AN-I know this was supposed to be a oneshot, but a few of you asked to see Carly's reaction to Sam and Freddie getting back together, so here you go! Hope you like it.


"Hey!" Carly said, smiling as she adjusted her webcam. "How are you guys?"

"We're doing good," Freddie said. "How's Italy been?"

"It's really beautiful here," Carly replied. "But I'm not gonna lie…I do still feel a little homesick."

"You'll get used to Italy in no time," Sam assured her.

Freddie had to admire how Sam was making it a point to cheer Carly up when he knew she'd love nothing more than to tell her to just give up Italy and come back to Seattle.

"Oh, your first day of school was yesterday, right?" Sam continued.

"Yup," Carly nodded. "And now I'm getting ready to go again. I just got up. Luckily the house my dad's stationed at is right next to the school, so I can get there in only a few minutes."

"So how was school?" Freddie asked.

"Yeah, did you use the Italian I taught you?" Sam asked.

"Yup," Carly laughed. "I was able to perfectly ask where the bathrooms were. But I was actually surprised at how different school is here."

"Well the European school system does have a lot of differences than ours," Freddie said. "Do a lot of people speak English?"

"Well, the classes are in English, thank God," Carly replied. "But the students speak a lot of Italian at lunch and in the halls. That's probably why I didn't meet anybody yet."

"Hey, don't worry about that," Sam said, though Freddie could see that Sam was trying hard not to smile at this news. "You'll meet some people in no time. What about all the kids who are living with their parents in the Air Force there? Don't they go to that school?"

"Yeah," Carly sighed. "But none of them are really…my type of friends."

"What's wrong with them?" Freddie asked.

"You guys remember Missy?"

"Yes," Sam frowned.

"Well, most of them make her look sweet," Carly said.

"I'm sorry, Carls," Sam said. "But at least you're spending time with your dad. I mean, that is why you went to Italy in the first place."

"Yeah, I know," Carly said, brightening up. "And that's been great. Last night he took me on a tour of Florence. We got this really good pizza and we just sat and caught up; it was so fun."

"See, there you go," Sam said.

"Plus," Carly continued. "Most of the guys here may speak Italian, but they are good looking. It's like every Italian guy is destined to be a model or something! I'll take some pictures and I'll send them to you sometime, Sam."

"Good chiz," Sam grinned.

"So what have you too been up to?" Carly asked. "I feel bad; I'm going to have to start getting dressed for school soon, and all I've done is talk about what I'm doing here."

"Oh, well, you know, it's Seattle," Sam shrugged. "Nothing too exciting going on…"

"Well," Freddie said, smiling. "Other than what just happened…"

"What just happened?" Carly asked. "Wait, was there a new Bigfoot spotting? Oh man, I swear, if I missed that-"

"Calm down, no lunatic's been claiming to see Bigfoot," Sam said, rolling her eyes. "But it's good to see your obsession with that thing hasn't faded."

"Well then what's the exciting news?" Carly asked.

Sam and Freddie smiled at each other as they held up their entwined hands to the webcam.

Carly's eyes widened. "Okay…either someone glued your hands together with Chimp Glue, or-"

"-Sam and I got back together," Freddie finished for her.

"Oh my God!" Carly squealed. "When? How? I need details! Oh, if I was there right now, I'd hug you both! I can't believe this; I'm so happy for you guys!"

"Breathe, Carly," Sam grinned. "It literally just happened a few minutes ago."

"Wow, you guys," Carly said, still smiling. "You two must be really happy right now…now this isn't going to be like last time, is it? Where you two are constantly fighting and forcing people to referee?"

"Please, we're obviously still going to fight," Sam said.

"Yeah, I figured," Carly sighed.

"But," Freddie said, putting his arm around Sam. "I think we can manage to work around that this time."

"Aw, you two are already adorable," Carly chuckled. She looked at her pearphone. "Well, I have to go take a shower and then go to school. I'll text you later, okay?"

"You got it," Sam nodded. "Hope you have better luck meeting people today. If you want, I can teach you some phrases in Italian that would make people be your friend."

"Um, thanks but no thanks," Carly frowned. "I'll talk to you guys later. I miss you!"

"We miss you too," Freddie said. "But go have fun in Italy."

"Thanks," Carly grinned. "Well… bye."

"Bye," Sam and Freddie said together as the screen went black.

"It's still weird just seeing her over a computer screen," Sam mumbled, leaning back in her seat.

"I know," Freddie agreed. "But just think…it seems like it's a lot harder for Carly. Not only did she have to give up her friends, but she had to give up her home, Spencer, her school…even English."

"I guess," Sam sighed.

"Hey," Freddie said gently. "Remember; this isn't permanent. Carly will be back here eventually."

Sam nodded, but Freddie could tell that she was still missing her best friend.

"You know," Freddie said, smiling as he took Sam's hand again. "We never did get to really enjoy one of those love smoothies back when we were first dating…what do you say we go grab one? Sort of a second-first date thing?"

Sam raised an eyebrow. "What happened to those things being completely overpriced?"

"They still are overpriced," Freddie said as him and Sam got to their feet. "If you're drinking it alone. Or with someone who's not worth spending that money on. But since I'll be drinking it with you, it'll be worth every penny."

"Even you must realize how cheesy that was," Sam said.

"Yeah, it was pretty cheesy, wasn't it," Freddie agreed.

"Well, it's not like can expect anything different," Sam smiled. "I am dating the biggest nub in Seattle."