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Chapter 1: And So It Begins

Nonaka household... 7:15 AM...

"Rika! It's late!" Rumiko screamed to her daughter, Rika Nonaka.

"Mom… I'm still sleepy…" complained the fourteen year old girl was still in a daze.

"Well, Rika, if I must know… It's your first day of school!" said Rumiko. "You even told me that the new school you are attending is starting at EXACTLY 8 AM!"

Rika was instantly awakened at that thought so she grabbed the alarm clock that stood on her bedside table. "OH MY GOSH! YOU'RE RIGHT! AND I'M LATE!"

Rumiko's mother, Seiko Hata, chuckled at Rika's sudden speed. "That's the Rika we know… Always the punctual one…"

"But whenever Renamon's here, she is always up earlier than I do!" answered Rumiko.

"I somehow missed that guardian angel… It's been a while since she disappeared…" said Seiko.

"Yeah… Leaving Rika alone once again…" said Rumiko.

"But take a look, Rumiko… She even pled you to transfer her to another school with her friends!" said Seiko.

"Yes. I bet that would be the start…" said Rumiko. "I just hope everything's fine…"

The next moment, Rika appeared in a towel and ushered her guardians out of her room so she could change.

"DARN IT! It's even 7:34! How am I supposed to live now?" said Rika under her breath. "Oh at least, I can live because I can see my friends now…"

Rika transferred to a school where Takato, Jeri and Henry are. Also, Kazu and Kenta were there so that would supply the utter chaos whenever they are around.

"Oh boy!" said Rika as she went out of her room, grabbed her bag and food that was on the table. "Mom, Grandma! I gotta go! See you later!"

Rumiko just stared at the girl in shock while Seiko laughed at her.

"Mom, did I just see what I think I saw?" said Rumiko, now in a daze.

"Of course! She's the normal girl you ever saw!" commented Seiko.

"Oh well, Mom… It's just… I don't know…" said Rumiko.

"Well if you keep stuttering like that, you'd end up having wrinkles on your face!" said Seiko. "Come on. Let's eat!"

Rika was walking near the streets when she saw Jeri Katou walking from the other side.

"Hi, Rika!" said Jeri. "Now that we are in the same school, we can spend a lot more time with each other!"

"Heh! I hope so, Jeri!" said Rika with a smile. Now that she had opened to her friends, she smiled a lot to them. "Say, have you seen Takato?"

"T-Takato?" Jeri asked and then blushed. The thought of Takato keeps on making her blush every time.

"Yeah… Takato Matsuki!" said Rika teasingly.

"Oh, I don't know, Rika!" said Jeri but the blush kept on shading her face.

"Yeesh, Jeri! You can't really hide your feelings all the time!" commented Rika. "Anyway, let's go or we'll be late because of Takato, you know?"

"You're right!" said Jeri as she recovered.

Somewhere down the road… with Henry and Takato...

"Hey Takato!" said Henry Wong to his friend, Takato Matsuki. He was waving now his hands in front of Takato to get his attention.

"Uh…" said Takato.

"Takato Matsuki! You just mentioned Jeri's name and now you're in a daze?" questioned Henry. But he was not surprised. He knew very well that Takato's crush was as great as the Great Wall of China.

"No!" Takato protested. "I just got a feeling!"

"Whatever, 'Gogglehead'!" said Henry playfully, imitating Rika.

"You sounded just like Rika, you know?" said Takato.

"I don't know… I just feel like it…" said Henry and chuckled. "At the thought of Rika, it's really nice to have her here… In our school."

"You're weird, Henry!" commented Takato.

"But not as weird as you, Takato!" Henry answered back and Takato said. "HEY!"

"Well, come on! Let's go!" said Henry. "We don't want to be late in Math, right?"

"Yeah! Math gives me the chills! Just like when we fought the D-Reaper!" said Takato.

Rika and Jeri arrived in class, only to find Henry and Takato sitting by themselves.

"Hi Henry! Hi, Takato!" said Jeri to the boys. At the mention of Takato, she blushed and Rika noticed that.

