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A lot of things have changed about this story. You'll notice some different character descriptions and even names. You'll find more description about just what exactly these crazy kids do. And, now that I'm actually the age of my own characters, I know how teenagers behave. We sleep 'till noon, eat a crap ton of food, burp, down some sodas, watch South Park (guilty Style shipper, shoot me now), and sleep some more. So it's gonna be more accurate now.

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All was deathly silent.

Well, okay, it wasn't deathly silent. You could hear breathing.

But from who?

Suddenly two pairs of eyes blinked open; one pair was violet, the other green. A light was turned on with the flick of a switch and the owners of the eyes were revealed.

A girl stood up from an uncomfortable crouching position, and her eyes were the violet ones, flashing and full of power, inherited from her mother. She had also received her mother's deep brown hair, which fell in waves past her shoulders and was cut off choppily about half-way down her back. On her head rested a golden circlet, pressing her long bangs down over her eyes. She wore a slight frown along with a red tunic, a gold sash tying it firmly around her waist. But she wore a black hoodie over this to try and pull off the spy look.

..she wasn't pulling off the spy look.

The girl whispered, "Come on, Mi, it's just down here." There was a gentle creaking of wooden floorboards as she crept down the stairs as stealthily as she could. The light she had turned on for the stairwell slowly faded as she hopped down to the ground floor of their home.

A boy who looked to be slightly younger followed her with a bitingly sarcastic, "No, Sarah, I had no idea where the basement was, it's not like I've lived in this house my whole life or anything." She shot a disgruntled glare at him and jumped, ninja-style, into the main room.

Silence once again.

"Sarah, I can sense something," Milo whispered. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate. "Heartbeats—they're all around us." To this boy, the slight ba-bump of the average heartbeat was like the pounding of a bongo drum – but only when he cast a certain spell. He wasn't that cool.

Milo looked almost nothing like his elder sister; messy black hair smashed down with a baseball hat, the bright emerald eyes of Magyk, and stocky rather than shapely in appearance. But he was the smarter of the two, which he brought up at every opportunity.

Sarah, who had been named after her adoptive grandmother, rolled her eyes and called out, "Silas, Nora, Marcus, we know you're down here!"

Because yelling when you're trying to sneak out at sometime late at night makes complete sense.

Three shapes, two with green eyes and one with blue crept out from behind unknown objects in the dark.

One of them stood up, walked casually over to the wall without walking into it and flipped another switch. An overhead light turned on and the shapes were proven to be teenagers.

Nora stood taller than her younger, identical twin brothers. She had long, silky, platinum blonde hair that went down to her waist. Her brilliant blue Northern eyes reflected her heritage. A royal blue cloak draped across her shoulders, clasped with a golden "N." Aside from that, she wore a simple blue sweater and skinny jeans.

Her brothers, Marcus and Silas Jr., stood leaning on each other. When you first looked at them, you couldn't tell them apart. But when you looked at them closely...you still couldn't tell them apart.

They had curly straw-colored hair, green Magyk eyes like Milo, and wore matching black outfits made up of cloaks, t-shirts, and baggy jeans. They were exactly the same height.

This group of five were cousins. They were once called "the Royal Rambles" by a rather irritated ExtraOrdinary Wizard ghost when they were very little, and to her dismay and chagrin, it stuck as their official nickname.

"I'm guessing you guys are sneaking out," commented Silas. "We were just about to do the same. However," - he shot a glare at Marcus as he spoke - "we had a bit of an argument as to where we were gonna go."

"We were heading for that big new Entertainment area," replied Milo excitedly. "Do you know they have these awesome new games out that they only let people play from midnight to 4:00 in the morning? Apparently you can play Deus Ex: Human Revolution on a 50-foot-screen. And I've heard it's super high quality."

"Damn, man, that's awesome," Marcus said in awe. "Let's go. Like, right now."

"Hold it right there."

Nora had just switched off the light and the teens were moments away from opening the small back door when a tall figure with bright green eyes appeared in front of them. "Crap," muttered Silas. "Figures tonight's the one night he decides to spend at home."

Their uncle and ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap stood there. They knew it before he turned the light back on. He had the kind of stature you just couldn't ignore – it wasn't that he was super tall or anything, he was just really powerful, and everyone knew that. He was the only authority figure the kids would actually listen to. Sometimes.

