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It's another day, another beautiful morning. Another day that I am greeted at the front gate by all the fans. And it was just another morning where I found myself scolding those said fans. "I told you to address me normally!" I yelled. But they would never listen. Tomorrow I will find myself scolding them for the same reason. I sighed when I turned and saw Mira coming my way. "Hey Mira!" I said smiling. She waved as she came towards me. "Hey Lucy, let's go! The test results are out!" She said dragging me towards the school.

We walked over to the board that posted the results and I could feel the excitement pulsing through me. As I glanced at the board Gajeel came over. "Tsk, seventh again." He said in his normal grumpy voice. Then Gray and Erza came over and of course they were all in the same ranking as usual. We stood there and greeted each other until Gray of course had to bring up food. "I'm so hungry! Oi Mira, make me some food!" He yelled at Mira and of course Erza grabbed the nearest thing to her which happened to be the board with all the results on it and smacked Gray upside the head with it.

"Is that how you ask Gray!" She yelled and I laughed as she put the board back where it was. I was always curious as to how this girl seemed to have super human strength but then I remembered that I never checked my ranking. I turned around to find Natsu standing behind me just inches from me. I jumped back in surprise at his sudden appearance. The smile disappeared from his face as he lowered his head. "Congratulations Lucy." He said in a low voice. I stared at him for a second before what he said really hit me. No way! Did I really beat him? I ran around him quickly and scanned the board. But instead of my name listed first it was Natsu's. I felt my blood boiling when I heard the snicker behind me.

"You got second this time too." He said walking up behind me. I dropped my face hitting the ground in disappointment. I suddenly jumped "Natsu! I swear I will-" I started but Natsu cut me off. "Yeah yeah, we know. You will beat me one day." He said in a sarcastic tone. The only reason I entered this school was to beat this guy and I have yet to succeed. And all he does is make fun of me. "I can't believe you got second again. You sure like being ranked second don't you, miss rank two." He said while smirking. I once again felt the weight of the boulder on me. "DON'T CALL ME MISS RANK TWO!" I shouted.

~Back at the greenhouse~

Mira was serving everyone food and tea while they chatted lightly about all sorts of things. Gray of course started to reach for the food when Erza smacked him on the back of the head. "You eat last! If anyone should eat first it should be Lucy since she is trying so hard." She said to him in an angry tone. She then turned to me and saw that I wasn't paying attention. "Hey Lucy, you should take a break and eat something." She said as I continued to read. I glanced over in Natsu's direction and saw him sitting back and drinking tea. "I will definitely crush Natsu on the next test. While he sits there and leisurely sips his tea I have been reading all these books to study for the next test." I said while cackling, earing looks from my friends.

Natsu then turned to me with a smile. "Oh really. In that case, I can read all these books while leisurely drinking my tea." He said as twice the amount of books I had appeared behind him. I gritted my teeth then stood up. "In that case I am able to read while doing this!" I said while reading a book in my left hand, twirling an umbrella in my right. Balancing a plate on a stick on my foot and a teapot on a stick in my mouth. And then three times the amount of books Natsu had appeared around me. And then the competition started. We were going back and forth trying to beat each other as usual, not paying any attention to the ones around us.

"Those two are at it again." Levy said while giggling. "Oh by the way, I heard that the student council president just came back to school yesterday." Mira said, she is always one to know what kind of gossip is going around. "The president?" Gray asked looking confused. "Yeah, they say that he often disappears and then shows up days to weeks later and no one know's what he is doing." Mira said. Me and Natsu had finally settled down and joined in on the conversation. "Student council president? I didn't realize we had one." I said trying to think back and see if I remember ever hearing about him. "The student council president is chosen from the second highest class." Natsu started. "Hmm, the second highest class. That makes me want to support them." I said grinning. "That's because you are second place buddies. Isn't that right Miss rank two." He said and my face dropped with the feeling of the boulder landing on me.

