Hey there, those two or three of you in the audience who are holding out hope for another chapter. I actually did have one halfway written, but, well, what happened was I ended up suicidally depressed and crashed and burned!

I'm still here and things are better, but in the process of upgrading to Win7, I formatted computer and lost all my notes for this story. Sucks, right? But if you've read Scarlet Weather's fantastic reviews you'll know it needed rewriting anyway, so I'm going to get on that.

And now the bad news: I've ultimately decided, after some testing back and forth, that I'd rather write around Yu-Gi-Oh! - the raisins that go into it aren't necessarily good ones, and they ultimately boil down to the fact that I think it's more fun to write around Yu-Gi-Oh! than Vanguard. I'll happily debate the points with you in PMs, but this isn't the place for OPINIONS so I won't go into it here. So, as a result, I'm going to take some of the major things about this here story and rewrite it around Yu-Gi-Oh! one. I'd like to offer up major thanks to Scarlet Weather for blowing my shitty writing into the smashed realm – anyone who looked at those reviews and thought 'that was mean'? If you're a writer, stop right now, because you don't have what it takes. That's exactly the kind of shit a writer needs to hear, both when they're learning and when they're writing professionally; this isn't a profession for the thin-skinned. Ranting aside, I don't know if you YGO, but I hope you'll look at the rewrite as well, simply because I know I can trust you to completely destroy me if I'm screwing up.

Thanks as usual to everyone who stuck around, read my bad writing, and encouraged me; you can't overestimate how much it means to a writer to be encouraged in their work.

In the morning, I removed a comma; in the afternoon, I put it back in.

- Oscar Wilde