"This is what, the fourth time you've tried to sneak out in..three days?" They glanced at each other and shrugged.

He sighed. "Well, since you're up, and I'm up, I suppose this is an appropriate time to announce my news." He took a long pause before saying it, just to be dramatic.

Septimus didn't have any children and didn't wish to. He had no apprentice either, but that was no surprise. Everyone knew that whoever became the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice would have to go through the Test.

The Test was basically something that the Royal Rambles had created a few years previously, mainly to keep weird and random kids from the street from trying to join their group. Not that they were stuck-up royal brats – these kids were just weird.

Ever since Septimus had expressed interest in taking an Apprentice, Sarah had the brilliant idea to turn the Test into something completely different and take it up a notch. For the sake of everyone's sanity, I'll just say it involves various foodstuffs, Bogle Bugs, and running all over the damn countryside.

After the RRs explained it all to Septimus and described in detail what would happen to the poor, sad Apprentice, he decided for the good of all upcoming young Wizards to avoid that trainwreck for a while.

So the teens were rather surprised when Septimus declared, "I've found the next ExtraOrdinary Apprentice!"

I guess "surprised" was an understatement. Silas turned white as a sheet, gasped loudly, and began hiccuping; Marcus assumed an odd facial expression, proclaimed loudly, "This is an effed up dream!" and proceeded to punch himself repeatedly; Nora twisted her face into grotesque looks (but proceeded to start giggling at her own antics five seconds later); Milo just shouted, "What?!" and Sarah screamed, "PREPARE THE PEANUT BUTTER!"

They all turned to look at her. She glanced at each of their faces and said nonchalantly, "Oh, did I forget to tell you guys about that addition? Right, remind me to write that down."

Septimus rolled his eyes. "Alright, you guys, listen. After you scared off that one potential Apprentice, I made you guys edit your crazy Test. But I know you put more stuff in," - he glared pointedly at Sarah, who twiddled her thumbs and grinned in response - "so I'd kindly ask not to permanently damage the poor kid in any way, for example, throwing a brick at his face for no apparent reason."

"It was to test his reflexes," Sarah mumbled under her breath.

Their uncle cleared his throat loudly. "Anyway, he's staying in one of the hotels in town before he officially moves in, so you might run into him before the Apprentice Supper."

"Okey dokey – wait, does that mean we have to go to the dumb thing?" complained Silas. Marcus elbowed him. "Dude! Do you know how much freakin food is at those suppers? It's going to be legendary." Silas promptly shut up.

Septimus sighed. "Yes, you all are required to come. Listen, it's not gonna be that bad," he said coaxingly to the groaning Nora, Milo, and Sarah, who weren't exactly as thrilled by the whole food thing as the twins. Marcus and Silas were the only two out of the five who 1) enjoyed sports and 2) ate more than Spit Fyre. (Damn them and their fantastic metabolism!)

"He's 15, and he's kind of quiet. He's also..erm, very sarcastic, cynical, into dark humor, you know, I bet you guys are really gonna like him," he continued wryly. Milo stuck his tongue out. "Pbbbft."

Septimus clapped his hands. "Well, that's enough talk for..2:00 in the morning, god, why am I awake? Oh yeah, teenagers. I'm so glad I don't have kids, you guys are enough. No offense," He added with a sheepish grin. Sarah waved it off. "Don't worry, we wouldn't want ourselves as kids either."

"I'm going to go upstairs, and I'm going to watch you guys go up said stairs, and you're going to get into your beds and not come out of them until after the sun has risen," he said sternly.

"And you are not going to make a bunch of noise and you're not going to wake me up via rubber chicken again. I think I'm still deaf in my right ear. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Uncle Sep," they replied gloomily in unison. He smiled. "Great! Come on now, chop chop." He ushered them upstairs.

After they got up to the fourth floor where they all slept, and where Septimus was sleeping in the guest room for the night, he stood in the hallway and watched them open their doors, walk into their rooms, and close the doors.

After the last door closed, Septimus nodded his head, satisfied, and was about to go to bed when one of the doors opened and one of the Royal Rambles stuck her head out of the door. "Hey, Uncle Sep?"

