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Chapter 8: Dance With Romance

The tamers are now preparing for the much-awaited dance in school. Well, most of them are prepared.

In the Matsuki residence, Takato was seen to be fixing his black coat and tie and combing his hair.

"My little boy is now grown up!" Mrs. Matsuki said as she saw her son.

"Come on, Mom!" Takato said, desperately wanting to stop his mom's funny remarks about him.

"Alright, Takato! We better go now before you and your date expire!" Mr. Matsuki teased.

"Okay, Dad! I'm gonna go now, Mom! I'll see you!" Takato replied as he went out of the door.

In the Wong residence, Henry was finished with himself. He was wearing a black tuxedo.

"Bwothew! You'we already handsome! Wika will definitely fall fow you with youw look!" Suzie chuckled.

"Stop, Suzie. I'm not assuming things…" Henry protested. "I hope tonight will change everything…"

"You're going to pick Rika up, aren't you?" Mr. Wong asked.

"Yes, Dad…" Henry answered.

"Aww! My son is so handsome! Just like his father!" Mrs. Wong exclaimed and with that, the father and son just blushed.

"Mom!" Henry said as he recovered from his blushes.

"I couldn't disagwee with Mom, big bwothew!" Suzie sneered. "Rika will fall fow youw oh-so-handsome chawms!"

"Well, without further ado, you better go there and have the time of your life, Henry!" Mr. Wong said as he led his son to the door.

"Bye, everyone!" Henry said as he stepped out of his door. "I'll go home before 12!"

"Yes, you should, Henry!" Mr. Wong replied.

Kazu and Kenta were busy fixing themselves. Kazu was wearing a blue coat and tie while Kazu was wearing white.

"Chumley! Operation Dance is coming right up!" Kazu said.

"I know, Kazu! Do I look nice?" Kenta replied.

"You don't look nice, Chumley! You look pretty good!" Kazu said.

"Thanks, Kazu!" Kenta said.

"Kazu! Are you and Kenta done?" Mrs. Shioda asked from the first floor.

"Yes, Mom!" Kazu said. "Kenta, we better go…"

"I agree…" Kenta nodded.

The two eventually went down to the first floor.

Ryo was busy making himself handsome for Alice. He is wearing a black suit because his girlfriend told him that she will wear black as well. His father saw him preparing in his room.

"Ryo?" Mr. Akiyama said.

"Yeah, Dad?" Ryo said.

"I'm glad that you're starting to take things seriously. And I'm happy that you are now prioritizing your studies. But be careful of your relationship with your girl! So get out here and have your date!"

"Yes, Dad. I know…" Ryo smiled. "But, correction, Dad! It's not a date. It's a dance!"

"Whatever, Ryo! As long as it's a thing that you enjoy!" Mr. Akiyama said.

Ryo laughed and went out of his room and made his way towards the door.

Jeri was busy making herself up. She was doing it by herself after she got a few tricks from Mrs. Nonaka when she was made up during her blind date with Takato. She made it effortful since she is going with her boyfriend Takato and she wanted to make the dance meaningful for them.

"Jeri?" Mrs. Katou called.

"Mom?" Jeri, in a blue dress, said.

"You look really beautiful today!" Mrs. Katou said.

"Thanks, Mom!" Jeri said.

Then, the doorbell rang.

"Masahiko! Go and get it!" Mrs. Katou instructed. "Who knows? It will be Takato!"

"I hope you're right, Mom!" Jeri said.

Meanwhile, Masahiko was on the door and saw Takato outside.

"Hey Masahiko! Where's Jeri?" Takato asked.

"Jeri's upstairs… I'll go call her." Masahiko said. "Come inside!"

"Thanks!" Takato said as he entered the Katou residence.

"SIS!" Masahiko yelled so that Jeri can hear him.

And from her room, Jeri can already her brother's screaming.

"He's here…" Jeri said.

"You better go now, dear! I'll tell your dad that you left already…" Mrs. Katou smiled.

Jeri smiled and went down to see Takato. When she is already in the first floor, Takato was already happy to see her.

"Shall we go now?" Takato said.

