient dressed in the Santa suit that had been packed away long ago.

"It's just you and me Sister," he informed her with a bright smile as he looked down at her, "God's off drinking schnapps with the nice Santa."

"I'm not the enemy," she informed him quickly as she looked into his mad eyes.

"You're not the only enemy," he informed her as he pulled her from the floor and onto her feet, "You just happen to be the one I'm focusing on right now. Next is that little sexy doctor Lucy."

He threw her into the closet and smiled as she groaned in pain as she hit the floor once again. He watched as the doors of the closet opened to reveal the crops hidden inside, the very crops that she had used on him so long ago before she locked him away and forgot about him. His eyes shined brightly as he remembered the many times Sister Jude had spanked him with them.

"I take that back," he announced softly, "Maybe God is here and he's given me a sign."

He stepped over her as he walked to the closet and grabbed a thin crop with a smile. He swatted the air and smiled at the sound that echoed through the office as it cut through the air.

"No," she screamed as he pulled her off of the floor and forced her forward.

"Scars never heal," he informed her harshly, "No sunlight, no bathing! You never ever checked on me! Not once!"

He shoved her against the desk and held her down tightly.

"They're putrid now," he informed her as he readied the crop in the air, "They're seeping pus. Maybe I should have you lick them for me. Huh?"

He lifted up the skirt of her habit and screamed, "You remember what you said? Well guess what? There is no God."

He lifted the crop and slapped it against her pale behind and smiled as she gasped in pain from the crop that he held in his hand.

"But there is a Santa Claus," he informed her as he hit her again and smiled as she screamed. He grabbed the base of her neck and ripped her from the desk and threw her upon the small bed in the corner.

"Are we having fun yet," he screamed as he looked down on her with anger in his eyes.

"You soften up enough yet to receive the light," he asked as he watched her turn to look up at him with great worry in her eyes. He hurried on top of her and added, "Except it won't be God and it won't be light."

She watched as he leaned in toward her as tears fell from her eyes. She gasped in shock as his blood squirted upon her face. She watched as Lucy slid a silver blade against his throat and pulled him off of her.

"I never really liked you," she heard Lucy whisper in anger as she glared down at Leigh, "Especially when I found out that you liked Gene Autry as much as I do."

Jude watched as the bloodied body fell to the ground as blood squirted upon the floor in an unholy fashion and splattered upon Lucy's red heels.

"Damn," she heard Lucy hiss, "There goes my clean slate on killing people."

Lucy looked down at the body and then up to Jude and smiled brightly as her eyes glittered with glee, "Unless you don't tell anybody."

"What do I do now," Jude asked as she looked down at the dead Santa. A feeling of being lost filled her as she looked at the scene and thought about what could have happened if Lucy had not shown up when she had.

"Get out of here," she replied harshly, "I'll take care of this mess."

She watched as Sister Jude hurried out of the office and down the hall leaving her alone with the body. She quickly placed her hands upon her belly and smiled as she rubbed it softly.

"Don't worry little buddy," she whispered to her stomach, "You'll never have to fear a fat man in a red suit ever again."

She shook her head as she glared down at the body and a dark smile came upon her face as she watched the blood pool around his red hat, staining the white fur of the Santa suit.

"You may be cured but your personality hasn't improved any," she announced to the dead body, "And neither has your smell."


Sister Mary Eunice walked into her office with a triumphant grin upon her lips at the knowledge that the Leigh had done what she had demanded of him and disposed of Sister Jude. A cold wind blew against her pale cheek and she rolled her eyes, knowing that Lucy was hiding in the shadows of the office.

"Lucy, shouldn't you be with Dr. Thredson, helping him with his little Oedipus complex? "

She turned with a smile upon her features only to see that no one was in the room with her. She looked around to see that the room was as clean as it had been earlier before she let Leigh run free. She knew that the patient had escaped to terrorize families once again to the tunes of the Christmas Cowboy and she had no want to inform the authorities of his escape.

"Are you ready to make a deal," she heard Lucy's voice announce harshly in her ear.

"Your tricks are stale," she announced out loud as a smile came over her face.

She watched as her office door closed with a harsh otherworldly force. She jumped back slightly in disbelief as she looked at the bloodied body of Santa Claus hanging upon the door from the coat hanger with a small piece of white paper stapled upon the bloodied fur of the suit.

She shook her head as anger filled her thin frame as she read the words written in the man's own blood.


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