When I was younger, my father had me trained in all different types of fighting styles. I remember all the training that I had to do when I was younger. My father used to take me out back and we would spend hours just practicing. I had become really good, to the point where no one was able to beat me. At first my father just wanted me to be able to defend myself but when I showed signs of being a natural he trained me even harder. At that age I had a lot of confidence, I had yet to meet someone who could defeat me. It was around that time that I met him.


I was in the backyard, training with my father. I was facing away from him and working on squats. I had just past 900 when my father called to me. I turned to face him and saw a boy about my age standing next to him. He was a normal looking boy except for the color of his hair. It was pink. I couldn't help but immediately bust out laughing and pointing at him. He just smirked and crossed his arms. "Lucy this boy here is very well trained like you." My father said putting his hand on the boys shoulder.

"Who this kid with the pink hair?" I said sarcastically. "It's better than having the smudges off black under my nose like you." He said with the same smirk on his face. I turned around quickly and tried to rub it off but I just made it worse without realizing it. He had pissed me off so I was ready to fight. "Very well then, if your so good I challenge you. Bring it on." I said confidently. His smirk grew wider before he answered. "Are you sure? It will be embarrassing for you." He stated simply. And that did it. "Why you!" I said while charging at him.

As I charged at him he just stood there like nothing was happening, then once I got close he grabbed my arm and flipped me over him and threw me onto the ground. I was shocked! Never once have I ever been beaten before. "What the-" I said in my confusion. He walked closer to me, looking down at me as I sat on the ground still. "Well now, your not so tough are you?" He asked with a snicker. That was Natsu Dragneel, the only person who was ever able to beat me. I stood back up angry about losing and charged at him once again. And once more I found myself on my ass. I didn't even see how he did it this time. All I know was one second I was in front of him the next, I was on the ground.

End of Flashback

Right now I am rushing to get dressed. I am putting on my uniform and getting ready for school. Once finished I ran out of my room and grabbed my bookbag that was in the living room. I was getting ready to leave when my father spoke. "Lucy." He said as I stopped running and turned to face him. "Don't you lose now!" He said trying to give me confidence. "Don't worry father, this body that you trained isn't just for show! I will win this time!" I said raising my arm in the air. "That's the spirit!" My father said happily.

I said my goodbyes then and ran out the door. I finally arrived at school. One glance at the school is enough to make any normal human intimidated. This was a school for the elite. I stood at the entrance of the gate trying to give myself a pep talk. "Alright! I'm ready now! Here I come Na-" I was interrupted by some fellow school mates. "Wow! It's Lucy-sama! From Fairy tail!" She yelled. Here we go again, I thought to myself. After she yelled it got the attention of everyone near the gate.

Even in this elite school, there is a special section for those who do exceptionally well. That section is called Fairy tail. Only the best students make it in there. "Oh wow she's from fairy tail." One girl said. "She's soooo cool." Another said. I was never really into all the fans that come along with being in Fairy tail. A lot of the regular students envy us because we have such good grades and we get special privileges We even wear a separate uniform. The normal uniform is a white button down shirt, with a navy blue jacket, with a yellow tie and a blue skirt for the girls and the boys have everything the same except instead of a skirt they have pants of course.

But Fairy tails uniform is different so that people recognize us which of course I hate. We wear a white jacket with a black trim and the Fairy tail insignia in gold on the left side of the chest. Underneath we wear a gray shirt, a gold tie and a black skirt. All the regular students were still talking about me and I was starting to get uncomfortable. "Um-Hey no-" I was about to tell them to stop when I was interrupted by one of the male students. "Everyone! Line up!" He shouted. Everyone formed a circle around me which sort of freaked me out. All at once everyone yelled "Good Morning Lucy-sama!" They yelled.

It always annoyed me when they added the sama. "Didn't I tell you before to drop the sama! Just Lucy!" I yelled back. I was about to say something else when they started screaming again. I was a little confused at first as to why they were yelling like that when someone called my name from behind me. I turned to see it was one of my good friends Mirajane Strauss. "Hey Mira!" I said as she waved at me. She is the daughter of the airline company president. She is ranked sixth in the school. Of course at her appearance all the regular students started going crazy. Just like they did with me.