He gritted his teeth. "Yes, Sarah?"

She was grinning maniacally. "What exactly is this Apprentice's name?"

He was relieved; usually with Sarah it was something like, "Watch out for cows," or "I wouldn't feed Spit Fyre before 7:30 tomorrow."

"Well, Sarah, his name's Koren."

She repeated it soundlessly. "And what does he look like? I just wanna know so I'm not like, 'Holy crap, he's ugly!' or something when I see him."

Septimus rolled his eyes. "Well, he has kinda scraggly black hair, green eyes, obviously, um..he's pretty skinny and he's really pale. He's about six inches taller than you, a bit taller than the twins, and he always wears this black cloak of his that has a silver K embroidered on the back. I wonder who made it for him.."

"Excellent, thank you, Uncle Sep. That's very helpful." Still grinning, she ducked back inside her room and slammed the door.

Sarah had the last door on the left. After she had shut the door in a not exactly quiet fashion, she jumped on her bed and pulled out her phone. She proceeded to text Nora.

Give it five minutes and then we're going out again.

Seconds later her phone binged with a reply.

Lol. So, a giant 'eff you' to Uncle Sep, then?

Sarah smirked.

Of course, Nora, how long have you known me? Anyway, pass it on that we're gonna leave soon.

Alright, will do.

At exactly 2:13 AM, five teenagers stood on the window balconies outside of their rooms. The wind viciously howled around them. Sarah glared up at where a long rope used to hang. "God-dammit! Who took down our rope?!"

Marcus and Silas shrugged simultaneously. "Maybe that lady across the street thought it was her clothes line again," suggested Nora.

Sarah stared at her. "Nora, it was her clothes line, I told everyone when we set it up, seriously, do you ever pay any attention to what I say?" The blonde just rolled her eyes in response. "Then why did you bother to rhetorically question who took it down?"

"Because I like shouting," Sarah replied casually.

"Oh! I think I have the solution." Milo ducked back into his room and not long later, came out with a bunch of bungee cords.

"Okay, so it's not the same as a rope, and it might not work out that well, but I don't know if we have any other options," he said hurriedly as he began to hook them together.

"I'd rather wonder how you still have those bungee cords when Mom made us get rid of them after that whole thing with the corn-rabbit-Wizard Tower incident," Sarah remarked, folding her arms.

Milo pushed his hat higher up his head. "Please, Sarah. Everyone knows I'm the smart one."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Whatever, little brother. So what's your 'brilliant plan?'" She air quoted the last two words.

He scowled at her. "I..haven't thought of one."

"Well, lucky for everyone, I just did," announced Marcus. "Milo, toss those over." His black-haired cousin complied and Marcus caught them easily.

"Okay, so here's my idea. It's relatively simple. We hook every single one of these together and wrap the hooks in duct tape so they can't fall apart."

"Fantastic!" exclaimed Sarah, clapping her hands together in exaggerated interest. Or maybe she was just being Sarah. "Go on."

He raised an eyebrow at her and continued. "After we've done that we hook one of the end cords to one of the balconies above us." Marcus jabbed his finger upwards. "And then, one of us grabs the other end and we throw him or her off of the balcony and hope he or she can hook it to one of the buildings across the street. If he or she is not able to do so, he or she will fall to the ground but it's okay – they're bungee cords, they're stretchy, he or she will be absolutely fine. We will then reel it back up and the rest of us will proceed."

The others nodded their agreement. "Sounds like a plan. Now, who's gonna jump?" Silas asked, looking at everyone.

Their eyes all settled on one person.

"Alright, fine, I'll do it." With a low grumble, Sarah resigned herself to be thrown off of a fourth-floor balcony.

"Excellent!" said Milo cheerfully. "I'll get the duct tape." He jumped back into his room before his sister cast her I-will-slowly-kill-you-and-make-your-loved-ones-watch-you-die glare at him.

It took them a while to finish hooking the bungee cords together and wrapping the hooks in the duct tape, and by the end of it, there was tape stuck to just about everything in the vicinity and sore spots where the teens had yanked it off of themselves.

"OW! Milo, it's stuck in my hair! Get it out!"

