Hermione sat with a mug of tea in one hand and a copy of Witch Weekly on her lap. Her feet tucked beneath her as she flicked absent-mindedly through the usual articles they ran that were of little interest to her at all. She stopped as she reached an article (Marriage law. Should it be re-introduced?)

She gave a derisive snort, shutting the magazine and throwing it on the coffee table in front of her. Leaning back she took a sip of tea and smiled into her cup. She thought back to when the law had been abolished; not long after she had given birth, in fact.

Severus had distanced himself from her, shying away from her touch and avoiding her like she had leprosy. After a week she cornered him and demanded to know why he was acting like a total Prat. He confessed that now the law was no longer, he was worried she was going to leave him and wanted to distance himself so the heartbreak would be minimal.

She just laughed at him. And laughed a little more. He really thought she would leave him after all they had been through? She had assured him that no, she wasn't going to leave him and she actually liked his company and loved him very much.

Her reminiscing was interrupted when she heard two male voices arguing from a distance and getting closer. Sighing she set the mug on the table. She knew who it was. Rolling her eyes she was set for the next argument that she would be presented with.

Severus walked in with a boy hot on his heels. The boy looked like a clone of Severus himself, only two feet shorter but growing by the minute. "I just caught your son snogging that Potter girl down by the lake." He shot a venomous glare at his son and then to his wife. Ginny had fallen pregnant not long after Hermione had given birth to her son, Phoenix. Ginny, highly embarrassed of the situation of falling pregnant had left Hogwarts short of her graduation.

She had been mortified that she had fallen pregnant, that she had been stupid enough to sleep with Harry without giving contraception a second thought. Eventually she got over it and gave birth to a daughter, Aralia.

Aralia and Phoenix had grown close over the years and were inseparable at the best of times. It was news to Hermione that they had delved into a more physical relationship to that of the friendship they had.

"You mean Aralia?" Hermione raised a brow.

"Yes. Her," Severus huffed. He was tolerable enough to put up with the damn girl as his sons best friend but drew the line as her as a daughter-in-law and wanted to put a stop to it. It would mean welcoming Potter into the family...Something he didn't want to do. He wouldn't lie, he was quite fond of the girl. She had almost become part of the family as it was and he was used to having her around. She was almost like a daughter to him...Not that he would admit it! And would often reffer to her as 'that Potter girl.'

"Embarrass the hell out of me next time dad!" Phoenix exclaimed, turning his back on his father.

"Well don't do stupid things and I wont."

"Oh for god sakes Severus! He is seventeen. He is going to be doing this. I am sure you can remember what you were like at that age," Hermione interjected.

"Actually. I was too busy with my studies to be bothered with the opposite sex," He said matter of factly.

"You think I need to study? I could teach every subject here AND teach the Professor's something."

"Stop being a smart ass," Severus huffed. The truth was, he probably could. He had been incredibly bright from a very young age, a little too bright. He had been kicked out of pre-school after only a week because the teachers were scared that he was magically more advanced than even they were.

He had beaten Severus in a duel at the age of thirteen. Severus assured everyone he let his son win to boost his confidence but the truth was, the little shit beat him fair and square.
At the same age he had produced a Patronus and was an Animagus- Both Phoenix's of course.

He could brew a Wolfsbane potion by the age of fourteen and was profound in both Legilimency Occlumency and could rial his father. Severus wished he had never taught him how to do it. He was an incredibly gifted child and was top in all his classes at Hogwarts.

The doctors never could work out why he had the incredible healing power akin to that of a Phoenix. Their explanation was gene mutation and when an incredibly smart Witch and Wizard came together their DNA could produce a super off-spring. Severus had read up on it and it had happened once in his family five hundred years ago, the child was killed off at the age of five deemed too dangerous for even Wizard society.

Severus often worried that perhaps Phoenix would use his powers for his own personal gain...A little like Voldemort and he knew that no-one, not even Potter, could bring him down. He kept that quiet to himself and tried to keep him well grounded.

He remembered the day his Son was sorted into Gryffindor. He was glad for that outcome, Slytherin may have been a little too tempting and led him astray. He was also thankful for the Potter girl as much as he hated to admit it. He felt perhaps she kept him in check and would make sure he took the right path in life.

"Severus. He is going to do it if you approve of it or not. He is a teenager, they do things like this. Accept the fact he is not your little boy any more and move on. If you remember I was not much older when I was getting married and having him."

"That's different! That was unavoidable."

"Exactly. Mum is right." He smiled sweetly at his mother before walking over and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"So now dad has given me a tongue lashing and embarrassed the hell out of me can I go back to my dorm?" He asked his mother sweetly. He always got away with murder with her. But who could blame her, he had given her the gift of life.

"Of course you can." Hermione could never say no to him even if it annoyed Severus to no end.

As the young boy sprinted from their chambers back up to the Gryffindor tower Severus yelled out after him. "Don't be stupid, boy. Think about what you do and the consequences... There are potions and spells you should use." He was not sure if his son was going to sleep with Aralia but it was possible. He couldn't be everywhere every second of the day.

"Maybe you should take some of your own advice." Hermione stood up her hands on her hips.

He raised a brow at her. "What are you on about woman?"
It took him a few seconds before his eyes grew wide and it dawned on him.

"No, no, no. I'm not going through that again. I'm too old for that shit." Pinching the bridge of his nose Hermione wrapped her arms around his waist. "You're hardly that old. Well clearly if you were you wouldn't have gotten me pregnant again." He embraced her and kissed the top of her head.

"Que sera sera," he mumbled.

The End.

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