We started walking away from the entrance and I was complaining about all the fans that Fairy tail has. "It can't be helped Lucy. We have different uniforms, we eat in a different area, our grades are different. Everything about us is different. So they look up to us." Mira said sweetly. I sighed, knowing that she was right. "It's not like I entered this school to be in fairy tail though." I said. "Well at least you know we are unique. There is only one fairy tail and only the top seven students can get in." She said while smiling at me. I smiled back and straightened my posture.

We walked into the giant greenhouse and I saw two of the others that are in Fairy tail. Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet. Gray is the son of a music producer and a gifted vocalist. He is ranked fifth in the school. Erza Scarlet is the daughter of two parent actors and she acts as well. She is ranked third in school. "Hey guys" I greeted walking up to them. They said hi back then the same with Mira. "By the way, where is everyone else?" I asked, normally they are all here by now. "Gajeel is over there, no one else has showed up yet." Erza said. I looked to where she was pointing and saw Gajeel standing off to the side, trying to look like an outcast as usual.

Gajeel Redfox is the son of a sports wear manufacturer president. He is ranked seventh in the school. I walked over to him waving when I saw he had a cat with him. It was an all black cat with a scar over it's eye. "Aw he is cute." I said as I reached over to pet him. Right before I touched him, the cat swiped it's claws at me. I backed up in surprise. "Careful bunny-girl. He's faster than he looks." Gajeel said grumpily. "You should have said that sooner!" I scolded. But I can't expect much from him. We were all talking like usual, and it was me and Mira when someone grabbed onto her shoulder.

Suddenly the person who had Grabbed Mira's shoulder fell to the ground with a dark aura surrounding them. "I-is it a c-corpse?" I asked scared out of my mind. We were rambling on and on about the creepy person that fell when it spoke. "It's me." A female voice said sluggishly. "Huh?" Me and Mira said at the same time. Now that I look I can see a familiar head of blue hair and a yellow head band. But today her hair is messier than usual. This is Levy Mcgarden, daughter of the chairman of the school. She is ranked forth in the school. We helped her up after realizing it was her.

I found out that she was exhausted from staying up all night reading this book she just got. She is going to loan it to me and I can't wait to read it. We all sat around the table enjoying a snack and drinking some tea with light talk. Everyone was complementing on Mira's cooking. She is always the one that cooks for us. But Gray is always just slurping down all the food and tea and never really enjoying it which really annoys Erza. "Hey Gray, stop ruining the peaceful mood!" She yelled as he continued talking about one of his stupid fangirls. "Hey stop yelling. This is called a mans romance and most importantly seconds!" He yelled towards Mira who was about to get up and get it for him when Erza glared at her.

She immediately sat back down and Erza grabbed the tea pot and threw it at Gray successfully hitting him in the head. "Get it yourself!" Erza yelled at the now unconscious Gray. I looked around at all my friends and that's when I noticed he was not here. "Huh? Natsu isn't here?" I asked. "He said that he was heading to the computer lab before he left." Erza said still fuming about the unconscious Gray. I nodded signalling that I heard her then continued to drink my tea. "Are you lonely when I am not around?" A smooth voice called to me, making me choke on my tea.

I jumped out of my seat, flustered by what he said. "Natsu, don't be stupid! I was just worried that you forgot about our challenge." I said glancing away from him. His eyes stayed locked on mine. "You have always been persistent. Haven't you?" He asked with that same snicker that he gave me when we were kids. Natsu Dragneel, son of the Dragneel group president. Ranked first in the school. "The result will always be the same no matter what you do." He said with a smirk. "This time will be different! This time I will win!" I said with confidence. He smiled then turned around. "Fine then, do your best." He said as he walked away. "Miss rank two." He said right before leaving. I felt like I got hit with a huge boulder that said 'Miss rank two' every time he says that.

