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If I Were A Boy
'If I were a boy even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted
And go drink beer with the guys'

That was pretty much the dazed off blonde was feeling. The song yelled it in her ear drums. Currently, because her earphones were jabbed in her ears and raised to the highest volume. She just wanted to feel numb about it. It had always been the same, she's always just his friend that supports his back when he falls. Like a trampoline to keep him jumping. Meanwhile, her other best friend was too dense about her feelings for the other. The other that she's thinking, wasn't taking it seriously. Normally, him or... Soul, would call her 'Dude' or even 'Assface'. While she called him back as 'Sharpie' and 'Fucktard'. It was normal for them but not normal to other people. Maka didn't cared about people mumbling that she should act more like a girl. Because she doesn't.

'I'm being dramatic. I'm so gay' she thought in her mind. It's a normal day in the bus. She's always the first one to be picked-up since her house is far away from school. That's why she had time to think over certain things before her friends walk up and greet her.

Maka remembered what Soul told her the other day. Soul confessed to her that, he's going to be serious with a girl. Her heart slid open and spurted blood for a moment. She understood why Soul always had a new girl beside him and because he's not taking it too seriously. And she understood why Soul told her and not Black Star. It's pretty obvious since Black Star's a loud mouth and might call him gay. Immature than any person they could name in the entire student body. So, Soul decided to tell Maka. A heart-to-heart boy-ish talk. Maka thought.

Her jade green eyes softened and started to turn watery. She never knew it could hurt this badly. She never felt anything whenever Soul swaps another girl for another week by week but the way he told her about 'taking it seriously' was beyond new. And it hurts her, as much as she felt sorry for the ladies whose hearts were shattered didn't really reached her limits because it was their fault. They let him shatter it off guard. And it was killing her inside, who did this to him.

"Hey Assface" Knowing the voice, she stared on the reflection of the window. It was her best friend Soul. She hadn't noticed him for some time for being dramatic. "Hey Fucktard" he grinned in response and sat next to her. "So... Maka, you ready to know whose the chick I'm talking about?" Maka could have disagreed but that would have been rude.

So she nodded instead. Hiding her spilled sadness behind her brain, she smiled in delight as she listened to his story. "Actually... I met her the other day... She was cursing to herself like some whack brain and stomped off. I was late when I got out from school because of detention. So yeah... While I was walking home, I bumped into her so her things were all sliding everywhere. And she started screaming at me for being clumsy but I wasn't really paying much attention because she's so damn hot. Like a model if you ask me. She had those beautiful eyes and long hair. Eventually, while I was helping her... Her heels were broken so I helped her and walked her home since it was getting dark and all. So we started talking about stuff and blah blah. And BAM! We became friends" Soul faced his cellphone towards Maka.

Maka felt the sudden feeling of envy. Maka remembered that his wallpaper was him, her and Black Star. But was now replaced by some chick with purple highlights. She felt replaced by someone far superior than her. Instead of ranting like a normal girl would do, she smiled and chuckled instead. "That's so cheesy, dude"

"Yeah, you wouldn't understand because you're not dating anyone" then that was the truth. She never dated anyone and no one dared to ask her out. No matter how much she tried to become nice to people, no one did. Maka realized that nothing would happen because boys cared about looks. And it felt pathetic though because how much she tried ended up to nothing.

"Fuck that shit. I'm not a desperate gal who walks around with a boy and later cries because he left her. That's bullshit" she crossed her arms and shrugged her head. That defense had been for years and it never stopped. "HEY HOMIES!" the loud mouth cheered as the trio reformed. He sat beside Soul and then playfully punched his and her arm.

"Black Star! Do you not get that I'm a girl! Your punch hurts me!" she babbled towards Black Star but he only responded with his tongue out. "Anyways, I heard that... There's a cheer leading practice later at the gym! We definitely need to come! Hot girls would be begging for me to be their awesome guy! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" arrogantly talking about himself, Soul and Maka sighed in his remark.

"Black Star, you know I hate cheerleaders. So go and fuck yourself!" she ranted. "I WON'T! BECAUSE I'LL DO IT WITH SOMEONE INSTEAD!"




"YOU JUST SHUT UP! ASSFACE AND ASSMOUTH BE QUIET! We'll go to your cheer leader whatever Black Star" Black Star's face glowed on his decision and decided to rub it in Maka's face by chanting about it.

"BUT! You get to shut your mouth for the next three days" His loud chanting stopped and Maka cheered in victory. Soul extended his hand for him to shake as a sign of a deal and Black Star did shook it. And well, it was settled before other students came into the bus and the noise started to get louder and louder.

Maka noticed that there were different types of peer groups. There were the anorexics. People who doesn't eat much and eat more Oatmeal during class. There were the jocks whose the number one heart breakers in school and Soul was included in it but what wondered her was Soul wasn't really close to his team mates. There were the sororities. The rich gals with rich parents. There were the emos who doesn't know how to deal with everything. The all-around-nerds. And the normals. Maka would label herself as a half all-around-nerd and a normal student. Because, she's a straight A student, she hates athletics but she doesn't wear suspenders, braces and huge weird glasses. But among the trio, she's always the one leading the two idiots when it comes to group works.