"Oh brother! I can't wait to see the time Jeri and Takato get married!" said Rika sarcastically to herself. "Hey, Gogglehead! Hey, Henry!"

Takato did not notice Rika. He was too busy staring at Jeri. Henry, on the other hand, returned her greeting.

"Oh, hey, Rika! Until now, I can't believe you're actually… studying… here!" said Henry.

"So do I. I can't believe I won the bargain with my mother on this!" Rika said with a laugh. "Besides, it'll be a lot more fun with you guys!"

Since the two teens still saw Takato and Jeri engaged in a staring contest, they decide that they sit together.

"Let's leave Gogglehead and Puppet-Girl alone… It's their moment, so who are we to spoil their time to shine?" Rika said with a laugh.

"So, you won't mind if we sit together?" Henry asked Rika, hoping she'd say yes.

"Sure! I don't mind!" said Rika. "I'd rather sit with you rather than Kazu, Kenta, or Ryo!"

"You're forgetting that Ryo's a year ahead!" Henry kidded her.

"Oh right!" said Rika. "His fanboys Kazu and Kenta dominate him so I thought that he's in 8th grade just like us!"

"Fanboys?!" Henry said with a laugh.

"Yeah! FANBOYS!" Rika declared.

"Who's the fanboys?" a voice came over them.

Rika and Henry turned around to the source of the voice. It was Kazu Shioda along with his buddy, Kenta Kitagawa.

"So, Rika! Welcome to Shinjuku High!" Kazu said with a mocking tone.

"Thanks, Shioda!" said Rika with a mocking tone in her voice also.

"So, who are the fanboys you're saying?" Kenta inquired.

"THE TWO OF YOU!" Rika answered. "Ryo Akiyama's greatest fans!"

"Oh right!" Kenta said.

"Say, speaking of Ryo? How are things going with you? Going strong or getting engaged?" Kazu asked mischievously.

"Don't worry, Shioda! Akiyama is still yours!" Rika answered with a smirk. "Besides, he's probably hitting on another girl… Didn't you see his prize when he entered the Digimon Tournament?"

"Yeah! A whole lot of nasty girls!" Kenta answered for Kazu. "But if given a chance, would you date Ryo Akiyama?"

Henry was watching the conversation with secret laughter. He knew that Rika would not date a guy unless she really wanted to. But he was anxious to hear her answer, especially that his affection towards her was getting bigger. Yet, he does have no courage to do so since he was afraid that she will reject him.

"Wrong again, Kenta! I can't a date a guy who's already dating himself!" said Rika proudly. "And you know a lot more bull of that!"

"Unfortunately, Kenta… I can't give you a hint to who I like… He's just here with me… With his cool and calm personality…" and Rika thought that. But as she realized that crazy thought, she immediately shook her head to prevent it from happening again. "Why do I have those crazy thoughts again? I must be out of my mind!"

Kenta was about to laugh when he heard students already entering the classroom and Ms. Asaji coming also.

"Oh well! See you guys later!" said Kazu and made his way to the seats.

Rika and Henry just shrugged and made their way to their seats.

"Alright! I'm Miss Asaji and I will handle your Math class for this year… Unfortunately, the hour is so unholy so I wish that none of you will be caught sleeping… Like what Mr. Shioda did last year in my class!"

"Way to go, Kazu!" Kenta cheered.

Takato and Jeri laughed because Kazu was near them when it happened last year. In a few moments, all eyes become focused on Kazu, who was now blushing like mad due to embarrassment.

"Seriously, did Kazu do that?" Rika asked Henry.

"Yes, he did! He was sent on a day of detention for that." Henry explained.

"I'm not surprised." Rika commented. "HAHAHA! Anyway, Henry, I gotta go to the girl's room… I'll be right back!" said Rika to Henry.

"Okay! Just take care!" said Henry as he saw the auburn-haired girl walk away.

Rika was on her way to the girls' bathroom when she incidentally saw Ryo, her opponent in the Digimon Card Game around three years ago. Now, they're on speaking terms but even though Ryo had many attempts on hitting on her, she never accepts it.