I jumped up from where I was sitting. "DON'T CALL ME MISS RANK TWO!" I shouted for the second time today. A few feet away from us appeared three other students. The one standing in the middle had blue hair with a strange red tattoo on his face. On his left was a girl with long dark purple hair and on the other side was a girl with long pink hair that was tied back. The girl with purple hair had it pulled back with a white head band that had a bow on it. And the pink haired girl had a purple bandanna tied around her head. "Don't call us second place buddies." The middle guy said with an air of authority about him.

"Who are you again?" I asked tilting my head to the side. The guy with blue hair sweat dropped and the girls to next to him moved closer to him. "How do you not know who he is?" The pink haired girl said. "This is the child prodigy and the top ranked student among the normal classes, he is Jellal Fernandez." The purple haired girl stated. "Also known as the student council president." The pink haired girl chimed in. "Okay then who are you two?" I asked wondering why they were so defensive of him. "My name is Ultear Milkovich and she is Meredy." The purple haired girl said. "So your the one who always mysteriously disappears and no one know's what your doing during those times." Gray stated. "How could someone be class president who is always taking time off from school and never gives a legit reason?" Erza said. "So what business does the class president have with us?" I asked.

"Did you really forget what you did to Jellal-sama this morning?" The girl named Ultear said. We all looked at her confused, unsure of what she was talking about. "When he arrived at school, he was getting out of his car at the front gate when you knocked him down running towards her!" Meredy stated pointing from Mira then to me. "Anyway, we have come with a challenge." Jellal stated holding up an envelope. I was immediately interested once I heard about it being a challenge. I walked over to stand right in front of the president as he watched me. I then smiled at him and said "Good luck then president." At that moment, unknowing to me but a dark shadow appeared over Natsu's features.

"I love guys with courage!" I stated happy to have someone new to compete against. Suddenly the shadow on Natsu's face became a dangerously deadly aura which I did not notice. "L-love?" Jellal stated blushing. He then glaced towards Erza which I didn't fail to notice. The next thing I knew a book went flying past me and hit Jellal in the face causing him to have a nose bleed. I turned around to see who threw it and saw Natsu standing up. Clearly it was him who did it. "Pardon me president, but if your going to take it that far then we wont mind accepting your challenge." Natsu stated darkly with his evil aura spreading around. "Fine, we shall work out the details later." They said before the girls went running out dragging Jellal with them. I was getting pumped just thinking about this upcoming battle!

~A little while later, walking down the halls~

There was a crowd surrounding a poster on the wall. We walked over to see what was going on when the poster read.

"Student Council President Vs Fairy Tail! The challenge will be Pro Wrestling!"

The picture showed two guys that are clearly not high school students but on the flyer it says that the challengers can choose any challenge and the way it will be battled. I guess they chose not to battle themselves. The flyer also said that each side is to chose two wrestlers and of course everyone looked towards me. Me and Natsu were the best to do this since we are the best fighters in town. I was starting to get really excited. This is going just the way I would want it too. "Naturally I will be participating! And you as well right Natsu?!" I shouted while turning to him. He rubbed the back of his head like he was bored then agreed.

~The next day, in the gym~

Me and Natsu are in the gym training. We have been training hard for hours and the gym was practically destroyed. "Shall we take a break?" Natsu asked me and I nodded while wiping the sweat off my forehead. We sat down on a bench and used towels to remove all the sweat from us when I tuned to Natsu. "Hey Natsu, since we already know all the info about the upcoming battle, how about a little competition between just us?" He raised an eyebrow at me but honestly he should have been expecting this. "Competition?" He asked waiting for me to explain. "Yeah, whoever manages to execute the most moves during the match gets to make the other to obey one command." I said pumping my fist. "You seem really happy about this." He said still wiping his forehead. "Yep! I love contests!" I said while jumping off the bench. "Very well I accept." He said while leaning forward. "Then it's on! Now lets continue our training!" I shouted while throwing my towel into the air.

~To be continued~