15 Years Later…

"Uncle Dean!" a small boy shouted as he rushed at Dean Winchester as he stood on the back porch of his home.

The man in question, older, with a few wisps of gray in his hair that Lisa claimed made him look sexy and...surprisingly...mature, turned, grinning as he opened his arms to catch the small projectile that had launched itself at him, "Hey buddy," he laughed, scooping up the little boy, not more than 5 years old, "How ya doing kiddo?"

The boy grinned, "I'm great!"

He laughed, "That's good…" and then he caught sight of something around the boy's neck, a tooth on a chain, "What's this?" he picked it up a moment.

"Vampire tooth," he stated, matter-of-factly, "I ganked my first one last week for my birthday!"

"OUR birthday," a little girl with a similar necklace tugged on Dean's pant leg, making him laugh and scoop her up in his other arm, "And I helped!"

"Oh did you?" he asked them.

"Chock full of Deadman's Blood first," Sam said as he walked over with his arm around Michelle's waist, both looking a little older, but still as happy as they always did, "Michelle and I refused to let them anywhere near the vampire nest till we'd taken them all out with Robbie first."

Dean nodded, looking down at the boy and girl in his arms, Conner and Emma, Sam and Michelle's youngest children. Robbie, Robert, was their oldest, just about 15…apparently Sam and Michelle's wedding night had been quite the party. She'd come out of it finding out she was pregnant a few weeks later.

He'd laughed when Sam told him just how they'd worked it out that Michelle was preggers. They'd been taking out another pagan god who, much like Leshi, had to be beheaded. Michelle had managed to take it down, Sam chopping off the head, blood splattering everywhere. He'd looked back, expecting Michelle to have a rag for him to clean up with like she always did…only to find her passed out on the ground. He'd freaked. He knew she was squeamish at the sight of 'violent and gory blood' but that was beyond any reaction he'd seen from her before. He'd insisted, once she woke up, that they go to the hospital. She'd been against it, but he'd persuaded her that it would be dangerous if that happened in the middle of an actual hunt and not at the end of it. So she'd agreed, and they'd found out she was pregnant.

Sam had called him as soon as he'd found out, screaming into the phone, which shocked Dean as he always associated Sam's screaming with anger, but he'd been SO happy. While the boy had grown into the life of a Hunter, he did still want a family, the way Michelle had been raised, with some sense of stability, having given him hope to raise a child safely but still with a firm connection to his or her roots. That had shocked Dean as well, that SAM actually WANTED his children to experience hunting.

A few months later, just a few weeks after he and Lisa had been married, his parents attending just as Chuck had promised, Michelle had given birth to a healthy baby boy, they'd named him Robert, after Bobby. They'd both decided that they were not going to name their children after their parents. While they loved them dearly and missed them terribly, something about naming their child after dead Hunters didn't sit right with them. They wanted their children to have a fresh start, strong, new names. But…Bobby was still alive and kicking, actually standing over at the grill right now cooking some burgers while Robbie handed him buns. Bobby had been there for them when their parents had died, both of them. They'd wanted to honor the man in that way.

But their other children…

Dean shook his head, Sam and Michelle were well on their way to making a small army at the rate they were going. They had five children, well, technically they'd only been trying for four, wanting two boys and two girls, but the last set had resulted in unexpected twins, Conner's twin sister Emma, who was older than him by only 2 minutes.

The twins were five, both with Sam's brown hair, but Michelle's gray eyes. Both little know-it-alls like their parents. They were too young to really get out into the big hunts, but Sam and Michelle wanted them to know about the creatures they were hunting so the little tykes ended up helping them research…they were actually really good at it too.

The twins' older sisters were Amelia, Mia, who was 8, had Michelle's chocolate brown hair and Sam's eyes. She was a spitfire like Michelle but with Sam's temper to her. She'd just started going on hunts and was at the phase where, if someone set her off, she'd kick them in the shins or punch them in the stomach…Dean hoped she'd grow out of it, it was a little too much like Michelle in how she'd deal with him and Sam when they all used to hunt together.

The next oldest daughter was…

"Katie!" Michelle shouted as something thunked against the bottom of his and Lisa's porch, "What did I tell you about throwing your knife around?"