"Oh, hey Pumpkin! I'm happy that you're here!" said Ryo to Rika.

"I'm not happy to see you, Ryo!" Rika countered. "Now, would you get lost?"

"Not until you answer my question!" Ryo said.

"WHAT QUESTION?!" Rika almost sounded raspy at that.

"Why did you transfer?" Ryo asked. "Was it because of me?!"

Rika's eyes became wide at that point. "Why would I transfer because of you?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Because, I'm Ryo Akiyama and everyone wants to get a shot with me!" Ryo explained with pride.

"Oh boy! What an egotistical asshole!" said Rika. "Look, I'd probably go now before Miss Asaji suspects I digivolved into Kyuubimon and attempted to scare you off…"

"You never change, Wildcat! You're still my Princess, you know?" Ryo said to Rika.

"HA-HA! Nice try, Akiyama but you can't score me onto this one!" Rika said as she brushed off.

Rika brushed at the thought of him. "Yup… Ryo's still the cocky guy I ever met!" said Rika and instantly walked to her classroom.

Rika returned to her Math class. She sat again with Henry and she was surprised that they already were answering Math figures.

"Ms. Asaji just told us so…" Henry explained.

"Oooh…" Rika said to Henry.

To Henry's surprise, Rika knows Math more than he does. She finished her work in just ten minutes.

"Wow, Rika! You answer fast!" Henry smiled.

"Well… The downside of being in a private school…" Rika said plainly.

"So, what delayed you on the way?" Henry asked Rika curiously.

"I met the Digimon King/Roosterhead/Mr. Perfect Ryo Akiyama…" Rika replied.

"Let me guess, he tried to ask you out again?" Henry joked.

"No… And I'm glad he didn't… I'd be just one of his collectible girlfriends, ya know… I don't want that…" Rika answered.

Henry laughed. "Yes, she is still the Rika we knew since we're 12 years old…"

After several classes, at 3 PM, they were now awaiting for the bell to ring so they could go home.

"I can't wait to go home and beat you, Kenta!" Kazu said proudly.

"HEY!" Kenta retorted.

Takato, Jeri, Henry and Rika were having some jokes before the bell rings.

"I don't see the difference between Takato and Kazu, Henry… They're just similar in terms of that!" said Rika while flicking her pen in the desk.

And at exactly 3 in the afternoon, the bell rang.

"YEESSSSS!" the students were heard cheering as the school gets out.

The four of them were the last ones to leave.

"I miss Guilmon already…" Takato said sheepishly.

"You don't think I miss Leomon, Takato?" Jeri said with a smile. Even though Leomon was gone around 2 years ago, she smiles yet still carries the pain it caused.

Rika was happy that Jeri is coping up very well. After all, it was Jeri who had been through a lot.

"Why don't we have ice cream?" Rika spoke up in order to turn the thoughts away from their Digimon.

"Your treat?" Jeri teased.

"NO! THE BOYS ARE!" said Rika with a grin.

"WHAT?!" Henry and Takato chorused.

"Yeah-uh!" said Rika. "Come on, guys! Let's go or Kazu will be the ice cream shop's resident cleaner!"

Then the boys' stomach began to grumble.

"She does have a point, Takato. Let's go!" Henry went on.

"Oh, yeah, Henry!" said Takato.

When they went to the ice cream shop, they found Kazu with Kenta.

"Oh, hi, Miss Digimon Queen!" said Kazu mischievously.

"Are you getting all the ice cream this time, Kazu?" Rika pointed out.

"Not today… Hehe! Don't worry! There's some more for all of you!" Kazu said.

"Wow! That's new!" Takato replied.

While the boys went to order, Rika went with Jeri to a nearby table.

"I still can't believe how much we have changed all throughout the years…" said Rika.

"Yeah… Counting you in as well!" Jeri smiled.

"Yeah… The cold-hearted war freak turned into a blah-blah-blah!" said Rika and then Jeri laughed.

"Can't figure out the rest of your sentence, huh?" Jeri teased.