"Sure!" Jeri said.

Arm in arm, they eventually left the Katou residence.

Meanwhile, Rika was at home and undergoing a make-up session with Mrs. Nonaka. She is now wearing a purple dress that matched her eyes. Due to a compromise with Mrs. Nonaka, she agreed on letting her hair down.

"Rika, you must look gorgeous in front of Henry!" Mrs. Nonaka replied. "We must add blush on to your face!"

"Just a few, please?" Rika said. She feared the color of her face if Mrs. Nonaka had it to a great extent.

Mrs. Nonaka consented. After applying blush on to Rika's face, it turned Rika more stunning than ever.

"There! Finally! I'm done!" Mrs. Nonaka exclaimed. "Mom, how does Rika look?"

Grandma Seiko turned around to judge. "My, Rumiko! Rika looks more beautiful than ever!" she said.

"I know, Mother!" Mrs. Nonaka said. "You better get ready before Henry comes here!"

The three women heard the doorbell.

"Rika! That must be Henry! You better get fixed before you go down!" Mrs. Nonaka squealed.

Rika just went down the stairs and headed towards the front door. When she opened the door, she saw a handsome-looking Henry on her doorstep.

"Hi, Henry!" Rika said, but deep inside, she was blushing like hell.

"Hey, Rika!" Henry said good-naturedly. "She looks really pretty today…"

Mrs. Nonaka went to the two with a camera. "Alright, you two! Face here!" she said.

The two smiled for the camera and Mrs. Nonaka had captured their picture perfectly.

"Okay! You better enjoy yourselves! And Henry, please take care of Rika, okay?" Mrs. Nonaka said.

"Yes, Ma'am!" Henry said.

Henry and Rika eventually got out of Rika's house and went towards the school.

Henry and Rika eventually reached the school. Rika felt that she was an idiot because of her appearance. They entered the school gymnasium and saw hundreds of students in attendance.

"Is this a dance or a congregation of models?" Rika asked with annoyance.

"Both!" Henry said as he and Rika walked along.

Then the two got stared for long by many students. Henry was being stared by the girls while Rika got her own treatment from the boys. Finally, they sought refuge from the staring when they saw Takato and Jeri.

"Looking sharp, Henry!" Takato cheered. "I can see girls staring at you from afar!"

"You're looking very pretty, Ri!" Jeri squealed. "Think about how many girls are jealous of you because you're with Henry!"

Rika just smiled dryly. "Thanks! Same to you!" she said.

Then a few minutes after, the dance started. Henry, realizing that now is the time, decided to tell Rika his feelings for her.

"Uh, Ri? Can we go outside so we can talk in private?" Henry asked.

"Sure!" Rika replied.

When they got outside the gymnasium, they were already alone with each other.

"Henry, what's that thing you wanted to talk about with me?" Rika asked.

"Rika, I… I…" he said. "Oh great…"

"Henry, are you okay? Why are you stuttering?" Rika asked curiously and felt his forehead. "Are you sick or what?"

"No… I wanted to tell you something…" Henry answered. "Did you ever have a dream?"

Rika's face went pale. She immediately remembered the dream she had a few weeks ago.

"That had us in it?!" Rika continued. She finally got what Henry wanted to point out.

"Y-Yeah…" Henry said with embarrassment. "How did you know about that?"

Rika looked down first before gathering up the courage to tell Henry about her own experience.

"Uh… I… had… the same dream… too…" Rika said sheepishly. "It's funny since the two of us are getting married…"

"I know…" Henry said and eventually chuckled because Rika did not consider him crazy or lunatic with what he told her. His chuckle eventually died down when he remembered what he was supposed to say.

Seeing his poker faced reaction, Rika's face began to be serious.

"I think that it's not just about that what you want to talk to me about, Henry…" Rika replied, looking at his grey eyes.

Henry began to stutter once again. He felt that it was now or never.

"Rika… You see… I have been feeling like this for a long time right now…" Henry said and took a deep breath to help him tell her what he really feels. "I know I'm an idiot to do this just now but I think it's time that I tell my feelings for you… Rika, I like you very much."

