I have returned and- *Ducks behind shield from pitchforks and other pointy objects* Okay, so I haven't been writing since... Well, the last time I updated Out of the Ordinary which was, well, before summer. The thing is that now I'm seeing how dumb it is for the Fellowship to tote around random girls on a perilous quest and I'm facepalming right now at the thought of it.

So I kinda sorta lost inspiration for stories that deal with chicks fighting alongside men in the War of the Ring.

Anyways I've recently been scanning the front pages of this archive and I noticed an ongoing pattern on these stories. So I've decided to write a fanfiction on how not to write a cliché Lord of the Rings fanfiction!


I do NOT own Lord of the Rings but I DO own Clem and this guide

Lord of the Rings Fanfiction Guide


YOU, READER! Yes you, behind the electronic screen! I'm talking to you!

Now that I've got your attention, let me introduce this here fanfiction.

I have been reading, watching, and writing about Lord of the Rings for a while now. This is the fandom where I started fanfictions, actually. I was drawn to the many possibilities that could happen with the story, the simple fact that it's so magical and an amazing piece of work, and, well, the hot guys.

But for whatever reason you found yourself reading and writing about dwarves and hobbits, you may have noticed some things. There is the factor that many of the Original Characters, or OCs for short, are plentiful. Other popular fanfictions are those of slash, yaoi, man-on-man or whatever you want to call it where the canon men get together – romantically. The plots of many of the fanfictions are also similar, seeming as if it's the same thing over and over and over again.

Well, I am here to help everyone writing Lord of the Rings fanfics.

In this guide I will go over many subjects over the matters of this archive. I will talk about the crazy amount of Mary-Sues to the process of writing an original plot. This guide-fanfic is for the single purpose of helping every person who wants to write a decent Lord of the Rings fanfiction or if you're plain out bored.

Also, to make sure I won't get in trouble for this, I will write a cliché little story at the end of each chapter about the subject at hand with my OC, Clem.

*Random Story Time*

Mary-Sue grabbed her magical sword that magically appeared out of nowhere from her belt and sliced the orc running at Frodo. She then slid the blade out of the vile beast and killed three more with one swipe. Throwing her sword aside, light beams shot out of her hands, killing all of the orcs on the battlefield.

"Oh, thank you, Miss Mary-Sue!" Sam cried, falling to his knees. "We're so lucky to have you with us on our journey!"

Boromir nodded furiously, tears in his eyes. "I am ever so sorry for doubting you to come with us! Please forgive me!"

Mary-Sue smiled softly, her angelic beauty even making Gandalf swoon. "Of course I forgive you," she said, her voice melodious and sweet.

Clem had enough of that crap and then chopped off Mary-Sue's head, making the creature of horror dissolve into thin air. The action snapped the Fellowship out of their pathetic state and then they continue with their journey. Clem let out a sigh of relief and then followed, her quest to save them from anything astray continuing.

So this is an intro and I need feedback to see if anyone's interested in hearing my advice on LOTR fanfics

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