"I-uh…" Rika stammered. But this was unusual for Rika to stammer.

Then they got interrupted when Henry and Takato joined them.

"Here are your ice creams, girls!" Takato said, holding Jeri's while Henry was holding Rika's.

"Thaaaaanks!" the girls said to them.

"So what were you girls talking about? I hope it's not about us!" Henry stated.

"Don't worry, Wong. We're not talking about the two of you!" Rika said.

"So, what was that?" Takato asked.

"How fast two years has been since we changed due to Digimon…" Rika replied.

"Ooooh…" Takato said and Henry agreed.

They chatted for several moments until Jeri said that she would be babysitting her brother Masahiko for a while.

"Uh, guys… I gotta go… I'm going to be Masahiko's nanny today… and I have to go…" Jeri said, who was obviously enjoying the company of her friends.

"I'll go with you… It's my day-off from the bakery today since school's in already!" Takato said as he went with Jeri.

The auburn-haired girl and the blue-haired boy watched the two brunettes go out of the ice cream shop.

"Say, in span of two years, did Takato ever try asking Jeri out?" Rika asked Henry.

"Nope! That's one thing that never changed…" Henry answered.

"Yeah right! Even though the gallant knight two years ago saved his damsel in distress, still he's not gallant enough to ask her out!" Rika teased.

"We may never know!" Henry corrected.

Rika's mind instantly wandered somewhere. She has been constantly thinking if she could end up like Jeri. Having a special someone along with her.

"Nah! Who the heck am I to think of that? This must be due to my mother's influences regarding soap operas..." Rika thought.

Realizing she was spacing out, Henry began to ask Rika. "Hey, Rika! You okay?"

Rika's mind was brought to reality. "Yeah… I am okay!" she said. "Anyway, I gotta go!"

"Not while you're alone!" Henry protested so he could walk her home.

"Henry, I can manage!" Rika said to Henry and noticed the funny feeling she has been experiencing whenever Henry pops into her head.

"Rika, I insist… Besides, you act as if we weren't friends or tamers in the past…" Henry said.

Realizing that she cannot put a good excuse on being alone, she let Henry win.

"Oh! Fine! You win!" said Rika as she walked with Henry. A blush crept on her face after that. "You can walk me home."

"Thank you." Henry said with a smile to Rika. Rika felt Henry's smile creepy.

After minutes of walking, they eventually ended up in Rika's house. When Rika rang the doorbell, it was Rumiko who answered.

"Oh hello, Rika!" said Rumiko. "So this must be Henry Wong!"

"Yes, I am, Mrs. Nonaka." Henry said casually.

"Mom, didn't I introduce you to Henry when they threw a 13th birthday for me?" Rika asked with curiosity. "Man, I don't blame her! With all boyfriends on the side, she probably forgets who I introduce or not!"

"Oh, right!" said Rumiko and chuckled. "Well, I guess I'd better get going! I was about to leave when you rang the doorbell! See you later, Rika!"

And with that, Rumiko went out of the gate.

"Where is your mom going?" Henry asked Rika.

"I have a 100% probability that she is in a photo-shoot once again… She took me once and I doubt it will happen again…" said Rika.

"Hehe! I guess I gotta go too… Suzie might end up wrecking my room now…" Henry said with a laugh.

"Anyway, thanks for walking me home! I'll see you around tomorrow!" Rika said.

"Sure!" Henry said and walked away.

As he walked away, Rika took a peek from her gate until she heard a voice.

"You were looking at him, weren't you, Rika?" asked Rika's grandmother Seiko.

Rika was taken aback at that statement. "Huh?" she said.

"You were looking at him!" Rika's grandmother repeated. "Now tell me, do you like him?"

Rika blushed. "Uh… No!" she denied.

"Rika, bottling up your feelings is not good for you… You must tell him how you feel!" her grandmother advised.

"Grandma, what if he rejects me?" Rika protested. "Besides, he could only consider me as a friend… Now, I just learned that he's one of the sought-after boys in school…"

"You've been friends for a long time… Nothing can change it!" Rika's grandmother advised.