Dean looked over to see a knife was embedded in the bottom of the porch, unable to stop himself from chuckling at that. Katie, Katherine, was just like Michelle. JUST like her. She was a tough, dedicated, careful Hunter, a 12 year old version of Michelle, complete with knife and long brown jacket. She looked just like her too, spitting image of Michelle, much like Robbie was the spitting image of Sam.

"That I should only throw it at a target or a monster," Katie sighed, "But mom!" she whined a little, "Ben set one up for me!"

Dean leaned over more to see there was a target hanging from under the porch, "Ben?" he called.

"Yeah dad?" 25-year-old Ben asked, grinning, clearly trying to be innocent but very much looking guilty as a result.

The test results came back only days after Sam and Michelle's wedding, Ben was his son. The DNA proved it. He'd cried. He admitted it. Ever since he'd learned about Ben's existence, something about the boy stuck with him, and every time he imagined himself happy it was with him and Lisa. To find out it was real, that Ben was his, that the dream was actually happening…yeah, he'd cried.

He sighed, he couldn't be mad at Ben for setting up the target. He'd taught Ben how to defend himself, knowing that, just because he was living the 'apple-pie life' Sam had once asked him to live, didn't mean the demons and other monsters he'd hunted all his life wouldn't come after him, hearing he'd retired, hearing he had a family to target. He'd taught Ben how to shoot, how to throw knives, how to fight, much to Lisa's chagrin, but she understood. Especially when a few techniques he'd insisted on teaching her saved her life when a demon attacked her in their house.

They'd moved immediately after, calling up Michelle for copies of the plans her parents had for their house. He'd built his own demon proof house, Sam coming to help along with a few other Hunters. As with Michelle's, iron was used for all the metal, wood with differen symbols, paint mixed with salt, cement mixed with holy water, and protective runes on the doors as decorative pieces. But he'd done one better, a rosary in the plumbing so all the water in the house was technically holy water and a Devil's Trap painted in the center of the rooms and doorways on all the floors before the carpeting and tiles were put down to trap any demons stupid enough to go after them again. The Hunters that had helped had taken copies of the plans with them for when they eventually settled down or just to offer the extra protection to retired Hunters.

Ben, ever the Hunter by the Winchester blood in him, had come back from school one day when he was 17 with a bloody nose. Lisa had freaked but he'd just asked what happened. Ben had tried to play it off, making it sound like he'd fought off five guys. Till Mickey, their 6-year-old (at the time) daughter, told them he'd gotten punched by the new girl.

Mickey, Michelle, was their first and only child after Ben, now 14, she was still his little…princess. He understood why Gabriel called Michelle that so often. He'd been terrified he'd be a horrible father, screw his kids up for life, the way he sometimes felt his father had. But, after seeing himself doing an ok job with Ben, he and Lisa decided to give it a shot with a baby this time. They'd wanted to be surprised at the birth, not knowing the gender, but Lisa had been adamant that it was a boy, saying she had the same cravings as with Ben. So they hadn't given much thought to girl names as a result. When she'd been born, he'd looked at her and simply said 'Michelle.' Because really, that beautiful baby wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for Michelle and everything she'd done for him and Sam, for Lisa, for Ben, for the angels and the humans…he owed her so much still. Naming his daughter after the woman who had given him the life he'd been dreaming of was a no brainer.

And Michelle had cried at that. Actually cried, so touched that he'd name his daughter after her. He'd just shrugged and said he wanted a strong name for his little girl.

Mickey was as girly a girl as they came, pink everywhere, dresses, cute shoes, the opposite of Michelle, but still…she was a tough cookie, she could fight, she could handle herself and…just like Michelle…she loved saying 'I told you so.'

Apparently she'd also told Ben to leave the new girl alone or the girl would punch him. And she had. Ben had made a pass at the new girl, constantly, irritating her. Following her after school probably hadn't been wise either, but Winchester men knew what they wanted in a girl.

She'd punched him for being a stalker.

So Dean had to invite the girl to dinner.

Wasn't often a girl got the jump on his son like that.

And...his gut told him there was something different about her.

When she'd come over, she'd stared at the runes on the doors and he KNEW what it was. She was a Hunter, in town with her folks for a hunt. She'd been completely floored when she realized she punched the son of the Dean Winchester and started apologizing. Her parents had apparently run into the Winchesters once, a long time ago and told her stories of them. Ben had waved it off and soon her parents had come over and they were all talking about hunting. Dean had managed to convince them to stay in town till their daughter, Abby, graduated, knowing Ben was smitten with the girl and knowing that, in the life of a Hunter, it was typical to move around. He'd offered to help them demon proof the small house they were renting to keep them safer.