"Oh god, there's a piece right across that bruise I got last week! Sweet baby muffin top that's gonna hurt like hell."


"Silas, I can't reach this last piece on my back, can you get it off?"

"Right after I get this long strip off of my pants."


"Sarah, stop moving around or I'm gonna get it in your face!"


Many painful minutes later, the RRs were tape-free and ready to carry out the plan. Marcus hoisted Silas up to one of the upper balconies and Silas wrapped the hook around a decorative hollow stone sphere.

Marcus eased him off of his shoulders and Silas almost fell off the lower balcony. "Alright, we are good to go!"

Sarah gripped tightly to the non-attached end of the long line of bungee cords. Though she would never admit it, she was actually a little bit scared.

What if I fall? What if I fall and then I bash my head against the wall and I die? What if my head explodes? That would actually be pretty cool. No, that would suck! I'd be dead! I can't do this, my head's gonna explode and I'm gonna die in a cool way but I'm still gonna die. I'm not going to -

"So long!" sang Nora as she shoved her younger cousin off of the balcony.

Sarah's eyes bulged open at the sudden rush of air and closeness of the cobblestone street below, and began screaming. As she screamed, she squeezed her eyes shut.

Her scream was so loud that people four streets away heard it, and nearly spilled their cups of tea all over their nightgowns. Or whatever old people did at 3:00 in the morning.

Her scream was so loud that an old man in one of the buildings nearby had a heart attack and nearly died.

Her scream was so loud that one of the night watchmen patrolling below went almost completely deaf.

This legendary scream continued for a good 20 seconds before Sarah realized she wasn't falling through empty space anymore. She was dangling. Slowly she reached out her left leg and opened one eye.

She was a foot off of the ground.

Sighing in relief, she slid down from the cord and waved up at the others, who were clutching the sides of their heads in pain.

"It's okay, guys, you can come down!"

They removed their hands from their ears and glared at her. She just shrugged and sat against the wall.

It took a while and quite a bit of shouting/screaming (though not even close to as loud as Sarah's), but eventually they were all down on the ground.

"What's our time?" asked Silas, as Nora pulled out her phone. "2:46. Not bad. We have about an hour."

"To the Entertainment Center!" Sarah proclaimed, sticking her finger into the air.

Milo, who had the better sense of direction, led everyone through the sleepy or not-so-sleepy neighborhoods and streets (it wasn't like 'the city that never sleeps,' more like, 'the small group of streets in the middle of the Castle where the people stay up until 3 and sleep 'till mid-afternoon and don't actually do anything') – you could hear kids screaming and the sounds of things exploding and the barking of dogs.

"Sheesh, uncivilized much?"

"Says Sarah," replied Milo with a shit-eating grin. He then had to scramble to run as fast as he could before his big sister strangled him with her outstretched hands.

The twins, laughing, chased after them, and Nora followed at a slower pace.

The Entertainment Center wasn't that far away, but they did have to head down some busy streets. Now, they weren't exactly super busy at almost 3 in the morning, but there were still some people out and about, who knows why.

The Royal Rambles weren't stupid. They were scatterbrained and occasionally illogical and took risks, but they most definitely weren't stupid.

They understood that if they were seen wandering around at night, they might get reported and sent back home.

And that Queen Jenna had instructed the local guards not to let her daughter order them around.

So they crept rather cautiously down the sides of the road, keeping to the shadows. Sarah strode in front of them, her hood shrouding her face in darkness, the long strands of her hair fluttering in the wind. She pulled the hood low on her face and reflected on how cool that must look.

Then there was a loud thud. Everyone whirled around to see that Marcus had fallen flat on his face; he had tripped over a rock. Growling, he hobbled to his feet, yelled dramatically, "SCREW YOU, ROCK, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT MY LIFE IS LIKE!" and kicked the stone far down the street, where it landed in a fountain with a kabloosh.

Panting in fury, Marcus turned back to his siblings and cousins. They had very skeptical expressions on.

"Bro, you just pulled a Sarah," commented Silas. Sarah elbowed him in the ribs and he yelped.

Marcus just snickered and started flailing his arms for no apparent reason.

He hit someone.

"Hey, watch what you're doing!" came a voice, more questioning than irritated.