"I hope you're right, Grandma!" Rika said. "This is one thing I cannot talk about with Mom… She'd probably make a big deal out of this…"

"I know dear…" said Rika's grandmother. "So, what do you want to eat?"

"Anything… As long as it's edible!" Rika joked.

Wong household… 4:30 PM…

"Hey, guys! I'm home!" Henry called out.

"Henwy! Henwy! You'we home!" Suzie said.

"Yeah I am home!" said Henry.

"What took you so long?" Mrs. Wong inquired. "You know pretty well that you'll be watching over Suzie!"

"Heheh! Sorry, Mom… I just walked Rika home…" Henry replied sheepishly.

Because of this, Henry's siblings began to mock Henry by saying. "Oooooh!"

Mrs. Wong laughed at her children's reaction. "Now you two, cut it out! Give Henry a chance to be a man for once in his life!" she said.

Henry blushed because of his mother's statement.

"Be glad Rinchei's not yet here, Henry!" exclaimed Jaarin, his older sister.

"Yeah, Winchei!" Suzie echoed.

His protests were covered by his blushes so he could not go anywhere with this. He ran straight to his room and hid his complete embarrassment.

"Man, why do I feel embarrassed when I mention to them about Rika? Does this mean I like her?"

His thoughts return to the day he actually cared about her. When she was on the brink of attack by the Shinigami Reaper, she was defenseless and powerless. And he stood in front of her to save her.

"I can't believe it… That could be a sign…" Henry said to himself. "But how?"

Ryo was on his way to the Nonaka home just to see Rika. His flirting acts towards her have been noticed by Rika and yet, he still never fails to do it. He rang the doorbell.

On the other hand, Rika was thinking about something. It crossed her mind so many times that she was always spacing out because of that. Her thoughts were badly interrupted by the doorbell.

"Come on! Will you wait?" said Rika as she went out just to answer the doorbell. Since she does not want everyone to see her hair down, she tied it up.

When she dashed to the gate, she opened to see it. When she did, a trace of annoyance came to her face.

"Ryo? What the hell do you want?" said Rika.

"Just saying hi…" said Ryo. "Man, you haven't changed at all, Pumpkin!"

"That's it?!" said Rika. "YOU'RE SO LAME!"

"Thanks!" said Ryo with a smile.

"ANYTIME!" Rika said sarcastically. "Anyway, where are your effin' fan girls?"

"Them? I don't care about them… I care about you…" Ryo said.

"HA-HA! I'm not buying that, Akiyama! Remember that!" Rika declared.

"So what do you wanna do?" Ryo asked Rika.

"Nothing… Because there's no way I'll be going around with you… So, can you leave? Please? I'm busy, you know?" said Rika, obviously trying to get Ryo away from her.

"Sure, Princess!" said Ryo and he dashed off.

Rika closed the gate and breathed a sigh of relief. At least, Ryo won't be bugging her anymore. She was about to go inside her house when she heard another ring of the doorbell. When she opened the gate, she was still annoyed.

"What do you wa-" Rika trailed off when she saw who was at her doorstep. She was agape when she saw Henry who had just dropped her off an hour ago.

"Rika? Are you fine?" Henry asked. "You look like you just saw a ghost!"

"Yeah… I'm fine…" Rika said as she recovered from shock. She was about to curse when she saw Henry and she began to soften a little bit. "Henry, what brings you here?"

"I was wondering if you would like to go out for a while… But seeing you pale, I think I'd better leave…" said Henry jokingly.

"N-No! Don't leave…" said Rika. "Why did I say that?"

"Why?" Henry asked, astonished.

"I could use some company here… Besides… I didn't know that Grandma will be out until nightfall…" said Rika, leading Henry to get inside. "Is this is an opportunity to get closer to him? How could I? If I still have my great wall of frost in me…"

Henry was surprised that Rika became hospitable to him so he went inside with her.

"So, you're alone eh?" said Henry.