And now Abby was looking like a part of the family more and more every day. She was Ben's girlfriend as of their third year of college and, if Ben got his way, by Christmas, she'd be his fiancé. Ben and Abby had both gone off to college, something Abby hadn't even considered till she'd met Michelle...and nearly had a heart attack at meeting a 'former' Davidson in the flesh. Dean had been surprisingly ok with Ben not hunting 24/7 and leading a semi-normal life, going to college and all. Though Ben had secretly told him that, after he graduated with his degree in engineering, he and Abby planned to go cross country, actually hunting and so they had.

They usually joined up with Sam, Michelle, and their brood, during the holidays and summers, hunting together, Lisa choosing to stay back and keep an eye on the younger kids for them, not exactly as into hunting as the rest of the family. She wasn't an active Hunter per say, she was a defensive one. She wouldn't go hunt but if something attacked her or her children...it was dead.

It warmed his heart to see Ben choosing to experience life as a Hunter with a real Hunter, not with the family but with a girl he hoped would one day be family. Abby was just what Ben needed, what Lisa had been to him, what Michelle had been to Sam, a swift kick in the pants. A woman who could handle him, handle his family, handle his life, and make him fall in love. That was all he ever wanted for his children, for them to love and be loved, to be happy.

Mickey was just as bad as he had been in the flirting department, she'd gone through quite a few boyfriends, and she was only 14! He'd actually sat her down for a father-daughter talk, bringing up his own past, the women he'd used and abused, leaving in the dust, not caring about them, doing things with them that...she'd cut him off and said that she was waiting till marriage for that sort of thing. Before grimacing. At that age, the thought of sex was still a disturbing one. She'd just said that she was a little like her aunt, she knew how special it was to wait. And she would. And if a boy even tried to force her, she'd castrate him with the knife her Aunt Michelle had gotten her for her 10th birthday. He'd laughed, and cried, a little at that.

He'd raised a strong girl. A strong son. Just like his brother and sister-in-law had raised strong children.

He shook his head, realizing Ben was still waiting for him to speak, "Set the target up away from people please."

"Sure," Ben laughed, grabbing the target off a hook and moving it to the other end of the yard where no one was standing. Dean sighed, Katie and Ben, well there was no question who Ben's favorite cousin was. Just like there was no question who Robbie's favorite cousin was, Mickey. Even Abby had a favorite, Mia, who she was currently having a small 'sparring' match with, really just showing the girl some other self-defense moves she'd picked up on her own travels. But he knew that Mickey and Ben loved all their cousins the same, some just had more in common and a softer spot for others.

"So how's it going?" Sam asked as Dean set down the squirming twins who ran off to their dog Bones II, chasing him around and playing with him. The dog really had become a supreme hunting dog. He was silent on command, barked at danger, cuddled with the kids, and tore the face off creatures that dared try to attack his family.

"Good man," he nodded, "Really good. What about you? Settling down just yet?"

It was a joke. They were settled, for the most part. They lived in Michelle's old house, expanded for more rooms, their children attended public school, though most of them were more interested in learning the finer points of hunting from their parents than what 2+2 equaled. Their kids had a far easier life than Michelle had, not so much military training all day, but…balanced. Made them more dedicated, more attentive, during the times their parents taught them about hunting. They hunted on breaks, on holidays, during the summer, all over the country, all over the world.

Though...the last few years, things had been calming down.

Apparently something they had said as a joke to two men at the first ever 'Supernatural' convention had sparked a wildfire reaction.

'We read the books.'

When 'Chuck' had published the last two series of 'Supernatural' books, about how Michelle had gone to Hell instead of Dean, how Sam was drinking demon blood, how Lilith was the last seal, how Lucifer had been freed and then saved, Dean being the vessel for Michael, what Michelle really was, Sam's wedding, Dean's reunion with Lisa and Ben...the underground following hit the surface.

Damien and Barnes had become the first 'Disciples of the Winchester Gospel,' people who took the books as gospel truth about demons, spreading word that the books were real, that the creatures were real, the story was real, the hunting was real. New Hunters were popping up every single day, ordinary people taking precautions against the few demons that remained, against the creatures they had nightmares about, the things that went bump in the night, the battle in the shadows now in the light.