Marcus ceased his wild arm movements. "Sorry, dude."

And suddenly the whole group had gathered around Marcus to peer at the poor chap. He had a hood pulled across his face but they could still see the flash of his eyes. Green. And his face was young.

Sarah jumped in front of the teen and nearly knocked him backwards. "Well hey, you don't look too much older than us! What're you doing out late?"

He sighed. "If you must know, there was a fire at the hotel I was staying at, so I'm just gonna spend this night out on the street." But then he peered warily at them. "Who wants to know?"

As if she had rehearsed it hundreds of times (which she probably did), Sarah burst into a mini song and dance routine.

"If you want to know our identity, you must promise not to question me about my heritage and sanity, this you clearly see! We are royal and we run around, from house to house, from town to town, with reputations we can't live down and pranks always abound, HEY!"

She finished with a flourish and a very big, very white grin. The teen stood there awkwardly for a minute, just staring at her.

Slowly, he began to put it together. "Royal..run around..heritage? - oh sweet mother of god." He stepped back a bit, a shocked look in his eyes. "You're the Royal Rambles! And – you're the princess!"

They all nodded eagerly, striking poses and leaning on each other in their classic fashion. With a sudden gust of wind that tore through everyone's hair and nearly ripped Milo's baseball cap off his head, the boy's hood was blown back and his cloak flapped out behind him like a flag. There was a silver flash behind his head right before his hair was tossed and flipped around his face as well.

The boy was as dark as a raven, aside from his pale white skin. He had a narrow face and high cheekbones, his green eyes shaped like almonds and his jet-black eyebrows furrowed into a crease. He was as thin as a stick with hardly any fat or muscle mass on his slender frame.

The moon peeked out behind the clouds and the wind changed direction. The boy saw Sarah first out of the others and took in her distinctive features. His cloak flew to the left of him and the silver was visible.

Nora saw it first. "Hey, you're him! You're the new Apprentice!

The Apprentice was surprised. "How'd you know that?"

"Wow, you were described well. And by well, I mean accurate, not flattering," commented Sarah.

"I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or not," was the cautious response.

She began to walk around him. "So, you're Koren. Eeeexcellent, you'll do nicely." Her typical maniac grin had crept upon her face. Koren swiveled on the spot to follow her with his eyes. He was wary, and for good reason.

"Okay, so..you're the Royal Rambles."

"That we are!" replied Marcus cheerfully.

"I know you're the Princess," he said, pointing at Sarah, who just continued smirking.

She jabbed her thumb at her chest. "Princess Sarah, at your service! Or not. Probably the latter."

Koren rolled his eyes. "So, tell me, did your mother drop you when you were little, or did you do that to yourself somehow?"

"I'll ignore that."

He turned to look at the others. "So who are you guys?"

"Marcus! I'm the tough one. Also, I like food."

"Silas! Don't listen to my brother, I'm the tough one. And I like food too."

"Actually, he's Silas Junior."

"Shut the hell up."

"Nora. I'm the only sane one. But that depends on what time of the year it is. And what we're doing."

"Milo. I'm the smart one. And apparently the only one with a sense of direction."

Nora glanced at her phone. "Crap, guys, we're running out of time, we need to get to the Entertainment Center. Koren, where are you headed?"

He shrugged. "Well, like I said, there was a fire in the hotel, so I'm out here for the night."

"Well, listen, as much as I would like to watch you sit and be emotional and depressing in the cold, I would probably feel bad about it five years down the road when my conscience kicks in, so.." Sarah let out a heavy sigh. "..do you want us to take you to the Wizard Tower?"

He snorted. "No thanks. I can find it myself. I'm not going to ask for help from you."

Sarah narrowed her eyes and whispered under her breath, "Milo, StormCall."

Milo muttered into his hand and pointed behind him.

Koren had just turned around and was ready to keep moving when a loud boom of thunder echoed across the Castle, and as they pivoted on the spot to see the massive thunderhead loom into view, lightning flashed somewhere not too far off, and rain began pouring down on their heads.

"Wow, I didn't know we were expecting storms tonight!" Sarah said loudly. "Well, that's a darn shame. Silas, can you tell where the Wizard Tower is?"

Silas was very confused. "Um. No?"