"Here we go again." Levy said with giggling. "Lucy, you don't need to stoop to his level." Mira said trying to cheer me up. "You will challenge him in anything wont you? At least your still better than a certain devil woman." Gray asked. I saw a vein pop on Erza's head as she picked up the closest chair near her and chucked it at Gray. "Who's the devil woman!" She yelled clenching her fist in front of her. I was still watching Natsu as he got closer to the exit when he suddenly turned back around. "Oh I'm sorry, your name is Lucy is it not? Miss rank two." He said sarcastically. "DON"T CALL ME MISS RANK TWO!" I shouted making the whole greenhouse shake. Natsu turned back around and walked out with that smug smile still on his face.

Classes had started so we went on our way. I was now in PE and we were practicing the vaulting horse. In order to beat Natsu I had forced my parents to enroll me in this school. I challenged him over and over again as we grew up but I have never once beaten him. I jumped over the vaulting horse with 12 of the blocks on it. Of course most of the students were amazed but I knew this was nothing. I had just made my landing when all the girls started screaming. I flinched at the sound of their voices. And turned to see what the commotion was about. "Kyaa! It's Natsu Dragneel!" They screamed. When I looked I saw the Natsu was jumping this time but with 14 of the blocks. He did it effortlessly and his landing was perfect. All the girls of course cheered for him.

"Of course! As expected of Natsu! But I will not give up!" I said as I added more blocks. We kept going back and forth, adding more and more blocks and constantly jumping it trying to outdo the other. We finally both reached the maximum height they would go. I started to run towards it, and made the leap. I was happy with myself because I managed to clear it. People were gasping at me and I smiled until I looked over and noticed Natsu wasn't by his. That's when I realized he was behind me, jumping over me! He threw me off and of course he did multiple spins and other things and landed perfectly but I on the other hand messed up and landed on my knee's on the mat.

Everyone cheered as Natsu turned to me. "I win, right?" He asked with a smirk. That's all he ever does is smirk at me. He started to walk away but of course he had to add "Miss rank two." There went that cement weight again. "And she's down again." Gajeel said, "And she was so close this time." Gray said. "Poor Lucy." Mira said. Natsu then turned back around to face me and walked over to me. "I will accept your challenge at any time. Though the result will always be the same." He said looking down at me. "You jackass! The next challenge will be our exams!" I shouted as I jumped up. "Very well then. Please study hard." He said simply. He turned to walk away and waved back at me. "Miss rank two." He said once more and this time it felt like an arrow pierced through me. "DON'T CALL ME MISS RANK TWO!" I yelled once again this time louder making the whole school shake.

~With Natsu~

I was walking out of the gym and I stopped and looked up at the clouds when I heard someone talking a few feet away. "Fairy tail did it again. They selfishly kept the gym all to themselves just to do another of their stupid competitions." A brown hair guy said. "Shhh, he can hear you." The other guy whispered then they walked away. I sighed.

~Back with Lucy (At the greenhouse)~

"So our next period is studies right?" Mira asked while pouring some tea. "Yup and I have to study hard for the next exam. I have to pay my father back for letting me enter this school." I said pumped up for the next challenge. Mira sat the tea down in front of me and I thanked her and started to study. "You should rest. I'm sure your exhausted for jumping the vaulting horse." She said. I didn't reply and just kept studying. "Hey Mira, tomorrow is the 22nd isn't it?" I asked not turning away from the paper. "Yes it is." She said curiously but I said nothing else.

~The next day~

I entered the gates like usual to be greeted the same way. After all the fans finally calmed down I noticed that Gray, Erza and Gajeel were standing over on the side with a sign above them saying about a recital. "Hey Lucy, want to see our recital?" Gray asked. "A recital, but the exams are so close right?" I said unsure. "Yeah but just think of it as kind of like a festival." Erza said which of course I instantly became happy. I always wanted to go to a festival, but sadly I never have. Then those same boys that Natsu heard talking yesterday walked up. "Such a fortunate position, with the exams being so close and all." One of them said. We turned around to see who was talking. "Stop it." One of them said. "Shut up! I won't be satisfied if I don't say at least this much!" The guy yelled scaring his friend some. "They look down on us." He said anger clear in his voice. "Look down? When have I ever looked down on you?" I asked confused. "What your doing now is looking down on us! Playing around and all." He said with his fists clenched.

