Chapter 8: Food Frenzy

Here's the next chapter and I hope you know who the Mole is and catch a clue or two!

I decided that I'm putting some certain people that I know in, Toady should know who they are and if you don't know who they are when I introduce them, try to guess where they appeared in my other stories.

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Name: Junior

Surname: Koopa

Birthday: August 25

Occupation: Prince/ Lawyer

Name: Toadiko

Surname: Toadlina

Birthday: April 16

Occupation: Chef

Name: Daisy

Surname: Saraoral

Birthday: May 9

Occupation: Princess/ Tennis Coach

Name: Boo

Surname: Ghostly

Birthday: June 19

Occupation: Scientist

Name: Birdo

Surname: Bowron

Birthday: December 18

Occupation: Teacher

Name: Dixie

Surname: Kong

Birthday: February 22

Occupation: Household

Name: Paratroopa

Surname: Glides

Birthday: August 3

Occupation: Helicopter Pilot

Name: Boomerang

Surname: Flitaly

Birthday: September 11

Occupation: Security Guard

Name: Rosalina

Surname: Galaxer

Birthday: November 8

Occupation: Scholar/ Princess

Monty led the trio to the top of the town, which was a platform, Monty coughed, "See that cart that you store food and water with over there?" He asked, they nodded, "Your task was to gather the 8 ingredients in the slip of paper inside the cart, you'll have to beg for the food and then only 1 ingredient per house is allowed, you cannot go to any shops as it's Sunday today, also the day that the Mole will strike again. Just beware because the people who lives here speaks Spanish instead of English. Then with the ingredients make at least 5 pizzas in the house where you get your first ingredient from and get to the top of the church by 5 PM, if you did that then 5000 coins will be added to the pot and there's an English Spanish dictionary inside the cart as well as 5 pizza boxes. Good luck." With that he walked back down again.

"Hate him…" Junior mumbled, Paratroopa shrugged.

"I think we should get going now, I'll read the ingredients." He got the slip of paper and the dictionary. "Oh my god." He laughed, Boomerang wondered to the cart and opened it, the pizza box brand was The Mole.

"Anything wrong with that Para?" He asked, calling Paratroopa with a nickname.

Paratroopa rolled his eyes, "Nothing wrong, just that the list was difficult, I knew I shouldn't have been in this group."

"What's the list?" Junior wondered, Paratroopa sighed again.

"Ok I'll read it." He started reading and the other two wondered what some of the ingredients are and this is the list:

List of ingredients your task:




Olive Leaves





Junior: I doubt can we say all these things in Spanish or not, it's a really difficult you know. Asking for ingredients while you're the prince? Oh, my, god.

They started off with a big study, Paratroopa will be doing the speaking, Boomerang will be dragging the cart while Junior will be taking care of the list and what to say.

"I think we should start off with the flour." Junior suggested, Paratroopa nodded.

"I think it's pronounced as femenino according to the book." Paratroopa sighed and knocked on the door, a goomba popped out.

"¿Hola, le puedo ayudar señores?" Paratroopa froze and bit his lip.

"Err… Hello? Can we have some femenino?" He asked, he didn't realize that he just said 80% of it in English, Boomerang face-palmed while Junior held his laughter.

"Lo siento, ¿por qué dices harina? Yo no hablo inglés, lo siento, ¿te importaría pagar número 28 una visita por favor? Flona que vive allí habla varios idiomas." He told them, Paratroopa shook his head in defeat.

"Sorry." Paratroopa apologized in English and closed the door. He sighed and went to his teammates.

"You did a pretty horrifying job there Para." Boomerang laughed, they laughed at their failure attempt and went to the next door.

Paratroopa: This mission is a hard one and what's harder for me is that Boomerang started to treat me like his little brother, I don't know what he's thinking of but I don't think it's very good for me.

Boomerang: He are so doomed in this place, I wonder why did that goomba said '28', if you ask me about Para, then that's because I need information and that's my plan on getting information. It doesn't mean that Para is off my list at all.

While the chefs are having trouble with Spanish, the working out group needs to the same thing as the Wine Delivery mission in The Mole US 2 (Which was to ride a bike uphill, taking turns to ride and get a bottle of wine at the top then return to the church platform before 5 PM with the wine safe. They can carry the bike on their shoulders and the bike must arrive at the church as well, if that went well then that's 5000 coins) and Birdo was the first to do it, the team was on a disadvantage as there's only girls in the group of 3.

Toadiko: I feel that we will suck at this. I mean, it's only girls. No one here could really ride that much and then carry it all the way to the church.

After a nice 10 minutes, Birdo hopped off and Rosalina took over the riding, she is a little better than Birdo but not that great.

Rosalina: This mission will be extremely difficult as we need everyone to ride it and what we need is saving energy. I am a little bit better than Birdo but I doubt could Toadiko do the job or not.

Rosalina hopped off after another amount of time. Toadiko hopped on but can't really reach the petals.

"Are you going to help me with this?" She asked, worried, Rosalina sighed and hopped off the car.

"Here, I'll help you." She offered and helped Toadiko with her pedaling, after Toadiko rode off Rosalina went back.

"I don't think she rode a bike before, she's way too short for this job." Birdo told Rosalina, who nodded.

"I really think that she will have a lot of trouble with this." The space princess concluded.