Sarah tutted while shaking her head. "This isn't good at all! Someone who's not used to the Castle is just going to get themselves lost!" She swung her head to grin at Koren.

He was standing in the rain and glaring at her, rain dripping off of his hood onto his shoulders. "Fine," he replied through gritted teeth. "Take me to the goddamned Wizard Tower."

She clapped her hands. "That's more like it! You owe us, pretty boy. Don't forget that." He looked like he was about to explode from frustration.

Milo pointed at him. "Now, listen, bro, we're sticking our necks out for you. If we're seen close to the Wizard Tower at this time of night, our Uncle Sep will have our heads. So we're taking you there, but after you're in, we're leaving and you have to find your way around yourself."

"Thank the stars," Koren mumbled.

They headed off with Milo leading the way. Marcus and Silas were grumbling about not being able to play M-rated video games on a 50-inch screen at ungodly hours of the morning. Sarah skipped lightly in circles around Koren, whistling to herself just to piss him off. Nora strode along with her hands in her pockets and was keeping her eyes on Koren.

It took a while for them to reach the Wizard Tower, but not nearly as long as it would have taken Koren to get there by himself.

"Well, here you are!" said Sarah cheerfully, extending an arm to showcase the gigantic tower. "The Wizard Tower. Now, get your ass inside before someone sees us."

Koren grunted and swiveled around, his cloak flapping about in the wind. "Thanks, I guess. Not."

Silas and Marcus just glared at him, still irritated over the matter of their video game desires. Nora was staring at her feet. Milo was halfway between pissed and bored out of his mind. And Sarah was...Sarah. A.K.A., about six different moods at once.

"See you in my nightmares," growled Marcus. Koren turned back to face them. "And tomorrow," added Milo.

Koren rolled his eyes and was about to reply in a rather snarky fashion when he stopped. "Wait, what?"

"S-e-e y-o-u i-n m-y n-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e-s," Marcus said slowly, spelling out the four words and over-exaggerating each letter. "How hard is that to understand?" He folded his arms across his chest.

"No, the…other thing. 'See you tomorrow?'" Koran looked questionably at Milo.

Sarah remembered first. "Oh yeah, the dumb Apprentice Supper. Mum, Dad, Uncle Sep, of course…."

"Our Mum and Dad too," continued Silas. "Oh, and a whole bunch'a ghosts. And a few more high-and-mighties. Man, if it wasn't for the food, it'd be so freaking dull."

Koran groaned loudly, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Nora laughed dryly. "We're not looking forward to it either, dude."

Koren then spun on his heels and marched towards the tower, not looking back.

The wind buffeted and blew the RRs around, and a few of them shivered in their clothes. But Sarah stood steadfast, watching her new adversary go.

She had just decided it minutes ago for the both of them. From that point on, Sarah and Koren were to be bitter enemies. She narrowed her eyes against the wind, and an evil smirk slowly crawled across her face. Her eyes crinkled and she bared all her teeth in this vicious trademark smile.

"Hey, guys?"

"What? It's cold and I'm hungry, can we go home? Or maybe stop at a convenience store first?" whined Silas. Marcus nodded in agreement. Nora sighed loudly.

Sarah waved it off. "Maybe. Anyway. Now that we've met Koren, we need to start planning, making additions to the Test and taking stuff out of it." She turned to face them so they could clearly see her white grin in stark contrast to the black hoodie she wore and the darkness of the night.

"We are going to make this the most horrifying, deadliest, most dangerous, most disgusting Test the world has ever seen," she declared, lightning breaking the sky and thunder shattering the air behind her, Mother Nature proving once again that Sarah was a force to be reckoned with.

"..Sarah, this is the only Test the world has ever seen," Milo pointed out, always the wet blanket. "..Or, will see, seeing as we haven't done it yet."

His elder sister glared at him and he threw up his hands in a defensive posture before stepping back.

"Anyway, before we being to plan this monster of a Test, we need to sabotage the Apprentice Supper." Her grin stretched comically wide. "We're going to publicly humiliate him. And we're going to make everyone else in the room look like an idiot as well."

She turned her eyes to the Tower, where, unbeknownst to her, Koren watched the Royal Rambles from a window.

"The only question is, how.."

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