Chapter 1: Speeding Start

I know, I decided to do another fic on The Mole, this does NOT have any connection to the OC one or my OC fics, there's also only 10 this time, enjoy!

If you don't know what The Mole is, it's a TV show where the players compete in extreme and team working challenges to earn money for the 'Team Pot', and the winner will take all of the money in the pot home. But it's not that easy, among the players is a traitor, that person is the Mole. Their job is to sabotage the efforts of the team. At the end of each episode, the one who knows the least about the Mole will be sent home empty-handed. The elimination goes on and on until the final episode, where only 3 will be left, 2 players and of course, the Mole. They will take the final quiz and the highest scorer will be the winner, and the other player will be the Mole's final victim, leaving empty-handed after all their hard work.

That's basically how The Mole works, but the only thing that would keep the players in the game in the answer to this question: WHO IS THE MOLE?

Monty Mole, the host is waiting for the players at the giant 100m waterslide, the game will be in Peach's Castle for the first episode. He watched as the first 2 players ran to him, a map in the female toad's hands.

The male koopa breathed a sigh of relief. "Are we late?" He asked, Monty knew who is was, EVERYONE knew who this koopa is, Monty chuckled at the statement.

"No you're not late young prince." He answered, the female toad sighed in relief.

"Phew." She wiped away a sweat on her forehead.

Name: Junior

Surname: Koopa

Birthday: August 25

Occupation: Prince/ Lawyer

Name: Toadiko

Surname: Toadlina

Birthday: April 16

Occupation: Chef

"Oh, Junior and Toadiko, here's the next pair of players." Monty smiled as the duo turned around, a famous tomboy princess and a white ghost came towards them.

"Hi there!" The princess shouted as she waved the map in her hands to the host and the 2 players.

The ghost is out of breath, "I hope we're not late." He hoped.

"Nope, you're quite early." Monty smiled, the ghost sighed in relief as the princess cheered.

Name: Daisy

Surname: Saraoral

Birthday: May 9

Occupation: Princess/ Tennis Coach

Name: Boo

Surname: Ghostly

Birthday: June 19

Occupation: Scientist

Monty smiled even more as he saw a man with purple clothing and a pink dinosaur approaching, the pink dinosaur have their map.

"I hope we're not late." The dinosaur hoped.

"Same, I hope that we're in time." The man also hoped.

"Nope, you're early actually." Monty told them, they sighed in relief.

Name: Waluigi

Surname: Wario

Birthday: January 30

Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Name: Birdo

Surname: Bowron

Birthday: December 18

Occupation: Teacher

"Players, here comes the 4th pair." Monty announced, they watched as a male red-shelled koopa with wings and a female monkey came.

"I don't think we're late…" The koopa thought.

The monkey rolled her eyes, "Neh, I don't think we're late either, even though 6 people had already arrived."

"You're in time, please hand me the map." Monty told them, the koopa gave him the map.

Name: Dixie

Surname: Kong

Birthday: February 22

Occupation: Household

Name: Paratroopa

Surname: Glides

Birthday: August 3

Occupation: Helicopter Pilot

"You are late." Monty chuckled, the players looked towards the last two, the male lightly tanned koopa handed Monty the map as the female human with a mysterious aura around her sighed.

"No penalties, right?" She asked, Monty nodded.

The koopa sighed in relief, "Phew, I thought I'm screwed for a moment."

Monty chuckled, "Ha, here's all of the players."

Name: Boomerang

Surname: Flitaly

Birthday: September 11

Occupation: Security Guard

Name: Rosalina

Surname: Galaxer

Birthday: November 8

Occupation: Scholar/ Princess

"Alright!" Monty coughed, the players faced him, "Welcome to The Mole: Tricky Enemy!" He announced, "In this game, one of you could win up to 500,000 coins!" The players are shocked at this, it only said 'adventure game show' on the newspaper.

"That's a lot of money…" Toadiko dreamed.

"Then what about the other 9?" Rosalina asked, confused.

Monty chuckled, "Nothing, or should I say, 7 of you will not even complete the journey."

Waluigi raised an eyebrow, "What?" He asked.

Monty chuckled even more, "That's because every few days, there's a 10 questioned quiz, the lowest scorer on the quiz will be 'executed' and leave imminently, that person will have to face a red screen instead of a green screen… But that all lies ahead." He finished.

"What is it quiz based on? I'm not very smart." Boomerang pointed out.

Monty held his laughter, "The quiz will be based on who is the Mole." They looked at him as if he was mad, "You'll have to complete challenges to win certain money, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But one of you are not aiming for the wins, that person is hired by us to sabotage the missions, that person is the Mole. They'll have nothing to worry about on the quizzes because they'll just have to answer themselves. The executions goes on and on until only 3 were left, the quiz that determines the final 3 will have 15 questions and the final quiz will have to go all the way back to day 1, that questionnaire have 20 questions." He smiled, "But now, only one of you knows who the Mole is and that's the Mole themselves. So, everyone understands the rules?" Monty asked, they nodded, "Good, anyone want 15000 coins into the team pot?" He asked, they all nodded with excitement, "Well then please go up the ladder." Monty started climbing, the players following.

Daisy: I am sooooo going to have fun, this game sounds very tough though, I do expect to go sometime.

Toadiko: Once hearing the rules, I decided to trust someone first, it's always a great tactic and that's my strategy, I am going to cross people off my list instead of adding all the time.

Junior: I wonder what's the first mission waiting… Don't tell me it's sliding down the slide, I'm afraid of heights.