The following of the books had skyrocketed.

And with it, the demon population and the creature population had diminished exponentially.

What with Hell having been literally erased, the souls that were tortured in it had been sent to Purgatory which was now drastically different than it used to be. Purgatory, which had originally held the souls of supernatural creatures, ancient monsters such as the Leviathans too, had been in chaos after the souls of humans, the terrible sinners who would take millenia for God to forgive enough to possibly let into Heaven, appeared along with the portals out of Purgatory for them closing. Hunters all over the world had had three years to prepare for the eventual escape of the Leviathans and Eve from Purgatory, the walls being weaker with the increased human presence. When the creatures had attacked, they'd been ready. They'd gathered together, each had a weapon, a bone of a righteous mortal soaked in Lucifer's blood, a captured Alpha's blood that Crowley had procured, and Crowley's blood as well as Phoenix Ashes packed into shotgun rounds to stop Eve. The creatures hadn't stood a chance and had all been wiped out as they surged out of Purgatory, leaving only the souls of supernatural creatures and humans within. The angels had soon taken care of that though, wiping out the supernatural souls within as the human Hunters fought the Leviathans and Eve. Now Purgatory was a place reserved for sinful human souls to toil in until they might, one day, be forgiven by God and allowed into Heaven.

Crowley, of course, had only offered his blood and gotten hold of an Alpha for his own purposes, needing the powerful enemies the Leviathans were wiped out before he could launch his own attack. A few years after they'd stopped the Leviathans there had been a showdown with Crowley, Katie was just 3 at the time. The 'King of the Crossroads' had been trying to gather an army of his own, using the Alphas, the first of every creature...but Sam, Dean, Michelle, Bobby, a few other Hunters, and the Archangel Castiel had taken care of that too. As Michelle had promised, she'd killed Crowley herself, breaking the contract with Bobby's soul, the man healed again by Castiel so he could walk before Castiel went back to Heaven. The Alphas, now destroyed, meant no new creatures could truly be born either, they were all in chaos with their 'fathers' now destroyed, making them easier to hunt.

The demons especially had fallen into panic. With no powerbase left, they'd had swarmed the Earth and, with more and more people becoming aware of them, they'd all but faced their end. No new demons were able to be created now that Hell was gone, except for the very powerful demons able to make one or two every few years. But they were nearly extinct as well.

Hell, even ghosts and poltergeist were at an all time low as more and more people took precautions with their deceased loved ones. Cremating them or burying them in lead-lined coffins. Even witches were fading out, the most central source of their powers, the devil, now gone. And with all the other creatures falling to an all time low in population, it left the new Hunters little else to do but hunt down the vampires and werewolves and other creatures that could spread via infection.

"Definitely not," Sam laughed, pulling Dean from his thoughts, "But it's been pretty quiet."

Michelle nodded, "It's getting harder to find a decent demon for the kids to practice on."

Dean laughed, "Well, they've all been neutered, can't really make more of them nowadays."

Sam sighed, glancing at Michelle, "We think they're probably gathering together, biding their time, hiding out till we 'think' they're gone before attacking."

Dean snorted, "Good luck to 'em, you've got your own army against them. 7 Hunters, and that's assuming it'll happen before your kids have their own kids and double or triple the number."

"8," Michelle corrected, taking a sip of water.

Sam started to nod, when he froze and spun to her, "8?"

She smiled, "We'll finally get the even boys to girls," she nodded, her hand resting on her just slightly swelling stomach.

"I'll get my Kyle?"

She laughed, for all his love of his children, he'd wanted to name Connor Kyle, but since he had picked the first boy, she got to pick the second, "Yes, you'll get your Kyle."

Sam laughed and hugged her tightly, kissing her. He'd wanted a big family, loving how close a relationship hunting had given him and Dean and wanting his children to experience that as well. She'd only wanted three children, he'd persuaded her for four, they'd ended up with five, and now...due to Sam and her damned weakness for him...they would have six.

Dean whistled, "And the army grows ever stronger."

"Just so you know," she pointed at Sam as he pulled away, "I'm getting my tubes tied after this."

He laughed, he wouldn't fault her for it, six kids...

15 years, 6 children, a house, a life, and a future hunting demons to near extinction.

It truly was Heaven-on-Earth.

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