"Well it's true that we are not studying, but were not looking down on you." I retaliated then an arm flew out in front off me and I looked to see Natsu standing there. "It's pointless to try and talk to these guys." He said staring at the boys. "But Natsu" I said worried about what this was going to escalate into. "What did you say?" the same guy asked with an attitude. "Don't act cocky just because your the top student!" he shouted. "In that case, what have I done wrong? If your dissatisfied, then just get into Fairy tail and beat me yourself. What you said earlier just makes you sound like a whimpering loser dog. Am I wrong?" Natsu said surprising me.

"Nakamura-kun, Oogawara-kun, Takahashi-kun." He added and I saw each of their faces become shocked. "How do you know our names? Nakamura asked. "I only need to see something once to remember it. Shall I list your address's as well?" He asked putting his hands on his sides. "Let's get out of here" Oogawara said. They turned and walked away and Natsu watched as they left then he started walking away himself. "Huh? Natsu." I said as the others started talking about the recital once more. "What should we do? We probably wont get much of a crowd before exams." Gray said as I turned to face them. "Hey why don't we do this." I said.

~Later that day (With Natsu in the showers)~

I got out of the showers and looked over to where I had my stuff sitting. I saw a letter sitting on top of my laptop from Lucy. It told me to meet her in the library. I went into the library and approached her. "Hey Lucy, what is this abou-" I was saying before I noticed that she had fallen asleep. I glanced at the notebook she was resting upon and in red ink it said 'The spot where the differences between us becomes apparent.' I smiled lightly at her.

~A little while later (while still at the library)~

I awoke to find that I had fallen asleep in the library. I felt something warm wrapped around my shoulders and I looked to see it was the scarf that Natsu is always wearing. I glanced to my left and saw Natsu just sitting there staring at me. I jumped then tried to pretend that I wasn't sleeping and that I was still studying. That's when I turned to him and asked him why he was here. "Your the one that called on me. Thanks to you my precious time has been wasted." He said while leaning his head in his hand. "That kinda ticks me off" I whispered. He lifted his head and looked my way. "So what kind of challenge is it this time?" He asked and I looked at him puzzled. He then waved the letter I wrote in front of me and then I remembered.

"Oh that. Well you see-" I saw about explain when I heard a noise. I stood up wondering who that could be since the school should be closed right now. "Don't tell me it's a burglar!" I said pumping my fist. "Why do you seem so happy about that?" He asked looking back at me. I threw the scarf at Natsu then took off running. "I'm going to catch him!" I shouted as my voice faded further from Natsu. I started walking down the halls listening for any noises that could be heard when I was passing the staff room and heard something. I busted open the doors to see the same guys from earlier were on one of the computers with a camera.

When I saw what was on the screen it was evident that they were trying to cheat. "What should we do?" Oogawara asked. "This is why I said this wasn't a good idea" Takahashi said. "Quiet!" Nakamura said. "It's a good thing that she is the one that found us." He said and I lifted a brow wondering what he was talking about. He rose his arm that held the camera towards me. "I propose a trade. I know you can never beat Dragneel-kun, so I'll let you see the answers if you don't say anything about this. You could definitely win if you look at this and then you could become first." He said while walking closer. I smacked the camera out of his hand insulted that he would even ask that of me.

"It's meaningless if I don't win of my own effort. That's what challenges are about aren't they?" I said. "Save the smooth talk for after you become number one. You've never once beaten Dragneel-kun right? How do you expect to convince us like that? That's what you call false contentment." He was saying when I suddenly heard footsteps from behind me. Then Natsu suddenly rushed past me and knee'd Nakamura in the face. He flew back several feet. "Do you guys have the right to talk about Lucy? She tries harder than anyone. She fights fairly and earnestly. She is an incredible person!" He said throwing off his tie.