Paratroopa: This game is a game that you can all 'complicated', these people all seems nice and I want to make friends with them but you have to know there's a traitor all along.

Monty led them to the top of the slide, where the ride begins, 11 matts to sit on for the slide if waiting for them, Junior gulped, "Players, welcome to your first mission, your job is to slide down the 100m slide, it will be thrilling and fun, the Mole shouldn't really want to sabotage this or they are literally flying away with their identity revealed, if all 10 of you slides, then that's 15000 coins into the pot. You can prepare all you want, take your clothing off and all that. Who wants to go first?"

Toadiko was shaking at their task, she nearly fainted when she saw how high they really are. Junior also shuddered at their first challenge. The only ones seemed excited are Daisy, Boomerang and Dixie.

Boomerang: This will be so fun, I'm going to tell my pal Hammer, Fire and Ice about all the great things about this show.

Dixie: I hope Diddy is here, he loves these things but I already missed him even though the game had only started for 5 minutes.

Birdo: I'm hoping Yoshi will watch this, I never told him that I signed up for this… Oh dear, I'm missing my darling Yoshi, I hope someone could help me and comfort me soon… I really need to have someone to trust.

Waluigi: I knew that I'm going to fail at this, I suck when it comes to heights. Ugh… I hope Wario will not laugh at me for this.

Rosalina: 'Oh my' and 'Oh dear' was my first reaction, but then I started to get excited, living in space isn't so good sometimes, I'm trying my hardest to show that I'm not impressed by our task, that's my first tactic, letting their guards down.

Boo: Being a scientist doesn't really help you with this task. There's almost no need of science for this game… I knew something isn't going to work here.

Daisy jumped up, "I'll go!" She shouted, "Please!" She kept on going.

"Sure! Please grab a mat and sit on it then slide away!" Monty smiled.

"Yes!" Daisy cheered and stuffed her phone and purse in Toadiko's hands, "Please look after this for me." She smiled.

Monty waved his hands, "No need." He pointed to 10 baskets with the players' names on them, "That's where it will go, we'll need it for later use." He told them, they nodded and placed their electronic items and wallets in the baskets.

Daisy grinned and ran to the opening, she hopped and went on the slide, it rushed down, "WOOOOOOOO!" She shouted, having fun with the slide, when she landed in the water, she groaned, both from wet clothes (both Daisy and Rosalina will wear sport outfits throughout the game) and the ride being too short.

Daisy: I enjoyed that, I'm so riding this when I have spare time and I'm dragging Luigi along! I hated the water in my clothes though, I'm wearing bathers next time!

"Who's next?" Monty asked, "If you want to go next, nod." He held his laughter as he saw the results.

Toadiko didn't do anything as expected.

Junior didn't do anything as expected.

Waluigi didn't do anything as expected.

Rosalina didn't do anything much to her disappointment.

Boo didn't do anything, NOT expected.

Birdo shook her head in fright.

Dixie didn't do anything, NOT expected.

Paratroopa didn't do anything, expected.

Boomerang nodded, n- Wait he nodded!?

"I'm next." He smirked and grabbed a mat, he hopped down.

"YAHOOOO!" He shouted as he went down the slide.

He landed with a splash, his shell all wet, "Ugh…" He mumbled as he tried to tip the water in his shell out, earning laughs from the group.

"Haha! You're soaking wet!" Daisy joked, Boomerang glared at her with a slight blush, which made her laughter stronger.

Boomerang: Ok I'm NO good for waterslides, all the water will just get into my shell and then I'll prove myself as an idiot!

Dixie was the next to slide, she was screaming with fun and thrill, she groaned as she landed for almost the exact same reasons like the other 2.

"Ugh! So much water!" She yelled in frustration, "Seriously, ARE THERE TOWELS!?" She growled.

Dixie: I was very pissed off at the fact there aren't any towels, I HATE getting wet! But that's a fun fact about this game… If you consider this as fun because I bet this game is FULL of these stuff!

Paratroopa was the next to slide, he bit his lip in fear as he hopped off, screaming the whole way through, he fly straight up when he landed, earning dryness for himself.

"Oh come on! I was hoping to see you like me!" Boomerang's jaws dropped.

Paratroopa gave him a wink, "Too bad, I can fly." Boomerang growled in frustration at this.

Paratroopa: It seems like that I'm the only one who cannot get wet… No, Boo can fly as well… You really HAVE to see Boomerang's face at that second!

Rosalina thought that it's long enough so she was the next one to go, she was screaming in 'terror', but it was actually 'fun'.

"Oh dear." Rosalina stood up as she landed, all wet, "This isn't so good." She patted on her aqua shorts (remember, Daisy & Rosalina are in sport uniform all along).

Rosalina: This isn't so good… I'm soaking wet… But that's the game and the thrill! Love it! ... Oh no… I made a HUGE mistake there, oh dear… Leaving most of the nervous people up there…

The 5 that had already slide the waterslide prayed that their efforts aren't gone, they hoped that Waluigi, Toadiko, Birdo, Junior and Boo will slide.

"Please…" Rosalina begged, she sighed in relief as Waluigi came down, screaming in fear.

"Yes… Easy money…" Daisy wished, "Please, you 4 HAVE to slide on it, do it for 15000 coins…" She begged.

Waluigi landed with a thump, the group laughed at this.

"So, who's next?" Monty asked, the others' faces darkened, will they do it?

For 15000 coins?

Here's the first chapter, I'll try to keep 4 stories in track… Until next time!