"Yeah…" Rika said. "Anyway, Ryo paid me a visit… And still, I am not interested… As I was saying… By the way, how come you never hit on some girl? You're too much cute to be single, by the way!"

Henry laughed. "I was busy and I am not thinking about that… It can wait… Besides, that girl I am waiting for is still being bugged by some other guy… so I don't know if I have a chance anyway…" Actually, the last part secretly referred to Rika.

"Good one!" said Rika and began to sigh. "Man, I miss Renamon…"

"I miss Terriermon either… But what can we do?"

"Now you're turning crazy… I thought you're a computer geek anyway!" said Rika who raised an eyebrow.

"I may love computers but I'm not as expert as my dad, you know?" Henry pointed out.

"HA-HA! Very funny, Henry Wong!" Rika said teasingly.

"Wanna know what's funny?" Henry started with a smirk in his face.

"What?" Rika asked curiously.

"This." Henry answered and he started tickling Rika's sides mercilessly.

Now vulnerable to Henry's hands, she cannot do anything. "He-Henry! Sto-HAHAHA-ooop!" Rika said as she attempted to take the boy's hands off her. "Henry!"

"No I won't!" the blue haired boy countered.

But Rika laughed again. Because of her laughing, Henry could not stop thinking about her. How beautiful she looked when she laughed. It was rare, that only even he can see it.

"She is indeed beautiful when she smiles…" Henry thought. "Come on, Henry! Quit with that thought! This is Rika you're talking about!"

"Why am I laughing like this in front of Henry? Oh well… It's been him who I had gotten along with… and even after 2 years, he still respects me…" Rika thought.

Then, they fell on the floor with Rika on top of Henry. Rika's violet eyes looked at Henry's grey ones. It was a moment that seemed for hours.


The sound of the doorbell disrupted their moment. The need to answer the door prompted the two to break apart from each other, apparently blushing.

When Rika opened the door, she saw her mother Rumiko outside it.

"Hello, Rika!"

"Hi, Mom..." Rika said dully. It was a miracle for her mother to come back after two hours worth of photo-shoots.

Seeing Henry in the couch, Rumiko stifled a laugh. "So, you have a visitor, right? I hope I'm not interrupting you two!"

"N-No! No! Of course not! He's just here hanging around with me... I didn't know that Grandma will be out until night..." said Rika nervously. The incident was still clear in her mind that she showed nervousness in answering.

"Alright! I'm going to make dinner!" Rumiko called out as she headed into her kitchen.

Rika breathed a sigh of relief and then turned to Henry. "So, where are you off to now?" she said, hiding the nervousness she still had.

"Uh... I'd better go home now... I just went out of the house since there was nothing for me to do... Anyway, I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Henry said.

"Yeah! I'll say!" said Rika as she led Henry to the gate of her house.

When she saw Henry walking in the path, she gave one last glance and went inside.

Katou household... 6:05 PM...

"Thanks for helping me out with Masahiko, Takato!" said Jeri.

"Oh... No problem, Jeri! Hehe!" Takato said blushing. He has liked Jeri for two years now and he was still fumbling on how to ask her out. "Uh, Jeri... Can I ask you o-"

"JERI! Open the door! Will you?" Mrs. Katou said, interrupting Takato.

"Wait a minute, Takato!" said Jeri as she went to the door.

"Man, Takato! Why do you always chicken out?" he berated himself.

As Mrs. Katou went inside, Jeri returned to Takato.

"What were you saying?" she asked.

"Oh! N-Nothing!" Takato said. "Never mind about it! Besides, I also have to go home. Mom's probably worried about me... Bye, Jeri!"

As she saw Takato skid out of her house and onto the pavement, Jeri could not help but blush.

"He sure is weird... That must be the reason why I like him!" she said dreamily.

Takato was walking aimlessly because he was too busy thinking how to ask Jeri.

"Takato, when will you get to man up? Oh boy... Tomorrow! That'll be the day! Tomorrow!" he said to himself. "Oh boy. How I wish there would be no interruptions this time!"

Tomorrow. That would be the day. For Takato and Jeri.