Birdo: In the car Rosalina and I are talking about our thing again, we're in a coalition and Toadiko is defiantly suspicious as she cannot do the job well, I don't think she will suck this much. Have she never rode a bike before? She should have.

The last group was in the cold storage, solving yet another quiz but there's 4 optional answers. Their job was almost the same, last night the producers asked them their favorite ice-cream flavor and the group's job was to make the accurate flavor of ice-cream and fill up the entire box with the player's name on it with the ice-cream. They'll need to solve yet another quiz but easier as there's a selection of answers for each question. After they've done the job they'll put the boxes into the easy carrying fridge and take it to the church. If the thing is done all accurately and they arrive at the church platform before 5 PM, that's 5000 coins into the pot.

Daisy: It's a bit hard a concentrate when you're really cold. There are tubs of ice-cream here but what flavor does everyone like, that's the answers on the quiz, ugh!

The quiz:

Q1. What sport does Daisy like to play the most? A. Baseball (Green Tea) B. Tennis (Cookies & Cream) C. Soccer (Chocolate) D. Basketball (Vanilla)

Q2. Which pal of Boomerang's does he prefer to live with the most? A. Hammer (Chocolate) B. Fire (Cookies & Cream) C. Ice (Strawberry) D. He doesn't really care which one (Rainbow)

Q3. How many siblings does Junior have? A. 5 (Strawberry) B. 10 (Vanilla) C. 7 (Chocolate) D. None (Green Tea)

Q4. Which high school did Rosalina went to? A. Powerstar High (Rainbow) B. Koopa High (Cookies & Cream) C. Mushroom High (Strawberry) D. 1-Up High (Vanilla)

Q5. Which airline does Paratroopa work in? A. Mushroom Airline (Chocolate) B. Ohtoad Airline (Cookies & Cream) C. Lumastar Airline (Vanilla) D. Everykoopa Airline (Green Tea)

Q6. What year level is Birdo teaching next year? A. Year 1 (Strawberry) B. Year 6 (Rainbow) C. Year 3 (Vanilla) D. She will be a specialist teacher next year (Chocolate)

Q7. What is Dixie's lucky number? A. 13 (Chocolate) B. 999 (Green Tea) C. 45 (Rainbow) D. 7 (Vanilla)

Q8. What's Boo's quote? A. BOO! (Cookies & Cream) B. Hehehehehehehehehe… (Chocolate) C. Weeeeeeee! (Green Tea) D. Lol. (Strawberry)

Q9. What's Toadiko's best dish? A. Mushroom Stake (Chocolate) B. Fried Mushrooms (Green Tea) C. Shroom Cake (Strawberry) D. Mistake (Cookies & Cream)

Dixie: … I doubt would this be easy or not, it's WAY too complicated, too bad that none of the 3 of us took notes of who ate which flavor ice-cream last night for dessert after dinner. Can't be a coincidence as there are 9 of each flavor, plus there's only 6 flavors and they are the 6 involved in the quiz.

They started off with their own questions, after a brief 15 minutes and a few failure attempts, Boo, Daisy and Dixie's boxes are now in the mini cart fridge.

Done: Daisy (Cookies & Cream), Dixie (Vanilla) and Boo (Chocolate)

To go: Boomerang, Toadiko, Paratroopa, Rosalina, Birdo and Junior

Boo: There are some super easy questions and at the same time, super hard questions, like Junior's was the easiest and Birdo's will be the hardest.

The cooking team was in some trouble, it's already 12 PM and they have none out of the 8 ingredients.

Junior and Paratroopa was trying something different as they are working together for the first ingredient, any ingredient will be fine with them.

They said the same thing with body language at the same time to a teenage male koopa troopa that had a light blue shell and a red star face-paint on his left cheek (Toady might know who he is). "Hola, tenemos algunas harina, salsa de tomate, tomates, queso, aceite, jamón, hojas de olivo y setas por favor? ¿Sólo queremos uno de los ingredientes, por favor?" They asked at the same time. The koopa looked rather confused.

"Um… I'm sorry but do you speak English? I don't speak Spanish." He told them, they burst into laughter.

Junior: We spent all that time looking up the words to say and bang! There's an English speaking koopa right in front of us.

"Sorry." Paratroopa quickly apologized, "We are playing a game and would you please give us some flour please?" He asked, the koopa rolled his eyes.

"What do you need it for?" He asked.

Paratroopa laughed before saying anything, "Baking a pizza." The koopa looked confused.

"Ok then, please come in." They went inside his house and the koopa gave them some flour.

"Woo! Thanks!" Boomerang cheered.

"It's okay." The koopa rolled his eyes once more.

Paratroopa ticked the flour in the list, "If you don't mind, could you tell us if there are any more English speakers around here? It would be the best if they speak Spanish as well."

The koopa rolled his eyes again, "Sure, I'll take you to one of my friends."

"Thanks." Junior thanked him and they went to number 28.

Boomerang: I think this is what number 28 means, there should be an English speaker around here or living right here.

Paratroopa: It's a life saving thing that we met this koopa, he might save the 5000 coins from going down the drain.

Ok here's the next chapter, I'm catching yet another plane this afternoon so I'm sorry but I cannot tell you what's up with the other 2 groups yet, if you want to know who these people are, they are my OCs, also the contestants in The Mole: Saboteur Investigation ^^'. I just used them for fun… Until next time!