At that moment, I don't know why but I suddenly had butterflies in my stomach. "Get him" Nakamura said while getting up. We'll be suspended if we don't shut him up." The others guys looked scared and you could tell that they never wanted to do this. I approached Natsu and he turned his head to look at me. "Lucy," He had a smile on his face and I understood what he was saying. "Ah, I got it." I said then we both got into a fighting stance. The other two charged towards us as we jumped up and kicked them from behind. Natsu then took my hand and helped push me towards them, my forearm went into one of their necks and he flew into the wall. Oogawara charged towards Natsu but Natsu kicked him in the stomach.

I ran as I called out to Natsu. He started to turn when I leaped over him using his shoulders and landed a hit on Takahashi. Nakamura, after seeing what we did got scared and ran calling us inhuman. He ran over to where the camera was and saw Natsu standing there with it in his hand. "I'll let you have it." He said throwing it at him and Nakamura fell through the window. Natsu then jumped out the window behind him. "Even with that, we will still beat you he said with a devious smile. Nakamura then jumped up and ran off, scared to death of Natsu.

It was dark out and Natsu turned to look at me. That's when I noticed the moon. "It's a full moon out tonight." I said looking at him. "Is something wrong?" I asked him because he seemed to have spaced out. "No, but what did you call me for?" He asked turning fully around to face me. I smiled at him. "If you really want to challenge me then I wont hold back." he said thinking along the wrong lines. "Happy birthday Natsu! Today is your birthday right?" I asked as I saw his shocked expression. He pulled out the letter from his jacket. "Then this is?" He asked confused. "Contests are contests, but special occasions should be celebrated." I said and smiled. I saw his face turn a light shade of pink and I was curious as to why but I brushed it off.

"We have to make it fun, just like a festival right?" I said. He seemed really happy and I was happy that I caused that genuine smile on his face. "With everyone." I said and he repeated until his face dropped and he looked scared. What the hell? I asked myself. Suddenly you could hear the sound of a guitar in the background. He turned to see all our friends standing up on a stage. Gajeel was on the guitar, Levy was on the violin, Gray was on bass, Mira was at the keyboard and Erza was in front of the mic. "This is a present from everyone in Fairy tail" I said to Natsu. He suddenly turned to me. "You have heard Erza's singing before haven't you?" He asked like he was panicking. "Huh? No I haven't that's funny, Mira asked the same thing." I saw that everyone was putting ear plugs in which confused me even more.

"I can't wait to hear what kind of voice she has." I said really excited. Natsu suddenly turned around and ran towards the stage. "No wait!" He yelled but he didn't make it in time. Erza opened her mouth and a loud ear splitting sound came out, I felt like ripping my ears off.

~The next day (At the greenhouse)~

Gray, Erza, Levy, Mira and Gajeel were all sitting around drinking tea and talking about the event that happened last night. Turns out Natsu stayed home today since he wasn't feeling good from hearing Erza's song. Then suddenly I came running in, I was so happy. I called out to everyone and was waving my test results in the air. "Hey look everyone! I got a 100%!" I shouted happily. I received some congrats and Gray said. "That would mean that Lucy got first." I giggled when he said that. I was so overjoyed right now. "Wait who says Lucy got first?" Natsu said walking in. We were all shocked to even see him here since we were under the impression that he was staying home. Levy stood up and asked how Natsu did on his test and he flung the results towards me. I quickly opened it curiously. "After pointing out an error the teacher made, he awarded me an additional five points." He said. I instantly grew upset. His results said '105%'.

"Sorry but not this time, miss rank two." He said teasingly. I felt that weight drop on me once more. And of course my response is, "DON'T CALL ME MISS RANK TWO!" I shouted. It feels like we are always going around in a circle. Damnit! Why can I never pass him! "I swear I will beat you one of these days!" I yelled and he just smiled at me.

~To be continued~