Rika was shocked with what Henry said to her and looked away thoughtfully. She also wanted to tell the same but she felt that she must be hearing things from him especially on a night where romance could possibly blossom. Then she sighed after that.

Henry noticed that Rika became silent after he spoke to her. When he looked at her, he saw her staring aimlessly at the right side. He was taken aback when he heard her sigh a couple of minutes ago. He did not want that sigh to be an indicator of bad news since he wanted her to like him as well.

Rika eventually recovered from her thoughtful state and decided to ask him if what he said was true. She looked again at Henry's eyes.

"What? Can you repeat what you just said to me?!" Rika asked. She could not believe what she heard.

Henry had put himself together so he could fully emphasize what he really means.

"I like you, Rika… Ever since we first met… I know you have a heart but you're just afraid to show it since you don't want to be called soft. You're also my inspiration here, Rika…" he said with sincerity while looking at her violet eyes.

Rika was feigning a weak smile to Henry, now that what he said was really true and he feels what she feels too. She was fidgeting with the right words to say.

"Henry… I… I also have something to say… I actually hate the fact that someone can get through me… make me have affections towards a person or something like that… But, you make me feel this way… I know liking a best friend is hard but I can't seem to control it… To sum it up, Henry, I really really like you too."

Henry held Rika's two hands. "Why do you find liking a best friend is hard?" he asked.

"Because, if a relationship between friends happen and they don't work out, they might lose everything they have especially friendship." Rika explained simply. "I don't want that to happen to us, Henry. I value my best friend very much and I'm glad with what we have now…"

Henry smiled as he heard Rika's words and hugged her. "Don't worry, Rika… We may have fights or arguments but I won't let that to be the cause of ruining everything…" he added. "I want this to work out, you know?"

Rika somehow giggled with Henry hugging her but unwillingly released herself afterwards.

Now apart, Henry began to ask Rika. "So, Rika, are you willing to give our relationship a try?"

Rika gave her warmest smile to Henry. "Hmm... Yes, I will." She said.

Henry was very happy with Rika's reaction. The two had their faces just inches away from each other and were about to kiss when all of a sudden, Takato interrupted them.

"Uh, guys? What's going on?!" Takato asked, noticing the faces of his friends became closer than before.

"What are you doing here, 'Gogglehead'?!" Rika asked, surprised.

"Nothing, Takato… We're just talking to each other with close eye-to-eye contact!" Henry grinned.

"Whatever… Anyway, I called you here since the dance had already started fifteen minutes ago…" Takato replied.

"We'll be on our way, Takato!" Henry said good-naturedly.

"Okay! But you two owe me a story once you get inside!" Takato replied while laughing.

Once Takato is gone, Henry looked at Rika one more time before going in.

"Let's go inside, Henry. We've been almost discovered and probably Takato would blurt funny things about us!" Rika said to her new boyfriend.

"We'll race Takato in spreading the word!" Henry chuckled.

When Henry and Rika got inside the gymnasium, they saw many students now dancing with their respective partners. From afar, they could see their friends enjoying the dance with the ones they liked as well.

"Would you care to dance, Rika?" Henry asked as he extended his left hand to Rika.

"Sure!" Rika replied as she accepted Henry's hand.

The new couple joined the students and went to a space near Takato and Jeri.

"So, you guys are now a couple huh? Was that what you're talking about couple of minutes ago?" Takato teased.

"We'd leave it all to your imagination, Gogglehead!" Rika replied.

"Rika, I'm so happy for you two!" Jeri squealed.

Rika playfully shook her head. "Oh, Jeri, you never change!" she mused.

The tamers danced for some time while Kazu and Kenta just watched their friends dance with the ones they liked.

"I really envy them…" Kazu said.

"Don't worry, Kazu! We'll get our turn in time, don't you agree, girls?" Kenta said.

Nikki and Lily just chuckled.

"What?!" Kazu said as he gained no verbal response from the girls.

"Just dance with us, boys!" Nikki added.

Afterwards, Takato and Henry kissed Jeri and Rika respectively at the same time as Ryo and Alice.