"Check this out, check this out!" Maka said to get their attentions. She blew the straw loudly as a pellet struck on the ceiling of the bus. "HAHA! ASSMOUTH I BEAT YOU AGAIN!" They were playing the 'who gets the highest pellet game'. The trio laughed among themselves with their inside jokes but not until Blair, or the gal Soul was talking about walked in and stopped in the middle of the isle for Soul.

"Hi Soul-kun, come at the cheer leading practice later at four PM, okay? And... You should really act like a girl more. You look weird" She was talking about Maka, who still had her straw in her mouth while filling with pellets. She groaned in annoyance, as Blair walked passed them she swore, she saw her mouthed 'fuck you' towards Maka. And Soul was too heart struck to notice.

"Did you see that?! She cursed at me! I don't even know her! And so what if I don't act more like a girl. Right, Soul?" She tried to bring his side towards hers but he was in a trance for Blair. Maka knew that Blair's a new student in their school but she's already acting like a brat towards her. That's a living proof of the society these days.

"What about you, Black Star? What do you think? Am I right or what?!" She crossed her arms in impatience. And it was causing Black Star to pressure over her question. He looked away from the impatient friend and tapped his fingers on the arm rest. "Err... You're right because... Blair's acting like a brat and Blair's right because she asked us to go to the cheer leading practice! See! That's a sign of destiny!"

"More like a sign of pervertism" she scoffed as Black Star glared at her. Both of them were always fighting if Soul's not between them. Like whenever there's a group work and Soul needs to use the toilet, whenever he comes back both are chocking each other.

"Just... Stop it! Both of you! You're acting too violent!" Soul was talking about Maka. But Maka wasn't in the right mood to feel sorry or anything. She hated him for being infatuated with the wrong girl. Maka realized this, normal boys were always friendzoned by girls but she... She's bro zoned by Soul. And never saw her as a girl or a woman. No one knew about her feelings for Soul, she was hiding it for years. And now... Look what it gotten her, she felt like she's supporting his shadow.

Maka shrugged his hand away from her shoulder, and jabbed her ear phones back in her ears. Maka could already picture the cheer leading practice later. She could already feel Blair's stare towards her as if... Blair's mocking her from a distance. What did she ever do?

"Alright class, please continue reading 'Things Fall Apart' and tomorrow's the book report, got it? Okay, you can start reading now" Their professor in English class announced, as everyone took their copy of books out of their bags and then started reading. Maka already finished the book ever since the teacher announced the book report due. She just pretended that she was reading but actually she was looking over Soul's back since she's just behind him. She finds it weird, that she feels a bit turned on by Soul's neck. She doesn't know why but she just kept staring at it. The fantasy ended, when Soul quickly turned around and passed her a crumpled paper. She felt relieved that Soul didn't caught her staring at his neck or he could have teased her or made things awkward for both of them. And Maka would regret it for the rest of her life.

'Hey, sorry for yelling at you earlier. You were so gay earlier for being too pissed. But I still apologize. Sorry' Maka chuckled on the note. No matter how much he tried to nail it as 'sincere' it was marked funny. Maka could already feel Soul's smile. But she didn't admit that she wasn't gay earlier. She was. They always referred everything as 'Gay' when it has to do something with emotions.

'Whatever. But okay, it's nothing. Thanks for the concern. But, will you stop being too gay for Blair?' She tapped Soul's shoulder as he snatched the note away from her. And she already regretted passing the note to him. But before he could read it, the professor already noticed the note. So he walked up towards them, snatched the note and sat on his desk. As for Maka, she sighed in embarrassment.

"Both of you love birds... Go in front and read your note" He ordered. He was strict alright. There was even a rumor that he humiliated his student by spilling her secret that she dated three guys at the same time. That's why everyone was scared at him and made everything perfect for him. No one dared to miss a homework or a material needed for a project. Everyone by now was whispering and intrigued by the scene and including Blair who's now staring at her in shame.

No choice to avoid it, the two students stood up from their desks and walked in front. Soul snatched the note away from their professor and Soul started the note. "Hey, sorry for yelling at you earlier. You were so... Gay for being too pissed. But I still apologize. Sorry" Everyone in the room laughed in his term as Noah snapped them with their laughter in one finger and then continued reading.

Maka took the note away from him and then started reading her lines. "Whatever. But okay, it's nothing. Thanks for the concern" She didn't mention the last sentence and was relieved that Soul haven't red it. Half of the class were teasing them that they're dating or something. Something about linking each other.

"Shut up! We are not a couple! She's just my best friend! And stop making couple names. That's too uncool and gay!" For a moment, Maka felt hurt. She felt happy that he appreciated their friendship but their friendship couldn't be beyond than that. But as always, she pretended to not get too affected.

"Yeah! We're not dating at all! It would be too cheesy to be his girlfriend"

"Okay! Stop! I guess... Students like the both of you, learned your lessons. Passing notes isn't allowed in my class. Breaking rules. I'm expecting more of you Ms. Albarn. But... I have no choice, here. Get two detention slips and fill the information. Explain to Ms. Marie what happened and she'll decide the time of your stay" And again, no choice to avoid it. They sighed in shame and did as he told.

'If I were a boy even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted
And go drink beer with the guys' Maka sang the song in her mind. As she continued pretendedly reading the book. The words he said struck her like knives. It was too powerful that, a very sensitive person might have walked away. Or it was just her. He even referred to her as 'Just my best friend'. How does that make her feel? Terrible! Completely hurtful! But guys won't understand a girl's heart. Including hers.